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1, sarandipity so glad to make your acquaintance Yes conservative women rock You should come to Drinking Right sometime
0,wishing he did not have to go
0, Gosssy Where are you guys
0, DayseluvsDMB Hi Dayse Good to hear from U Been on a roller coaster as of late No job still growing restless amp feeling like a bum
0, kdelbonis Well I can t get Cupcake because I can t connect to T Mobile s network because my SIM card is corrupted
1,took 8 trips to basement to move books from my room i have a floor again
1, huffboi yea and i still need to get into my genxy email i need brent to reset it gone 8 15
1, netscribe Thanks for considering Issuu
0, jenwithpinktoes You re sooo lucky You get to go to bed with imaginary boyfriends
1,cleaning wine drinking
0, DkW 2023 just tell me if ur gonna play
0,i wanna pinkberry
1,Update rajafawad is lost in the The Daiki world
0, anagsuarez not supported by AT amp T until later this year
1,finishing eclipse i love when me and my sisiter get along im happy when shes happy
1,Getting ready for a shower and then to my boyfriends We are going to her moms little town to jut relax I ll try to ceck this out there
1, RehamMY Ok that sounded arrogant i m actually happy i did those things i didn t realize i did all those until just now so ty
0, alaa alalawi la this is the first time they don t hurt they just slow me down
1,gonna with the hills amp the mtv movie awardsssss woot
1, JustBon4 To the neighbors quot Oops Sorry my yard is such a mess I ve been to busy Squidoo ing to keep up w it quot LOL
1, mileycyrus Miley give us a Shoutout Please
0,I m so sad We The Kings isn t going to my Warped Tour This sucks and means I have to wait till fall to see them
1,will eat lots of fruits and veggies today Commitment is a strooong word http plurk com p toyfq
1, Dwam i m the same damn vacation
1,Is watching South Pacific not the film Spectacular
0,I am going to fail all of my exams and not go to uni
1, avaiIable Thats all i can remember from trips to Greece Yamas Cheers bloody piss head
0, jJennyy Jennnyyyy I got my hopes up once againnnnnnn
1,Just learnt how to re mux HD mkv files into an M4V container that s compatible with my Apple TV Takes about 20mins amp no video encoding
0, WatariGoro so sad hes sleeping already no one waited up for me
1,The GF chocolate cake was getting stale so I had to finish it off for snack
1, NDUBZFAN4EVA I ll Let U Kno Im a go watch It Inabit
0, wickedpoptart midlifechick I have no plan just grumbling and increasingly disinclined to fill in all that private information unsure
1, solareclipse2k EuroRockRadio marlouwal bigwormy It was a perfect debut album show Next few days I ll be upload edit all pics videos
1, justbthat sounds like a lot of fun
0, brenyeo suitecherryl Dammit My colleague gets to go Southbridge office next week I won t be able to have lunch with you
0, sporkhead i still think little kings is rubbish tho 3 hours total play time ive clocked up from day 1 so far
1,Can t wait till July to take delivery of me car
1, WaveyDavey001 It wouldn t be the first time hehehe
1, redpeanut Hey want to do some welding
1, jasmineix yeah sorry about that we re totally haning out over break though oh btw i wore your shirt today i looove it thaank yoouu
1,Revision and xfm what could be better Well not being blocked up for a start And not doing revision too Radiohead just been on tho
0,Wondering if my Chanel sunglasses ever washed up onto the beach or if they are still lost at sea
0,Air fresheners that are supposed to smell like quot new car quot dont really smell like new car
1, tishaoyeah find another
0,Taking Wolfy to the vet
0,its fathers day and my dad isnt even at home at least i got to have a lie in
1, tommcfly yes have a mcfly twitter profile
0,I wish someone would talk to me
1, JolyRodriguez Ojaio Buenos D as that s fashion pic love it
1,bowling tonight thought for the day life changing moment good or bad
1,is using the computers in filipino class haah i m soo baad lt
1,Think of all bad things that happened feel bad Imagine all the good things you like to happen Feel good Your choice today
0,I am sick and not happy oo yeah plus my necklace broke again
0, Gailporter was great to have SuziePerry back on TGS watched it on Sky last night but we did miss you Shame you can t both do it
0,don t wanna travel back tommorow
1, SuzeOrmanShow Hi so all my complaining did get your attention Thanks for writing back How can you become my financial advisor PLS money
1, JWMcBaritone Aww thanks James
1, The Movies
0,44 mins to go God I want to sleep I feel terrible
1, brother meaning my older brothers best friend since freshman year of college thats why hes my brother yes yes ok bye
1, SammieHines i could study buuut im gonna go with listening to my ipod and sleeping
1,backkkkkkk now idk im all hyper
0,My dad just left
0, fionahaughney ah cool didnt go out wasnt feelin the mae west
0,I m at work amp Shauna is at my house looking for my dogs amp NONE of them are there Brodie got out of the pin again
0, rebel It s because of laws in the EU it should be open to APAC as well tho
0, alex navarro I wish this area offered chinese food delivery
0, hayles I listened to b amp b s don t stop the music it s really good Much better than the original but couldn t find the other one on yt
0,going to class going to be late but at least i am going going to be a BRUTAL day
1, DjRioBlackwood
1,oh menn im friggin nervous i hope the exam is not so difficult but im off seeeyaaa
1, markjwiltshire thanks mate will ask mr dawn about it for sure and also thnx about pic hope all is well x x
0,sooo tired sammie was up 3 again and it was my nite to take her out
1,i lt 3 LuluuBs so much
1,here again
0,ahoj very busy and no time to tweet
0, thecoffeelover You can buy the Ateneo shirts in the LS bookstore You want me to buy one for you I miss you so much Babygirl
0, Roscoi that sucks B safe Double bagged
0, kenneyjacob There were a couple of misspelt cocktup tweets too my deepest apologies for initiating it
1,is sleepy and can t wait to fly home tomorrow morning
0,oh man i m exhausted i ran errands for hours and then spent all night setting up my new light kit and painting props boo
1,ok time to get out amp getshitdone Target it is
1, babidawljen cool its looks cute well let me kno what time cuz i ll go wit u guys im just need 2 get ready amp eat
0, ben simpson lol well its not ending quite yet but i do have to start planning the week ahead but its been a fab w end you
0, beansbaxter Been using Splitweet will look at Tweetie And yeah a couple of things aren t working quite right since my 10 5 7 update
1,last day in Florida outside enjoying the day
1, ReneeBarber I m good in midst of making dinner plans with very good friends we don t see enough of
1, Tyrese4ReaL I your tweets Tyrese They lift my spirits and make me happy Keep em coming
0,Zach is moving im so sad
0, Zut Radio southerndelite I like U folks as a people just don t like the US Int l Politics lt lt lt who does The home side needs a fix
0,On my way to the post marathon quot fun run quot Sad that I won t be running due to toe injuries
0,No new phone til August oh did I mention that my ringer on my current phone doesn t work Lame
1,it has been a wonderful Mother s Day it was a success watching Celebrity Aprrentice I am for Joan Rivers to win Go Joan
0, Kellynewton27 I used to have an office in Eastcote so I know it well Not sure there is that much to there Tube into London p
1, morabs Thanks for your kind comments I really appreciate you taking the time to write and I m delighted that pzizz is helping you
1, heddahfeddah ah yes now I see what you mean
0,going over all of my books getting ready for school tomoz
0,The computer game was better than this music http bit ly 49iNi
0, sakhi WHAT ohhhh
1,go red wings woop woop michigan is counting on you no pressure
1,Loren DiGiorgi quot Prologue quot http twt fm 62980 A quiet lullabye for your Sunday morning
0,the non drowsy neozep is making me so so drowsy
0, thatcaseygurl87 omg i lookd dwn at a sign that says milky way i thought it said mikey way oo speakn of mikey i miss talkn to mine
1,soccer game then dinner with chris
1, ChrisBeach thanks It s for the guy from minibar and his team More of a rehearsal
1, bwall05 Thanks Brian
0,enjoying the day off but still have to go in later today for STARS training
1, kdmurray If you have good taste of course it will
1, stii no it makes you realise how doomed humanity in USA is
1,bored out my tree
0, Rellacafa I found a link from butterflyb s US iTunes page to Marie Digby who sounds cool but not available from Aus iTunes
0, DatDudeSuccess sowwy phone in the truck
0,couldn t find a coaster for Mother s Day
1, louise hendy The Superior Seasiders are surviving Don t have unrealistic hopes like some TEAMS But what was the score the other week
0,I loveeee working in a basement with no service on my phone
0,is still miserable
1, VideoHive loser ehm no probs man hope that you liked SD
1, dezisloan q tips are amazing to my ears
0,i wish my father was here
1, cubanalust oo ok holla at us love
1,going to do homework and stuff then going to a pagent with Autumn to support Faith
0,Trying to get 2 band aides off my arm and it hurts
1, MiraclesGoddess Now that is a miracle how cute
1,Hello Friends It is SO COLD and wet here YUCK lt giggles gt But we need the rain SO in everything give thx 4 this is the will of GOD
1, Deirdre Morris Congratulations what a milestone for you and your girls I m almost at five months just for one though You rock
0, MrsKerryKatona hiyaaaa how are you im so gutted i cant watch your new show not got sky anymore xx
1, britneyspears ive seen that and i agree
1, cthrush Hot Pockets amp Pop Tarts that s what we had for dinner Also sounds like a morning radio team
1, SuperDunner Np man Hope you have a great day and gets lot of quot totally radical quot gifts
0,Home from church Listening to my baby cry because he has a tummy ache No fun
1, RobinGrantham I have one of those I have named it quot the life long quest quot
1,exhausted yet again Can t believe i ve worked ever single day for over a month Queen s birthday long weekend coming up Yay a sleep in
1,is watching Britains Got Talent the last semi final Final tomorrow night argh I want Amanda Holden s dress sooo pretty
1,4 more days Soon it ll be 3
1, BetTheHorses FYI Larry Brown MTB s dam sire is Smart Strike the sire of Curlin THAT name didn t stand out for you R U really a fan
1,Halfway through
1, pianogirlsammy sign here here and intials here
0, shipperz Im alive lol ooooo youre not here
0, ddlovato Im in london But i came on monday You were amazing
1,Team celebration of successes the last months at a local pation in Cabbagetown Toronto
0,RIP Robert M ller you were a true inspiration http snipurl com robmuller
1,Haha yes hi people down at the Apple store
1, MussoMitchel Whens the hatching pete premier I live in london and i think its already premiered here Please reply
1, CPE24 lol it only got to 109 here today WELCOME to the AZ
0,Accordion concert this Saturday Anyone know a way to stop hands from sweating I always get nervous and mess up from wet hands
0, twheresweevil I m sorry Well it s just too big I guess
1, hrag well i know what this music says to me is it the same for you love all of it
0, ObsidionStorm About a week late I won t be able to hack the gibson
0, laurenEco Philly will miss u
0,That was quite tough in the end Glad to be sitting down now Still no beer on offer
1, wbarthol LOL I try not to worry about that sometimes you just have to enjoy your ribs
0,Just put some washing in need to wait an hour for it to finish and then I can get to bed up at 6am too
0,No Force Cast tonight
0,meeting 10 today then possibly headed home to sleep off this terrible stomach ache
1, dog crazy http twitpic com 5f42e That looks like a comfy spot
0,just ate going to take shower and stuff and off to JACC still wish i cud meet him today hiks but it seems i don t get the chance
0, Selenao04ever0o ok I see But everyone think selenagomez hate mileycyrus and Miley hate her
0, PerezHilton not uh pinkberry is my weakness lol sorry about ur incident with will i am
1, Misspopov so pleased that you had great time
0,Just wrote another song this one is kind of sad
1,Iphoneee here i comeee Squarespace yei yei yei
0, Death leaves a heartache no one can heal love leaves a memory no one can steal r i p cody forever in my heart
1,Just found out I got some badass Kid Rock tickets through work yayyy
1,I bless the rains down in africa Gonna take some time to do the things we never had god i love toto today
1,Everybody s changing ou ent o sou s eu e os Keane http blip fm 4mw1i
1, Sarahjaynee ahahah oh my goshh i actually need to get that for my dad for fathers day the one he has isn t as cool as that
1, melidm luv the vid can t wait to hear it live on summer tour luv how d always shows is drawers and nice moves by joe mac
1,this time tomorow i will of finally finished 1 year of uni
1,yes Kriss Allen deserved to win Adam was good but 2 over the top amp Kriss is a cutie
0,didnt get to see her boyfriend last night
1, amylindsey Yeah but neither time has it been the IHOP you like so these don t really count right
1, ilyhughjackman Mhm thats why i need to buy it hey have you seen terminator its good lol
1, KMcKenna oh dear yes please prepare yourself mentally have fun you two
1, FugaziPatrol no i guess they dont come at me like that lol
0,OMG school is so annoying it s takin forever i wanna go home i haven t been able to catch up on Robsten
0,had a sleepless night poor little boy been sick every 2 hours since yesterday lunchtime
1, travelrants When you are done there s still yard work and vacuuming to be done here before I go
1,getting ready for bed great day with the dance team gonna miss my seniors
0,Watching be cool w the fam minus matt
1, ljauss V is going to break the girls hearts in 15 years I m so sure of it
0,Still at the hospital I have a lot of making up to do I think I hiurt him I m so sorry baby http myloc me 47d4
0,http twitpic com 7m7cg what do you mean
1, itsnina730 it can only get better then
1,just reach home so tired gt lt gona start planning for next week event
1, quot The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do quot gtg have a nice day may God Bless Us All x x RyRo
0,Ahhh all of FFTL s Merch on their site is soooo cheap i want it But Im poor
0, katiebabs smexybooks Wow bad weeks I ll cross my fingers that things improve
0,missing my phone i m so lost without it i ll be in SA for a whole week next week
1,I actually liked Terminator Salvation
1, Michske Did you wear an Apple tee to the Microsoft convention
0,gahh i wish i could french braid really good
1,I am off to the rodeo here in a bit Gonna go see my friend ride with the Rainbow Riders Womens Equestrian Team
0,Two bowls of noddles later I m not feeling so great
1,Tap Tap Revenge cracks me up xD Sorry for all the excitement I m getting TTR Coldplay now D Must be fun even if my arms hurt
0,Morning everyone anyone wanna swap with me I go to bed again and this other someone will go to work for me Sooo tired
0,Only after I said WP doesn t support Twitter application I found it s in the widgets Now I added it in my blog
1,http twitpic com 7g6jd And the view outside of one
1, impatienke we should write a letter and boycott allergies lol
0, hemantmehta Doing well lots of sleeping in yay Summer and reading We need an active skeptic s group here
1, monkeysnuggles how sweet I just love sleeping babies
0, KatieAlender Hey you I just saw on your reviews page for BGDD that I m not on there with my review
0,Nope just kidding Glad I never see him anymore
0, ChubBBoy Oh yowch Poor car
1,Spielberg s Tintin movie secret of the unicorn to be released on Dec 23 2011 woohooo Now to wait patiently
1,going to play in the park
0, abcdefglynis back to sg should be in the plane now
1,What Darren on Linkedin YES Just say your a twitter friend I NEVER IDK people http www linkedin com in darrenmonroe
0,dreampt that michael woke me up this morning i was saddend when i awoke to find no michael
1,hey try this sum me up in 5 words please n thank u xx
1, exotkprncss hi
1, kelvinringold quot I haven t been very talkative quot hi kelvin just saw this post from last night i thought you were pretty talkative
0, AceyBongos haha exactly what I said mummy Im scared XboxE3
0, Outlandishjer You didn t even reply You could just use this account and outlandishcast the reply or just Matt s post or what u did
1, SteveLorenzo Your background is great but your iPhone is upside down
1,Stop assaulting my eyes with your ugly face
1,Tweeting on vaccation Using dial up connection Feels like in pre historic age Twitter works perfectly
0, michaellara yup now that I m on the road
1, chrishasboobs I love MAC Amazing stuff
0,Just called my dad to wish him happy father s day It reminds me that the patriarch of our family is no longer with us RIP abuelito
0,listening to music and doing a essay for school
1, Request Line BarbPask BullsandBeavers tufani SfArtNews ronniebiccard TopicTurtle thx 4 the great comments amp staying in touch
0, dfarver76 Ugh all this stuff I have to do is painful and disgusting
1, KarenWelsh Im working on getting to that point So far its a shoestring budget just to get it off the ground and to expose local ppl
1, eyelash410 though hurrah for organising and raising money for the akt
0, libraryeliza good job Make oldmanwinters use his twitter he won t listen to me
0, punkerr birds love u too my sis saw kenny the wa music awards party on sat but didn t ask him to dance for her
1,Is looking forward to a visit from Katie tomorrow
0,What i would give to hold my dog again
1, Grannny63 yes I saw you there
1, ZombieAssassin Glebe2037 just don t attack us and we won t attack you that is all Or you can join us
0,Damn just stepped in dog crap
1, Cindy87 have faith
0,What s the point of shows like 20 20 To spread sorrow amp despair Poor poor Etan UGH
0, lollipop26 ahhhhh so jealous haha is been so long since I ve been to Japan
1, AspaPhoto Ahhhh you are soo smart Thanks for this schooling of thoughts
1,can anyone share your thoughts on Bintang Beer Bintang Zero Green Sand Guinness Thanks
0,i miss joeyzehr so damn much come to Jakarta pleaseeeee
1, Netra welcome back
1,looking forward to friday FINALLY
1,Thanks for the safe flight wishes I m back home quot safe quot depite the thunderstorm hovering nearby Really tired so g nite
0, FranAspiemom lol those make me sad lol
0, sijeka you have got to be joking
1,I ve had an amazing day with my friends
0,is bidding adieu to Apple Valley for a while
0, hummingbird604 yea happens alot b c of my former exhib industry career i have free passes to most films end up having 2 take peeps
1, wonder nat oooh yummy it d be just like being 6 all over again
1, mileycyrus http twitpic com 6dvj4 You look beautiful Miley
0, I don t wanna get rid of twitter You guys are too cool
1,Ino you lot are from America but did anyone watch britain got talent it s kind of a world wide thing now
0,i really wanted 2 go 2 Woke up 5am 2 get my day goin aye but i just always gotta put my son first sowwie Lakers no parade 4me
1, mrijn Hm So what if you merely appear incompetent Thanks for the video excellent
1,drunken creativity paper plate handful of CornNuts slice of cheese 10 sec in microwave CornNutchos
0,men y i got to b at work
1, ITVinsider diversity
0,screwww holiday homeeworkkk
0,I m quite afraid to string now since I don t have any 024 wire use
0,Wanted to have a lie in but it seems yorkshire water have other ideas Big noisy generator outside my house fail
0,It s 3 freaking 20 am
0,I managed to shave But Couldnt make it to dinner
1,I wish I was interesting and had something cool to tweet about Hm I think I m going to see paparoach in august wooooo love them
1, TaliaSunset when im lucky enough to see certain people yes very
0,blah I don t feel so well
1,Was gonna repair my phone s LCD but it seems to be fixing itself Good that money can rather go towards studio stuff
0,I wonder why when I updated my Tweetdeck I can t see any more messages
0,Dictating dictating dictating Hate ebt summaries
1, RogueHALLINAN Preloaded on Steam Love games like this was a delta force hound back in the day
0,Just busted out and I feel horrible
1, stephenfry is it made of plasticine Do let us know if you spot the errant gnome that RHS has tried to kick out
1, misspearlygates Haha anyone spesh on Letterman tonight
0,why am i not at wembly right now could be seeing jonas brothers demi lovato and mcfly soooo unfair
0, ericmorris I know I feel terrible for him
0, BBL0ve amp I m so serious got my list open already tricexbaby yea I need to see that
0,found out that another awesome person is no longer with the company
1,Last night i found a new music love and i decided to grow up and make a decision i know what i want now and how im gonna get it aswell
0, RayBeckerman I ve been told they were burning corpses
1,Haha I haven t checked my Twitter in awhile So many updates But now time for dinner ps lt 3
1,And so begins the travels
1, tracierox308 Get 100 followers a day using www tweeterfollow com Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip
0,just spent an hour trying to get the newborn bird in my front garden to fly poor baby no success
0,new moon trailer is beautiful i dont think i can wait till nov 20
1,my room is finally finished so glad I chose this color
0,i miss the gits
1,is reliving freshman year with irene aka looking at pics videos i ll post some up soon
1,What a peaceful Sunday
1, rgoodchild You need Garageband so ask natobasso when you get Appleified
1, swearimnotpaul LOL Scream is fantastic So is 2 3 sucks ass though here s hoping 4 will be better
0, natmedi12 That sucks I haven t seen you in a too long while
1, Vitamin G I stopped it at 1 23 not funny Sowwie
1, brenbren0407 im at home now
1, cookiegirl too much beer aye Eat some bread That should key word should help
0,Sitting down relax I feel so sick
0, ThisIsRobThomas ain t that the truth
0, johnsonliz True but I feel crummy too
1,I am a kind woman who is looking for a man that would give me some good experience my pics here http tinyurl com on3yxh
1,the time back in texas was much needed gosh i love my family
1,Half marathon tomorrow in Timonium MD
0,Guess the conversations runs dry
1,Talking fluent pirate just isnt something you can teach tbh has to come from the heart
1,I am hoping that seacom brings price cuts sooner than next year Love competition
0,I Was In The Club For Literally 7 Mins But We Got In For Free Tho So Im Not Trippin Shayla Clearly Didnt Wait for Me Tho
0,Well child visits on Thursday 7 shots between two kiddos Not cool
1,Checking the weather might go practice kata outside Do have bug spray this time
1,usher here i stand best song on that abum to me thats just my opinion
1,off to earn some coins
0,computer is messed up lynz lt 3
0, LOOKIN4JORDAN I might just go through withdrawal Donnie is having a party May 3rd but its 21 so I can t go
0,In bed suffering the effect of a nasty cold feel that its going onto my chest which does not mean good things for the future
1,WHAT a day miley goin on tour
1,I can t hardly wait for the wednesday presentation my friend Karan Bawang Batra is so true it would be fun well I hope so
1, alepsizz bipawuado YEI NEW TWEET PEOPLE
0,looks really windy
0,http twitpic com 4gx9f I wanna hug Hatton s fiancee So sad
0,I go to my highschool XD
1, ElaineyMarie you should count yourself as a lucky one then oh and she still has time so hold that thought
1, AbraLynne Hi What a cute picture of you guys Scott is laughing because Mike is wearing It looks cold
0,Wow I hope the people on flight 447 air France are ok I hold out hope for them
0,Phone s about to die
1, Sims http twitpic com 613ce Oh looks really nice
0, Agent M Sorry MP was multiplayer Only 1 Player though
1, ninjaavie89 it s uploaded
1, Allen Freed madison mae hahaha either way HAHAHAHAHAHA FAIL
0, MrYungKL smH daTs whacK
1, urguy4fun I didn t finish watching it On Demand froze on me I ll finish today
1, the nikster Haha alright
0, maurat that is so sad but I m glad that you made awesome breakfast
0, SalioElSol08 wired off of redbull doing hw What you doin
1, atwittymess Oh I am just being silly I m good twitter taking for a fun ride tonight lol
1,Chattin with bff and thinkin bout why Lena doesn t here and JoBros and 2morrow ya tht s all
0,Isn t online business great What a cool generation to be a part of Sorry Grandma you missed out on this
0, gimmedunkaroos ive been craving em for about a year now my aunt didnt let me buy em today lmao
0, Russty awww It ll take time before you get your bike legs and lungs Good on you for giving it a go hugs
0,nice weather but school
0, flatterdfirefly Tell your hubby Happy Father s Day Wish I could be there to celebrate with yall but I have to work see you soon
1, kimmiepooh good morning I ve been waiting for u Lol
1, patgiblin blah blah blah just kidding dude i ve never had anyone offer up their stem cells before haha
1, LoBosworth Breaking up sucks but I m sure you won t be single for long You are a successful pretty women Enjoy your you time for now
1, blpogodogwalker Ur beary welcome for the FollowFriday mention woof woof back atcha
1, acciokatie The freezer Haha I love you
1, dfwinict Welcome back buttercup
0,five for fighting superman
0,Waiting for the train so bored
1, Aleenia enjoy your meal
1,http twitpic com 6bk84 My dad really wants me to close my sunroof
0, primaverasteen ILY2 BESTIE ALL MY MONIES ARE GONE TOO but
1,enjoyin the blue sky nd feeling so blessed nd wonderful 2 be surrounded by my wife nd son
1,ahhh im hungy amp i have a headache o crap i think i should start a diet 4 myself im getting a little big in the butt there lol
0,Waiting at the airport Super early
1,is in no rush to carpe diem how bout i seize the afternoon or sometime around 6 just before dinner i mean who needs a whole day
0, TheCraftyWino I think it was too hot to shop I made a whopping 30 Amy H is the only one that broke 100
1, aaronshust oh I m sorry No that s not glamorous Suggestion make a nap a priority today
0, its coming
0,2nd last week workin at the cafe gotta get my coffee food fix while I can
0,Rill did a nice faceplant last week didn t get it on tape
1,Photo jhesset hime AWH he looks like my kitties before they grew up http tumblr com xkx1wpb7v
1,Good Morning Twitterverse
0,Cold Tired and Well Was Hungry dosnt get betta then that
1, jinxman a friend of mine plays golf and when he visited us in portugal he took his golf clubs with him XD so crazy
0, jonasnessica Jess why aren t you on msn My internet went down Sorry
0,working until 530
1, LLKirstieBean any show that solves mental illness in 45 minutes is unrealistic
0,Is sad that the cubs don t play until night I wanted an afternoon game tomorrow
1,Asi po t ech letech sed m zmo en u notebooku a po t m gumov medv dky Haribo rulezz
0,Great Mischa is really sick and it pains me to look into his eyes
1, johnjolliffe Hiya how are you today Sunny there I hope
1, pete c Righto worth a laugh
1, vipvirtualsols LOL hadn t made that association you re good
1, anniemacdj Serato it up Annie Laptops are harder to lose
1, JFR Racing You guys and gals have the right attitude Have a great week off and I ll be rooting you down here at Norwalk
1, gregglovins speaking of which where is the RLF
1,I heart Limewire
0, hellokitty730 I gotta work tomorrow
0,Sean won t let me play with the two puppies that are visiting us this evening Of course they are now asleep
0,I m feeling ill too dizzy to concentrate on revision
0, codedigital I love you hunny I ll relief your stress wink
0, blisstree i can t believe my fave honey bunches of oats isn t on that list
0, craig martin I ve gotten very little out of LinkedIn Oodles of spam and unrelated inquiries
0, lola princess and dinamcgrate are not at home they traveled to Balaton And I m not there yet I MISS THEM And I hope it s back
0,For some reason the server has been down for 3 days Can t upload the show
0,I cant give up smoking I tried but it s not easy
1, BabsnRay Thankyou
1, AndrewWerner happy birthday my lovee
0,http twitpic com 7vhkt my babiee sisters i miss them so much
1,The clouds hovering over my life are finally parting their ways and I am beginning to see the sun and it feels good
0, 87sal87 Awwww I was thinking of starting watching that it looked so good maybe it didn t work after that main character guy left
1,g night tweeties
0,spongebob squarepants that song is in my head
0,God of War 3 looks awesome but March 2010
0, weatherthastorm hey Jess where is Josh
0,Okay well I got some cleaning up to do Afterwards I have to study Ahh
1,Also leaving in like half an hour and I like right now Just with past music Save a prayer Duran Duran
0,is very unhappy today
0, mayabbz oh damn that sucks
1, ecumedical Get 100 followers a day using www tweeteradder com Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip
1,Laundry then Church then I don t know See y all later
0, aberry oh no it hasn t
1, aussie at heart I can tell you I ll be fit again tonight So you love fish I don t because I always get the fish with the bones
0,I have a headache
1,Feeling much better today And my appendix is still in tact
1,Bought new pair of shoes Will post pics soon
0, tweeting studying bed no exams tomorrow friday and monday though STUPID whooo needs exams
0,I managed to pull strain a muscle in my back from all this coughing Even as I get over this cold it gets one over me
0,playing the role of driver till tomorrow
1, JoeRHarris yea thomgait that s my boyyy right there I taught him well
0,Feelin really sad today My bike s engine got seized No oil So gotta wait til Sat to get my bike DAM
0, I want to play some kind of Online Boxing Can t Find it D I WANT BOXING BITCHES
0,Taking a walk One hour from home and the sky just OPENS
1, natalieposhmom Thanks for the add
1, kapsarovb Wow you re full of useful links today
0,is been cover chem p3 and p1 p2 still weakening me http plurk com p su9br
1,At harrah s with my parents and my brother
0, agape eternal awww what the hale huggg i totally care
1, keller419 hahha my poor mama s 4runner has seen a lot of dings and i think it just hit 100 000 miles she is just begging for a stang
0, DapperSnappers aaawww i miss having a cat SO much Hub is allergic so I cannot have one boo I LOVE cats
0,Going to bed My feet need company I miss you
1, GoldCoastGirl Sorry to hear that mine is dying slowly and it s having complications a new one would solve everything
0,More hw
0,back at work and it s raining again
1, J A M E S DDD you only have to have a really good idea i had an idea too a neon label with tila tequila
1,i am soooo excited for robin s 7th birthday
0, KueenKatrina Haha our opinions differ on that 1 I dont think it degraded or insulted anyone
1, fallenfrommars there are CQC on diff place in the world it s a great show
1,Yay one of the kittens is alive and she s having another one right now
1, jimmycarr Yeah I ve stubbed my toe but I m not playing at being a bungalow grow up Carr
0, tomofromearth http twitpic com 7uv5m oh my god this is even worse Tomo please shave it off you look like a ukrainian ossa k
0,i do too get better woman is there anything you can take to stop it like gingerale erm whatever medicine there is
1, dopeguhxfresh awww dont cry breea
1, marnigreen o wow well good luck w that how long u plan on bein enllisted
1,On way to lunch with iMoneyManager investors and partners
0,seriously I need to make some calls to cali see what the aftermath of the quake was like hope it aint nothin like the 89 quake
1, brendadada Heeeeee Just about to wash it let s hope the colour doesn t drain out It shouldn t supposed to be fade resistant
1,Please don t turn me offffffff I love this song
1,hey pplz about to go to school so ttyl
1,what a weekend
0,Where did all my twitter friends go lol
0,I miss my Allen
0,I can t believe today is fathers day It s the first one we will have to go through without Armstrong here
0,Missing the lil one already she won t be back until Sunday
1, alexd xo ahhaha we are jokes x omg my ipod jus died and it got stuk on a song an was jus playin 1 line over an over agen S oopsy poopsy
0, DebbieDoesIt awww Are you saying I am not special
0,It gets harder to leave every week
0, Xanthetwirls I only saw urs by chance Who else would have that name Think I ll b missing 2nite too Thank god for YouTube
1, xsparkage just a small town girl living in a lonely world
0,And as every sunday here comes the anxiety about tomorrow
1, poorgirlgourmet good luck looking forward to hearing how it goes
1,is 3 of the 7th dwarf s today HAPPY and SLEEPY and HUNGRY yeah I made one up
0, RuSouL OH NO YOU DIDN T boo you just made me sad
0, Raachxx i m getting sims 3 today S i hope it works sucks for you it not working what is the problem with the game
1,watching the guys put new tires on my carrrr yay
1, babybitesnz ooh Jodi I am will be lovely to meet you
0, timtrueman be prepared scobleizer just tweeted about stackoverflow http bit ly bcqoG your small community won t be small for long
1, bjdean jaspercoffee com au and obscura are both excellent
1, reverieBR my bed is truly a wondrous place
0,i hate being sick and the fact that its almost the end of the school year
0,Sitting in phys therapy upset about Jon and Kate
1, rynashafiee I wont
1, kevinyeoh joycethefairy isn t is kinky blue bananas
1,Risa Ulman driving to new brunswick with danielle only to come back and drive back down later cant wait to see my babes http bit
1,So like I m beyond confused on how I should do my hair for my Senior Ball tomorrow Weave is not an option Unless it s a ponytail LOL
0,isPlayer Has Died Sorry
1, pavati Very true At least I stepped away from the comp I m glad we dont have a tv at home nothing would get done
0, unahealyfan lol my window being open makes in warmer inside my back hurts it s badly sunburned ouchy
1,reading everyone s replies to alexandramokh s hiccup problem amused not just at the variety of responses but at her hiccups too D
1,Okay goodnight for real
1, sa scully i prefer cold to hot but cali is right in between
0,lumpy oatmeal bleh forgot about it in the microwave
1,at the airport to head back home boo thanks for the great time guys pics are HILARIOUS
0, ddlovato that s mean
0, kennyhyder oh man maybe I should drive your way we are rocking the overcast today
1, blobert tumblarity screenshot i m easily amused my internet penis is much too large to post here
0,Wishing I was still in LA
1, ohtheglory You are officially the coolest person I know
1, jaspreetgill Remember me when your famous
1, slinqui I m thinking about showing them who s boss by leaving When I can afford it I m going to buy mymanicure com
1,Just kicked my iPod off the stand Why A song came on w the lyrics quot I want love to love me back quot
1,couldn t find my board so i biked nice to see old friends again another few weeks and im working down there again
1, IndywoodFILMS figured you could use a little boost http bit ly JFXDM
1,I was forced to think after hearing someone s words of wisdom tonight I love my guy friends they always know the right things to say
1, frashy besides they are talented and have a great attitude Its more important at least in my part
1, ddlovato I voted And Frankie is up for one Oh someone needs to spread the word for that too haha
1, deon city lights filmnya charlie chaplin
1, nwchptr4me Holy I dont know how you do it girl but you sure get around lol I am done for the day so heading home might b back
0,r u going to cook cher wow what a suprise mmmm somethings smell fishy
0, TweetDeck unfollowed and blocked ppl are showing in my quot All Friends quot
0,OMG I is getting a headache I KNOW cereal aspirin and water will it work dondondonnnnnnnn usuefhosfor I wanna be with HIM gt quot
0,I leave tomorrow to go camping I don t wanna
0, AshKapow can i come plz im soooo tired
0,I have aphids on my rosebush http en wikipedia org wiki Aphid
0, pixiesongs Hey Pixie such a shame u couldn t be there last night Glad tour feeling better though u go girl xxx
1, jasongaunt Yeah lots of potential I think they ve been working on their own iPhone app for months now How are you mate Been a while
1, realmfox in the french conference u seemed to be doodling and bored or was it just nerves you didnt talk much
0,has a school cricket match tomorrow http ff im 3rnJb
1,First day at Fox
1, spankingfemme Nice picture too I d let you spank me anytime
0, singergirl92 that hoovers sorry
1, ReneeLuus Likewise about to email you
1,My flat is exceptionally tidy I d be proud if I were that way inclined As it is it ll be an effort to keep it tidy
1,is performing at FUN DAY at locke ave park today SATURDAY MAY 30th at 330pm come on out free
0,annoying a teacher just told me that i can only start school on Thursday
1, emilyrobe Good to see you haven t lost your sense of humour Get well soon
0,he s breaking my heart why he removed me just to be alone with his new girlfriend D
0,Woke up with sniffles this morning
0,is trying to study real hard but do far has been unsuccessful
0, grizzmusic wheres the music mannnn my inbox is still empty
1, greenrichard I love your march tweet and miss you
1,It s 00 56 a m I better go to sleep before my mom sarts yelling at me
1,night night all off to read a bit then dream a bit Hope everyone has an amazing Monday
0,Is disappointed that IHOP no longer has corncakes
0,Is off to work tonite
0,was a lie I love them but I am tired and I gotta go I would love to write but can not Byee
1, buckhollywood I ve never seen anyone get across the balls
0,Damn My hair is ridiculously bad time for a change I think
1, ShannonLeto That place is pretty And nice bike by the way
0, nazlyyy i m so glad they accept paypal now i just need to get an account lol i hate how HT take out double on debit
1, Monicutza03449 I thought as much
0,please pray for my dog mileycyrus ddlovato she is dieing she is a brown lab im crying just tweeting about it i will miss her xo kolbi
1, PhillyRedz I would like to know Is she And how good us she
1, daNanner Yeah just finished castle Was pretty good
0,I miss Charlie too much
1,BlOOPERS from our winning Air Guitar video are now up for your laughing pleasure Come watch me fall http tinyurl com da9a2y
1,just woke up with the jb s new song stuck to my head much better
0,just had lunch back to school now xx lt 3
0, AnneBB well I don t fly out until Sunday but you probably exhausted or busy
0,Taking 5 Is been a long day
0,Reply from Blizzard thanking me for taking an active role in helping them stop these scams WOOT where s my pet murloc
0,I am so tired and tonight is rat night joy
1, BBCasper Why thank you I just speak my mind
0,ouch my jaw i m really thirsty and my feet are freezing another layer of socks
1, LaurieDasta I think so P demain je te repasse MS et je te passe Hey Monday
0,Morning Tweets hope u all enjoyed ur weekend Hubbys toothache has gotten so bad he took the day off not to get him in ASAP Poor baby
0,View from the coffee pot Work all day http twitpic com 8dqx5
0,i needa smoke and have no cigarettes why are shops and banks so far away
1,Love the Tony s Only award show where a guy can bring his boyfriend or wear a black leather tux
0, philwalters Well that s put me off my food
0, reatlas hungry
0, SFGIRL55 yup not as often anymore though he usually just drives out
1, Bvictor awwww jealous I m watching Harry Potter Its 4am here and I slept all day so I m wide awake now
1,happy birthday Sybil wow coffee at nearly 3 in the morning in for another LONG night or morning
0, heekyung I cannot believe you re moving back to Korea lt sad face
1,back from ben s I had a great day today
0,Soooo I really hate to do this but I gotta go to sleep Sorry everyone But I will be on tomorrow
1, watchin food network
1,They can suck it if they think they ll have you
1, Lironster20 moooorning angel ahh you wouldn t believe it s all stormy and we have killers gig today hope it stops till evening
0, RandynAverysMom I thought it was pronounced gee off when I was a kid
1, TiffCollegHill6 umm u have to click where it says following above someones photo
0,well look like surgery for me 3 to 4 bulging disk in neck area a couple touching spinal cord want it better though
0, barnt Stealthoneill deanlove Henryyamamoto rocafortmercado AOsgood Unit Cancelled and Earl sad times I hope something good from it
0,feels a little better today waiting for my lovely Sunday dinner LOL eastenders on soon but iv got loads of work to do boohoo
0, Roxi Davis Cards but we made up for it with some bonus fun goodnight xoxo
0, Donutmaster May 29th yeah katie will Will be 30 for me though
0, yelyahwilliams jeez i envy you i want new york but good for you
0,Americas army 3 are their statservers working I ve done the basic training thrice but nothing in the menu indicates its finished
0,is missing the best show in the world tonight
0,Hasn t studied for socials yet Dammit
0,has uploaded some of the photowalk photos Has also decided that Friday was not a good day for photography
0, KnickersMonica noooo It s just gone now I hardly got to see anything
0, rustyrockets Its my birthday on saturday May i have some early love perhaps interactive presents kisskiss xxxxxxxx
1,Wishing all mamas a Happy Mothers Day To my fitness friends too MoreMuscles greenteagirl Lizanneh
1, DonnieWahlberg 500 more to 40 000 I cannot believe the goals you set and how easily you achieve them
1, psdrea
1,Jim Lind playing LIVE now Come join in the music for the next 3 hours livemusic
0, juanyayzxsss Me too stucked in Singapore
1,It s race day The meet will be on NBC at 1 30pm pst Say a prayer I m running the 400
1,http twitpic com 4xak1 It s miracle how beautiful rainbow
0,the stars didn t grant me my wish last night
1, dischargie tell me about that Me too and I wasn t at coffee lounge only had short chat during autos lol that s quite long isnt it
1,Aaaand the winner is lennart with less than 40 seconds
1, vp2008 I ll be nervous enough without even more people coming
0,The Latitude iGoogle gadget is not currently available for your location lt Wieso hat Google das f r Deutschland wieder deaktiviert
0,going into the shower getting ready to work the grave yard
1,Had a lovely couple of days with Ange and Leighton and had a lovely afternoon swimming in the sea don t you just love the hot weather
0,Feeling really bad for cutting my hair
1,Happy Sunday actually ExperienceWDW and glad you had a good day
1,I am so tired right now I can t function right but I can still Twitter
0,just got back from my match and another win although i missed out on a another ton
0, MsMinnieKiss yes i have
1, marcobarra robwatts davefreeman henweb I just started this twibe http twibes com SEO UK just re tweet this link to join
0,awww Captain Smirk is leaving politics at the next election he never got to be PM thanks for the humor dance moves facial expressions
0, ChuckNerd well if I don t have to buy anything and can make something with what we have then I do But I have cooked in a few days
0,Weather forecast for tomorrow gail force winds O im supposed to be going to beach
0, MaryPatKasravi hahaha I ve just lost one more I m not a pop person anymore
0,i m quot jakesick quot ie homesick for jake and he lost his phone no good night tonight
0,tis is me sithu08 i miss my old account
1, Joker2U Ohhh that s mean Spam is bad for you Just looking for a quick smile just like you do Cheer up dude
0,At kohls oh and my throat is KILLING mee I need to go home and just chug down tons of soup
1, Disneylvr63 Ok Thanks for lettin me know we will have to work out the best dates N
0,Remembering Farrah Fawcett
0,Chat hates me
0, MasonEdwards hahahah Just emailed her she has PCD tics for herself and not for anyone else
1,partying up tonight with my future hubby Matty MrsEggs MrEggs Jen Josh Erica Ben Alicia and Tyler Drinking and games
0,Finally My updates are turned on It s taken about 3hrs
0,Permanently banned from donating blood bc of bovine materials in my spine Boo Hoo Moo Moo
0, hellomollyyy Aw that wording hurt I m going to go cry now
1, amycasey ohhh I wish I had seen this tweet last night I m always down for 90 s hip hop jams Thanks for thinking of me
0,i told ya ll now we have lost a twitt friend sad faces to all of you
0,Going to work soon
1, ponder actually your right I m going deaf must turn up tv Rte twitter says 25c
0, CassieFX well he s constantly sick and I worry he might be doing permanent damage
1, mitchelmusso Best commerical ever seen about ur album it was soo cool quot greatist artist of 2009 quot MTV iLY
0,Another school year winding down Summer use to last forever when I was a kid now it flies by so quickly Getting old
1, joshuaprice3 And ya didn t call me sad just sad
1, tashjones I am a firm believer that our thoughts create the world around us weather included
0,I don t feel good at all smh
1, willysandi famous amos tuh cookies gitu loh wil hehehhe
1,Waiting to go home Will take a long break this day
0,Great PC fixed CS4 installed but now the wireless adapter doesnt work Of to buy a new one
1, Zappos Service You deserve the compliment YOU RAWK I can t count how many times you have come through in a pinch
1, HalSparks wowser dude Congrats Can t wait It will be a crazy week
1,is sat in the sun revising history modern world and listening to jesse mccartney
1, PurpleMuffinMan oh come on no need to hunt for sympathy just wait until the ladies know you are here
0,hate going back there when can i just be a normal day girl
0,Worried about tomorrow o
1,im up im up im up cinema today i must watch that trailer
0,Change is so inevitable All we need to do is live with it
1,who wants to sing the campfire song wit me
0,i thinks i m dying
0,I broke my reefs
0, whovian99 Lower fever is at least an improvement I don t remember seeing any news about your sis either Sorry forgot to ask
0,I m missing my puppy already but Guatemala awaits and one can t beat taking photos for seeds of help
0,every phone i have malfunctions
0, TheeRealFDHC Hurry up and get HOME I miss you
0,Stressed out the game my range rover lookin bad right now I need a vacation biig time I thiink miami New york Harlem maybe
0,reached the 24 hour mark still so much unpacking to do
1, londicreations I am doing good thank you very much and you
1, just finished writing australia and put it up at lifesaclimb what an accomplishment
1,Today make another set or two of pictures ready for a lightbox show Fun stuff Graduation pix mine and a friends
0, quot locked up abroad quot makes bein half brown good risk mgmt when travelin 3rd world i blend i feel sorry for my hostage magnet white pepo
1, randamir Sounds like your daughter has quot Miley Virus quot Get it
1, davemark Have fun at WWDC
0,Saddened by the lost plane story http news bbc co uk 1 hi world americas 8076848 stm
0,I have a MASSIVE headache I m going to sleep now Hopefully this headache will let me sleep It s right behind my eyes
1,off to san fran can t wait for this shoot So stoked
0,noooo after watching Reaper season 2 finale I went to see if when season 3 will happen and the series is canceled grrr damn CW
0, rogersnotrogers Actually I was recommending fixmyride I don t go near burgers any more too much wheat onion meat other stuff
0,needs Jean Toomer s Fern right away Halp please
1,Haha 5 hours a new record we need to break Night
1,Leaving the house on our way to Spokompton
1,I really love that I ve gotten 900 compliments on my outfit today And the fact that my nails match my phone is even better
1, JalinMarieC yay I m excited to see the pics Wedding planning is going well thanks
1,FRIENDS kindly check out my pictures here on twitpic thanks follow http twitpic com photos polah08
0,I am depressed today because It s Devin s last day nothing can really cheer me up
1,yesterday i tried a caramel sunday they are soo goood
1,is watching the simpsons
1, Angelic Rebel2 sounds like a good pace is being set there
1,Typing this right now on twitter LOL
0, gnutel0 Wasn t mine was a cow orkers Someone bumped into him and it flew out of his hand
1, dluk Fabric markers do the trick but u have to iron them even acrylic paints may work
0, reverz nice how the lifelock suit was brought by experian basically to reduce processing costs caused by ppl who don t want id theft
1, alliecine Well you know what they say actors must be willing to humiliate themselves
0,i HATEEEEEEEEEEEEE swimming in cold water
1,Not a churchgoer but I might need Jesus to take the wheel
1,Really having a hard time discovering myself in this picture guidoz Re http mobypicture com gcs9h5
0,prayers n thoughts for r friend and his family daveb41 hugs
1, mystyleonfire np
0,Nearly 50 of the top 50 Street Fighter IV players in Japan this week play Sagat http bit ly 13hINu
0, MissKellyO it doesn t work
0,Go Leo 10M in my bank account and I d be gapping it too Mind you I spose the rest of us will pay for Westpacs stuff up in our fees
1,True Blood High expectations for season 2
1, DaEyeCandy dang fool i forgot to txt you back yesterday you gotta tell me what happened later
1, JesHamer sweet it IS Monday after all
1,Good morning i m outside and its a beautiful day watched picture this last night it just gets more and more amazing
0, TRC Jessica Poor kids Hope they get back to normal Enjoy the new bed
1, fopoku2k2 that s the life
0, mrs mcsupergirl I HAVE to keep myself interested cos I m a magpie amp you are SO not fail I ve been loosing the same 10 lbs every year
1, MissHeatherG we are tooo fly boo
1, JKgirl1988 It is i can feel it lol he s thinking of all us fl girls he s missing out on seeing toknight
0, fouldsy poor so SHE went fishing I m all confused now will u be coming over this week she leaves Friday
1,I guess I should be pleased that I only have such minor things in life to trouble me
1,Heeeeeellloooooooooo Air con
1, carloscastano Just the speakers here at the cafe Her new album I m waiting for confirmation from her manager so she plays here in July
0,so im working after a very long night of partying would much rather br curled up in bed but that ll have to wait i guess
0,laying in bed trying to find someone to go shopping with
0,I miss mommy and daddy wish they were in town Being home doesn t feel right without them
1, CeeBo620 yea that s my sister pretty good how R U
1,Good thing tunesbag let s me take me music everywhere
1, Spitphyre i wore a black and white top a black skirt and my black and white charles amp keith peep toes
1, JMosley Well thanks I had a great time taking it although it was a little uncomfortable being that personal with the boat
0,Baby fell asleep on me
1,Boating was interesting with manda amp holly Jack amp rayne are dumb
1,Heading to my office at SunSpots recording studios near Orlando http tinyurl com cfyvds Got some auds and radio commercials to read
0,Seriously I hate followfriday Some of my followers end up spamming the crap out of me I wish I could filter them out
1,Isn t it great when bedtime comes JUST as your patience runs out Perfect timing here tonight
1, trvsbrkr for me its your best remix so far I cant stop listening keep rocking
0, SarahDownSouth Me neither
0,20 for a cover is ridiculous Is someone listening Charlotte you are making a bad impression Night life takes another loss op2009
1, deighe d That s adorable
0,work tomorrow booo
1,Big day today touring Windsor Castle Roman Baths and Stonehenge
1,Revising chemistry what an interesting life i lead might get an unsigned accout later
0,http twitpic com 68mdv RosiieR I know it was so depressing But yeah I love this show too
0, tommcfly look you say quot answear it s nothing quot but if you will answer me it s will do my day my week even my year so plzzz x
0,doesn t feel good
1, ItsMyEyes Get to updating lady Your status will not update itself Tell Ci Ci that I said quot Hi quot
0,slurping coffee after a sleepless night
0,How come all the cool shit happens in L A No fair
0, xxRoxy damn I was hopin u were gonna persuade me to get out I better get heating that milk up
0,hurting all over
1, alingtron Get Jim to buy a proper console and you can join in
0, tHe KiNdErGaRdEn CeReMoNy WaS dIsAppOiNtiNg AlL tHeY dId WaS siNg SoNgS nO DiPlOmAs Or AnYtHiNg WTF
1, jack welch sounds like a brazilian nickname a girl quot d quot quot mayzinha quot quot hudgens quot just a guess
0,Work s a b tch My last week isn t supposed to be like this
1,new hannah montana episode yewwwww
0,missss my friends and plav time for a long day of work hahah
1,You annoy me but I fuxkinnnngggg love u Noone knows who I m talkin abt but I do O well it s done now
0,just got back from buying a new phone and i get a call to say that some people found Shane s phone 300 wasted
1,Just uploaded my photo on twitter yikes No where to hide now
0,US Open under rain delay Now I am not sure what I am supposed to distract myself with while I work Tiger drive 1 Shank o potamus
1,i love my sexy background his hair is amazing ha And his face is beaut
0, ktjune no sister I wish this time it actually has to be done
0, TVXQUKnow Where are you Too busy huh
1, dakotaafanning I love your pic
0, jeffarchuleta haha David was AWESOME unfortunately i couldn t win tickets on time but i had a few friends in the audience
1, mike taff jones Oh and NEVAR USE KDE IT IS MADE OF FAIL
1, adangross I totally get what you are saying love it too
1, gtmacki ace of hearts bamp hotelsantaclara chorei com a foto
1,The Milliwheaton a unit of microblogging Measurement lol Nice one muskrat john http post ly iS1
1, pipsytip quot Unexpected hornblower quot That s a euphanism right
0,okay revision timee
1, Rachel9580 Thanks Rachel
1, briiiidgette oh devooo another tiem
1, caseyore wouldn t want to let ya down lol
1,voting for the mtv movie awards
0, shamileemac lydia from ABDC s boxcuttahz 3 sheesss soo cute day s okay so tired but im suffering insomia
1, andreaonFOD Aww Andrea that makes me think of David s Picksburgh blog
1,Having a lovely lunch at the Russell s house
0,I hate insomnia
0,I had manga lady and she was mean to me
0, hollywearsprada are you still not home
0,I m jealous these pictures are cuter than me I went looking for a nice spot to hide and I discovered a clan of dustballs Making friends
1,ooh i just found out a thing where you can tweet longer ohh yeah i love the Read More http is gd S3wM
1, valleygirl71 yea you should come and hangout for my birthday with us
0,uh i was gonna say type something but I 4GOT WAT IT WAS
0,my teeth hurt I hate retainers Watching that s so raven and have to wakeup early for challenge test in the morning
0, OfficialCee yes otherwise im going to cry
1, snugnluv Uhm did you just make me blush That s rare You use adjectives I m not used to hearing Thanks
0,Off to bed have to be up early goodnight all x
0, SirCass monkey majesty i will not be present in the mansion tonight unfortunately the queen has the worst headache
1,Bed now gotta 2 hour stroll with hubby in the AM
0, controversie i try i really do sometimes stuff just gets to me
1, BigBishop Man too bad none of that stuff rubbed off on you Will do
1, TheBeast32 oh okay cool i love the fast and the furious can t wait to see the new one
1,is winding down with a vodka tonic
0,Seriously stressed depressed about the car situation On the brink of tears at any mention
1,Music is
0, amp yes u can t just leave some 1 if they have psych issues it could put them over the edge Can u see y I feel trapped It s difficult
1,Oh well I guess I ll play Resistance on PS3
0,my throat hurts
0,hate being ill
1,is listening to a love song from PJ so cute
1,Loved it when Adam and Kris sang quot We are the champions quot Cant wait for AI to air again
1, recreate Looked good till you mentiioned the olives Would love the recipe I ll just make mine w o olives amp the rest of the family with
1, thetricktolife lol yeah that me in a word random
1, RMantri Ten years good behaviour is what BJP needs to get anti BJP Hindus and minorities on board They lose patience in 10 months tho
1,Going bowling
0, Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut cause afterall I am second
0,making a margarita then hanging out before the hubs starts a course in the morning It s going to be a longggg 3 weeks
1, requin thank you for the reco
0,Headache Anthropology work in 2 5 hours need to be pampered
1,Can t wait for I day And Sunday and San Diego perhaps
0,It s over So sad
1, cate1987 I know Same here It s absolutely shameful Writing for eurout is helping me recover the basics though
0, ddlovato susan boyle lost that s not fair
0, spaulds1 I was doing good until an ambulance flew by my truck and took my side mirror with it
0, aliza1512 i miss you too ahhhh no i want vidddsss im so stoked for this weekend though
0,I know what I need to do but I dont know how to this really sux
1,can t believe my mom will be in London in a few days can t wait to see her
0,i m so boring i wanna sleep in chile is so cold brrrrrr i need u
1,Paranoid on dutch tv jonasbrothers they think its gonna be a big hit
0,has a sunburned back
0,I want this shirt so badly but it s currently out of print http bit ly B3dwh
0,did you know koala fingerprints cannot be distinguished from human fingerprints fortunately few pandas pursue a life of crime hahaha
0,its too cold athletics carnival tomorrow
1,Just got pierced
0,Kids is sick coughing and runny noses
0, sweetkisses277 Out of time with Denzel Washington Pretty good so far Still got an hour left though
0, 19fischi75 hope everythings alright with u hun saw it at tha telly theres a lot of water in austria ta tha mom
0,really don t want to work
0, xxTylerxoxo I wasn t cheating I was just looking at Paul admiring his assets LMFAO But I love Jacob don t worry He knows it lt 3
1, Vivnsect I like chocolate frosties
0,arghhhhhhhhhhh really upset coz of all these assignments
0,ok I can t see hosts fitfam bluebox
0, mitchelmusso How d you manage to do that You should get special priviledges at the gig for being disabled
1, Custardcuppcake how is Aussie im hopin to be there in Sydney in less than a week just got my VISA on thursday whoot whoot
0, eso8009 then come although you won t be able to stay over because my roommate has friends down this weekend
1, YoungQ glad you made it safely Gotta work on that somethin new gig Hmmm Get back to ya
0,Last day of filming So sad
1,Goodmorning everyone Make it a wonderful day Count your Blessings Be Grateful and Be Sweet to others Angels are with us all
0,burnt owey
1, Joseph0604 im also following stephen fry and michael sheen and they are legit too
1,naww my visitor is coming soon yay
1,Finished listening to the cure now they always relax me Might finish off that GBH I was watching last night
0, lennel I pray pea won t be like that in future
0,I gots the sniffles
1, porkrind no sympathy from rainy sussex dude lol is the florida sun 2 much As u can tell envy green I don t wear well
1,Well guys im off to do my kickboxing grading my ass kicked so wish me luck as i think im gonna need lots
0, annemarike whoo I hope that you start feeling better soon miss AMshiz Colds suck
1, jennylynx thanks for bringing me Mongolian Grill Sooo yummers
1, ArtyTheCat rofl oooh Arty u btr b careful with that Linda u cud get in big trubl psssst dont confide in her wutevr u do
1, richardbadge got it to work by standing next to window proof of concept but not practical for main lecture theatre
1, DJ71 yeah they rock gonna be there next time fpor sure looks way better on tv than on youtube
0,Dear Allergies I d appreciate if you went away and never came back Your killing me Thank you Xtina
1, SquashBlossom Flowers too I kill everything quot Tag along quot try to grow stuff to and ask for your guidance or see your set up
0, herojaejoong i hate u do u know i miss u so much oppa s
0,RIP Ed McMahon Now I will never win the Publishers Clearing House or get 5 stars on Star Search
1,loving jeffree star s cover of boom boom pow X haha go check it outtt
0, jaaayLOVE Oh I haven t seen it either but I read the divorce thing on Perez
0,Never want to give blood again now shopping
0,Going to Daylon s memorial service going to be a rough few hours seeing everyone grieving
0, imogenheap I really want to catch you on ustream but I don t how how or when
0, yawn I really don t feel like being inside all day
0, O babygirlparis i m with you on that one i wish i was asleep but can t fall back asleep http tinyurl com q3sxd6
1,I m buying the cool Pisay shirt tomorrow Kayo rin Hahaha
0,Wow I am incredibly early for class If anyone feels like entertaining me during class DO WORK and TEXT
0, PaulRushing its been a steamy 95 here the last couple day Sucks
0, kachmeifyoucan awww man apron amp young jezzy I wish I was there what u cookin http myloc me 4JsC
1, wissys you won t be able to tell after they are caked in mud
0, Ullygirldk S okay thanks Yea indeed
0, e453753 it sucks tho cuz my midterm tomoro is worth 50 O annnd its at 8 30
1, patriotfreedom LOL no joke I encourage Jeffersonians to look at the VA flag http www 50states com flag vaflag htm Not very PC
1,We are spamming ShaneDawson s blogtv Haha it s fun
1, lisisilveira when u said u r not single someone already owns ur heart then i quit
1, lonelyboy14 we own both Thanks for the nice comments so glad you are watching
1, bryanspondre actually I do I m just pretty firmly at one end of it as some must be if it s a continum
1, SarahNics We should defo make this a Twit challenge I think I ll officially do it for charity cos it s a strangely cool record to have
1,soooo tired sweet dreams everyone
0,my stomach hurts i guess i ate too much owell
1,i just watched princes protection program I just can say AMAZING Really This movie was really good now I m going to bed good night xo
0,i miss repeat offender grr
0,off to da Hospital to see mii twin Forbiidd3n its ok da starz are on da way I Love U
1, hotmomamy lol no worries
1,needs a gulp of milk and some cookies But I shall watch what I eat now sayang naman Weights na PE ko if it won t pay off lol
1, mistygirlph thanks misty Exstasi espasol
1, Mummyofmany Jesus heals
1,I LUV ALL my tweeps followfriday
1, stephenfry Thats a good thing rather than a bad thing now you ve got time to relax amp get coffee
1, BeHealing Thank you for the followfriday
0,I m really tired I want to go home Only an hour and a half left thankfully
1, ILovecheese12 I could tell you but it s just all too confusing all the specifics and logistics You re better off confused like me
0, PembsDave oh dear
0, clouds are rolling in
1, confusedCoyote I m supposed to keep up to date on this stuff It looks quite fancy A weird mash up of google friendfeed in realtime
0,Transfering all of my apps amp music to the mbp Can t use either computer for another 1 5 hours
0,off to school this is the last day our group is gonna be all together i still dont think reality has truly kicked in yet
0, chillspapa I thought I was your slut
1, AncillaTilia on the contrary it is soooo suitable for work
0,long day feeling like shit uuugghhh didnt even go out last night im just run down blah
1,Yersterday party of my very bff haha so tired She danced Tango and WOW shes amazing I totally love it she looked so beautifull
0, kt55bug you are dead to me
0,awesome i dont understand why the zipper had to breakdown after we only rode it once
1, emmyinabox Dude I was totally gonna say that You win
0,Guys are assholes I feel like I m gunna throw up
1,Faculty development day II then done for the summer Hope the weather gets going
0,Finished work Another shift tomorrow
0,hair too short
1,LVaTT makes my day more happy is a trending topic too CANT WAIT
0,I seem to be having a bad hair day Driving me nuts
1, TH3 OPERATIVE done but why are they attacking zombies
0,Still not feeling too great Mother won t be happy if I don t eat my dinner
0,my legs are peeling already i should sleep before finals nah
0,Reformats always take a lot longer than expected
0,Don t u hate it when ur about to fix a big bowl of cereal just to find out there s no milk
0, la rochelle rofl no this lady who is crying with her photo album now i feel sorry for her
0,wow crazy weather in the eye of the storm dog going mental lol not gd day for going into town
1,Enjoying the peace amp quiet at home
1, Twofine5 Thank you for the birthday wishes and FF shout out
0, brettyboo why were u sleeping Ur gonna be up all night now how was ur bike ride
1, Brendacopeland Love it Twilight Zone episode quot How To Serve Man quot One of my favs Even The Simpsons did it
1, Chelss182
0,got to work and found my little coffee maker all moulded up
1,I m getting ready for Jose s graduation this morning SO proud like a momma bear
1,FINALLY just got to talk to her mom on Mother s Day Thank you UsCell for some free roaming minutes so I could talk to her while in Vegas
1,has just arrived in Singapore
1, MeowMeowHotMix follow me
1,Had really fab night with jil05
1, mattfincham Absolutely And timetables amp Star Trek
0,Miss my friends
0,Downloadfestival s lineup isn t as good as i thought it was There are some other awesome bands doing the festivals but missing DL
0,baby i miss you
1,In Bordeaux in my sister s flat but it s rAINNNING
1, omegathrall I ll pick u up what time
1,Susie mentioned a few days ago that she won spider solitaire on medium I m proud to say that after trying for hours I just did too
0,ow ow ow ow ow ow ow LEAVE ME ALONE PAIN
1, ldfriedman shalom shalom
0, mikebaronowski what Don t tell me you don t like it what flavour do you eat
1, gt suchagoodgirl HartHanson Do you have anything special planned for the 100th episode amp will we be lucky enough to get a xmas episide
0, rheachua ifuseekjaiwhore ayyyy ur not making pansin of mee TALK T0 MEE GUYSS
1,babies grow too fast i cant wait to see amelia
0,Be glad when this project is over can t keep up these 14 hour days Only got home 20 mins ago
0,sick feeling in my stomach like ive done something bad ahh
1,my boyfriend it s so cute ilovehim
1, mileycyrus i think you have started a new journey in your life you are showing the world Miley Cyrus as herself not Miley Cyrus as HM
0,bestie is obviously too busy for me
1,Ryan Higa ur responding to fans AWESOMEEE hi
1, bmichalk turns out he was acting asleep That little tricker
1,back from my weekend with my darlings I feel whole now
0,Already miss taylorrenee07
1, TheLangester that s awesome Ya you ll love it there are a billion apps I re Read More http is gd PxQ6
1, MikeMetal I completely agree
0,Training at 4 dont really want to go still sore from monday
0,Jogging isnt REALLY that cool especially if you ve got a fever
0, naomilouisee that s a pity oooh well is there this huge singing along during tranny sorry for too many R A questions
0,Ouch Sore neck is getting more sore Time for painkillers by the handfull
0,wonders is it worth enough http plurk com p y1hhi
0, MCRmuffin thought about quitting twitter but i cant leave you and simplyalli
1, tyrstag soxanddawgs Talk to me about what
1, webcomic savagechickens http tr im ng2j quot Coffee is My Muse quot For all you morning working people Caffeine is your friend
1, peachesnisker btw are you living in Berlin I m supposed to be there over summer there s a good squat punk scene apparently
1, DebbieFletcher If you come to a gig in Dublin you can be my dancing partner whatcha think Hehe xxx
0,I can not sleep my back is killing me wtf am I supposed to do
0,had a maths test today thibnk i got a few wrong
1, vindee it was WONDERFUL falalfel is my current fave dish just the right amnt of seasoning
0,missing out on josh s Margarita Sunday Funday w Prive originals workin a 7hr shift amp doin accounting hw the same time
1, itsjustrenny so do i i was having a tough time with it this afternoon and that inspired my tweet
0,I want my salad
1,Going to bed Goodnight tweets
0,need to start some revision for the old exams 2morrow
1, fortheinsane woo hoo Glad you dig it Amy helped with the vocals too
1,im a smartieeeee LEGITTTTT
1,Going to bed now So excited though xx WOOT See you tomorrow Here I go mikasounds
1, hsabomilner Thanks
0, joshgroban Ed McMahon died That s horrible
0, smh me Who da fuck goes back 2 school in the SUMMER
1,watching harry potter movies
0,going to the dentist
0,watching snl kindaaa sick of the repeats already
1, scorpiojerm well if it s going to come off anyway
0,Belly seriously not playing fair today I should have regulated the food and coke intake yesterday me thinks bah 2 5hrs left
1, tammymcmullen thanks Tammy
1,Amazing stuff check it out http bit ly vnpct
0,New Week and bad news
0,booo the download didnt work
0,my other twitter account won t update BringTaraBack
0,Going to bed now Tired and not feeling well
0, AmyElizabeth26 Jealousy
1,Ah Last day
0, xXShantelXx I still havent started studying for Saturday or Monday s exams im so tired
1, ZOMGGREENSTUFF I second that lt 3
0,Bebe Beuwirth gives an In Memoriam to Natasha Richardson amp others we lost incl Bea Arthur Broadway Inspirational Voices perform Sad
0,I think Brett is more immature since going to college
0,Ugh ugh ugh coursework will never end
0, EwwCassidy ahaha im not even sure whats going on i gotta talk to your sister cause currently i have no phone
0, CrC really I never got it
1,Hey cool http oproer com twwwitter
0, PrincessSuperC love it if i would have known earlier you will be performing with britney on one stage i would go to uk tour
1,Eating cherries
0,Hey all just a note to let everyone know that I don t have internet anymore I ll try to get on at the lybrary now and then
0, chanezon Your time top ten list requires authorisation
0,is on her way to Seattle Yay for Seattle boo for Matt leaving
0,Oh god I had to look at quot How to use Twitter quot how hopeless is that
0,So so bored Got hours to kill
0,Oh crap boss has put New Years Eve staff photos on FB I m wearing a skintight jumpsuit So tight I may as well be naked
1,is in tumblr right now
1, pinky gorgeous lol u would get a twitter lmao ily steph
0, szaslow jroyster86 sknightschultz I wish you were here
1,what r yall doin thinkin about pendin a week wit my gma
0,HAHAHAHAHAH 3 EVENT DALAM 2 HARI masih ditambah 1kawinan have a nice weekend munch
1,Yard saling this morning with mommy its a dream come true
1, joma419 any good supposed to be really good saw
0,I wish Miss Jones would stop looking like the world is coming to a damn end I am starting to take it personal
0, kansasauthor I haven t been
1,My poor daughter was just rattled and belittled by a DPS employee at the Waxahachie DPS office get a grip lady
0,Friggen half yearlies all week At least there s Irene McCormack day Isn t there supposed to be a fair thing
0, benshephard definately Managed about 4 hours
1, djsirvere Sounds like a pretty good deal to me
0,Had a great time out w friends last night Too good a time The head keeps pounding away FYI Ommegang is really really good
0, sarb3ar unfortunately i don t think i ll ever change my ways and yeah he is a bit of a creep lol
0,O M G that is soooooooo sad they got bur CBSNews
0,right now I m waiting to go to church to go to a funeral so sad
1,life is too short to wake up with regrets
1,On my way to philly
1,There s a statue of Faraday with the UK EEs Makes me feel better for him
1, KatvonStarLite OMGZ they are so good actually anything deep fried is hahaha omg especially the twinkies
0, laerwen Fail Then again the first season is short and the second it s worth the d l
1, TferThomas I m glad u had a safe flight
0,working a 12 hour day tomorrow after i finish this 13 hour one today friday night fail
1,Is watching spongeboob
0,Khamenei s words are making me sad Denial Innocence Blame I feel so bad rn for those who were looking for change iranelection
0,just got really sad all of a sudden
1,Found the perfect summer playlist Thank you UO and your free music tracks
1, harper I m in the same boat as you Happily there is a McDonalds close by so we can both enjoy a greasy breakfast
1,7 more weeks 35 more days of actual school 175 hours of lessons And them I m done with Year 10
0,So tired
0,Been trying hairspray to get out permanent marker Kind of faded the marker but still there
0,Hate humidity Can already tell that today will be miserably muggy And it s only 6 45am
0,Just found out that one of my old managers was just murdered RIP rosa valencia she leaves 3 kids
1, obilon A bunch of different things Not enough space here As to Crisis nothing can top the original
1,Nobody knows why i m so into you Good morning I m so sore Swam ran a few miles and hit some weights the last two days
0,Just did my math exam and I think that I did horible but now I have business and more math
1, brightonseagull Not unless steak is declared vegan
1,i hear movement on the other side of my wall i think its almost time to leave
1,I m doing an advert 4 the Make A Wish foundation amp I can t find photos of kids looking close to death that s a good thing for the kids
1,Nation Free Comic Book Day
1,BITS GOA forces chief warden to resign after a mass revolt lasting 4 hrs way to go ppl
1,I NEVER have to do Maths again Such a relief I am so happy except that I have to do revision for other exams no more maths
0, 40 to replace the battery in my watch 130 on a suit Today was horribly expensive
1, beaggressive
1, TaraMiSioux Nice my birthday is on the 29th so I think you should dedicate the dance to me
0,sick who gets sick in june feeling horrible
1,We re going to the chapel and their gonna get married
0,packing never ends
0,working 12 6 30 Gonna miss the Tigers game AND is getting sick
1,Coffee time
1,going to the center with friends tomorrow Metro Station lt 3
1, lizziefuzz brightside no sun today you can wear a tank top
1,Dusty is going to her forever home today She deserves it
1,Drinks and such with molly and smash
0,Ok It s time to leave office and go home
1, KayJaneNew not random at all It s sooooo close
1,I are awake Have had a nice sleep in
1, cdublyou Me I think graduation is for high school only
1, fayejakovich yeaaah always darker haven t dyed it in a while
1, imjstsayin mizricci lisamricci alleyoop282 clink
1, howzitgoing2end just sayin hey
0, Bigjohnsgirl yep ur mothers day going to be rained on as well comin dwn n buckets now
1,Concert today can t wait
1,strimming grass whilst wildbill7 changing the switches plugs good job all round
1,I ve made it through the day with no more injuries
0,awake and feeling ill June 1st New Insurance but no insurance card What up wit dat
1,Is hot and tired and just wants to go home and sunbathe
0,today i want coffee brunch a manicure and pedicure why must it keep raining though
0,ugh i have sports prac again 2moro
1,Just started Twittering
0,hates revising when its nice outside
1,You re the only thing I think about
0, electric blueee no worries Going to give time for revision in class so you can ask me then Rep sport cancelled again
1,Off to NY First day of surgery st Luke s
0,I m so hungry
1,excited for the last weekend of the WAP and excited for a new job
1,is off to bed I got a C compiler earlier works good Now I just have to relearn it I have a plan to be debt free by Nov 2011
1,Laughs not in this life time junio i dont do swimsuits
0, HappiForever You Decide I was thinking that it might be the bearings No on the two footed driver here Worried how much repair is
0, quot Stop your twittering quot Maryland cookies bgt
1, orthographe c est juste chiant d acc s
1, edverillo http www the berg de quot People come in flocks to not to see the mountain quot tempelhof theberg
0,why does noone reply to me
0, im so sad why do i always ask stupid questions if i dont wanna know the answer URGH why
0,I miss my baby Why isn t he calling me
1, ladyred133 I am not offended by the successful i e I am not offended at Obama or Dems who were successful Are you
0, MrClickClick photolab in wally world
0,was crying http plurk com p 11qe8e
1, iRockaBerry Hmm I hope its true for VRZN customers cool device U must be eyeing it raises eyebrow LOL
1, Well almost D
1,Break time yay food at last Only 5 more hours left
1, willcarling trouble is my wife s family is from SA but they emigrated to Oz Best and worst etc
1,I m going to have a Hills finale MTV Movie Awards party at my place tomorrow It should be pretty chill Fun times See you there
1,We re adults When did that happen And how do we make it stop Grey s Anatomy marathon Wooooooooooo
1, pumplekin bastard
1, stevielovesyou if you go to florida your comin to south carolina first
0,still working on my auctiva commerce store No sales again on bay I wish i could get a sale on www onlineoutlet123 com
1, Dejae Now I really dont wanna look into this too deep but am I sensing some kind of sarcastic mother fucking tone or is that just me
1, nicolequiroz Not me one of my BFs needs to find a dress she also asked me to design her dress so i think we re looking 4 inspiration
0, em ch n c i tr nh English c a th ng AR47 qu v y m n c ng i s a em ho i huhu
1, adrence Hey morning
1,Just came back from Diamonds in brea Currently at my cousins house sister sobering up i just had ice cream
0, thanks jimmy fallon for reminding me it s father s day this weekend i don t want to work screw you roger
0,Mosque and mini golf haha I tied for 1st It looks like the Yankees aren t playing tonight but I ll just play Fifa Zade
0, ImajicArt Irk not good Hmm what else works for me when ill nothing milky how about spaghetti hoops Or plain noodles
0,Dan just got on a plane back to the UK sad face
1, florencelisa sure thing
0,heading to the pulmonologist
1, fireflies uk Oh yes sorry thanks much for the link Tate Cribbins Count me in big time Excited
0,Its Raining Just Now But Im Going To Work At 4 30 Thats Not Really Good Either But At Least I Wil Be Out Of The Rain lt 3 xx
0,Got home to late for 80 s night Sad
1,Thinks everyone needs to check out the Sherlock Holmes trailer http tinyurl com r85xlb
1, sunch333 I ve read both series and I prefer HP Twilight was good too
1,Catching up with GG lt 3
1,andy samberg cool guys dont look at explosions is on yes hehhe i love it lt 33
0, disko d Its not even here yet Why is it raining like this Why have a balcony if you cant ever go out there This is rediculous
1,I feel so good right now the only thing that makes me feel a bit angry is my phone guess I need new one
0, CALiz3 can u plz pay my cell phone bill It s only 800 LOL Actually it s not funny have a good one on another grey day
1, showbizsarah We re standing excited
1, CampWildGirls Thanks Will pee sure to check that one out
1, Zafrina We went 2 years ago and got married there that was my 2nd time so this is my 3rd I m so ready to gamble
1,Hi Chicago I love you
0, SparkzThaDon I didnt do a Damn thing last nite im dog sitting a pitbull so i come home EVERYNITE to walk him and feed him
1, Zoeydawson not lucky at all the boring stuff is all we ever do Oh and i hope u hav a awesome time forgive ur mom too Luvs in da air
1,You wish
0,on the lonnnngeeessst lunch EVER im bored and sore from running at the gym last night no work tomorrow though so i get to sleep in
0,I love that there is only ONE day out of the week that I don t have to go to SIUE And that day was yesterday
1, carolkopp mto good morning essas fotos
0,says sayang naman http plurk com p 13tbma
0,We re off to Pizza Express to say so long to Sally as today s her last day at the Belgrade Sniff sniff TTFN Sally Mushnik
1, emmas80 hi oh god it s horrible I don t think I ve ever had sunburn so it s a bit of a shock to the system how r u doing Xx
0,god would love to be in ny right now miss u guys soo much xx
0, nikkibop it was my outlet Now it s gone Poof
1, Quickshooter 16
1, tedmayhem Sending large files folders many of my colleagues use http www yousendit com they say it s very good
0,Kill Bill Star found DEAD in his apartment http bit ly 1fU2Vc
0, Serenaty I know right LoL We have definitely GOT to get ourselves 2gether Girl I m over here buzzed like hell They need to come home
0,Wondering what umma do in December when it s all over
1,Todays to do s try finish GuitarHero World Tour with the guitar on Expert OR play some ResidentEvil 4 And eat a lot of sambos
0,I wish I could fit completely on the windowsill still
0, truexstoryyyyy Ugh This kid is hungry too Haha
1, fireflyseo as you wished
0,Going to dig the Trails w Adam Surf is flat today
1,Back in hk Mums brthday dinner Soooo tired shauns already crashed Send me ur pins ppl I ve got a temp bb Still preper iPhones
1,Sipping coffee listening to the birds sing life is good
1, quot Not everybody has to go college Pizzas don t deliver themselves quot haha
0,I dont want to walk all the way to my car n the dark
0,the WBC protested at commencement and i missed meeting them oh darn
0, rawrjackie No sadly No im Going effin KARAZYYY
0,Our only rides home were one at 6 a m and one at 7 p m I effing work at 5 p m Needless to say I m freaking tired
1, broke grimey Noooo I want steak But thank you
1,On a pissup with staff from CeX Find us and drink with us
1,My friend Roger Federer win the only tennis grand slam tennis tournament that had eluded him Time for a beer
1, kogibbq come to the San Gabriel Valley PLEASEEEEEEE or in the summer time hahaha
0,I miss my Toodloo bear
0,Getting ready to finish Breaking Dawn
1, ShanitaBonita shant what s ur blog
1, marcstyles Haha thanks my London brotha
1, disneyland fireworks
0, cathy7070 omg your old place in I miss it so much
1,would like to kick comcast in the teeth
0, monikaTweet i was gonna get up early in the morning but i dont see it happening i feel fucked now its weird not having you here too
1,Good morning Malta sending some tweets to all of you about Muovo s job vacancies Tweet us back http bit ly 11TP5h
1,All my kids are out of the house Man I love them but it s nice when they re somewhere else safe for a short time
1,Lady Gaga has a sexy voice but her music videos kind of creep me out Listening to her album now
1,alhamdulillah LULUS thank God
0,Tonight the last episode of Grey s Anatomy
1, LyndaAllTimeLow oh yea D goodnight
0,Work was stressful tonight I wish I had a puppy boy or best friend to come home too
0,The Reds didn t win and Votto came out of the game again Feel better Joey We ll get em next time Go Reds
0,Just had to take two painkillers for a sore jaw
1, StaciJShelton just woke up brewing some fresh coffee amp focusing on the good things in my life thanks for asking amp have a good Sunday
0,feels rly sick gonna lay down for a while http plurk com p xb2uz
1, Mikelangren yeah normally i do when im out with my older cousins but my parents are just stricted But im a junior CLASS OF 10
0,Ugh apparently knowing HTML CSS ain t enough time for PHP and Javascript
0, twerminal you ve been qwit by timwhitlock Last seen Sat 06 Jun 2009 18 48
1,And I m off To the wedding I come Can t wait to see everyone
1,CINE IDEAL WAS AWESOME thanks to Orlando Fernando and a special thanks to Igor E Thunder and all my friends in the Rio
0,not in a good mood rite now
0, Gconscious i m doing another move back to seattle over the next couple weeks i miss everyone and music
0,Morning everyone The girlfriend broke her foot yesterday Will be a professional skivvy for the next 6 weeks I think
0,be offline
0,is sorting out her playlist for tomorrow s radio show it s the last one of the year
0, kev d already on ebay
1, rachmurrayX yehhhhh
0,sorry people im grounded
1,im ready to go no working hard just ready to enjoy my wekend
1, jeanninefoley What a relief it ll all be over soon
1,totally watching the mtv movie awards right now since fcking comcast wont show it till 9pm tonight haha love live streams online
1, pfm1604 and carrot cake i don t think elaine would be happy if you forgot that haha be happyy xxxx
0, Ripthestarzdwn
1, AshleyOlsen7 color was blue because you were blue like for a doll and my best friends was pink for MK when i was little
0,Hmm fell asleep at 5pm had dinner meeting at 6pm now 1 43am and feel wide awake Grr what coffee amp an hour of sleep will do
0,off to work but its my last weeeeek woooo
1, syllables OMG PERFECT I ll make that my MSN icon
1, emmaketurah I like that ending
1,is takin a quick Rockband break in between house cleaning
1,Driving to Kenab today First part hillbilly style without shirt to get rid of my tshirt tan We have next 4 days for zion amp gr canyon
0,I had a job interview today Now the waiting begins
0,Our creative director my best friend just called from the campgrounds he s at amp asked quot Would you have come if i invited you Umm yes
1,madcon s quot beggin quot is such a good freeway song
1, JackyO Lots and lots of Vitamin D this week
0, Melissa808 I know Couldn t find parking so I went home
0, matthewshawhere how do u use twitter i would lik2 no
1, McJuniors hahah im a little bigger 17 and were are you from
0,Missed the Blizzcon Q again
1, rehna tu Hey welcome back nice Twitter ID very filmy
0,missing them
1,cookout at 3 then something then drinking for my birthday i mean beerthday yayyy for 19 years lt 3
0,My legs are sooooo sore having a hard time walking leading worship tonight
1, reybango yah but I try to be non confrontational with waitstaff Easier to find out someone else s name and request them
0,sore arm from crash is slowing me down today
0,totally unable to sleep damnnnn
1,Woo had a good sleep Now off for a shower then to McDonald s for breakfast
0,needs sponsorships to survive Help
1,tedi i m trying to get someone to cover my saturday so i can come to yo party how s it going at the beach
1,Mother day today
0,I just missed the icecream man death has never felt so near
0, BeanTowneCoffee so sorry i missed out
1,Dangggggg I wish i had the guts to sleep with GIANT spiders all around me Im proud of you Travis
1, xllora Just read your 18 page CV
1, JSpikEThinG 2 thumbs up
0,Rite am gona stop pimpin now me thinks
0,there was a thungerstorm dammit missed it
0, justinngaston phew okay i thought you did and thought something was wrong with us but no not really i think im losing my bestfriends
1, dylanmoran Hence the lack of literary masterpieces in one tweet Great to see you hear loved Black Books and your shows
1, LucasCruikshank teheh i wuv you fred i will always be subscribed on my account OBVV please reply
1,I m enjoying a wonderful pedicure Loving it
1,good afternoon the weather is going to be in the middle 70 s so being the the yard today with my 9 dogs is my plan
1, adamurbanski hi adam hope you take a good care of your family
0, pinkiecharm awhh my husband army will be in NTC training for deployment for the 4th i will be hanging out with the family w o him
1, selenagomez You both are so Gorgeouus amp Amazing you really look so cute together It s like your little sister Wish I had a sis X
1, tehbaxter Haha ok I ll dig up all the junk Note syncing with a Mac is well not easy If you don t want it now I ll understand
0, mariedancerr next thursday idk if i will stay up but i REALLY WANT TO but ill probs get caught
0, KendraD25Eight I m heading out soon u at ur spot
1, astridcallista i ll be seeing Gel play in Singapore this coming week wish you are here i ll let u know when i book my tickets ya xo
0,Mechanic s telling me my car needs a lot of work
1,Another day babysitting again
1, sammi jade did well in 24 hours I got an wossy reply and an rustyrockets xxx
0, DrivingMN I fanned it but don t see where it says I can still win the tickets I must be blind
0,Had a small accident this morning Guy opened his door while I was pulling into a parking spot I stopped but by then it was too late
0,i want to go to Warped
0,Omg Cramps and the club loud music don t mix I m hell irritated want food comfort and my bed Ughhhhhhhhh
1, Anne Hathaway We love love LOVE your style
0,wellll in went to six flags today it was 96 degrees so understandably i only stayed for 2 and 1 2 hours so disapointing
0,having a bad day
1, flomiley oh it s so sad but we can change i m gonna do some photoshop classes and get a job
1,Going to the lake with Tara tomorrow
1, RobertHruzek I most definitely would if I could Good Morning to you and Happy Monday
0, gervaist Will you pretty please bring me some bottles of Mountain White when you come out to CA I wont be able to pick any up this time
0,nighty night and sweet dreams work at 8am fun Amber
1,yay finally my room is clean
0,says I m at work http plurk com p xpkew
0, jfer32075 Running Free i wish we were going to nashville
0,Bought a top today at Monsoon in MOE alarm went off when I went out but security checked it and said OK Got home and metal tag is on
0,trying to fall asleep without a TV
1,i m following hazel sianghio now Gahh
1,Turning 18 in a month and i cant wait to get my dimples pierced
0, DLIMedia Oh no I m so sorry to hear about your job Will be thinking good thoughts that everything works out for you
0,Last show tonight So sad
1, LisGarrett Finished up quot Hunted quot today Now I m all caught up Have you seen the quot New Moon quot trailer
0, JoeyBiden Joey I was a bad bad girl and told everyone a secret hold on I ll send it to you you re gonna be mad at me
1, LRon Jaii ohhhh nooo youuuu didntttt does a 2girls 1 cup on his face runs away
1, season 4 of Hannah Montana YES haha i sooo cannot wait
0,watching makeup videos on youtube i should be studying
1, victoriabsb That sucks Eat a Burrito They re way to fun Hey check this out http backstreetpride net teamburritocontest html
1, seanmurphymusic http twitpic com 3dfa0 nice view
0, Clare B oops did I get your fave wrong I m sorry who s your boy
0, Schofe Is Jennifer going to be talking about Ghost Whisperer Damn I wish I didn t have to work
1, johnhood Yep my newer black Elite is much less frantic than my original one
1,I semi met a cute guy at Best Buy a few days ago I kind regret not asking him out Oh well college soon
0,Rafa lost at French Open
1,just got done home depot for the second trip of the day tile here we come
0, boycaught I know I will But that s just awfull I ll say some extra prayers today
1,that was fuckin awesome i wanna on air agaaaaain one day
0,Stomach cramps
1, TheFeatureMag Thanks you know you are actually a real source of comfort
1,If you didn t listen to my show you must ve had a good excuse
1,At the free kina krannis show
0,so fake
0, TheYoungMother Awe such a shame
1, henke I think it s more about reach than fanbase People are watching the global timeline too
0,ah i remember why i went along with wilf now some 16 year old boys can t actually string gt 2 words together to form a coherent answer
0, YoungQ amp knowing that u will probably Never really get someting out of it it difficult that s why i feel lonely at times amp low amp sad
0,Damn if its raining in the city its probably gonna reach here soon
0, its too early for me on a Sunday and I have to go to work
1, likelyto hey
1,Scene 3 is getting more laughs than normal tonight
1, Jaynecollinsmac Nice seeing you in Cambridge Are you coming to the Reading gig very excited they ll be in my hometown
1,YES Orton is now a 5 time WWE champ
0, Eri8321317 lol it hurts so bad
1, MissKellyO I have sore eyes from cooking onions and have a chest infection great huh Hope you are well
1,watching how to lose a guy in 10 days ah i love this film
1, ddlovato I love you with all my heart Demi Lizzie
1,0 following 0 followers 0 updates nice
0,fucking itunes is not opening up
1, ckel0454 i think after six hours in the car you ll be pretty hooked
0, jungle expat I d love to DM you back but you re not following us
1,TR3 RUGG aww well not forever You guys are still a family its goin to be fine You re really adorable just like him
0,Oh no An Air France flight has gone missing over the Atlantic http www msnbc msn com id 31040692
1, ROAR Fear Me Doing very well thank you very much spending a lot of time behind the PC but with a focus and determination
0,Why is it so cold I was just Delaware yesterday and it was beautiful Boo New York
1, wickedlibrarian Three words Sigourney Weaver bald Alien 3 was teh sexxay
0,am trying to focus on losing weight as i am suffering from a bout of quot post college post graduate quot weight gain sobsobsob some1 pls HELP
0, PollyRodgers oh right oh im going to watch russell brand hes amazing xx
0,Why is it icky and cloudy
0,going to bed now but im so stressed i have alot of stuff to worry about this week
1,My Day Off Going To Go Buy A RedBull
1,Todays a lazy day Just sitting around watching wizards of waverly place reruns wow Selena Gomez rocks
1,Watching e Special on mileycyrus yayy x
0,Out in the woods with some chill people Erika s last night in nj
1, jesshoffman I say tell it how you see it At least get some enjoyment out of the whole situation
1,Just had smoked turkey and low fat edam cheese wrapped in lettuce for snack
1, twitter facebook
0, Subzero2136 not muchh juss out here its raining like crazy though
1,just up going out the back door to tidy it up and catch some rays
0,Could this be the Dodger s first loss with no runs Please someone get a homerun If they lose at least get on the board
0,Not particularly looking forward to the journey ahead
0,This Old lady in this movie is SCARY lookin
0,I so mad now that i can t go to JB s World Tour with miley in it but YAY for those who got to go
0, jenn0414 Wow That s crazy I had a tiring day yesterday too but it doesn t sound as bad as yours
1,9 55am i will offically be older Happy bday to me
0,I think Youtube just divided by zero I was just trying to watch me some RoboGames clips from botjunkie and bam Whole site vanished
1,4 day work week then off to CHICAGO going to have some QT with my family at the pool alllll weekend
0, God help me my tooth hurts
1,Going to bed now ladies Goodnight
1, bencetera yeah I don t have a specific time anything in mind for time next month
1,dinner w my daddy and martin
1, mitchelmusso can you send me a shout out please im from MEXICO we love here thanks
0, gabanti i want food
0,Ah home Relaxing before going to the airport Thanks to Emily for the ride So sad I won t see her anymore this year
0,My massage therapist just called and cancelled today
0,i want him back i thought you said this would be easy its not
1,spanish time muuuuah T
0,Preparing to start my 3 5 day quot staycation quot Too bad I picked such lovely weather
0,My phone is disconnected
0,I and my ex roomie shared same first name and last name ya its funny and now I seethat our credit reports r ALL MIXED UP i e screwed up
1,Giving myself a french manicure while watching CSI NY Life s good
1, swmaina Morning Still on leave Unfortunately working phone cameras are yet to check into pinkville
1,Have a look for me on Facebook http www facebook com home php profile php id 1009085868 amp ref profile
1,Kickstart my heart check out the video http blip fm 7bc0h
1, JoeJonas1Fan1 I cant wait to see 17 again Zac Efron is a TOTAL BABE I will let you know when I see it Bye
0, mmitchelldaviss waahh that sucks but u can with everything
1,was inventive and it payed off best dinner ever
0, girlsdoingcoke I haven seen you for so looooong O Why didn t you turn up for Rachel s party
1,GOOD MORNING What a rainy day it s perfect to watch a movie with a friend amp I m going to do that So much fun
0,finishing this paper for school what a way to spend a monday
1,just got home from riga it was really fun and they got Stockmann there so i managed to get my hand on some MUFE products yay
0,work was slow but surprisingly fun at home supaaa stuffed
1,trying to find a binder to put my finished project in eep i m so happy
0, mattkthxbi Severe delays sorry Not sure when I ll get the controller
0,couldn t get the M cashback code to work for the 3gs
1,mommy s making me a peameal bacon sandwich for breakfast
1, andyclemmensen http twitpic com 4gqvq i have a bass like the one on the end sadly it doesnt look like the white one and you havn
1, peachykeenphoto Ooooh I m sure you ll do a great job
0,English is such a skive Not any more though
0, vhollis0625 Thanks for your nice message Mr J blushes I wld reply but as you re not following me I can t Twitter lords say no no no
0,A major fire erupted Friday at the Georgia Theatre an Athens landmark and center of the local music scene police said nooo I love it
0, lisle FF lags more for me than Chrome and it hangs too
0,went to fill four cavities you la give me so many sweets eat too much already
0,Just landed in Dallas Everything IS bigger in Texas which makes my penis look smaller by comparison
1, selenagomez i can t wait to hear your album lt 3 ANNND i can t wait to see you and ddlovato at the ppp red carpet in toronto
0,loooooooooong day at work today but home chillaxin now
1, lexfacee haha sucks for you
0, YankeeGirl20 good point what else are you loving to do what did you do
0,I wish i never watched drag me to hell where is my bf when i need him
1,Can t wait 2 go 2 lebanon
1, Yay charlie got a Xbox
1,sipping a delicious cup of tea
0, getting quot goodbye quot e mails from Iran iranelection
1,I m awake right now Gonna travel a few hundred kilometres tomorrow
1, AmyElectro 18th July tickets are 10
0, inkllicious and why does pet society have that huge entertainment center but tiny televisions and a washer but no dryer
0,i don t want to be productive today
1, MarIaSinger what happen to me being that lucky guy
1,steady sunday morning
0, willcarling Pickle in a toasted sandwich Are you sure That s like inviting Chernobyl into your mouth
0,up urgh my life sucks right now
0, KelCaz Sorry Their loss imo
0,http twitpic com 6ga15 My bento box Late lunch So hungry
0,Goodnight Have to get up super early to bring cate to boston
1,74 in spanish 75 in english 89 in science 79 in health and 71 in math YESSSSSSSSS im soooo happy no summer school
0,I love you lou Keep us updated Be safe Miss you
1, MiDesfileNegro I agree with that 3hotwords My Chemical Romance Me too
1,inca un curs cu casa inchisa cel car eincepe maine un fel de happy birthday to me
1, cavorting Hiya all well and safely back at school
1, ThePartyGoddess can t wait I love suprises especially if they involve creating events
1,Plans tonight Going to help film a focus group tonight for Black Velvet
0, KielysWorld i agree im sorry about your dad i lost my grandpa on valentines day
1, 5toSucceed GREAT tweet true that If you wanna be on top taking risks is a must
1,joined twitter
1, pichpich damn it i m not Unli anymore WE NEED TO RECRUIT MORE DANCERS ASAP oh and our choreographer s already available YAY
1, Xavierism Thanks darlin
1, sdalchemist Congrats Now you welcome to the cook kids club
0,new moooooonn
1,Just got home fun night in my car with dalton and andrew can t wait for tomorrow boo ya
0, MarthaSugalski haha aww
0, quot Your iPhone cannot be synced because you do not have enough free space would you like apple to delete some photos quot Fuck You Mr Tunes
0,So bored
0,I m kind of not happy at the moment But Ferras album quot Aliens and Rainbows quot is awesome
0,yum yum eating chocolate visited ol dschool was very sad
0, lunacyxx Yups F T in Yr 7 but you do textiles instead in Yr 8 Yr 9 and you cook again Wahhaaaa
1, XMarcellaX we r going out in style since ndlambchop had hers last weekend
0,you never no what your missing until its gone at dancee
0,Keeping Melia in my thoughts
0,Uggggh traffic
0,long nite no church this morning UGH i gotta say a long prayer today lol
1, Hedgewytch Isn t that usually a Unless you re not single any more In which case still
0, quot Sigh quot I wish I were in Philly or NYC right now
1,Thanks Ron Davies for the twitter splitter
0,Time to head to work Just as I was enjoying cutting up samples
1, karasukun Crazy fun We went to Cedar Point and then the island of Put in Bay Plus we spoke mostly Japanese the entire weekend too
1, Mother Teresa Good Morning
0, nnamdi okafor Yea I just did But you re not popping up online
1, Gman979 I want 1
1, ShiningStar786 thank u so much
0, DAW69 tball games legs burned napped now freaking abought the shirt LOL It really does fit I just don t wear fitted shirts
0,Dear Much Music I hate you for your sucky ring tone delivery
0, exohbellaaaaa whattt i am so tired
0, Julie JuJuBee Will do I don t know when it ll be probably late
1,mmm Jack s Mannequin is perfect music for a day like this
0, carlylive i know i m gonna miss her so badly
0,Entering my 12th hour of work today
0,I am so much fail right now My bank account may go negative
0, atebits I still see your coming soon video no download link
0, vamps R us i know we deserve to be there
1,Hey Robert Plant thanks for making everything make sense
1,im sitting here laughing so hard fmylife com haha
1,So bored today just chilling in my parents room taking advantage of the aircon haha
1,wooo greenday x
0, redunderthebed good to see the Storm boys doing well but thats about it
0, casimoes I know it s impossible not to listen to it
1, Wil Anderson I ll try again Just watching u on good news week Excellent u r very clever keep it up
1,Working on music GIg at Beacon Friday A Wedding in Cocoa Beach Saturday a wedding in Daytona Sunday and then HoB here Sunday nite
1, tonfue LOL not enjoying the show anymore
1,relaxing trying to sleep early today so i can choreograph and do more things tomorrow
1,Had a great lesson at least my sightreading is improving slowly but surely Looking forward to Zanda s gig Blue Crane with Siobhan
1, hasinamin some dark denim jeans and some light ones a blue top pj slacks a pair of knickers and a green belt
0,Why can t I get to bed before 12 30
0,I hope the scary John Lewis manager lady doesn t come shout at me today
0,all my friends that are on twitter please send me your numbers in my message box phone is broken I wont have one till monday
0,not looking forward to the drive to the cape tomorrow
1,is finally back in West Virginia
1, icecreamcoke Ohhhh YES I love that song It speaks to me LMAO
0, Smitten You04 they took the sofas off of the library and science building
0,Is a hot hell of a mess I wish i would have gone to arlington for zeta
0, vickycran because im already talking to you on msn gt gt sorry i had to do an add on because i ran out of room
1, saulcolt You re already popular Never attended a game with Canada s best real estate search engine zoocasa How exciting luvzoocasa
0,Back at work haven t had coffee yet
1, ayagil suddenly twitter has become a smaller place because of you
1, gabebondoc I enjoy ur tweets they re amusing and make me smile
0, freakycat Crossfit class learning squats and kettlebell lifts in a wild and overrun scout s hut in Greater London next to Epping Forest
0,ahah i m bored at thee moment and pwitttyy hungweeeeee haahha yeah my friend told me there was one that goes to cerritos
1,just spoke with my dad he puts me in a good mood I m so lucky he loves all his girls they way he does
0,My dog is dead
0, marue720 nope i m sooo curious
1, happy morning to all of you
1, mjgiarlo nah i m not so worried do need to invest in a better antenna though yeah it s a lot easier to track the puck now
1, StarGrl85 hi i m annie i m so glad that i m not the only mcfly fan here in california
1,Just about ready to go to bed It was a long day today Good night
0, dizzybunny no it s not me it s Britney bitch
1,At moval mall with flip ghurl315 nd itzjuMBy
0,I m so sunburnt I look like a lobster It s awful
0,thinking about him
0, FemaleProdigy So if I told you I collect dolls barbies and Ginny s would you laugh at me lol
0, janole I m getting a quot Network Error 1 quot amp on connecting it just says quot Connected quot not quot Connection established quot anymore No updates now
1,Off to bed more artwork in the morning then off to GCAC tomorrow night
0,Storm bawww I m afraid
1,Found some Age old Projects I did for BPL Mobile and they still work
1,EVERYONE is getting LVATT already but not me i have to wait till morrow boo im gonna freak when i get it
1, mattChevy Wow congratulations Matt Wishing the best to you both
0,is just going to be a fat pig this summer i know it boohoohoo
1, allthatglitrs21 oh ok thanks found it
1,yay twitter is back i was getting nervous
1,Tomb Raider Ascension Number 1 download at the moment on The Pirate Bay http bit ly Oxfs9 Ok for a small Birmingham based production
1, calvinharris Well I for one can t wait for the new single And as you are fond of saying IT WILL GO OFF
1,shopping will buy pong pagong later
1,It s Monday man ewww wish it was tuesday well actually wish it was Saturday just a constant Saturday
1, greeneyesco Aw We wish you could make it but we promise to take care of them
0,needs a spinning lesson or a lighter spindle or a spinning wheel but there is no where local to go try
0,Well I m not gonna be on this weekend that much On holiday again Sorry guys
0,okay i m not gonna lie i get a little butt hurt when my followers count goes down
1,Yes I m in one of those moods bare with me tweethearts
1,ouchhhh my legs are cramping i htink its cause i walked so much today
1,Happy SUNDAAAAY Much Love lt 3
1,Good morning my little twitternut squashes How are you all today whats the weather like where you are
1, aaaaaand I m out
1,I m redesigning my SkipList nodes If i get this done I can use this as a database for my opensource media player Reduce dependences
0,Studying Work 7 9 30 Then Back to Studying
1, hollyingram1 i d good thanks AHHHH NEXT WEDNESDAY wheres al the time gone i swear we had loads of time is your group ready xx
1, Mmmblueberries I love early morning runs I live near the coast nothing better than a 6am run watching the sun rise awesome
0, fail faec true that was a stupid statement the nikes w the blue and pink lol we lost our first game
1,Up dressed and ready for my morning walk in MA with Tucker and Winnie See ya in a bit rallyp
1, MareeLloyd becaaause i should maybe have not said anything lol x although i am glad you can see it now
1,right well i think im gona go to bed night night tweet tweet xx
0,Hate to be on a downer but Feeling Sad disappointed annoyed upset regretful
1,Loving that ThisisDavina has Twitter wooo hoooo
1, jeffhardybrand well we truly appreciate everything you go through to entertain us
1, kim pericles I discovered a long time ago that communications within schools is a little slow Maybe you should all tweet
0,I hate the fact that Pacey and Joey are over Well for now anyway
0, wazzow well the place cards are ordered
0,Almost time to walk to school and take part in a maths exam
1, victoria lpf http twitpic com 5yku8 Pretty good work like it
0, shaki sm I ll have a look Do you live in the centre of Glasgow I was born on Bellshill amp grew up in Bothwell I miss Tunnocks pies
1,destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love
0,eating pizza in south carolina at 3 am is the worst idea being punished by my body
0,working on a simple portfolio need work
0,Now at rajshahi Tired to cleaning my room
1,eating yummy mexican dont forget the margaritas mmmm
1, stripeybea Tick tick tick tick tick coffee grounds and blackbird assisted ruthlessness All calm amp still feeling serene once more
1,Let me hear you coin s cling ya know what i mean
1, Snoop71 Hey I m trying to put on my best Pollyanna WORK with me
0,So far I am happy with all the e3 stuff My wallet is going to be hurting near the end of the year
0,Didn t catch the bouquet
0, Jennybeeean Wish I live there haha Well yea but didn t get the chance to talk Thanks Jenny My friends told me we look alike haha lol
0, PhilboFaggins I wanna play it so bad
1, wlmager now you know what to buy her for her birthday
1,home sweet home loud music and fast internet it s like heaven
0, GetaGetawayGirl aww sry to hear gg Hope you can get some rest later
0,this iPhone maps app is a liar I am lost
1,Trying to figure out what i m gonna have for breakfast
1, JTW999 sounds like you had some fun Fill me in
0,So not looking forward to this week Maybe I ll get more in depth later but probably not
0, mikesawriter sorry don t know when that happened haven t even been on here much lately must have been twitter again
1,Omg I talked to an awsome girl at work today never thought I d feel like this GIjames I watching family guy too
1,Goodnight tweeterbugs I m going to sleep
1, sedavid I would be more than happy to share it with you
0,Sigh I feel like the only twitter user who can t get a profile photo to upload properly Been a problem for weeks now
1, TizzySizzleberg Way cool Congrats
0,Good Morning I want to sleep I m not much better today
0, SuperstarDJRay I am very saddened My grandma and cousin are both battling cancer right now
0,Noshit party was great Working on a new track now and it s raining in Amsterdam
1, oraclemix you should have done it on Saturday guys In some parts of the world it s already Monday
0,Ugh My stomach hurts
0,Is taking a moment to reflect I want my annonymity back FB Is it safe to say anything about someone else to another friend again
1, jillianmess Thank you for followfriday
0, MichaelKPhoto Keep watching Firefly is on of the best shows ever i still can t believe they canceled it
1, jordanknight OMg is this really you have you joined in the fun finally WOW come on Jordan show us what you re made of xx
1,Rise and Grind tweeps
1,Enjoying my Sunday off
1,beach breakkkk woooooo fingers crossed for sunshine text me if you need me
1,Ryt juss get dressed and stuff Dads suposed to be goin to derry today so i shud be up soon
0,why am I awake so early Ughhhhhh
1,Logies is on tonight time to relax and switch off the telly
0, TracyAnn W mu hubby is into christian metal seriously
0,i need a break
1, cuteordeath that would make my decade Btw your tweets are superior to most Pls keep it up
1,2 weeks vacations yiiay
1,At dinner with my best friends
1, mskathy I certainly don t mind looking Yay
0,is wasting a day in Moscow feeling sick
1,cnt believe how much of a fool she has been call ur self a friend im now going to go an spend tym wif real friends tha dnt hurt u xxxxx
1,holy crap i just got an email saying i m gonna see Justin Timberlake in 48hours
1, Mykale007 on the Xbox its like a big quiz
0,My live feed code has died could make things a bit difficult
0, psam We ve got too many resources these days But we aint doing anything LET S DO SOMTHING
1,God i hate when people are late lol on my way home to enjoy some bride war
0,facebook is too bored
0,is bored can t go on MSN because they won t let me sign in maybe they re not letting me talk to youknowwho
1,two weeks Epic bithday plans
0, Pharmon ewww you left just in time Our spot is now infested by hipsters Nooooooo
1,Lunch at the butcher block with my buds
0, CoverGirl 76 Thank you so much He actually had the ILAA photog take a pic of just us together in Mansfield cuz I was soo upset
1, Lauratheexpat richardquest is wearing a fuschia colored tie with white polka dots And its shiny O o
1, bootooyoo Hey glad you liked it Thanks again for all your help
1, WollemiPine you re very welcome
1, mroesch If we were paying the bills we d all have more world wide interwebs than we have currently
1, savagemike Yep I like animals better than some humans too
0, shanzer22 you re missing out bb i m such a cereal nut i think i like every kind available
1,Icehot on my knee makes me smile
0, lmiceli OMG I JUST READ IT its kinda obvious that it would happen but i didnt want it to
0,of courseee it s raining on my day off
1,No I m taling to the other Krista DUHHH Hahah I hate working out nite I got a personal trainer she kicked my ass 2day
1,Watched Stranger Than Fiction tonight and thought it was suhweeeet
1,in music class
1,Up late
0,WAWW GREAT Its good job I love my friends You have to use my laptop till its breathes for the last breath Got ol with phone
1, missyjack Thanks for the awesome tweeterings Isn t Misha full of snarky sarcastic AWESOME Glad you had a blast
0, Twilightish Yeah i was there i tweeted some pics the other day everything was fine until production ended then he got mobbed
0,Procrastinating math and geog http tweet sg
0,C i WordPress to n l i font v y tr i M t h t bu i chi u
0, My mp3 player is a goner
0,last day of school but exams
0,ummm im soo confused i dnt kno wat i want or who i want
0,hates the fact she is going to have to sue a magazine for not paying her for stuff she wrote in December
1,Yummi Nachos do u wanna some
1,back from movies
0, dbest1a I had wanted to see that but its on showtime or something and I don t have any movie channels
1,Thank you all once more for all your lovely birthday messages
1,Paranoid video just came on the disney channel
1, JakiPortolese I might try and do something party like at my place this next weekend hopefully that will bad mood to good
1,Finally get to absorb the sun s harmful rays on bascom hill Waiting for Kimmyboo to get off work
1,Careful not to burst into flames
1, TiffanyRad Congratulations
0,Gino you are killing me darling Where are you
0,i cant play my sims 3 the video card is not supported zzzz
1,hopes for the eastern conference finals to end tomorrow http plurk com p x95a2
0, 2legit2britt WHAT why
1, batteredhaggis My FAVOURITE accent in the world
1,Last day of school
0,why am i up so early rosie wakes up at ridiculous times
1,saya baru balik dr low yatt format hp se w850 hishh habis rm30 tapi pening contact list hilang
1,Girl its chilly here in Princeton I just took the dog out for a walk lindadominique
1,twitter rocks But spam sucks Report all spam and suspicious accounts to spam via KeithDriscoll
1,YAY back in the office and everyone is gone I can relax and work without distractions now
1,Wherever you want to go on holiday Travel Junky will quot take you there quot http www traveljunky com http blip fm 6sue5
0,I can t explain well Sorry
1, madinariver D I liked the papercut attack thing Lool
0, MussoMitchel I demanded it in Memphis TN Only 6 people have demanded it here this makes me sad
1,If Paula tweets or if she has will Amanda or somebody DM me what it says My phone tends to act strange at times BiG thanks
1, yankeeragu depends what i have pierced won t be my tongue though thats for sure
0,This drive home suuuuucks another hour to go Feel free to call me if your up
1, sassiewas Nee
0,making review notes N
1, thisgoodlife ooh I fell asleep You sure can do 3 ply It is just the same as doing it on a wheel
1,http twitpic com 5olth delti and moi after the adelaide ba concert 1
1, Othercyde Thanks a lot for the blog comment I understand it ain t easy for a grad Have u been visiting UNT s journalism job bank
1, casparterhorst thanks for the recommendation I was not following am now
1, Sofster86 i want it back as well so much fun bring on Southend
1, ann aguirre Check this out this works for Macs only http twitterrific com
1,just got home had 2 cups of bubble tea so fullll live stickam com mattxmayhemm
1, wendyisastar Why thank you
0,Is about to cut my phone off That s the only way imma get some sleep
1, tneilen Nah I d just do it a couple of times a day Or just the once And then maybe only when discussing squarespace
1,Going to the mall soon with laurenroolz
1,wants more than all this If only we all learn how to share but what s yours is mine what s mine is mine
1,remembered the time he got really drunk during Truce because of DIANNE DAVID hahahaha good times good times
1, lollydaskal oops ok
1,has a date with linda on thursday
0, RobotBebot no not this time I m going downtown to Jesvicious77 s place then gettin drunk the BlackLabel skate vid party at Blank
0,Is trying to figure this shit out But believes that Zach is too stuck up to help me what a dousche
0, mileycyrus yh i get tht i hate it lisening to the climb
1, megelder drink coffee will be better i think i can drink what i want headaches are pretty normal for me to have
0, ALLIEINCREDIBLE LOL wasnt smoooooove enough didnt work well lol what up tho
0,Stupid back robbery in Vancouver is keeping our news cameras away webraising
0,wondering how and where to start I miss you with all my heart n i need u a lot too
0, robinyang awww sorry to hear about you and your families lose
1,transformers 2 is releasin its ass off on the june 24 our first anniversaryyyy
1,Can t wait until the MTV Movie awards tonight Bring it on
0,I want the new album but my mom doesnt have money quot you dont have ten dollars quot lmaoo
1,Are you a twitterholic via techchat errrrr yes
1,Dude I gotta go yeah is stirring enjoy I do not believe that they will O Bye dears
1,Thanks for the updates If u can tweet me final score i will see it in the a m Cheers p s jetlag stinks
0,tired dont want MCAS on monday
0,supposed to rain today Still will be a good day to curl up w a book
0,omg i hope i make it home in time for wipeout i probably wont damnit second week in a row
0,Still lots of homework to do
1,Goood Monday Morning The weather is awesome this morning
0, UnholyMoly I didn t mean to I feel bad enough about it already
1,Watching The Hills finale with Speidi s wedding and planning my own wedding
0,Lost my phone This means I about to get something better In the interim I feel naked withouth it
0,currently trying to play college soccer so far not good
0,My head hurts Contemplating watching an episode of one of my television shows
1,Mmm what a day sunshine shopping with wifey and icecream
1,its sunny outside 24 c o and im sittin in my room with my laptop watchin borin tele n think im gonna walk to the shop amp get juice
0,Rage weighs more than cement
0, SassyCheekyChic yeah I ve seen a lot of spam lately too
0, ReaFaceToFace Unfortunately not I was babysitting my pseudo nephew all night
1,cant wait for lotsa movies
1, sgurne Very true And even Google wasn t terribly sure about it
0, strstruck no amp im getting annoyed by not having one when im lookin for 1 aint nobody hiring but when i wasnt you know
0, sigh how are we going to survive till end of this month
1,Watched sunrise over The Nut at Stanley lunch at a honey farm and watched the sun set at Freycinet Fantastic day
1, QuinnHealy I liked it Heartfelt sweet cute
1,Ran 5 kilometers in 35 mins and felt great My first outdoor 5k in 2 and a half months The sun was shining and I m bronze Woohoo
1,With Eden and Elissa is coming over soon Should be fun
1, happymonkeyshoe Cheap Blu ray is on Friday
1, weaksauce12 Ok thanks It s a build for my dad but I was trying to go cheap This sounds perfect
0,Jon and kate plus eight Tomorrow is the last day
0, charlotterich Bravissimo do shirts for curvy girls but they re expensive I hate it when my buttons pop open Inappropriate or what
1, MitchBartlett no discussion needed USE PERIAN QUICKTIME
0, deepbluesealove Who knows I could still lose I have been hit 3 times so far but it seems so unfair
1,I love hookah oh how I miss real tobacco
1,will watch angels and demons tomorrow nlang
0,wanna be in central right now
0, bythekilowatt I wish I could It would have made for a very hilarious drunken MSN conversation earlier
0, MoMo Coleman I miss u
1, wantit she s beautiful congrats hehe Awesome that you re getting her gardening too I can t wait to have kids and do that
1, CarinaK Great Song Great Expressions
0, ChinaBlue79 hope that didn t include me x
1,is watching the sex and the city movie
0,When will I learn Don t try to be funny in the morning and spelling mistakes aren t funny
1, Kelly240680 no Lol I want just him And me
1, Timerarious runs up and down waving at mister tim
0, dezrah that s a bummer
0,ohh nooo i dont think i have enough foundation to cover my face for today
1,Yay off yummy chicken And I totally got hit on by a caller today lol
0,aww my phone buddy went to bed early
1, TextImps actually by the tiem he read it I was probably out like a light or woulda snarled at him
1, kabutar Oh I noticed But I was wondering if you might be sticking with the West in the Finals
0, Eriicka M damnnn i thought u was my ace boon koon
1, nothingbutcasey Casey
0,for the sake of 228 people i hope that Fernando de Noronha involves electromagnetism and the opposite of benjamin linus
0, alanweatherbee Indeed it is i forgot they changed the airdate to Saturday until seeing your tweet
0, AdubbFFamous mannn I never knew that shit Same here ima just a Range
0,need to write recommendation letter for my past intern not easy if you want it personal
1,BleedingCool com is LIVE Everyone retweet Retweet like your lives depend on it via richjohnston Good luck with the new venture man
0,Missing Joey and D
0,Waiting til 7am off til 7am on wednesday not really much of a day off huh
0, SamanthaAlabama oh that sucks what are you doing this fine evening
0,OMG I just found something that I want soooooo much but I would never qualify for It saddens me
1, quot Number two seed Roger Federer living dangerously quot err what glad he won though
0, QUAAAAG i feel bad now what if audreyklo7 TrashcanPatrol or CallieAE wants to come
0, ElmleaUK If they did they did it before I got my 360
0,My hair is so short
0,Off to the summer ball Sunshine at the moment but I bet it doesn t last
0,I abuse my husband while we sleep I thought he was Ms Piggy last night and I pinched the shit out of him with my toes poor loverbear
1, heartsapphires I m wonderful thank you How are u Snacking on Ramen with the hubby right now No diet today
1,going to Faith s 1st bday then dinner with the Baynes
1, Phee78 Wow you re about to make dinnah and it s 4 11 am for me
0,GOOD MORNIN ho bags lots of ish to do today im getting started now
1, TomDavenport a big new release for the autumn
1, RealBillBailey i just want to add my thoughts for tinselworm absolutely fabulous
1,i m pretty sure i m a lousy friend these days How can I have friends when I can t keep track of myself lol ohh well i have the boy
1, Vegas We are going to have amazing weather this weekend Feels like April not June
0,Got a bunch of water in the jeep because I m a dumbass and forgot to put the cover on last night Removed carpet and pulled drain plugs
0,My aunt just came to my home But there s no her naughty little boy Kinda miss him
1, quot Fly With Me quot Jonas Brothers lt 33 such and amazing song and video
0, muSicFienDkiCks LOL that s what Rhi did and she still got her ass whopped
1, xsparkage LOL have you seen this watch till the end http bit ly ZEtoK
0,feels good to have my bandages off but my scar is going to be very ugly
1, devakishor yes It s the same reason I don t follow everyone who follows me good job
0,Justin s blanket shed black lint all over my white skirt
0,I just want to stay Stay you hear I got burned The grill is evil Ow
0,Going bowling with ryan kates lol i miss him so much
1, AnalystAlterEgo How was the appt You still with us
0,Working on Summer School work
0,Everyone in my house is sick Including me
0,my whole right side is sore
0,Well my quick fix on the toilet tank wasn t a quick fix Gonna have to save a little while and call in a professional
0,Is at ma boos coworkers daughters 15s lol can u tell im from d hood No liq thou
0, TinkFan sucks
1,Watching the chaser war on everything
0,Handbags at twenty paces That was slightly awkward caughtinthemiddle argument
0,i totally forgot to eat dinner now i have no time and im hungry
0, DavidArchie no web tweeting today I love when you reply to like 37398 people ahah gives me more of a chance 2 days till I see you
0,I m going to bed My teeth are still killing me
1,is happy with his 1st really hard mag trainer session tonight 5xHCLR s and 2x10min E2 E3 intervals in 1hr amp no pain in the shoulder
0,Just finished my maths exam Very easy at first then really hard Bye bye GCSE
1,Green Lakeeee
1,http twitpic com 663a6 Seriously now THATs CUTE haha
0,http twitpic com 8clzo new hair woohoo i needa dye it but i cant
0,My brain hurts so bad right now The universe is so weird
0,boooo to the jackhammering right out side my window
0, KYTOY lol nah i was talkin about my stomach but i wanna get in
0,God 10mins into train journey and it already feels long AND its too early for wine
1,woah i just discovered i have 41 followers thanx people guess i gotta watch what i say not that i have thus far
1, Angelayang I m 22 and rarely drink Its a good habit to get into
0,Jogging isnt REALLY that cool especially if you ve got a fever
1,watching a cool thunderstorm from my patio also just almost knocked over chair not cuz of storm i m just a klutz
1, scottrmcgrew yes you are
1, larsmittag Never traveled outside of the states but I ll take your word for it even though it might actually be a little cooler
0,Uuuuurrgh want to die Hangover not cool at all
0,Up since 5am Couldn t sleep
0,Supernatural whilst the worlds gettin pissed am sittin with a wee glass o water watchin telly tweetin oohh its a wonderful life lololol
1,I m going to freak out when I see the birthday scene That s the scene I m most looking forward to for obvious reasons
0, WillKnott I love those sport posters trivia My club are running the horsey course in Greenwich on foot tmw park closed 2012
0,waiting is no fun isn t it monday yet
1, nicolerichie you poor thing Tell him he s feeding the baby more than you that got my hubby moving fast
1, lissyx hooooray lt 3 i like hugs especially sisterly lissyful hugss ahahha you don t have to use them all okay i will tooooooooooooooo
1,http twitpic com 6toq3 Danny Gokey s Direct Message for meee
1,is this okay hugobrown CALL ON ME eric prydz vs retarded funk mix http blip fm 6t701
0,Ugh i feel like shit today
1,Hi Calverta and thanks for the follow
0,Wow It s a gorgeous day and my little group probably represents 50 of the attendance at the Dynamo game
1,up early again this morning but the sun is shining so finding it hard to be in a bad mood also of shopping soon which always helps
1, TotallyBizarre Did you have some sausages on a stick lmao
0,Oh my god I really wish I hadn t eaten I feel ill now
0,not takin allen out massive failure for tonight
1, webnatu No seriously Love Christian Bale He made me love Batman
1, Penultimate that s cool those are good as new
1,Okay are you already like why is she updating every single time lol seriously i m off getting my fingers off the mouse
1, WTFOSO Aww ur sweet Thank you
0, LesleyER thats my joint too yo whats the theory when the y gonna drop quot freaky Freaky quot
0,wants to write I have so many ideas but I m at work
0,me thinks I may have to go to the hospital
1,Liked the story in the post about Twitter
0,thinks it s actually too hot
1,DJ Buddies I d like you to consider making more 74 minute long mixes available suitable for burning on to a CD
0,I kinda feel like crying a little bit and i m not too sure why
0,on my way to tech week this is the begining of the end oh well mikados coming up next yippee
1,Happy mother day
0, carolbank aiyo why u all commit so fast wan sigh the tank can quot upah quot someone to help mah
1,Mona Lisa in a 140 character tweet http www flickr com photos quasimondo 3518306770 in photostream Yes it s possible
1, BeckyFletch Ok i m over it I ma pray amp go 2 bed My GOD is good I don t doubt him
0,Noooooooooooo my pc got boned Where d my work go
0, TeachaKidd Wondering why when they can do all this with the brain why can t they find a cure for HD and save my sister and many others
1,Angus amp Julia Stone are beautiful
0,I wish I was rich enough to pick up an iPhone 3GS tomorrow
0,Does anyone know if Wacom stylus are interchangable between tablets The grip on the Graphire4 goes saggy
0,back from download
1, xoticbeauty awwwww thx hun
1, Lenchen Night night sweety
1,at sugar love itt xx
0,my eyes are tired
1,She s nesting on our porch just lovely http twitpic com 7h0l8
1,busy monday after a very lazy weekend hard to sync
1,just had the most amazing home cooked pizza cheers Jess
0,marriage is painful just took a chunk out of my finger with my wedding ring
1, Armywife515 Ohhhhhh hmmmmm I think Saturday should be about food hahaha I am not sure Guess i could start that
1, inchesofgtb lol
0,I think I lost my favorite Express shirt
0, I wanna get crunk with randoms again Just not as bad Lol
0, BBRRIITTTTYY i can t do it cause you ll leave me on my own Xx
1, noelbernie agreed on the version number You ll see an update
0, crysnicole no it was for me I have eczema and it always flares up when summer comes around Ughhh so annoying
0, vickie allport its not broken it s fine it s just leaking oil it s supposed to leak a bit but yeah
0,Okay I feel sick now Ugh shellfish kills me I also cut my hand Watching Benjamin Button
1, Vkyb 717 oh how i adore this song the entire cd is simply gorgeous
1,sometimes i am a wild child i just now realized this
0,sooo it s like 3 AM in my country and i CAN T SLEEP i blame the computer there re soo many good things to do IT S ADDICTING haha
1, bugsyrocker Only on the job 4 days and already cultivating foes
1,Looking at condos w DeeThoma It s fun to start imagining yourself in new places
1,Am finally working out how to use this seems simple enough now I need to find some friends
0,one last stop in Chicago before going back to Miami
1,http twitpic com 6stxb my new ink it s on both sides
1,When you go round to a girls house check the remote for batteries
1,finally looking at my yearbook amp amp waiting for shaiynagulati amp amp olga fosho
0,So I got up dressed Decided my hair was gross So I got undressed washed my hair amp now I m dressed again No time to straighten hair
0, luffsophie you re not going athl banquet And it was an advertising ploy
1,Listening to Distorting a Code by Spinnerette and just cant wait to get my hands on their full length
0,How frustrating Can t seem to upload a piccy I ll try again later
0, JonathanRKnight was wishing i was going fr wpg to the Tor show on the 21st next month but didnt get that on my 21st bday on the 15th but
1, hardwell Very nice release Display rocks
1, China Belle Oh yes Kerry will make up for all the bad parts
1,Movie tonight with the girls
1,FINALLY I M DIVORCED 1 I m glad that i didn t have kids
1,doctor cleared me whew my day just keeps gettin better thanks God
0,Arrrrr I need bux The sbux down the road is closing in 12 days
1, ArielChloe well another sunny day i could get use to this time off work maybe i wont go back they wont miss me
1,WANTED New liver and kidney glass of wine would be good toooo
1, littleidil haha young
1,i will always remember and i know that it goes with me i will never leave this part of you behind with you gone by ryan cabrera
0,Have friends chasing the Gray collared Becard today will post updates as I receive them Wish I could have gone
0,has been burned by the sun
0,I cant get the twitter website to work from my phone Super sad face
0,Still sick wish I was somewhere far far away eating comfort food and snuggling him http mypict me 54ee
0,goodbye Ed RIP
1, good afternoon everyone just got my new twitter account
0,this is the only thing i hate about spring i was fine then i walked outside today instant sore scratchy throat and iritated eyes
1, Sally G thanks for voting for her I hope she wins so she can rock it She ll get to go to Costa Rica amp eat bugs cree8iv1
1, trishasales Have you seen the quot Trending Topics quot in Twitter Mine says quot Eat Bulaga SIS Philippines David Archuleta quot Haha so cool
0, alhpixie sucks when u cnt sleep
0,my mommy lost my white high heels
0,yay my aunt is coming down Friday to have a talk with me I cant wait for that to happen Then we are going out for dinner Isn t she grand
1, kdunkzz lets see if i actually get a call today hah
0, zeddessarts i know and it gets worse school starts on tuesdays crying
0,tummy is still angry with me
1,Truthfully I m finding out it s you
0,I love my dog He s getting so old and I hardly get to see him anymore http twitpic com 4ixbr
1,Today s quote quot Silent and Listen are spelled with the same letters quot think about it
1,Yay Wednesday Short day at work
0,just got to JohnnyFiction s place its freakin hot here so much cooler down in SD
1, MedBotJinx Fire flybot I made brownies D holds out hot tray of brownies Stay on the side of good now
0, South3rngrl we talk pretty much every day and she always calls when she s eating dinner so annoying lol
0, GdUpSwag follow me its my birthday and thats my present
0, farebear Sorrryyyy I have work this morning so I couldn t stay up or I totally would ve
0, wakeuphate Yes but it would be a welcome change and no doubt cheaper
0,Prom was fantastic Really enjoyed it It s just sad there s so may people I ll never see again
0,Wants the bf so bad http myloc me 2Lc9
0, JoelMadden oh no does the dog die i havent seen it yet
1, RenaissanceAsh LOL WooHoo Xena Nite Ash and thanks for your help
1,Wow This is my first tweet with my new cell phone
1,I have mixed feelings about this whole situation YIKES
1,A beautiful 84 degrees today
1, codymckibb thanks Cody U were a big inspiration I ll hit you up when I make it to thailand in a few months
1, MistressJoJo delicateone good point Mine is on its way How did he get delivered I will post pics too wen I get him
1,Just got home from the dector watching The Simpsons and are tireeed
1, nichelady I am with you FollowFriday is easy enough for those who are annoyed by it I recommend relatively few people anyway
1,Good morning Tweeps At work already I m not even awake yet How do people work at 6 or 7 in the morning I could NEVER do it
1, kiki 13 got the DM all I can say is WIN lt 3
0, ladyniamh I think we all do you run out of Earthworm Jim
0, WyntersDove so we met around 95 so I was 21 at that time wow sooo long ago LOL I m sorry that you haven t been feeling well Glad
1,Heyhey everyone soo happy to be sitting here on my couch Im a semi free bird now soon to be a total one That means movie night
1,done with the interview i think it went well
0,I have the biggest headache right now owch owch it kills
1,Saw my elementary school class mate Meg at the mall It was so nice to see her again
1,Sooo I ve been the Biggest music junkie these last couple of days James Morrison Great artist songs are poetic France on Tuesday
0, cathead27 though no matter what he s still a dick that sucks
1, kinagrannis haha or today i should say bc it s already 2 20 here Oops oh well I can t wait tho
0, i can t tell if the sad dugouts are the best ones or the worst ones get well soon guys cardinals http tinyurl com nltqtk
0,Stopped at carls jr Got coffee Knees hurt
1, btazzi agree every gen gets new toys that may somehow do something bad to their kids
0,just got home and gotta go back to work at 11am tomorrow
1,but i like it when there are a ton of clothes in the drying room that way i can hide under them ha ha
0, awaisnaseer i am absolutely not serious pakcricket
0, PrinceSammie i wish i was full still lookin for some food to tickle my tummy
1,Watching SNL with Alex Will Ferrell is amazing
1, misspka Awesome I love geeky shows Gadget Show amp Big Bang Theory are my top two Morning
0, AdamHowes given up on the blog
0,Bored sad lonely unable to focus aaand wishing finals were over so I can just go home
1,Beautiful outside today Stopping at sonic with my honey
0,Youtube fail
1,Boys boys boys I like boys and cars Boys boys boys Buy me drinks in bars
1,I m 18 almost 19 May 30th and have only had sex with 2 girls And plus it would make a sweet b day present
1, JBONAMASSA I wish i was going on tour i went to see you in cardiff in april you were awesome there
0,heading to gym eventhough muscle s are still aching
1,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw i missed you Twitter
1, startrek has been in the trending topics for ages I am so happy
0,i cant be botherd getting ready My skins all ikkyy
1,aw i slept till 2 o clock xD i m still tired gt chatting with friends
1,Good mood Let s just say that this weekend has been awesome MJ SPF for example Just what I needed
0,http twitpic com 6rm72 we miss bobbysofamous
0,waiting to board the flight is delayed by 5 mins back to reality tmr
1, DonLorenzo20 which one do you like Cool LA wanna go to America Im from Australia
0, gimboland Unfortunately not
0,has a tummy ache I hope to flip it s not food poisoning from the BBQ earlier
1, Skyelike yes she is first lol
1,phaarrr Abbey Crouch is sooo fit this is my new fav show
0,sana walang traffic para makarating agad ako sa bahay i miss my bed
1, shayfrendt hey you ran into Christine amp George V an Alumni event Friday We were talkin aboutcha Heard some good news
1,watching tv work was good not sleepy but hungry nite
1,yesterday was a blast I love yesterday steamboat
0,NEWS 125 years later Six Flags files for Bancruptcy http tr im oF0N
0, angie kiwigal all they get off me is money
0, PositivelyDan I m sorry
1, Raps fan No need to hope he WILL have a big game NUGGETS IN 7
1, KateFromage No CLUE and don t care We are at 24 035 right now Let s get this done I am not a procrastinator so ONWARD
1,Then after that chips and salsa
1,Spending time customizing wordpress moodle themes to match client s existing site not exciting work but it pays
0,i need mah girls
0, onedivaprincess yeahhhhhhhhhh and the butch girl almost got me
0,Why are so many woody allen movies in the 4 99 bin at B amp N
0, easternmax someone else was having probs too
1, LucasCruikshank you re welcome
0,I don t wanna hear anything about food for the rest of my life
0,F U prop 8 I look constipated in my grad photos and I couldn t hold any poses in yoga tonight
1, nickilambert Ohhh That s great haha And I really like Jesse s song We Can Go Anywhere It came on shuffle lol
1,Still cutting back the followers Things looking in much better shape now
1,But I will follow
0,Just called the nrew sitter I miss my G
0,I think I pulled a muscle in my leg when I was running not cool Man this hurts
0, myweakness doughboys 40oz mary jane and my d8 i miss her
0, TheKellanLutz mine did that same with my pic annoying as it is you have to wait a few days
1, CherylRCorbin See I knew it
1,stay with it bro burakyist
1,Got an Airgun from my cousin today
1,I can t stop watching the new moon trailerrrrr
0,Oh and I have work at 6 Waaaah
1,Going to school on Monday I ll represent the girls of 2nd year high school Maybe my nose bleed cuz of English haha
0, Emily0309 aww Some1 is giving away an English Pointer on CL He s so cute
0,HOME ALONE 3 days absent i miss my gals
1, flyboizyes wassup
1, xoClaraxo yeah i know i bet it s because he toured with david
1, ag stout its ok She ll get over it she always does 1 MORE DAY
0,Cant upgrade to the new iphone until the 5th August PANTS
0,all my music on my ipod got deleted
0, tarynAnn boo we re moving
0, rei c oh no how did you crev your pneu
0, coopermays Fun hanging out with you too Would be even better if I were on the beach
0,Hmm its saturday night SATURDAY NIGHT and I m bored and not out tonight
0, sonnygill My condolences on the Cavs man
0, hicourtney im super sad we couldnt stay longer Swimming soon
1, chrys73 HI HUN HOW R Y IM GREAT
1,sorry for all the blog tweets working on cleaning up my Blog Bare with me
0, jsizzl seriously thought the same thing when I was watching it
0,Needs to pick up the camera again
0,4 hours laying down on a flattened bean bag FTL
1, AfricanoBOi lol its not a secret anymore
1,market lots of art graduation atlanta bread crazy car dancer party its been a good day
0,i wanna buy the new T707
1, fourzerotwo i cant wait
1,Good Morning world Hope everyone has a great day
0,SO jealous of my friend from work who met RPattz today
0,I miss Yesterday
1, MrInfamy Good Luck with that
1,SO EXCITED TO BE NOMINATED FOR TEEN CHOICE AWARDS Individually and as a cast Awesome Please go vote http snurl com k7nas
0,bored again
0,Ever get depressed when things in life come to an end Weekends Summers Life with your BALLS FAAK I loose em Thurs NOOOOOO
0,Camping was awesome Time for school
1,White horse
1,Just woke up from the worlds most amazing sleep About time
1, TheGivingTree the show Rove
0,Misses granpa I just had 3 years with you
0, kirstiecat ah boo bet you were all pumped up for it too
0, MontiMfans I missed it
0,About to walk through the gates of hell and rot for 6hrs with hundreds and hundreds of students Ahhhh I hate it here
0,What is with everyone on my twitter home page buying a new Mac today I have to wait till Dec at least till i can justify doing the same
1,http utopusisdead blogspot com posted
0, ahecht25 oh i knoow
1,All points west who is going
0,just woke up again and yes I still have a damn headache
1,wow 206 mexican visitors http keitaistyle blogspot com
0,Aw my Dodger boy Russell Martin just said holla on T V thats like saying fat with a quot ph quot I am really unattracted
1, GottaLaff on twitter march is like a million years ago
1, KSdaisy Get um quick before they get you lmao
1, jeffyfish great news Now I can tweet my awesomeness without picking up the iPhone
0,yea it is so quiet around here cuz everyone has to work im bored to death with nobody to talk to
1, Jonesy087 I agree wholeheartedly Hov the King and you know everybody gotta keep up with the Joneses
0, aaroncarter7 bb 1 minute you love ONTD the next you hate us you remind me of my parents which is it
1,Starting a new canvas
1, glasgirl Ok fine i fail LOL also quot fear can keep you prisoner hope can set you free quot Shawshank redemption favmoviequote
0, ashleyka25 thepinkdreamer andrayawhite have a safe trip roomies Have fun and dnt show it too much cause we got to nxt week b4 we move
0,Fuck this Shit 2 days till prague and I m feeling a bit sick
1, LAteaGirl I just saw that tweet Thank you for coming and for the kind compliments It really was the best night ever
1, misterdude as long as there is a walmart its ok
0,at Tim and Brenda Booker is sitting on a couch with a dog and the dog has better posture rotfl http schmap me whpefv
1, thrashor Enjoy the sun
1,Thank you to all my wonderful followers Followed you back
1, cailin Good luck anyway
0,TGIF unfortunately I work bright and early Saturday morning At least it means my weekend is almost here
1, jkgirl73 Perez is FUCKTARD I think JonathanRKnight would agree
0,Being sick is not fun Michael David Red Blue Records
1, And I m lying in bed twitering away on this little berry keyboard p ah technology bar hopping tonight was fun sober fun mind you
1, DanniPandemos ok Here 409 is a cleaning soln Blah Over and out
1, yuhngfresh lol I got you 2mmorow TOO today is GOSPEL SUNDAY MONDAY HOLLYZ BACK
0,Dang my mom threw my monologue in the trash
0,is sitting on his couch trying out his Bluetooth Stereo headphones from Samsung The buttons seem to not like the Iphone 3G
0,I miss my camera
1, BlackoutsBox You re insane Captain Crunch is delicious Most especially when soggy
1, dhenanashya how to twet from nimbuzz can t figure it out
1,Fiilistelizing both the concept amp the retro bicycles And all this in Hki http www pelagobicycles com bicycles html
1, Tchitchou26 LOL me too Thanks and have a nice day too
1, Imiss wen justyn used to ride his huffy to 178th amp sayres to get me a bacon egg amp cheese a pink lemonade amp a pack of blue skittles
1, BunJavaCoffee I will have to see if I can catch it from the start
0,My laptop keeps freezing up
0,to be honest i just want my quot boyfriend quot i have no idea where i stand relationship wise fuckit
1, beckyinthesky yes when do you move
0, elphaba Sorry to hear that Poor kitteh
0, DanHorn Oh I ve never played fhgrl33 has just bailed on our friendship because I m not cool enough
0,Taking off Back to snow See ya later kids
1,Monday Huh Oh well Hey I m closing in on 1 000 followers Okay well only 17 to go
0,so depressed really miss som1 but sal you cheered me up this mornin and guess what i downloaded fast car hahah xx
0, springlamb fingers and toes crossed that its a good out come
1,chillin bored drinking a margarita txt me
0,no splendour this year
1,The movie Bridal Wars is a lame story but it s hilarious and suitable as a time killer
0,I hate my tummy
1, pinkjellybaby heh You ok sweetie
1, dayv79 haha I just playing
0,rain why d you have to pour on me like that
0,has not been on a date for 3 years now idk why hmmm thinking http plurk com p y6s1v
0,maths exams all done D missing elisa
0, heycassadee when does it come out i dont get the channel degrassi is on
1,Lots to backread in the Tiger Pack gameface thread I m going crazyyyyyy UAAP is near the alumna in me shall work again
0,Ok time to get ready for 2nite
1,Finally finished my derm appointment but my face hurts
1, iambo bregisback Klussende dames succes
1,homework and new boots
1,Aww he looks soo cute takin my lil bro to subway now
0, DavidArchie u have like a near to one hundred thousand followers already that s too sad
1, JL Anderson Me too I ll try that next time
1, DavidArchie oh goodness that makes NO SENSE Remember archie you date for RUN not for LOVE I read that somwhere
0,Happy Fathers Day To Everyone s Dads Got A Banging Headache I Swear The Smell Of Roast Dinners Make Me Have Headaches x
0,ahhh lazy Sunday Oh wait scratch that dear wifey has other ideas involving actual work
1, kotteh im just on msn now come say hi im just starting my study session as i needed to sleep in to stop my head from exploding
0, tromboneforhire i havent been on the zune marketplace in a week or so but i need too
0, geetheflea I thought you were having it for the wedding
0,I was not the first phn call 2 my best friend to wish her a Happy Birthday I have been the 1st 4 the last 10yrs
1, lifeofreilly holy shit I must find The Bell In Hand and booze up That s so cool thanks for letting me know hugs
1, cheezo it wud wise to call u twitterbaaz now
0,Ok I have done 50 of my work done and the rest are essays Boo
1,Just saw the trailer for Green Lantern First Flight awesome http movies yahoo com movie 1810077708 video 12839105
0, anc153 Luckyyy There are apparently no Robeks in the entire state of PA
1, iamchrisc lol i watched that video before and then i showed my friend and we were like cracking up lol
0, ec wong emily LOL i dont get how to do this
1, momof2furballs Due date is Weds 22nd
1, mattuk Hey Matt thanks for the mention although you linked to my Radian6 review http cli gs 6vYe4H Ta though
0,So pizza s on the way and I will just have to watch TMNT on my own no one contacted me about it Also watching Ghostbusters1 2 Repo
1,Email us littlemisswitty for order inquiries
0,bought timbits for the meeting no one ate any now I feel sad fb
1, djaggisbreezy dun da dun captin Sizzy is here to save the day LOL
1,Hung out at Jimmy s today that was just awesome tired right now I m out
1, Sponsoredux was it about the total amount of sales the average with espectators or the level of the merchandising I wish to c the list
0,That is so cute Still don t know how to twitpic LOL
1, yelyahwilliams I second that motion
1, susieqtpie Oh Okay guess I haven t seen that one
0,I want to go to RED WHITE and BOOM
1, NicKeeler LOL It is a nice picture so you may be right
0, bifnaked I had a pitbull when I was a kid Cleo best dog ever never bit always in a good mood I miss her lots
1,ive been up since 4 am my bestie alexis delivered her baby 12 55 today a beautiful healthy baby girl
0,Sooooo tired but I can t sleep
1, thelostofficial i actually like Saving Superman The new single is good too
1,My brother is stealing Bob again so later xo Happy delongeday everybody
1, GiniLovesJonas Cool What you seeing DT Cinemas just emailed saying its not coming to Palmy b c we don t have a 3D cinema for it
0,ugh i need a job but no one is hiring
1, Janis0423 of course i picked that up right away its R amp B Soul
1,im rather enjoying this twitter malarky
1, LTLline A Genius TRULY never sleeps huh family
0,is still unemployed 2 months now
1,Come see cool stickers in my shop at www sarahsartsandcrafts etsy com That includes Lisa Frank stickers and flower butterfly stickers
0,Photo Lines already forming for the Pre wish I could get it at launch via PreCentral http tumblr com xuw1xcc10
0,To all Iranian s The best of luck to you all I wish you all the best in getting what you want The road to freedom can be rough
0,Seasonique One period per season sorry fellas Ewww Somethin ain t right
0,i wont grow any much taller will i http tweet sg
1,In other news we re brewin up a new batch of stories including one about a particularly svelte little witch
0, angeliitoh x Yesterday i wasn t here because i was doing exercise D all my body hurts i got so much pain its okey my sweet love i do
1, futuredirected I did see it earlier but please provide more pics
1, bilalr Hey slms are you still at KPMG You seem to be doing everything BUT accounts
0,Too bad the U S loses in the first game of the Confederations Cup to Italy 1 goals to 3 Freddy Adu didn t even play
1, ShannonEdling You re welcome Have a good time at starbucks
1, grimmers Grimmy baby i love you Hope you had fun interviewing the jonas bros saw them at wembley that night they were amazing
1, StephenChallens I am looking forward to some funny tweets from you have a nice day XX
0,can t sleep Thinking about my busy week and FTM this week as well
1, mashley1019 Dork I m going to need a full recap since I missed out
0, erose Bonjour keeps my bank account and todo list in sync Adium works tho
1, davenavarro6767 will do It wuz hot sweaty loud perfecto
0,ARgh I wish my hair was longish again I really look like i ve a mullet
0, SEGA Wish I could say the same thing but I been back on my grind Fell off but I m makin moves to get back up
0,thinks sometimes life is just plain sad http plurk com p 12eut0
0,watching movies and hating DC
0,stupid slow internet this day cant watch any videos on youtube
1, TrinaWright I d love a bacon sandwich right now With HP sauce Nice
1,http bit ly afDfu im so poor US AU dollar is so stupid buy me this and i will love you for life
1,Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work Maturity is knowing when and where to be immature
0,Throbbing headache man Extremely excruciating No Coldplay songs will help unfortunately sigh I m gonna continue writing nonetheless
0, gdmcrpunk I hafta clean my room
1, mdotperiod 80 degrees yes UK had a heatwave about 20 years ago ha ha Sadly rain and cloud and strong winds welcome to summer
0,i really miss my friends right now like every single one of them random
1,cuZ t0night will be The NighT thaT i wiLL faLL f0r You
0, SherrardOnline 5 9
1, MatthewWardle Happy birthday
1,Hi everybody i m soo happy I love you God
1,black eye i look like a chav totally worth it though now to hunt down the fucking mini mosher who did it
0,Just realized I had cheesecake the other day with Jell O in it Woops http twitpic com 7m5ay
0,my biology test is a bad history
1,Hmmm coffee all is right in the world
0, shaunjumpnow aww how cute XD i wanted foto wif u but my sis broke da camera on sat
0,I just woke up and today is already hard I can t remember Mom and Aunt B isn t around Father s Day will be weird too
0, etherealprey thats a great statement and it should make an excellent back to back for tonight too bad you haven t seen any of them
1,Why I like webdesign webdevelopment above newspaper design interactivity
0,Is home and just took a five hour nap
0,No time for the sauna
0,sucht ein bestimmtes Restaurant in Hamburg Heeelp me pleaseee
1, JOEsus YAY the first illness you get that is not because of some kind of sexual activity
0,Ugh I miss my Derrick
1,off to bed but won t be sleeping anytime soon
1, Laura McDowell lies
0, LeeannBB Anyone been a crap day here now 12am and I guess time for bed up at 5am How is lovely sunny UK
0,just woke up relaxing into later work god what a night
0, Doreen hey hope ur ok havn t seen u here for a while sending pixie dust back at ya
1, dirtyslut forget them Be with you you need to be with
0, CeliacFamily But she is not positive for celiac we run the celiac blood panel every year Hope the gene stay dormant 33 chance cgft
0, RichardBlais I m working wish I could stop by i m at work until 6 grrr LOVE the farmers market and LOVED your stuff from top chef
1, allenm73 LOL vicdeleon is such a bastard Thanks for stopping by it was great meeting you
0,dam last link broke
0, ERINERNIE awwww im classified as a gamer now
0,My poor dog is diabetic
0,Dreading School Tomorrow
0,sad to be going to the secret gathering without kristers123
1, victorQUEST btw lovin the profile pic
0, Alkar I m happy to keep my 25 year streak of never running out of gas alive Can t say that about locking my keys in a car
1,summer rocks
0,When I stay up until midnight I expect new woot
1, JennaMadison anytime girl show me the way to your heart and I ll be there
0,if that would work like a charm OH MY GOSH My life would be so perfect but it s so implausibly
1,Helping support WORLD HUNGER RELIEF http tinyurl com otrdah Joining the Cause See how you can help http bit ly co2ZK Please ReTweet
1, roxziechick23 my parents live by the new walmart lol yup yup
0,I can t open the jar of olives and I want one
0, stkxppro Yes sarcastic answer Turn it into a Tour Otherwise my answer is no Sorry
1,Don t get your dad another tie this Father s Day Let us help http bit ly MEqgk
0, kaylajagalherr no she s leaving soon cause she has work in the morning
1, Jules0512 yup Until Sunday
1,no im not kidding damon at the palor full package hes so hot and somehow my tab was only 8 bucks
0,at the keith urban concert with alylawhead but we missed taylor swift
0, HayleyNqahuia yeah well I m bored now
1, Free2Love well i think it looks adorable
1,watching gossip girl
0, tears up Aww man I love that little milk carton
1, JaneYee isnt traffic fantastic lt insert sarcasm gt
0, wonderwillow I ll have to look into it I hate trying to log in to read on my iPod Keyboards are BOTH too small on it
0,Nevermind about breakfast I forgot I have to go on a run beforehand and stretch for physical therapy Oh well breakfast in an hour
0, JDWingo Great job Would have loved to have been there cracked frame though Stupid lightweight stuff
0,is home from Lanzarote back to this shite weather hows ya luck
0, margherita03 awww wepa hmm what do u do lolz
0, ondubuu aish you couldn t find a nice little aquarius boy no wonder this boy is giving you trouble he s a gemini it s all we do
1, DKBooks id buy dad a boardman bike he used to be over 20 stone but now he is down to 14 stone and likes to cycle im so very proud
1,Sent Twitterville 1 2 off to Apple for review More screenshots etc will be released later this week
1, high fives originalbutters
0,Not getting a 16th birthday party well I kinda gessed
0, cries hysterically IM A WHORE WAAAAAH
1,I am sooo very interested in the Kray twins How fascinating
1,Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling Ober Remix PREVIEW http www 4shared com file 109044247 d56844de IGF html quero replies
0,Still cant believe and accept Bro Ceci s death I ll super miss you Bro Di na kita matetext huhuhuhu
1, anitarundell yum it was worth it
1,dear lord thank you for mang kikos lechon haha
1, feliciaday bless i watched firefly all day then some family guy and house
1,putting up a half naked dougie poster i love sugar s ladmag
1,Off to bed And I m surprisingly satisfied with life right now
0, JL Perez damn I wanted to be leanin as well
1, christina512 Give me some spice right Meow
1, Alicia vintage Yep hopefully
0, am13er i wish there was pa needs to work on their public transportation lmao hopefully sometime soon we will be able to make it happen
1, prettiekittie no it came on the radio I usually do it karaoke though which is always fun Especially the mysterious third verse
0, Scooter1983 doesn t sound good hun lemsip ahoy
0,none of my biffels twitter anymore y all suck lol
1,i think everyone has it in for me how can they resist this body then when i work out
1, ubersandman was good to have you back if slightly tiring lol
0,wow im so hurt lykee damnn
0, hitthefloor sorry twitter was having issues last night You picture dissapeared
0,Something is wrong with my twitter app and I can t see all my beautiful followers faces
1, iphoneincanada Oops ok your tweet was confusing though
0, OUBad cuz i can t go to summer tour and DEW makes me sad everytime he talks about how CRAZY it s gonna be
0, babymakes7 it s a damn shame someone as talented and amazing as Clark Gable has THAT for his legacy his son was born after his death
1,sweet 99 followers thanks
0,OMHY haha IF DAVID will win Mr Twitter Universe CHARICE WILL BE HIS QUEEN
0,Internet after 1 day of withdrawal I think I need to get help for this addiction and lucozade orange Damn Ada offers
0,How is it that I have a cold in the summer Poo
1, gigi4462 I m good how are u I m about to twitpic a bunch of pics of our more gorgeous men LMAO
1,damn fixtated on kokupuff lovely thighs hips on that you tube video Seriously tho learn to hula hoop
0, fivestarsforme I m SO bummed Why do such terrible bands keep getting signed while real progressive musicians get dropped or break up
1, krumpet You re a legend for remembering amp asking thanks all good actually no bone reshaping this time so pain less swelling also
1,Going into the garden to enjoy the sunshine What a lovely day Catchya later x
1, torontogardens I know exactly what you mean I m the same way
0,Bout to go wash clothes boring
0,gah i ve had the hiccups for 30 minutes now make it stop
0, egyptsaidso I m up but is not as late here in cali as it is there in ny so maybe in NOT a night owl
0,im still horribly ill send me your love amp concern ahahahaha
1, pleasurep you must really have time and like twitter because your always on lol thats good tho good luck with your musiccc nicky lt 3
0,Actually slightly put of by that trailer
1,all hail King Roger the Greatest of All Time
1,I don t like that Twitterific doesn t put the comments on Twitpic Now I have to put the comments again Sorry for the next 4 5 tweets
1,leaving for adelaide airport on my way to melbourne i love airplanes
1,is gonna have a clean Mac after this burning all my movies away http plurk com p wxqd1
0,is tired but have to do her geo presentation
1, ggabbert thank you greg
1, DavsTaylor Yeah technically last friday but my schedule says tomorrow
0,i feel like a twitter god but i now have to wait for tomorrow for more byeee p
1,Waiting for Liverpool vs Newcastle to start
1,Looking forward to today and the weekend its really sunny and I am in a fabarooni mood
1,just followed LC and step pratt miss The Hills havent seen it lately
1, Lisa Veronica your just AMAAAAAZING i loveee u a lot how are u babe lt 333333333
0,DolphinDarko Delfino Chavira That s what she said http twurl nl tobjp6
1, mtvindia Why India lost Dhoni was busy facebooking on his Aircel pocket internet in the match
1,computer is up and running and everything seems ok so far hopefully it stays that way
1, elpollouk I think we must have the world record for Wii switched offness
1, TheColorAbi DDD i feel like going to read more of your stories now
1,Ok back to my tea
0, KALLM2 ahhh i m so jealous i never got around to getting tickets
0, seanseanpokemon ha rudely woken up i woke up to screaming beat that UGH SEAN TAKE ME TO PRECON im about to cry here
1, chickdrummer88 That s cool It sounds like a blast My friend blksuitbouncer is in Renegades drum corps in Cali
1,So after having gotten no sleep i had to walk up Elston from Division to Diversey Not fun only worked 10 hours though So headed home
1, mileycyrus yeah My dog its crazy like me Well thinking about it He is the craziest dog ever hahaha XD but im not the craziest girl
0, maristian ris its been ages ive used mine too does that mean i m lushyang
1, wakachamo waves
0,No soccer today I guess that gives me more time to study kanji Fuck Also it s beginning to get hot out here in Kyoto Summer heat
0,alright so forget lunch cause there s almost no food in our house amp i can t drive to go get some amp no one else can drive me
0,getting invited out sucks when you have no motivation what so ever
0, jyeags Just saw this reply 3 50 is a hell of a deal The cheapest you can get a ticket here for a normal movie theater is around 9
0,buddha is back from vaca tonight were plotting to make her quit any ideas
1,one of my godsons is 19 today I feel so older
1, iMonic Hello honey how are you xxx
0,I want my hay fever to go away
0,wow this week hates me or something not having a good day again
1, psibreaker Happy shopping Hope the day gets better for all of you
1,going out to dinner with court whoo
1, itbxshmatiex i so totally agree with you only sixteen more days left though
1,Just came back from Parents Meet and choir
1, libbyoliver morning to you
1,Going to get donuts for work and coffeeee
0,Mi madre doesn t like my I m on a boat song she says quot they say M F every other word quot
1, GeeEmm There will be NO vidoe evidence I can t wait though Now I just need 2 find a regular partner if I end up loving it
1,Could I be any more obnoxious about my picnic Clearly I really love me some hotdogs
1, Bncngoffthwlls thanks I just couldn t resist the pic with my sweetie girl
0,The baby cat keeps sniffing me suspiciously I think she wants to poo on me
1,Vote for Rove McManus for the Gold Logie
0, just wants to give hugs to all the amazing rwoc who are hurting tonight
0, Tonekupone I know it s tough i gotta think of somethng else
0, ElleySPN Me feet are freezing I keep getting this stabbing pain behind my ear I feel like I broke my left wrist foot
1, ImWendy Going out with a bunch of people always seemed to help get my mind off of things Other conversation keeps the mind busy
0,My right arrow key is dying
0,Another loser just lost the game http tinyurl com nm4y3l
0,My reed cut my lip
1,Good Morning Friday I love 3 day weekends
1, DoraJarr Good morning Dora it s very sunny ere in Hereford too off to do some gardening in a bit
0, VanillaLace29 no instead i stayed home sick ALL day
1, KhloeKardashian isouljaboytellem sean kingston lil wayne amp Bow wow
1, tomhufnagel wow thanks for the info congrats on your new rest
1,Tweeting at my Dad s He s sellling a car He s got one thats the same colour as McFly s Tour Bus and I really want it Its a Tigra too
1,Come one everyone give Neil a follow he is a newby and loves cake neilmckenna followfriday
0, CheskieB It strikes me that that article is like quot If evolution is wrong then CREATION MUST BE RIGHT ZOMG quot Also woop on diss almost done
1, anagram I hope you guys got some pictures I have a feeling gwenbell would enjoy seeing those
1, philbarbato It won t be confusing soon as multi account support is nearly here for TweetDeck
1, phogph Get 100 followers a day using www tweeterfollow com Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip
0,Bored nd a bit hungry sure ive got worms lol JOKE
1,Homeverkzzzzz No more lazy mode finally
0,Despite my evening being proper ruined by work phone calls otbcomedy rocked again just a shame have to work late again to help
0,Scorchio outside And I m in here working on static HTML pages Feels like summer Chicane http bit ly kurjg
0,Going to to do my stupid papers
1,everyone should listen to Hadouken they re fun
1,Star Trek in Imax with my bf
1, ammaryasir Dude i did send a reply to your email
1,Now heading out the door to work Wish me luck everyone I ll tweet to you soon
0,Worst Insomnia Ever 6 15am and I ve been awake all night long Always been a night owl but this is f cking ridiculous Hafta work
0, janeshmane DON T CRY COME HOME OLRDY lunch is always kulang Miss yaaaa
1, having hot dog amp chips i love summertime lunch
1,Just ordered henna I ll be a redhead again in a few weeks
0,Wish I was gonna be in Atlanta for the Pachtree Road Race
1, sardun hah i think that about you though i ve always thought it if you weren t so nice i d probably hate you because i d be jealous
0,Kinda hating the summer which sucks
0,is going to Macinaw for the weekend with 60 bucks in my pocket hope its enough
1, JonathanRKnight I m looking forward to the summer with you too
0, biancacerise LMAO there is nothing wrong with a little partying hell i need 2 but the south dont party as hard as the north ugh
1,In London Off to do the tourist thing
1,guten morgen twitters
0,At the vieww I hope tonight makes up for last night
0,Got the BrainBone daily question wrong http bit ly 1aF4s6
0,I m working Not a very good day
1, LimeIce thanks Same here
1,i just want to say i love jordanknight i love jordanknight i love jordanknight yes i do
1,Guitar Hero s Metallica has been out today Well i had to get it
0, raquellxoxo zdisneygirl1990 and UGH Why won t it work
1, ColtSeaversPS cheers bud just playing with some photoshop effects to take my mind off wetting myself with excitment tomorrow
1, maggie1993 HEYYY to you to how are you doing i miss you Mag on your summer hols already right im jealous i want holidays too haha
1, fallenstar Oh you so will
0,Signing off for the night because I m tired and I have a headache from all the crying I ve been doing tonight
1, PennyLane2009 OMG You lucky bitch I want it too lt 333 which seats did u get
1,sunday church familia the necesities
1, SapphyNo1 Friday and I m disappearing for most of that day
1, MichaelPBrennan yes in philly do you wanna attend
1, mmitchelldaviss heyy i love all your videos there super awsome if you could reply to this it would make my week so so much cooler
1, nickfranklin lol got too quick on the keyboard
1,ohh this weather is awsomee tine to top up the tan
1,Thanks to everybody for the wonderful birthday wishes great afternoon designing w moSmiley yes that s a great b day now to dinner
0, LaurenConrad its so sad ur leaving the hills u and brody were my favs
0,yes LemonMurder btw do u know when MCR s new album will release i miss them so much
1, amirmc yep i m rather happy with the numbers we have bios on each attendee and will be requesting full society profiles this week
0,Oh massive headache Possibly caffeine That amp the week of camp is probably just now catching up
0, gat0618 It s alright went and hung out with Casey and Isabella last night They said hi Wish I could have stayed with them stupid job
0,Oops Tests goin on
1,happy mothers day lt 3
0,Metro trains collide reports of at least one fatality
0,Another loser just lost the game http tinyurl com clrg3u
1,Happy Mother s Day everyone Off to church and to Estes Park for the day to celebrate Hope the weather agrees
1, meebo is awesome
0,mom has been in bed all day I think she is feeling bad
0,Out of class Now I don t have anything to do
0,Big worried hugs are being sent to meg la mania and nova caine I m sure Pops will just be wandering
0,I miss Kirsten Damn grounding
0, karleemay Kelly208 I am horror movie obsessed Esp campy 80s films and Troma Wish I didn t work tomorrow
0,is super queasy from pain meds
1, LinkSmash oh man good luck You can do it
0,Ahhh almost 5 and i cant sleep what to do what to do oh ya maybe i should find my keys hmmmm
1,listening to varsity fanclub
0, sadieharris i love denver max keep two be like quot one kitten needs a friend come on quot and explain how i have two dogs instead of one
1,happy today Monday went well smiles
0, msilve No next week I will be baaack though
0, LissaFone wow is cayden already that old Man that makes me feel old
0,I had quite a sociable day today I wish I made more today
1, algonacchick Indeed
0,ugh this is sooo anoying i can barely walk cuz i feel like i got a rok atachd 2 my foot and da doc said not 2 walk alot
0, VodkaChik No such thing as a day of rest I might just play some Wolverine and try get that finished I guess What you up to this evenin
0, facebook is extremely sluggish right now to the point where it is not even usable
0, MomDadRivera he is home now but he needs more tests He has a mass in his lung
0, jakeofsight jakeeee have a good show tonight Gutted we ain t coming to the last one thanks for making tour amazing xx
1,bk from school 2 hrs ago so tired i saw quot quot today made me happi
1,New crushes are always exciting
0,Super awesome Just accidently rubbed brown oil pastel on my blanket It looks like a shit streak
0, k4krystal sorry to hear about your wedding pics that really sucks
1,I love McFly
1,wearing lauren s jacket cause im cold
0, TwituberGirl I m on a road trip too Alice Why couldn t you see this coming and get us both out of it
0,And this http bit ly 1WNEa it s worth about 120 now LOL What an idiot
1, JohannaBD Oh no one of those days I hate those days Tomorrow will be better it usually is
1, greggrunberg hey greg must be fun to have that quot PUSH PULL quot thing going on we nearly lost the buttons ok gotta go ttfn
0, namecheap You guys having DNS issues I have to re submit my domain s DNS in order for a domain to work again
0,is taking CPR tomorrow
1,Is quite addicted to Gordon Ramsay right now
1, stephenfry and rain in Sydney Good night to stay in amp read a Stephen Fry book
1,Just arrived home from work am out of the rain and im my PJ s watching Neighbours the best of times
0,http twitpic com 6qgir My costume for my movie The Rabbit Hole RIP movie Yeah all i m missing is the wig
1, lwcavallucci Cool I m a big Grace Potter fan She s really awesome
1,Getting ready for the Rocklets Lakers game We ll have about 20 over to eat drink and be merry
1,OK housework yardwork wins Can t do the beach and have husband s surprise ready by this evening
0,life is like a box of chocolate its sad when they are all gone
0, tommcfly oh tom why do you never reply me i ll kill you someday
0, here4cheer Cos my invite wasnt sent on time so i had to go as aislynns guest but then shes not going now
1, exteenrecent how did u like the cannons cornwallis
0, beckybootsx me too I think you can download a torrent for it from demonoid com
0, shorterthanro Hey you never dropped by
1, JohnLloydTaylor wish Anne349 HBD
0,A Skylit Drive Drown the City new version Burn the City old version good song but they shudda just stay with old version
1,went to laguna beach lt 3 got tann and sunburnedd ahhahaha now doing creative writing
1, ms jamillah what the hell are you talkin about wierdooo
0, justanotherjerk I wanna c quot No Doubt quot soooo bad
1, karess You know it
1,OLDIE but GOODIE http twitpic com 6dlhx I love BROK s facial expression
1,just had cereal
0,Is confused as to why my bf is not talking to me what did I do Is it bc I lost my phone and couldn t contact ANYONE If so Get over it
1,Hello eveybody
1,awake headed to 15ish minutes off to bamboozle xjuuliaa i most def will
1,Looking out the window thinking all i want to do is sun bathe but I have to get on a train for 6 5 hours Enjoy it everyone x
0, saraaaaaaaaa we have needles tomorrow and get some sleep bitch Goodnight
0, BRSDiddy It is the ps3 dvd remote
0, julia72 i miss you guys too
0,Uber short Tokio Hotel meeting Short meetings are BIG CINEMA OMG dentist soon That s ganz ganz
0, satanicpanic I want Oreo cream pie
0,tried and my twitter still wont let me reply
1, RobertPooley Amen to that brother Sorry this reply is so late
1, duellsy OMG They did win yippeee hubbi has just walked in the door first smile this year Ow bless ya just back dee s every week
1, YoshimiKiosha hehe yea i do i got 503 ur great
0,Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Deluxe 2001 for sale in Iraklio Crete Would be mine if I hadn t already bought one http is gd 13oBG
0,is off to bed gnite all work in the morning xxxxxx
1,yes it is
1,box set of the us office happy out
1,income tax department wanted told me I owed them money After a meet up today they told me they owe me money How great is today
0,Late start today
1, Digitalberto Muchas gracias Me siento muy honrado If the 2nd part doesn t sound right i blame iGoogle
0, songbookbaby You leaving me already and we were getting along so well
1, howtobehuge oooh D s going to be naughty tonite
1,is heading to bed very tired goodnight everyone
1, MicheleKnight my card today was the sun how ironic
0,about to snap my arm off trying to do remedial stretches repetitive stress syndrome
1, MikeLangford Great to see you last night Mike
1,Buenos Dias Amigos I m taking my dogs for a walk then I think I ll go to the gym and then no and then
1,Having my hair and nails done
1,looks 16 apparently lol thats good
0, bbgeekchic Nooo I m sorry your BB was stolen How did it happen
1, karinastockton hot biscuits so good night then kisses hugs and all that good stuff
1,is chillin with my hangover hollyoaks and a plate of chips sunday mornings
1,i loved Band s Best Friend can t wait for the next one
1, itsILPbaby cough MF IDOL cough
0,Today s agenda hectic one Busy all day so I probably wont be tweeting Everyone have a fab day
0,my prince was watching me while the photograph took my photos embarrassing
1, Fan Fan laughing at my early morning was a bit mean
0, DarkPiano I ll be thinking about you today
0,Back at home Hardly had time to look at twiiter let alone post anything Tommorow looks like another hectic day
0,can t get any sleep i think i will take the sleepin pills
0,Doesn t know how people like coollike BluntNate amp PhillyD make their videos so quickly it takes so long to edit
1, emilydiana I think so too but for now i have time to reflect on my future
1,Its a great feeling when you run into the wrong person it makes you feel good because you know you are with the right person
1,oh dear who do I vote for Think I should start my own party Who wants to join
0,is at work 11 hour work day today
1, wossy hi i realy love ur show on a friday night loved it when miley was on you should bring taylor swift on xx pls reply 2 me
0,is sounding desperate my own fault for leaving it too late o and havent got my glasses on or contacts in so nose pressed to the screen
1, JamesJanssen would have been funny if i did but no it broke at the lowest point of the revolution so that was lucky
1,I just installed and configured Oracle 10g Damn I m good
0, Mnmissy they messed everything up
1, beatlesnumber9
1,Waiting for my friend when we are going to chllen
1, tooraretodie funny quotable from a friend recently quot life doesn t have to be all drama pause well high drama quot haha
0,today it was very rainny and wet and i was in the rain at camp well im goin to bed nite
1, sambearpoet Yay Hope you are enjoying
1,Just had a fun mini shopping spree at Paul Frank
0,Is home in Cologne in my bed being ill not so good walking in flipflops when it rains
0,is jammin to ATL since they had a secret show in HTown and i fucking missed it FML
0,In a mess I now how 2 get copy of files from server using SVN but wht abt CVS Installed CVS on Ubuntu but still 2 learn how 2 use it
1, ZenDoc congrats old man i m just teasing age is meaningless
0,got up on the wrong side of the bed
0, vavroom the next three astronauts for the IIS will take two days to reach the station after blastoff Stuck in a tiny capsule
1,I m happy with my section If only Harvi was there i d be happier Freaky baya kaayo si Mdm OLIKORNYO hikhikhikhik
0, adambarber I don t think I m gonna have time to work on it now I m really pissed because I wanted to but it d be hard to squeeze in
0, channilein It didn t start as a long message It just got longer when I wrote it
1,Android Progress Finally manage to serve the user s will or maybe NOT
0,Still nothing
1, ADKmama I ll have to add your shop to my favorites I love your needle wraps Right now my needles are all in a mess in a basket
0, nisemonolabs I can t today As I have annual leave the next 2 weeks for a family wedding
0, shaunjumpnow folloooow me
0,i don t wanna c my exam marks but i am afraid i have to haha
1, kronberga now i have seen people who can fly
0,This choice is so unfair twilight or miley S
1, MariahCarey Sleep tight love you more
0, themagicoflaura We couldnt no
0, deinera I m not arguing I don t get it what is it about the good shows that keep dying an early death
0,didn t get cake on Saturday
0, ronilicious SOUP is exactly what I m in the mood for tonight No Panera close to me though
0, dgabby16 amp noo I need to go shopping Have u found anything yet
1, annebax you are welcome schlaft gut und liebe gr e Talk tomorrow
0,just woke up it s soo cold outside i wanna go back to sleep
0, BecomingBella okeh me send skg juga sist haha emang geeuleeh middle finger buat thu orang uweks find the attachment ok wait
1,Ahhh I love Straylight Run They can do no wrong
0,Going to watch some tv and then off to school til 6pm
1,Just about to go to gym as i like to keep fit
1, Blogussion It would be great if we had two pro bloggers joining us you will definitely win something
1, stevelitchfield lucky you here is quite opposite second day we are soaked with rain
0,Fly Guys no its not a group its a movement and your not fly if you still wear forces and coogi sorry
0,oh men she s very beautiful but i can t communicate with her becaause i have no cellphone
0,Watching Eli Stone via TiVo It s been canceled gr8 show gr8 writers O well lt sigh gt
0,i just seen a fat pug on tv
0,Never felt this boring huhuhu wrong decision
1, meinrosebud and live like its your last day on earth
0,My legs hurt so bad
1, lifes complete all time low were a fucking mazing disapointed that the venue didn t let them sign though
0,Damnit that was a perfectly good waste of a prank call I wish they would call me back
0,I think maeson just wiped boogers in my hair
1, paulmadsen lol I tried to follow the last one via twitter search but was only mildly successful
0,May be taking Daniel to the ER It s more serious than I thought
1,Relax for a free movie quot The Unity of Spirit and Matter quot http bit ly Iq76o pls enjoy
1,fuck yea im done my isu 1 1 2 of sleeping now yay
0,oh no my phone is running out of battery and i dont know how im getting home
1, theabolishers I am SO stoked that you re on The Pit now We really needed you to be a part of the family We re better for it
0,my phone just died bout to watch some true blood and pass out
1,Got email quot Poop is now following you on Twitter quot Then quot poop quot quickly un followed What kind of rude crap is that
1,Checking out Brent s twitter invitation No idea what this is all about how do I find out what Oprah s twittering
1, TheRealAshleyG Whoever gets u ur aston marting lemme knw cuz I WANT ONE haha its my dream car
1,At Basil with msjaymesue Good day
1,just got home around 2am from makati we watched DRAG ME TO HELL at greenbelt scary at the same time funny good movie though
1,Shout out 2 dio peeps annamarie 616 kateyphil HannahMofo i mperatrix sjaduram wreckerrekah peachysam
1, MyerJo29 You ve got mail
0, jakesbf nao entendi a do lil wayne
0,trying to get rid of the trojan horse generic 12
1,watching the F1 Is this season going to get more interesting than Button winning every race f1
0, daphnemaia yeah there never seems to be enough time to do everything in Singapore hehe
1, dickydrew Twist my arm then
1, mysgreen earphones I d have loads of complaints otherwise LOL
1, kdull eu recomendo o twitter fox
1,So tired going to bed
0, KasiaStrz Yer just a fool in the rain Good luck getting home I don t know how to use twitter
1,British pronunciation of Stoner is Stowener
0,Can t sleep Im in summer mode already Txt if your still awake too
1,Hanging out with the girls I love nights like these
1,http twitpic com 6p1pd my desktop for now Changes all the time
0,Miss fall out boy this morning because of my sister s stupid friends
0,So many things to buy so little money Screw expensive transport costs moneygrubbing companies http tweet sg
1, emmawatts84 yes they are take That live and this tour seems to be fab as well Can t wait
0, syuria Yeah it s pretty hardcore The world suddenly went dark
1, Dancing With Myself Nouvelle Vague http blip fm 4mqu9
0, zombiesheep It s arrived
0,its been an interesting day met a really sweet person today but I m kicking myself for not getting his name
1,at comedy fix at southbank
0,Working boo quot we are one and the same were almost legendary quot good tune
0,Bad news about hotpatooties podcast I m revising tomorrow so will have to listen Wed Like mfhorne I have toothache
0,after an hour of maintenance sp Twitter is being flaky for me
1,Listening to Sunrise Avenue s new album quot Popgasm quot me likes
1, traceydarling yeeess sneaky
0, enjoyyourbunny i think they do they look so sad in their wittle animal eyes
1, scarpagirl Thanks for tea much refreshed f1 maxout f1 maxout
0,Omg fucking fire alarm I ve only slept 2 hours but I only have 1 5 hours left before I gotta wake up
0,is enjoying another day off but unfortunately its already sunday
0, ninjamoeba Unfortunately there was no dancing
0,sigh Google Maps seems to be done on the fritz Google what s wrong with you boy
0, shannonrh yeah i have to be at work at 7 and i live an hour away from work but i will have fridays off
0,im about 2 go upstairs amp get my stuff amp then bring it downstairs kinda want 2 go home
0, JannioGuzman pa dnd rayos tu vas que your gonna miss everyone but me
0,sitting in a hospital room with grandpa
1, DogStarDaily Also dogs don t respond b c they re tired sore or just don t feel like it Sometimes it ain t a training issue at all
1, sammieepaige ohh okayy D can you still helps me because i m watching pineapple express i m a distracted mother
1,Puppysitting the wonderful Staffies they are finally asleep Zzzzzzz peace
0,Going to Maryland To a funeral
0,i m boreeeeeeddddd
0,i guess i didnt win dmb tickets at fenway so sad
0, laurenincarnate I was thinking more like my house phone or FB but rock the telepathy if you can Also teach me lauren wan kenobi
0,Ugh Wanted to watch Charice UKG but still work and our network won t let me install MS Silverlight
0,Stomach won t stop hurting Totally feel pregnant ha ha
1, dosankodebbie Discovered it recently but I love calligraphy paper and Eastern art so it was just a matter of time before it found me
0,Sent Jadon inside he is having a major temper tanturm because I wouldn t let him hit my laptop
1, TokyoChaos its the quality not quantity of time you spend together
0,it s so nice out today to bad i have 2 go 2 work
1, BajaHyena quot We come in peace With cold wet noses and voracious apetites quot
1, cliffysmom I loved the video Sweeeet
1,follow me
0, mcflyharry oh Is it Danny Dougie but dougie loves you so i think it s danny but you have to deal with it sweet life s not easy
0,Using IPhone3 0 with 1st Gen No A2DP not so exited
1, Brighteyes08 Yeh lol had it for a few months lol when I read your facebook status I thought I would make the effort to find you
0, howsojoe clearly you were on the wrong team
1,Waiting for you to wake up
0,I m sad for all the Aussie fans I know the guys would make it work if they could
0,Well its the end of my day and I gotta work tomorrow so goodnite
1, jessosaurusrex girl have funnn and we are hanging out when you get backk lol
1, TheEcoist Our cats would sleep on it
0,just got home after a night at the hospital the flu dehydrated him Is still sick but on pain killers lol
1,Playing with my new Iphone
1,nerly finished skool jus a few dayz left got shirt signed alredi lol no skool 2moz woop woop gna chill n av sum carlsbergs l8r aha
1, TheMoInMontrose Thank you for the fun fact All of that the legend and centuries of re enactments helped inspire my novels
0,After Maggie s grad party last week all made up and nowhere to go http mypict me 2Vdj
0,I have a headache
0,my lips are chapped right now
1, Andph112 hope you enjoyed your holiday
1, brandon myers Get 100 followers a day using www tweeteradder com Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip
0,Oh and I think I m getting sick
0,is getting ready for work
1, Mom2TwoVikings I m glad someone understands
0,I thinki might be getting sick
0,Punish I m quot ANNIE quot only with 3 cheekies the Pharm
1,snuggling in bed I love this blanket
0, myeverydayhero That s no fun
1,Quote Twitter because you re holding on to the illusion that other people care
1, lissymarie hey lissette how r u The pleasure was all mine
0,Waiting for ups guy I wanna see a movie now though
0, patrickharvie I did my bit Sorry it didn t have the desired effect Patrick
0,my neck hurts
1, chris allen Hi Chris Check out www thisplanetearth co uk for FULL SIZE REPLICA WEEPING ANGELS Cool
0,Hahah i can bat both handed but thats about it and idk i ve always wondered why some people are left handed and others aren t ha
1,eeeeeek 2 more days until my birthday can t wait for Disneyland
0, johnbackwards
1, andymcnally jde kookychick thank you re Max
0, PiscesFriction lmao I cant go shopping tonight
1, jodylo Great minds think alike
0,good afternoon My favorites are gonee what do i do until monday
1, ouiser so glad you liked it
1, ALGoRE xB yeah but she pleases me better than u lot it aint painful when she does it hahah
1,I want to me there in the same room that the boys of McFly omg just 3 hours
0, sweetliketoffee dunno nothin really jus longness
0, leenybug I was thinkin the same thing about you U don t call me either I miss u and ku soo damn much it sucks hang out w me
0, JANYSEBABEE Aww man u a magic fan
1,last day of classes for me this week
0,Had 4 things planned tonight an the ALL got cancelled
0,What a crappy day at work I wanna go home and watch the microsoft press conference I should go to the gym too
1, wesayso yeuch what a thought
1, spsheridan that was honest praise
0,missing my baby he is at his house and I at mine
1, ashleytisdale yay i live there XD
0,Bad dreams suck
0, SITSGirls no and no sponsors yet hoping though
0,Cant sleep I wish I had gone out tonight
0,Had a great time in STL last night Thanks Kevin you re the best Now to get ready for a work meeting in the middle of my vacation
1, MyInnerCougar hey there How are ya
1,i just finished drafting my first three entries for an exciting new blog we re doing at work stay tuned
0, nelpix still needs work im trying to make it all collage y but photoshop hates me sad face
1,About to start my Jerry Lewis Movie Fest
0, xbobertx77 I am too I d totally take you out if I could
1,A free jump in a bounce house Haha
1, michaelsheen hey we were all watchin the Terminator tonight lol it went from Back Draft Laws of Attraction to The Terminator stay well
1,is so glad her hubby told our quot guests quot not to come over tonight
1,Today I m finishing a 200 invitation order of our very popular quot Contry Chic quot wedding invitation set for Jill amp Tony
1, ashlieh I love the feelin of just getting home
0,Happy birthday Moodyyy I am so sorry I missed it
1, Elkfoeva Thanks man you will love watching movies here had my first quot open theater quot yesterday with Dan and his family for kid night
0,I am so bored that I started following miley cyrus and replyed to her not that there s anything wrong with her but still
1,Can someone bring Trace Cyrus to a hairdresser And possibly give him a burger or two
1,eating some good ol lasagna
1, jaycrafty fashofasho will be at kimbois cause he s not there Gooo Haha
0,Will the rain please stop it s gonna make me sleepy at work
0, zcrawford2 I ve tried several times Just look on ebay for a Powerbook or iBook G4 and I ll put some software on it for ja
0,off to work super tired this morning shouldnt have watched the movie so late
0, samantharosario I wanna goooo have a meeting right now though would ya believe
0, bridgettegreen Clean Me
1, KarlaWraight thanks
0,Last call
1,sleepyyy time for bed but excited for tomorrow
0,feeling feverish I hate getting sick during the winter
1,I was 2 hours late 4 work Im here now amp all the managers want 2 b mad me but they cant Lol Im 2 good of an employee
1, Katie Cakes Katiepotatie can I borrow your Desktop Anywhere login to order a macbook pro with HE discount
0,Just found out my grandpa is doing really bad May be going to Indy this weekend to see him one last time If he makes it that long
1, MzSkin2007 you were thinking it but am I right nice white tee jean jacket n heather gray sweatpants w nice clunky jewelry toned dwn
0,watching medium being extremely lazy think i m coming down with a cold
0,is not happy to be at work on this gorgeous day
0,Lowblow i miss chris brown SMH
0,just finshed walking I m pooped and still craving ice cream
0,is heading back to depressed ville i hate this
0, wardawarrie no loveeeeeeeee
0,heading to school in about 15 min
0,Back to work tomorrow the thought of it brings CB to my system I think I was designed for CB
0,jus fell in love with a chanel bag i can not afford sumbody got about 3 grand i can borrow
1, SamDescartes hehe don t we all I always fluff my lines amp wobble frustrating when ansaphone keeps beeping for nowt tho
1, sugarrae After 16 hours of silence I was getting a little concerned about whether or not you were ok Almost called the mounties
0, MariahCarey Ugh I sooo hate your timing When I log in to Twitter I always get to see your updates from about 11 hours ago
0, PopGoesDaCamera What s wrong x
1, Keitakeita hello dear just sayin hi
1, freeingyourmind Thankyou I m glad you like my posts amp that s really cool that you love Australia
0,Again What am I supposed to do
1, DJWebstar My day was filled with alcohol amp I m still up because I just got to Miami
0,sadly I ve run out of coke so the rum and cokes have come to an end
1, mutairy I think it would still be cheaper if you wait a few months I ll bring it back for you guys
0, PhillyD i m so sorry to hear about your father us sxephil fans wish you and your dad all the best we re by ur side
0,Awww man Celtics won at the end They got a buzzer beater Well I still like the other team Wizards for life I know they ddnt play
1,had an awsome night at the winking man
1,Well so far we went to the computer lab watched a video and right now they are writing a letter to the teachers in 2nd
1, jessicamayxo WOOOP that s meee hahaa you love me really right
0, Emsy Twitter s being mean w the pics lately Stole mine for an entire day
0,On my way 2 ovh 2put babycat to sleep 4 Lori booooo
0,Takut deh dance utk prom persiapannya kurang bgt Hope we can nail it
1, GladDoggett I had to ask ugh
1, bballgurl24 I m selfish I wanna talk haha Kidding again Go to sleep and rest up for tomorrow Good night
1,Nuggets for dinner again tonight
0,Hi jayatownsend iaincartergolf is iaincartertennis at the moment Still no Twitter avatar picture though
1,Yaay For lala0000 Good Day Sunshine wigglin nose for tlcox19 Bring on the sun http blip fm 8bf86
1, lynnakay oh no my replies disappeared including your school information please send my way again
0,Wishes things were going better
0,Music Blank Don t know what to listen to
1,It s pretty late so I m going to bed Good Night everyone
0,FINALLY did my 5 pages of vocab now onto ee gonna have to miss out on stylista
1,Advice of this week You should eat at least 3 fruits one must be citrus fruit like orange and twice of vegetables everyday
0, bruisesonguitar Won t we be seeing you this evening then Sadly I won t be around next week
1,Sun is shining the weather is sweet yeah
0,talked to sis earlier miss her soooo much
1,no change my mind still no sying bye
0,Brian packed all my clothes for vacation so I have to wear my daisy dukes to Gina Eagle
1, senhordaguerra The silence gets to be loud when you are sitting around and waiting for the other person to talk
1, Foxyma2k9 yea girl It has Just read your twit confessions All I can say is you re great amp Thank God for where you stand today
0,The Closer made me cry I so know how Brenda Lee feels about her kitty and the last scene was heart wrenching Miss my Ziggy
0, ianlaird OMG i just noticed all my followers are robots
0, Tribalspaceman the world is doomed indeed just got a black one for me now
0, seanpadilla oh no what happened
0, aneehan what have you written amp amp thanks love they were based off the challenges page I mean it was like during season 3
0,Anyone know any good DVD stores in NYC Ones I knew have closed
1,They are light blue and very sheer with lace and so soft worth every penny
0,Woke up to remembering weird dreams cats fighting on my head and rain Motorcycle and camping trip should be wet
0,Doesn t wanna serve tex mex today
0, livelikemusic So it seems I might not be allowed to go on the roadtrip unless I magically change my Mom s opinion
1,With everything else that has gone tits up in the last couple of weeks I think it is safe to say that life is now difficult still
1, wodieskodie welcome to rainy season
1, BinaryMoon Clean license clean designs Never a rushed job
1,Rare RivaS dub for you http tinyurl com c9echn feel free to retweet
0,is missing her best friend but hoping the happy cold couple is having a good time and does not forget the Imo s Pizza
1,Listerning to MGNT electric feel great song for a great day
1,in a few moments I will be off to dreamland got a long flight tomorrow good night arabia
1,Happy Monday greetings tweeps
0, yaraju Wow i missed that I ve never seen a 3 D movie may be Harry Potter in July
1, m0php i know in this case ignorance is indeed a state of bliss
1,I am really very sore from three days of D of E it was a laugh all the same
1,It s time for me to hit the sack guys amp gals Enjoy the rest of you day night Goodnight all
1, Plip you in brick lane I only live round the corner
0, sixinthenw go ahead we will be colder tomorrow night going to have to put plastic on raised beds then poor maters twitter4vg
0,New house no internet
1,Working until 12 Celtics and Bruins tonight GO BOSTON
0,I m having an extremely painful experience trying to get an Uncharted Multiplayer Game Code
0,is exploring twitter and partied too much last night Must get back to work
0, Willie Day26 awww man its nott
0,my chance with you are like balloons i let it go and i regreted it
1,mm soup now i think im gonna go die
1, cheyennelecea thats the best part that whole part starting with 15again the whole part
0, hamishtheworld Awwww they took the video down
0,essay essay essay essay
1, GamrothTaylor I am starting to worry about you only I have Navy Seal type sleep hours
0,I m writing a piece for small string orchestra I m scared Some encouragement would be nice
0,Got the boot from net today Cannot post on the ghost town forums Not many people left there Maybe 3 members left
1,watching wall e
0,need to run some errands but I m too lazy to go to the store what now motivation please
1, vtdeacon first thing I ll do differently is pull it together before the last 2 weeks of school the end of our year was CRAZY
0, Jacq DeVito haha yes it did a little too well no me gusta black out
1,Atleast I don t need to cover my whole face in make up to look pretty unlike you You dumb bitch Fuck off
0,Wish people would realise how much they hurt me
1, agusp happy birthday guurl Love you See ya today
0, ddlovato NOOO O I PRAY FOR YOU GIRL I love you lt 3
0,Boys came to visit SuperK did good BigL pitiful He would not come near me
0,Bummin out I need a job
0, troytaylor86 ahhhh the link isnt workn for me the blog shows up but the link for the mixtape doesnt
0,nuuuuuuuuu i just missed my 200th tweet
1, NikkiBenz thank you so much but i apologize for lying i did have brains until lichelle fucked them out earlier
0, snorrebryne Well they re on their way LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK http www 3dslut com I ve also heard other scary shit from friends
0, shewww
0,its getting to the point where im dying to get out the house go to school and get this metabolism thing to fuck off x
0, amybabydoll69 omg what a cheeky cow
1,Today a miracle happened Nothing is impossible when you ask God some help He is amazing all the time
0,omg i didnt realise sandy life was worse off then mine
1, rockeye Ohhh Vengabus haven t heard that in eons quot Hey know hey know hear what I say know quot an I do like to party
0,Senior circle bye nfty
0, MyNameisRazzle but doesn t do anything fancy I don t think older even 1 yr old things like Vista
0, Ponchifer Me neither my eyelash supply is totally dwindling
1,add this http bit ly nvYpb ndia the new economic superpower
1,HEY YOU yesh you foo FOLLOW ME
0, MamaNotes me too
1, Sheamus maybe emule go up again after all this or everybody moves to Ecuador
0,Sitting here with my almost 3 yr old son He still feels like a squishy soft baby but I know he won t for much longer
0,i can t believe this
1,Almost done with Cory s new niece s baby blanket six months later
0,Going to Kat s today to say farewell to her old house there have been many goodtimes in that place
1, DWall213 thank you for the retweet davida have a great rest of the weekend
0,is frustrated with men yet again I ve been cigg free for 72 hours officially and have no one to say quot YAY NIZZA quot yay me whooo
1,Jamba juice 4 lunch Also just got a membership planet beach
1, BETHBRITTBRAND with MATTHARDYBRAND aka quot The Black Cloud quot next 2 u the beach do u still tan evenly Im just sayn
0,Eff my phone doesnt till me it keeps taking money from my account Eight dollars the past day five dollars is suppose to last 16days
0,How to save a life all american rejects sigh Music genome
0, smlimon it s okay I understand Hey tomorrow I get off at 5 how bout you call me after thanks Love u
0, VWsalesguyVA that s a fantastic image
0,Sitting in the urgent care center waiting on mom and daddy to come back out with nate Baby brother isn t feeling great
0,Phone why won t you get service in my room
0,I feel bad for asking who were the hot blondes I met on the XRCO red carpet that told me we know each other on Twitter Names escape me
0,is having the best curly hair day ever amp its raining why toronto why
0, mslujan dang girl i can tell you re working hard cause you haven t been on twitter in mad long miss you
1, cyndelee Sounds like fun Enjoy
0, LeanneLyn yep I thought the same thing and I had half a tan
0,It s a gloriously sunny day but I ll have to stay indoors 2 crafty projects which must be completed today
1, Prayter driving was strictly school work n shopping for her She did excellent After six months had the radio hooked up
1,Having breakfast with alliejvilla
0, Tatiana K Dag I thought we were cool
0,wants to go to the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow but tomorrow is sunday and that means the next day is monday which means school
1, ddmeyer I d consider enrolling in your class as you re very passionate about teaching If only it wasn t in California Dan
1, ReaganGomez thanks SOOOOO much for the followfriday shoutout
0,I miss The Ellen Show already
1, simply brandon 3some with u and your clone musiic BOX
0,Can t wait for the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow and also the class sections bummer hehe
1, stopsmokingnow is following me Useless since I never ever smoked
0,QUero jogar The Simsssss
0,Just chilling out listening to last nights Kutski show Missed it last night
0,Carnt Wait For Jonas Album D Or New Moon Gorra Wait Till November Tho
1, dougiemcfly lol not good how is your day so far have fun on tour
1, tavtaylor Get 100 followers a day using www tweeterfollow com Once you add everyone you are on the train or pay vip
0,Also trying to convince Raponi amp Matteilli to get twitter is not looking successful I should be doing Math cheat sheets but ugh
0,Woke up out of sound sleep to ice off my sock Stupid new shoes Stupid lack of bandaid Fail me Fail Ow
1,havent been using for a Looooong time until today
1,Less or more iTunes tuned up
0,Flickr has the hiccups I guess I ll spend time with the chins http tinyurl com q23a78
1, willyjoegreen thanks
1, austinlowpeez Thanks That s my husband
0,needing more followers
0, HopelessGypsy Well that sucks sorry dude
0,Trying to write a song ITS FREAKIN INSANELY HARD
1, cutekelly8 thx
0,is happy to be back in Manc but is not happy with the weather
1,sould really be getting some sleep slightly busy day tomorrow exciting stuff
1,guess who caught a cold in may june shit gt lt
1, gt gt lt lt Finally plans for this beautiful saturday
1,Going out at 1 30 Yay Why am I so happy about this I haven t been out in years
0, MariahCarey goodmerntin I am work make it happen amp someday was on earlier yay I have a sore tooth also
0,when members ok nkotb see me on twitter they run like hell
1, itskaye oh ok just checking lol
0, natalieloves wish I was in London
0, BenjaminFolds Please don t tell me your concert in DC on Sept 24 has been cancelled Not on the tour page anymore
1,i got awesome video of ATL Cobra had too many lights to see the video but the sound is awesome
0,Good acts so far Cringing for when Hollie s on though
0,Slept lateish no plod On way to Paoli for hoops Delores is evil
1, ranggrol Precisely It s taking all my strength to stay the hell outta the kitchen right now LOL I think I ll go to bed Safer
0, naiza HI yes things are pretty good today is my 2nd day off work but I go back 2morrow Of course it s going to rain so no hiking
0,I woke up with a sore throat this morning blah
0,Ahh I ll die from this stomach ache
1,I m listening to music
1,hey follow me i ll put updates after exams p
1,Is going to sleep Miltown tomorow
1, londicreations we miss you too I m good its been very hot here tho so its taking some getting used to
1, kohidave But you should visit Boston anyway because it is wonderful Very lovely this time of year too
0, HectorLozano I have a terrible pain in my stomach
1, EthanSuplee OMG great song that is mine amp my fiance s SONG OMG u are awesome thnx 4 posting that Jessi Ann lt 3
0,going to the grocery eb s sick it s still raining
0,Good morning not to bad fresh morning no sun but we expect more sun and warm for this afternoon Breakfast outside or inside
0,I m here one more time amp I m so sad
1, derrich Great thinking Thanks a bunch
0,While busy working I suddenly realized that I miss my dad
1,is packing for her trip to Laguna overnight with the UMAK leaders http plurk com p xn4od
0,work soooooooooon need to sell 2 or 3 shoecare things please come buy them off me
1, PierreLucBenoit oh that s ok i hope you do get to catch the movie tho it was a good one
0,Bored shitless WHy is everyone busy this weekend
1, christianjt Omg haha That video was sooo funny I lover her too
0, 0px pinkmango macosxfanboy Just arrived at Hollyfeld But maths is calling so I have to get up tomorrow at 6am
0, mikeg5150 I know I was wtching the game with my son then switched over to the astros who r also losing
0,EVIL CREDIT CARD COMPANIES God and just when I was starting to build my credit again I get this stupid ding from them
0,Seems like twitter is glitching again Last two tweets have been stuck the top crawls back under social networking rock
1, daaku http twitpic com 6tnb0 ha ha I used to love this when I was a kid too
1, HollyEgg hope your day only gets better
1,Im the only one awake in my house O o just hanging on the web
1,Did I say gold or golf there I meant golf
1, lukavidos Hey what can I say But yeah it s a great CMS and after all the site is really a lot better now than before
1,HELLO to one of my most favourite clients who just started following me you ll be glad to know I m staying late doing stuff for you
1, misspentlife oh btw sir I say fark your work become a host instead you ll make a shit ton more then you do now
0,remaking jailbreak video cuz it didnt work last time im prolly the last video
1,mmva s 2 weeks
0,Oh my God I am in so much pain off to lay down and take more Oxycodone
1,just got home not yet finished drinking my latte from starbucks still loads of stuff to do de twitter
0,i miss my marshmallow mama that sits upstairs
0,PrayN 4 my brother ILL W Cancer PrayN 4 my youngest Grandson 1 1 2 yrs old ILL Kidney damaged Positive energy heals
1, beencheers are u staying 4 the game
0,Up and ready to workout but trainer called and sai we will meet tonight Thought I had a day off I was wrong
1,Hilarious Jokes http www ahajokes com
0,still has a dull ache in the back of my head and is feeling very lonely right now Missing my man so much
1, davidboringx OR the 3rd of August
0,Going to school now Still no 3 0 jailbreak
0,Shitin myself for 2moz
1,Got free tickets to the Braves game this Sat Also I get to walk on the field with the players You might see me if you watch it
1, shaynaD awww SHAYNA what up chick
1, YummyMummyClub kay let me know I m all set have babysitting and everything
0, th3maw cool do they need a net dev I m very cheap and soon to be unemployed
1, trent reznor I understand Have a great show like you did in Indy last week
1,Just got done recording a track for my mixtape with ToddtheEngineer got a 16 for listentoivan to jump on
0, DanniPlastic book They didn t have a new book when I went to Camden NJ earlier this month
0,6 014 page views on my flickr I am so happy But only 10 more photos left I NEED A PRO ACCOUNT
0,I want a kindle dx when are they coming to the uk
1,okay off to sleep so excited i found filters for my coffee maker so small hard to find it s the little things
0,I miss anna already and I just left her driveway
1,hilareous http www textsfromlastnight com another evanphx classic nsfw
0, marzabar Also my laptop was banished to Cork This was to stop my reckless internet addiction Look how that worked Ha ha Ha
1, millyjuly lol that s very sweet of you http myloc me 28yl
1,New background too
1, benlucier sorry forgot that the game was connected to twitter
0,pgn ntn the sigit heart dyslexia release party di bandung tapi apa daya lagi kekurangan duit
0, shayna kandii i wish 50 cent would make one his panties could be pale pink and i KNOW it would still be hott
0, franchis3 i Know SucKS right Francis Our kids futures are bein compromised They re taking away Cal grants
1, gweniipooh haha do you now O haha well i take it your back
1, MedGarden420 Can ya mail me sum of dose cookies lol I sure would like 2 try just one pls
1, HRVAtweetup I ll give it a shot
1, pinkie69 Oy Wasn t me was Gav Collectively sweet talked our way out of a ticket though Yes heat scanned slight paranoia everywhere
0,meanwhile larry and tracy are getting it on next door and my soup won t be ready until tomorrow at least
0, shaundivineyi think I missed it
1,Getting ready Picking up jaime grabbing some food then off to bamboozle
1,afternoon had a good yet unexpected turn
0, galaxydazzle yeah ahaha i only wanted to buy a mug with a picture on
1, mariojchavez THANK YOU
1, msmichelle8 have fun
0, angdesigns saw those vintage ads that bacon one is creepy
1, meerasapra I treasure them
0,Work so sore frm tht workout lastnite
1, AmberAusten i ll never be able to move on from myspace its my first lover haha
1, lostmitten I know It took for ever to get them out of my hair I had to sit down because I started getting tired
0,just learned that 3 american bulldogs killed a border collie in the park last week all 3 have been put to sleep tragedy owner s fault
0,boo no theatre for us today I m so fucking pissed off about it too I don t know why it s not really anyone s fault meh
1,Chatting with a friend about all the TV shows he s never seen and about all the video games I ve never played Good stuff
0,Thinking I totally wasted my money on the new horror flick quot Take me to Hell quot
1, Savage1971 Man you are behind We ve run out now though Burn Notice our fav has started back Yeh chill time now mate
0, tristanx Same here didn t think he d go out like that
1,Still laying on my couch
0,is headed to work after a crappy night i might not be up for anything else today
1,I wish twitter let us put music on the profile
1, xjohannaaa HEY BOO lt 3 Haha I haven t been on Twitter in foreverrrr But whatever
0,im missing a meeting
0,is glad to know she s not as awesome as all this Microsoft Conference hooplah FML
0,forgot to wear my retainers last night
0,whats wrong
0, s wants to seee george or at least talk to him properly
1, AlohaBruce it s a wonderful night in Hawaii kai im still a little thirsty from our run today
0,Early morning
0,I haven t started my website yet I used to enjoy website design but not anymore
1, mazvita beelku tamolam come on you have to admit its a little bit funny
0,sedih di tinggal hanin
0, BananasMel same idea I eat one I d like to be able to deliver
1,Thanks for the followfriday and followfollowfriday fff love craignewmark anamariecox and everyone else
1, DanHorn I ll let you know if anyone thanks me for the Hatcher pimp hook up Me quot But he sure knows his Beatles quot
0, CorinaBecker yeah we enjoying a little sunshine before clouds and rain move in til monday
0,My mom doesnt let me call her mom in public
1, reephur then take hime outside the DMV srsly
0,its too hot also the strangers is a really scary movie
1,mm just decided I m gonna have sushi for lunch it s been too long since the last time
0,ahhhh Nothing like waking up to the sound of ur dog puking in ur bed Good morning to u too winston
1, dontforgetchaos Oh go on then I shouldn t let you binge alone lol
1, darkelegance Always a party
0,ProM iS ovEr nOw gRaduAtiOn iN 4Days
0,Warhammer 40k Space Marines officially announced only for 360 and PS3 No luck for PC gamers
0, bleedthegabbi home and not with you
0, rose 7 Ohh poor jan please tell her that if she cans send us an email
1, yojibee thomas jung I seriously hope SAP is going to rename FPM one day It still sounds like a WM tool
0,Grieving the loss of a friend
0,well ate good got to see my son now for the drive to sc with Yum then cuddle and sleep then back to work tomorrow nite
0,going to sleep nothing to do 1 118am
1,nothing to do watching tv and later i will buy a new mobile phone
0,I give this movie two thumbs down
1, ashleycauthen you know im still seeing my life in technicolor ii
0,No matter how late I stay up I always wake up so early morning twitterbugs
0, JupitaUpcycled well I have never ever ever been sick in JUNE before My eyes itch my nose if stuffy and my throat aka shroat is sore
1,Finally Some pool time
0,creating cards after Connor goes to sleep at 7 after household chores eats away at my sleeping time first day back at work tomorrow
1,I love having a fridge inside the house Now I dont have to go the garage fridge
1, Bowl the Bunny have fun which movie and hopefully some sleep will come to yaa hug
1,sleep time school in the AM yay right haha ah i wish we can go back to last sunday monday I WANT 2 GO 2 CHICAGO piss goodnight
0,I don t think we re going to England anytime soon That is unfortunate for the graduate of British Lit Oxford
1, ihop Happy bday Jocey
0,I ve tried HTC Magic in a store The screen is not sensitive enough for use with finger I guess it is a pen touch screen
0,in 13 days I will switch over to my new username of AlamarCavada I hope my followers follow me Alamay will be no more
1,Doing homework and listen to the JBs it s much easier to do homework when you re listen to the JBs
1, pillpushera 5 15pm just squeezing in some twitter time before I have to start dinner
1,going to go to TREK bike store in STL The boyfriend insists I go along
1, Dustin83 do you use your BlackBerry messenger if so you should give me your pin so i can add you
1, pwilson Don t worry that quot feeling quot will leave you very soon Golf is a game to be enjoyed not mastered
1,Is obsessively social networking via the phone with free 16 mbps internet and free electricity thanks Delhi airport
0, staceymeow yeha they are goood u lucky bitch i get a slide shit asian fone i wanted an iPhone but dad sed no
0,justins gone
0, heroics DON T BE LAZY UPDATE LJ imeanwhat But I do miss talking to you on AIM
1, RichardWiseman Can t wait Hope my mojo s workin
0, d123vv i tried finding extra blacklights but we ran out
0,phone batt dead grr be back later x
0,fuck off rain
1,writing english examination in exactly 60 minutes can t wait to just get it over with so i can get outside again such a beautiful day
1,Monday night worship tonight 7 Be there Message me with prayer requests
0,csc J does that mean ur all going
1, it s because of me
0, RevaeMarie omg absolutely i m struggling today
1, kittykittyws no prob wish stephenie would finish and release it
1, writinginrain I hope you re having a great Sunday too And it s not raining
1,Just updating my tagged bebo myspace
0,i panic ate is that a word lol because i was so hungry now my tummy hurts it was fries btw lol
1, McFLYAddiction http bit ly KYp0y POV em Porto Alegre
1,Happy Monday So far that is all I ve got
1,hmm Artists incase you Didnt Know having your material written BEFORE you hit the studio will save you LOTS of Time and Money
1,http twitpic com 7grv5 life is AWESOME
0,school tomorrow ugh
0,Got three shots today I can t lift my arms
0,Eeee broken hair straigtner My baby
1,haha thats from someone who just got a Palm Pre what an iPhone hater i feel ashamed and i dont even have an iPhone G1 all the way baby
0,Feeling knackered today Definitely getting old
1,i like to think of myself as a social media auteur philkirby
0,already missing p downing wish you were comin with me df lt 3
1,moved back home
1, SilentKW May I build a shrine to you
0,is not feeling well i ve been vomitting and making number 2 s http plurk com p xumfs
0,My older sister has kinda majorly ruined my plans Subtract three kids from the fun tonight
1, ParkerAngel really Well if you reply to me maybe I can give you some ideas
0,My iPhone camera is broken
1, bollyarm I just tried out the mobile site on my PDA I left a message at Preeti Jhangiani s pic Looks very nice
0, liddesigns oh no sorry to hear abt Firefox crashing on you
1, xkul0tx I read your write wow I really liked it
1, SeaSunSky thanks Good luck to u too
0,I have assumed the middle eastern sense of apathy which unfortunately prevents me from committing to my Arabic how ironic
0, MrRathbone missed you again my timing is soo bad lately
1, randyhogan Graduation parties are fun
0, WishGal You re my only connect I ve reached out no tweets yet
1, mostquiet Yes agreed
0, dontyouhateit when its finally nice out after 11 days of rain n u gotta be stuck work all damn day
1,Ha ha ha The Nightmare on Elm street is hillarious
1, Kikirowr lt 3 If you were on my arm I d have the cutest date around 3
1,Well twitter I leave u with this Don t trust a ho night guys
1,About to watch my first 3d movie my bloody valentine Oh joy
0,Have to finish some half done reviews soon otherwise it won t be relevant anymore Arrghh
0,is bored 2 death
1, pwcarey I didn t realize you linked directly to the RSS feed I wondered why I got such a big bounce in one day
1, msdivineknight Heya babe Good to hear Tricks all good here day off tmrw cant wait i tell ya lol xx
0, Tina Murphy I kno he s usually nice I dunno why he didn t wanna sign for me I was surprised I can t remember atm sry
0,fell asleep before I could enjoy Dad s Bones tm
1, attonbitus I like that place We go there a lot
1,The podcast of the Tammy Radio Weekend Goes Commando has finally posted at www tammybruce com Thank for your patience tbrs tcot
1, zukeylukey what s wrong with mozart
0,just received DEVASTATING news that my groom for this weekend s wedding passed away over the weekend My heart is breaking
1, alandavies1 eh how much have you had to drink tonight
0,Phone finally bout to shut off Now I really feel like curling up and crying
1, missbossy Yeah that s me I used my initials for my Flickr account
1,having a great time in kc http twitpic com 4w3fi
0,The party is not all that
1, iremember when I had to be in when the street lights come on Amazing how they always came on later where I was than at home
1, irishgirl75 yup go here http www justin tv officialyoungq passcode blockdreamer and click on archives
1, citizensheep I ve just tried it Let s see what happens
0,Awww RIP Ed Mr Huge Check Guy
0,Rain I want you to come back NOW http plurk com p yz8rh
1, AbeDonovan Go for it need some money first tho London soon too
0, vnskndrs final exam maybe I ll pass biology but I m not sure about math homework http myloc me 22KV
0,doin chemistry project have to do 5 pages
0,Has a screaming child amp a hangover
1, kelveggie22 do you remember me we had a conversation on yahoo a couple of days ago
0,Whaaaa it s thundering
0,Just passed Hofstra and now is ridic upset my school lt 3
0,It feels like i didnt even have days off so tired
1,tired and going to bed early for once
0,I ve just changed my username Dunnydawg hahahahahaha im no longer going swimmming grrrr
0,Lost the first game of cornhole i suck
1,ATrucco905 thankyou just doing part two now
1,Onboard a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Tomorrow s port of call Nassau Don t hate the player hate the game
1, Laurentiius just taking lessons from you brother
0, leahbasskitten not the pretty new nails
1, elementalgeek Yes being alive amp uninjured is always a plus
0, georgiaface mmm biscuits am annoyed to see until sept last year drama tutors got golden hallo AND full bursary This year not so
1,Ok I have to admit that I read the whole Twilight saga and I am excited for New Moon I lt 3 the trailer giggles
1,thinking about my love while sitting next to my love also thinking this must be love
0,came inside now proper burning eeek back to college work eh
1,is having a cup of hot coffee hmm yummyyy
0,Also am slowly losing my mind at work Very slow day
1, casezille108 aww thanks
0,tommorow it s gonna be sunnnyyy no rain but friday BIG CLOUDSSS
0, MissAddict That s no good I m still searching too
1, MsConfident hell yea why wouldnt ya be
1,is kicking back with a beer and watching of all things a tacky chick flick eh we gotta do it now and then
1, vivid13 I hate the Mamba Hate it hate it hate it I d be smiling as I was driving past it only for the fact that I m not on it
1,Going now to get ready to head out to Campus Can t wait if your from the uk then follow i shall tweet later tonight Ciao tutti x
0, mizzsugarcity oh well ima be okayy
1,to indo jonasbrothers in brasil omg
1,Off to Woolsery this morning to hopefully see North Molton U16 clinch the North Devon League title Lovely day for it
1,Going into Lette s show today whoo
1,I am wishing that i can go home and chill
1,Need to brush up on binary math
0,no time to play poker lately but I am focusing on the music you should too www vampirefreaks com subliminalny go now
0,Bom dia twitters t maus mt resfriado
1,ha that definitely made my day
0,I never want to present my gov paper trupia is being too brutal when asking questions
0, traacy i knowi always leave it til the last minute i never learn gt lol i know it sucks so any other plans 4 2day
0, DonnieWahlberg Lost work is sad It sucks So many people out of work amp havin to move amp losing stuff sigh
0,I am so annoyed the CD that I pre ordered to get for Monday still isn t here I want Lines Vines and Trying Times but no HMPH
1, politicsRboring I havent been spending as much time online lately b c most of it s spent tryin to finish the first draft of my novel
1, kate b My money is on Guy
1, rickyli99 Had to look that up in the Urban Dictionary Those days as brief as they were are over for me
1, QuiqueKam Thks
0,I love how i haven t seen my baby cousin in 3 years and today she turns 6
0, SKG78 i wish i m so sleepy
0, Gloson Website doesn t work for me S
0,i want to go outside and play can you believe these two wanna stay inside HUMPH
0, Kakabel Hi Gwen Lou is not so gd this morning The roller coaster ride conts
0, jkensuke I want pancakes
0,I miss my babeee
1, tommcfly hi Tom do you know you have 3 step sisters me keren4562 and noamcfly XD ask your mom about that LOL what do you think XD
0,Aww my dog just died Poor girl was nearly fifteen lt 3
1, Ms A New ikno But we will when are u not busy
0,I have so much sinus pressure right now I want to die
1, dtpriceless hey lady ya morning flowin rite 2day
1,Felicity dearest you should not have given me your password I thought you were joking but obviously you weren t I love it btw Makes me
0, MONicaGalang i wish i was there with you guys i wanted to go but couldn t bc of work
0,eating cold dinner
1,I ve got a 6am flight I smell an early morning airport party
1,saw cesar millan on bones today my aunt and i got a kick out of it
1, mikiyyyyyy haha im good
1,So i think that Kavya Shivashankar will win this Bee But who knows with these words I m amazed and jealous of these kids abilities
1,Eating at the Chase Smokehouse
0,I want my stuff
0, DrJoolz I don t have an invite Can t find mention of it on ICOSS pages Is it just for top brass
0,im thinking about my 1st day at practice and how my team and i have become SO close since then and i cant believe nate is leaving
0,I hate my life But l love him soo much lt kills me
0,saddd RIP Nana lt 3 iloveyou Matt Anderson lt 333333333
1,gnight sweet dreams teeveee thenn sleep and thennn kiso s house in the morninggg
1,HAPPY MOTHER S DAY Especially to the single mothers out there Keep the faith My mom did And Look how I turned out lol
0,Forgot about mothers day
1,The sun is shining
1,Yeah I did it I went out last night and watched a great movie That was great Have to do this as soon as possible again
0, peterfacinelli well i try to make that my friends follow you but they dont want to open a twitter account sorry
1,Good Morning Jesus about to spend time with you then worship lunch Ultimate accountability Linda
0,So I just learned a very valuable lesson Even though it s only 70 degrees here in Cali You can still get a major sun burn
1, jollything johnav23 I want a Savage
1,If you have tried to text me in the last few days I probably didn t get it My new phone is acting funny Just call me
1,The ultimate youtube video http bit ly e4mNo
0,we re waiting for 3 5 hours and yet we have not yet started worse we re waiting for our lunch grr
0,Lovely day Already done the shopping for tonight s BBQ Now a whole day of cleaning
1,is getting ready for work and then going to relax the rest of the day
0,hmmmm why is the uk crap for dancers
1, Serenaf66 am currently looking at pigeon swim wear as mine is coming apart from over use in bird bath
1, blackgoldmusic didn t realize you were Marc s brother Next time you are at my office in studio let me know amp I will come in amp say hi
0, x rose tyler x awww we need to have a meeting with him to fix this
1,Goodmorning where one
1, emaatwell ahhh interesting I hope she won t bite you
1, VampireStan whisper in the wind Otis Otis Redding you should cue up some Otis Redding
1, patriciaco thanks Pat i m voting for you and Steph too
1,may ye gods have mercy on twitter believepsalm91 is under caffeine influence
0,The cd haven t come out in Bulgaria yet I can t wait wish they were faster
1, DDGriffith You re welcome I do love the Seesmic desktop
0, kognition that one was MEAN
0,n im real sorri about the lack of tweetin
1, EB65 and mainly scared Oh well hopefully i ll be knocked out E B amp Sam
0, ontd Cavs lost
1,Bought my mother her fathers day presenttt Sam s with the mom and best frannn
0, christiffer im using that cd thingy its good but i just cant concentrate i keep getting distracted
1,Watching the hills waiting for mtv movie award
1,If y0u re 100king for rEa1 1eads go here gt
1, yarostarak Great man I graduate June 11th Just wanted to thank you for all your helpful material
0,http twitpic com 6tkg9 ive got myself a hater
0,http twitpic com 65xps What happened baby you re sleeping while you were studying Ibund miss you here can t wait for tomorrow w
1,Britney was awesome sum gerbutstag Anna
0,i can feel my heart shattering i need him back
1,new vid on qik http qik com video 1590872
1,i think im going to start my workout now a few sit up and push up doesnt kill Hehehe
0,That was the sweetest thing I ve read in a long time
0,A C is busted and its been 85 Degrees in the Apartment for the past 4 days
0,Bahaha july is going to suck
1, hyunjoongkim It s OK Don t said it never is good Actually my EL is still no good but I really want to talk to everyone
1,Ahhh some rain at last it has been threatening rain all day
1, danaluv if you like 2 laugh have a good time follow me its just that simple
0,No clear water Damn http twitpic com 800e0
1, cherrythegreat haay i missed those days yung tipong ma play lang yung song request mo masaya na araw mo
0,Eating something making my bed and then crashing So tired and I work a full day tomorrow
1, elizabetty very odd and out of place awesome
1,OMG Hope You Have A Gr8 Time In Cannes Paris btw Your Always A Princess
0,Wishing i didn t have to be at work
0, bostonwriter unfortunately no NESN here in Charlotte I ve got Joe Castiglione and either Dave or John I m never sure who s there
0,packing sad to be leaving california today
1, VMDoug pomegranate amaretto to you mister
1,Aw my friends relationship thing is so cute Im so happy for them
0, ant2ny law student study on Friday night as well as Saturdays and Sundays I feel for you love
1, skrobertson ohh lol im 16 too but shes cooking brekfast
0, Cindie Stewart ugh I hope you don t get sick Amanda spent the weekend in bed Looks like I started a trend
1,Buon giorno it looks like it s gonna be another summerday here in the Netherlands Let s start with breakfast
1,the hangover was SO good hilarious now i m home with the hubster drinking nuvo watching conan a very good evening if i do say so myself
0,any ideas for the BBQ tommorow Ummmm A Pig on A spit Really Lets Not
0,there was a lil mouse in mi room n he ran into the kitchen n got caught on da trap he s small n kinda cute but now he is gonna die
1, StarrGazr Yes mam There s nothing like starting the day with a good song and a few dance moves
0,Hey Fee He fooked his ankle playing footie y day and will be in an air cast tonight
1, trent reznor Trent don t get mad at me but I keep thinking you re pretending to be engaged for some reason
0, BreBaby143 lushcious My b day was Thurs I wanted 2 do 5 this weekend for my b day but I guess close enough next weekend Going alone
0,lunch timeeeee bye twitter
1, scottishsteveo Does look good The kind of game where doing stupid stuff never gets old
0,Oh my lord i have no interest in living right now for example The Sunday night depression is hitting harder than usual
0,I m training my yard gnomes in the deadly art of spork fu but they keep poking me in the eye
1, iamjersey what song is that from I can t stop singing that line Grr
0, IOAmegan hah welcome to my world
1,Thinks it s kinda funny to be reading twilight w all this blood around her Making 50 today
1, Dannaca Lynn UGH too many problems worst night i ve had in a while but im okay how are you feeling better today i hope
0, kathshelper that s been going on at our place for over a year plenty of tradie bum crack views and loud FM radio too
0,Aahhh I just woke up I m so tired but I can t go back to sleep ha text me
1, PaulaAbdul I hope you have a great time there btw You rock always
1,watching gosssip girl i love it so much
1,Hey ppl
1,Other than that Mrs Lincoln how was the play
0,wondering if the whole charade is going to start up again just to self destruct yet another time Math final today Yuck
1, weasel1891 haha you re just mad because we re talking about coles abs
0,bak at mi place still in pain feelin kinda sick still frm da smoke frm my mommas amiga s crib hit up da cell or msg me online
0,Ok Im seriously burnt
1, BgirlShorty greats sipping mai tais while shorty sips shirley temples
1,OK AFK for a bit store run for with 1 daughter
1, blueparrot2 4th july is looking good
1, stephanienathy alright thanks
0,some results coming 2de i m scared
0,i not seen him since xmas ere how do u get the talk thing to hav both are names when doin this on a phone anyways u luv my little baby
0,I still want some damn chocolate cake
0,I wanna be beside him Where is he now
0,Gloria Jean s is trending in Sydney right now I miss that place
0,I fail at answering my friends questions in their Facebook quizzes
0,Oh no Danny La Rue has passed away
1, thew thx a lot for the promotion dude appreciate it just got to see the design looks awesome now I need to make up my mind which ha
0, Phee78 I know I can t believe this happened I thought I was TALKING to Tony DiNozzo LOL Maybe Michael will clear it up 2
1,i love twitter
0, My Twitter account is only worth 84 Screw it
1,i keep begging my mom to let me move to Nebraska she said i can when im older
1,Hey jonasbrothers type your question here jonasliveonfb 14 daaays til the album release my horoscope told me that was a lucky day lt 3
0,Wtf TweetSharp give me some documentation
0,I miss Finland
0,i only have 4 days left of school but it feels like FOREVER and its NEVER going to end soooooo much to do
1,todays Tony Review 3 is West Side Story and Rock of Ages review them up for TheTonyAwards TOMORROW
0,I m only wearing one sock idr when I took the other off
1, taylorswift13 was looking around your myspacepage your forever my 1 rolemodel
0,And now I m out of the game
1,well just trying to figure out this twitter thing
1,chinese food love yess im happy
0,Basketball ing Yeeehaa the traffic isn t that bad tonight kinsky kenapa gak basket http myloc me 2gEc
0,Ugh I think that shade of lipstick is discontinued Can t find it anywhere Got the Kat Von D one quot Stilleto quot but its not as cool
0,Birmingham bridge is closed 10th street bypass flooded and water up to car windows in Oakland and Pittsburgh s Fox station is out
1, jenbshaw awww thanks I saw the twit pic of how you twitter lately SO sweet wasnt signed into twitpic
1,my fingers are callased from playing guitar and won t even register on my iTouch Lol
1, PercivalRoad Heyy I recognise your name work from Etsy How cool Would love to meet you at the swap party
0,112 102 STILL BELIEVE IN MAGIC game 6 in Orlando amp im hoping that the series would end there
0,is boreddddd i wanna do somefinnn
0,has to install everything back onto her laptop
1, PerryBelcher Saint John New Brunswick I am excited to get out of no mans land its beautiful here not many people tho I love people
0,excited that my sister is spending the night at home and a little sad because Sadie has thrown up 2 times poor puppy
1,yay did my research paper and i feel accomplished
0, binnyva oh movie by aki kaursmaki finish hvnt seen that
1, ryblackattack i am trying i must be ready for the elopement next week i think marshall can take my spare coldplay ticket
1, usdev it s funny how u work even when not working u should chill a bit more come visit me if you got nothing to do
0,QLD 6 NSW 2
0,I am bored
1,is excited for a great Monday lots to do lots to learn lots to enjoy
1, PatsyTravers wooo thankkkk youuuu i m excited noww hahaha
0, kourtnie Oh sweet Except it makes me think of Swayze being very sick sucks
1, dabossman555 yay it saved whooo okay i m gonna try see if IM works
1, tricia ZLNet i got the name from their Paleyfest panel think it was Jim who said they call their scenes Shenny or Peldon so cute
0, zander was it an email or what I m waiting to find out about mine
0,The only thing thaty could ruin new taco place in town My stupid ec bf working there
0,My phone line is all different kinds of messed up
1, timworth1 lol Hey maybe they re mutations
0, MrJoatmon Well I mean I like the pic I haz up She s purdy
1,it s ahyajriah thank u preciate it luv ahyajriah
0, BaronessHeather Yeah I really like it for when I m doing indoor running or when I m not carrying my iPhone But it doesn t do biking
0,graduation with vicki lt 3 i am going to like cryyy
1, ramblelite yes i ve never seen anybody write a welsh accent skilzzzz
1,I had forgotten how therapeutic a cigarette was
1,Clear blue sky Gonna sleep in the sun listening to some podcasts Got bares I havnt listened to on my iPhone
1, SirJRB Awwww you
0, owlcity danggg i live by knoxville nashville is too far away
0,Can hardly hear out of my ear
0,Why am I still awake And why do I drive by your old house Is it maybe the hope of things going back to how they used to be I love you
0,My flat screen broken
1,Was working late tonight recreating some lost code I came up with good improvements so I feel both stupid and clever at the same time
1,Princess or is it duchess S Camilla vistited my school today not sure why She walked in we clapped she walked out we clapped
1, longhand Hi ba In G we trust
1, iamchanelle Happy Birthday
1, MizzyLB hahaha on a lighter note u listen 2 chiodos my husband loves them i dnt knw what they sound like tho how wud u rate
1, IndywoodFILMS hello how goes it things coming together for you
1,new set on polyvore http bit ly We5HJ
0,Has been so caught up in SUM life she forgot how lame regular church is Bleh wish it wasn t this way
0, jenrrray i wasn t able to see them tickets were sold out when we got there i still recommend seeing them though if you can
0,Road traffic accident at Brislington Park amp Ride causing delays to Service X39
1,having so much fun here in vegas
1, yahooprofiles but i can t input embed into entry youtube too after click Post entry
1,just turned from the foolery known as For the love of Ray J to the My Black is Beautiful special on BET celebrating lovely blk women
1,At Staines in trainers sitting next to Cali about to embark on the Ubuntu adventure
1, amandagravel I am good my friend Just plugging away Looks like you are keeping busy eh
1,my stepdaddy is bringing me a yummy salad jaay
0,tonight anything
0,i didnt really know him so he didnt know i liked them or anything but it still REALLY bummed me out
1, mileycyrus http twitpic com 6shtr love this
0, TessMorris sorry to hear that
0, Amee Breezy on top of that my bf or umm idk what to call him is still not talking to me I think I may have lost him for good
0, xBeckah iloveyou
1, thefuturist88 Ooooh that issue hasn t crossed the Pacific yet Will be on the lookout for it
0,I want A Stavros Flatley B Aiden Davis C Julian whatever his last name is to win Unfortunately they won t BGT
0, chickylove that was it bella woke me up she knows how to crawl on my bed now i regret having a low bed
0,Rolo still got the trots now limiting him down to just James Wellbeloved Is it the heat woofwednesday
0, hanaabanana Never mind i see TR Knight has confirmed he s out
1, Mrbimble76 It s good that you are making a plan Should help make the actual move easier
0,Denist I ve cracked a tooth
1,Finally developed pictures
0,is worried things are never going to be the same again
1,i love the weather right now cooling
1, pdeezyfosheezy You forget I work at Multicell lol but thanks for the invite Wish her a very HAPPY HAPPY birthday for me
0,Really really nervous for the SATs tomorrow Not even exaggerating
1, spoyzz no dont do it im sure u have plenty
0,Modern technology really doesn t seem to like me
0, xheadsyoulose I m closing
1, Jonasbrothers WWIII Fly with me Much better Paranoid Keep It Real my favourite
0, athensron hey Ron my updates aren t going 2 FB anymore can u send me the link again Thnks man
0,Is going to the hospital 2moro to solve the knee problems Hopefully an operation won t be needed
1,Hacking in movies http is gd 13k9h
1,feels pls follow me at twitter com http tinyurl com nkrn4h really fun her http plurk com p 110csu
0, mileycyrus awwe are you okay what happened
0,its raining now the sun has well and truly gone
1,mj just called my week has been made I miss my cuz so much
1, Michael D it looks like you just moved in craigslist has FREE furniture get some Also fiesta at my house when I finish moving
0,i feel like i i havent been on this in years i was gone at the river lt 3 home now long day tomorrow
0,A crash of thunder and a flash of lightning and the heavens have opened
0, cocoward O if you go to the extraaaa show who will you go wittth btw come together festival has weird people performing and its 77
1, Cat you know its a shame that the one famous person that agrees with me on Portia Ellen is Eminem But at least he said it
1,We are listening to the radio and my husband has just reinacted the Macarena which is making me laugh
0, TheTruthAc310 tsore throat amp blocked sinuses amp cough that won t go away got antibiotics today hope its better tmoro its been weeks of this
1,UP in 3D is totally recommended it was so sweet
1, darraghdoyle Great weekend out in the sun for the most of it nice to have good weather in the UK Hope all is good with you
1,First twitter of the day because I was trying to preserve the 555 updates thing 555 Carne Norte Now it s 556 D
0, anniehump it won t even open on my desktop Stuck with cr ppy Twitter
0, yaeljk one more tonite m amp g too i gotta get at them all big tonite my last show
1,Is back in sunny 95 degree weather though
1, RedBaff good to hear it s a bitch but fight thru it
0,hate him so much why he like another girl
1, folkloricfeel For good measure include me where Jennette s concerned
0,I can t do this I don t have the patience to just sit here and read a text book I m going to fail finals and that s that
1,sorting pictures with Mina for the next captiveculture update another suspension for that lovely french girl
1,Good morning Wow that sky is so blue
1, youreyesdontlie can we talk through here i cba to go on the laptop Tell me about the movie later ily
0, elaineball lost my wallet last weekend
0, actionscripted i only get a half hr lunch now
0,for some reason i m totally unfindable on facebook is this even possible
0,Sometimes YouTube has no sound on Ubuntu
1,Thinks about it every waking second and knows it will be okay
0,I don t like the way some people act
1,tonight was my silly night of the year Good night Twitterhomies HAha
0,Wants Everyone To Be Okay
1, priscillarenea ur calling the wrong one
1,managed to go through 3 different dates TARIKH without sleeping I ve mentioned earlier it IS a tight weekend
0, blondore i am not no but i have been a brazi soccer fangirl forever SA soccer fangirl not so much
1, DamianGrounds Thanks you re a star Trying to scroll down and see what I ve missed elevensestime
1, markleo82 i think they have stock at klcc mph 3 copies in penang eheh
1, Uncle Trav thanks
1, djkrunchie yeah my friends are dj n a party downtown
0,Second tattoo delayed
1, twilightfairy yeah I saw sun less sky and went outside to feel rain and all I get bird shit type drizzle Saw here amp there and came back
1, rmilana Thanks you too have to be back at the work I love tomorrow
0,Christine updates on Kasey and her condition
1, ElvaHsiao hey babes how ur days hope u have enough rest ok hmm now having a kind of weird feeling quot hmm quot
0,it s burning up here like you walk outside and your in a sauna blah I have a love hate relationship with high school
0,time to say by to J last hurrah at Kels tonight beers and tears
1,Hahah i feel MUCH better plus i cant sleep again
0,What are all these people doing up in the middle of the night I have an excuse work Could use a Starbucks about now ccn
0,drains his cooking pot and channels Zhang Ziyi at her most philosophical alas quot the soup is too salty quot
1, PrincessMir hope you get a job soon Where you planning on working here or abroad Somewhere nice and hot will be cool
1, Rick Kaselj i feel you when i logged back in I couldn t either
0,i already miss him why did you have to go
1,passed pentzkes i have a b or a
0,loves her friends hates studying wants to shop needs money wishes to be at the beach tanning
0, MissyB76 I feel the same I have so much fat on my legs you could make two Roseannes outta me And I m only 18
1,Photoshoot Photos are up on my bloggy the one I styled LeasSuitcase wordpress com
0,just ate a sausage roll that wasnt the greatest and drank a hot choccie which was very yummy
1,Dearest suppliers all your cheques are ready now
1,first spanish lesson in an hour nervous massive drawing marathon for the rest of the day
0, CopyAndChase oh i was lookin forward to it
1,Today it will be a good day of school I will see my best friend finally amp 9829 I surprised her too much See ya later
1,w00t the day is done amp i survived the shit storm almost unscathed time for reno 911 leftovers amp ambien dreamsss
0,cant find anything to wear i need to go shopping but mum wont take me
0,Trying to make my daughter do the tooth wiggle but she ain t having it
0,A trojan devastated my hard drve Ther goes one of my pricd posesions most if not al my PICS im left wit none Sad but have to let go
1,Ok last leg of the trip Just dropped off Tammie filled tank and homeward bound 2 5 hours to go
0, eviljonasbros ahh Joe appeared in my dreams today hahahaha
0, chicklet7 I knoe buddy I ve been high alert since twitter downtime waiting for some dumbass newbie game There are a couple of signs
0,when is this going to get easier and why the hell am I so sad about it
0,My twitter won t let me add a picture
1, tgp taxi3 grah Ta that helps Least i managed to finish i suppose
1, tommcfly i have an acoustic guitar i am trying to play its all about you can almost do it xx
1, JenniferPriest You re too kind thanks for that Look forward to seeing you on Thursday
1,Oh yeah and a cool six now in the bank Haha
0,Getting ready to go into the video conference room for testing I don t think my laptop is compatible though
0, aMiseryBusiness cuz i dont think i can take it if he pass away
0,Depressed the spineless Senate voted down 90 to 6 closing GITMO I could close it for nothing the last one out turns off light
0,Zoobar w K amp S was delish Studied Now watching the season finale of the hills LC s last show
0,Went to pick up the iphone today cant have it till thursday
1,am watching a real old funny movie
0,The half is done but the other half is waiting
0,Ugh being at the hospital makes me feel saad
1,Let s all make TITANIC the Number One trending topic today
1,Task done Back on the line Now going to enjoy a kibbelingetje with Tycho
1, JennyRay28 hello how exciting it s really quiet now
1, katiebabs Good luck
0,FriendFeed is down http bit ly EJArg
1,Headin out to Sharks tonite Time to get my party on
0,Lost my favourite red ticking pen
1, AlexAllTimeLow JackAllTimeLow It s AMAZING
0, mhausenblas Awesome pics of eswc2009 Too bad that iswc2009 pics won t look like that Looking forward to seeing you at semtech2009
1,Happy mothers day mommy ily
0,still sleepy about to get ready for work
1, Some1 fell asleep on me 11 11
0, Missypoo586 I tried getting tickets when they went on sale but no luck
0, Nataliee all my people left me x
1,Red Wings win
0,I went to kat to chat and no one was there
1,i have just written a wicked song xxx
1, freshalina itsmeAmerie Hey everyone I just mixed the first single quot Why R U quot I m sooo excited
0,eating breakfast on my break It s gonna be a really long day
0, cryslewis Funny thing I was going to fly and start a band w certain songs pre written in LA this summer Then funding was pulled
0,I m all happy until I look in the mirror an see that I don t look like me
0,I am sick of all this rain and there is only more coming how come once summer starts the crappy weather comes
0,I need a hug really bad right now
0, OGILVY quot We re sorry your device is not supported quot iPhone
0,I WANNA BE THERE I WANNA BE THERE http twitpic com 7zbpx
0, ali22san wish I could be there
1, theevilfrog thanks now i just gotta get on the comp lol
0,wants to wash her face and use acnol huuuuuuuuuuh why is acne always appear on my face
0,day already sucks gotta ticket this morning
1,nicola i was so drunk last nite i dont even remember i was drunk LOL
1,Is going to the Art Festival with the fam and then to MARCELLAS tonight to celebrate my Mom s birthday
1,Gonna sleep a little maybe i will get lucky and have some naughty dreams oh yeah
1,Sohooo ready for holidays
0, heygirl18 poor you will some dfo cheer you up
1, nicolalalalala Well that explains my early twenties
1, XxXCrazyGurlXxX Yeah Stealing my Faces they are like totally copy written White chocolate is so the best especially with oreos in em
1,omgomg ts3 comes out tomorrow
1, JulieRasmussen awwwww thank you likewise maybe i will run into you at chango sometime
0,Still sick from laassssttt Sunday omg what is this madness Learned u always carry a change of cloths when the weather man says rain
1,Britney Spears britneyspears is now following your updates on Twitter OMG
0, pancheezeits i went to tj today but i didn t drive i can kinda drive freeway we ll see if i ll let u take da wheel we can go buy coffe
1,Today is graduation day lets hope someone doesnt mess it up for me
0,i hate homework
1, selenagomez goodnitee omg when u sent ure last tweet i was listning to them freaky lol
1, BrandonBarash present soon in the mail I promise it will be something nice I think I found something Just gotta get done with school
0, theblondegirl shit eu gostava
1,Don t forget our huge Spring savings currently at http shooshoosusa com buy for your baby or a gift for friend
1, tweetaprize Thank you
1,no an interactive website for obese children does not count as exercise Thanks for the wise cracks
0,Noo I haven t heard I miss her though T T
0, lancearmstrong i agree and i didnt like the ending it just seemed to stop
0,bored need gay porn I have 3 5 hour dvd s to give away they need to go b c of me going back to IN DOC GOD BLESS go the church sun
1, ceggs That s nice to hear xx
0, Dr Touch afaik only if they are online just send a Challenge to NAME taptaprevenge com and it will work
0,One of my followers has locked her account and locked me out Should I be offended
0, CylonBetty285 LOL I STILL havent seen star trek I wonder if I should go today
1, ArielXanhGecko so where do you live in Viet Nam I wanna know so much
0,woohoo snowing at my house now not settling though
1,Some amazing news for 5yac Im so stoked follow me to see what comes next be ready
1,Joey is drunk http pi pe ckb9aq iPhone http ow ly 7mJv
1,Watching Boys Town Dino Impreial is such a beeeeeyotch I love him
0,Practicing for my music exam tomorrow Busy busy week Oh and I failed my driver s test
1, ako06 it s so awesome to hear that someone in Japan likes finnish bands Yes i ll come back to Japan many many times but dunno when
1, ShalaMae hmmmmmm Ask him again if he gives you the run around with the llama thing Sorry that s my nickname for her now
1,I want to be Part of Your World and hope to discover a Whole New World I really don t know my Reflection
0,I have to get up way early today NITE TWITTERLAND
0,Sooo tired work now from 10 3 or 5 not sure have a beautiful day love xx
0, ngmoco Why isn t the new video up yet for Rolando 2 It s the 20th
0, MetalGeorge Sounds like Tinnitus caught early it s treatable alas mine is too far gone 18 years of loud music has taken it s toll
0,just realized I got the wrong frame for my new Ikea desk gonna have to go back and exchange this one part
1,I just got an iPod touch going outside for a while
1, BilliePerry can t wait 4 JP s new album Saw him at Foxwoods w TAB last yr and the show was amazing meeting him after was ok too haha
0, cdf12345 i want to play no xbox
0,i dont like not being able to talk to him i hope he gets online soon
0,heading to school after 11 sisters sick
1, JeffreyKafer Hello If you need any questions answered I ll tell you all I know
1, rachaelmayxo i know i am sweating alive outside ooh yesss please i m free weds afternoon all day thurs amp fri whens good for you x
1,getting ready to go the cinema
0, selenagomez i cant call u itz so sad i cant sign up on Say Now coz Im from Indonesia
0,Lack of sleep and stress landed me a cold and sore throat great way to spend your vacation
0, RyanRoberts nope no price for second place in the quiz http bit ly pdvCy
1,full day full work Ganbate ciayoo
0,Depressed Dropped my External HDD Won t work now I know it s screwed arggggggh
0, NickkkJonasss i wish you boys were going on tour with miley come to salem oregon
1,I hate going to sleep when the sun is coming up nighty night
1, karaokevegan Happy Mothersday
0,kept thinking of him even to the extent of dreaming abt him
0,schools out but i gotta go to summer school kinda mad but oh well
1, bobbyedner I wanted 2 reply 2 ur twit but i was attacked earlier so i couldnt but yeah ur amazing n im so down wit being ur girl
1, senalovesqd oh you can practice haha just kidding
1, Savorysweetlife awesome thank you
1, RenaissGourmet Well On the menu today is a little of this http ow ly ef2P and a little of that http ow ly ef3Z What do you think
1, 21stcenturyfox Thanks for retweeting that Megan
0, ihatecrayons facebook isn t letting me upload anything I barely got the TR pic up
0,I think im getting sick eff the rain
1, Connie MW night don t worry i can sleep till 12 i go to school in the afternoon tomorrow
1, glennbeck nice MST3K moment at the endof the show
1, KiwiiKink a call from the delivery people I ordered something
1, larrytowell LOL Good to meet you GreatSongs
1, spahkleprincess LOL I can t think the word velvet without thinking about that suit now I blame you
0,asiff its the end of ga proper gutted
0,I have no1 to talk to
1,I have a job interview at HOOTERS today twit friends just n case any of y all cared it s not a bad job or a striping job guys it pays gud
1,Ocean Park was great didnt play Dragon nor the Abyss tho CRAP 8 hrs of drama practice tmrw 8 hours of sittin there doin nthn
0,Just woke up from a nap I apologize friends
0,my candy tastes like table guess thats why you dont play with your food lol but it looks better as a perfect cube gt lt mashes
0, Paceset9999 Oh my I didn t know that you lost your love at sea How heartbreaking
0,i feel so ill argh
0,Finished the movie Going to bed now
1, Silverlines By default it s a duck
1, jolicloud maybe I could get an invite sent my way I know I ll get one eventually but I M ANXIOUS
1, hertzog True Since I follow about three dozen podcasts there s no time left for an audiobook I should be more discerning
0,ISP playing up again
1, shaundiviney hah i dont thinkk it really brings out their masculinity
1,Summer has begin
0,at the airport with joe1034170 waiting for his plane
0, littleboyblues kamusta siya my friend said it was horrible is this true
0,Twitter didn t let me on 4 time and I had shit 2 say but the moment has gone now
1, captainfletcher haha i was just about to write you the exact thing how are you
1,in der uni hope that internet connection won t break down so I can watch Germanys next topmodel
0,Still haven t heard anything
1, shnappy1 just like daddy
1, sefaresh2
1, Meckybay Congrats 3rd time is the charm
0,totally bummed alone tonight
1,Doing whatever I want AGAIN Woot Woot XD 2 days to goooo
0,A week is a long time to wait gahh why is my mum so gay
1,I m seriously comtemplating killing Jessie I can t believe she told him I think he s pretty
1, Larnowillo shocker
1,http twitpic com 6uoic just founf this pic me and abbie in NYC
0, s mouth hurts a bit more than usual today
1, rgoodchild i just blogged about it i bumped into quot the policeman quot last night amp i realised i dont have the same spark with Dave lol
1, Russ00 i think u live on American time now American boy
0,Is missing his 6m old baby boy julian
0, ddlovato demi just say hi to me and it s enough just replay to me please love you so much
1,Ok Small defeat tonite but had a GREAT day Back on the wagon already but really from tomoro
1,gonna eat some sunchips
1, quot You dyed it the same color quot I love my dad P s I have brown hair now
1,I just signed up for a new apron swap http flirtyapronswap blogspot com This one s an I Love Lucy Theme
0, KeithLFC Meh nothing really just hanging out before I run a 5K tomorrow morning gotta wake up at 6 30 AM
0, Mark Corcoran no mate just for show and corporate gimmics
0, dougiemcfly Hey dont go listen to it http www radiomsn net They re doing a McFly Special
0,Once again I am up and energetic but also sad so I am going to lay it down TTYL nighty night
0,I hate when popcorn pieces get stuck in your teeth
1,I just got a sweet little add on for fire fox Foxytunes n n You can have a little control thing for your music player on your browser
1, sharniweber who s up the duff
1, Chipmunkartist ha ha ha you tell that little faker
1, StingRay02 Funny you should say that I was just making Ophelia Desdemona Iago Edmund connections earlier this morning
0,I m like addict with twitter anyways goodbye computer till the friday xd
1,Bonjour Soo hot today Ah summer what power you have to make us suffer and like it
0,AT amp T Wireless can kiss my ass I REFUSE to pay 200 extra for a new iPhone 3GS just because I m an existing customer I hate ATT
1,Just got thru makin sum Bombay bacon amp krab stuffed mushrooms I m eatin my feelins don t hate
1, patriciados if I had more than one cake I d be all over it
1, frangoldman31 hi frances taf ey tomrorow so make sure you bring money 4 michaels presnt p s we are leaving end of period3 remember
1, mitchelmusso how about visiting canada preferrably toronto ontario area
1, margaretotto great music videos for HOURS Comes on vh1 at fourish most nights i love it
1,Hangover tonight with my boyfraaanddd
0, EricHalliwell no money
0,Ugh no break at 1245 now that sux Oh well lol
1, sharonhayes coolio if you ever change your quot mind U will be on a quot killer quot team
0,i can t even look at food or alcohol atm urgh
0,I get the feeling kris0614 is going to make me wait until I get home to tell me I m denied vittles from BWW
0,oh em qeeeee sooo tired
0,im understanding twitter but not with ur help
0,so apparently i downloaded the 64 bit version of windows 7 instead of 32 bit what a waste of time bandwidth and a DVD
1, Henaxxru im good thankyou oh why x
0, ivanwantspeace i am slightly jealous haha i want sunflowers and brownies lucky bitch haha
1,Really proud of the way we launched Opera Unite http unite opera com great buzz now try the service
0,wheres the sun sloaneyyy ur makin me want coffee now lol
1,yes hate u Plato u and ur republic ahahaha lol doing some math work
1, anna banana25 she s 2 1 2 my niece love her like she was my own baby girl
1,Eggz is washing dishes katelyn conway I saw rian s tweet
0,change is good but i don t like the way some of my friends are changing this has to be the hardest part of life friends changing
1, Tw1sty I think u need a new dream Night night
1, DTSuites Downunder Where Brumby Reds Force Tah Heard you getting a 5th team Born in Cheetah land now in Bull town
1, karmicangel how abt after wrk wed jun17th i had a rt canal it s been bad infection causing face to blowfish i shld lk human by thn
1, s13pdg Morning Nope not yet Guess I have to make up my own mind on what it means
1,Goodbye I m offline again and leave the tweets to www tweetlater com Bye followers
0, windyplops poor monkey
1,Lots of pretty artisan jewerly to choose from in my shop http joslinjewels etsy com Only 21 shopping days left until Mothers Day
0,i don t feel good
1,Got the necessities and more Thanks Em for the discount gonna clean myself up and jump in bed
1, meedee64 We have a beautiful Dining Suite Used Twice Just there for show Says it all doesn t it Liz had to have one lol
1,1st Chinese BBQ for lunch today Mmmmm fried calamari
0,Sad day Looks like iPhone 3 0 is not coming out today I have to wait until tomorrow
1,http twitpic com 6ff3v Filip and Tindra down the water Had a really good evening
0,Well shuttle I like your design Truly sexy but I can t deal with 230w psu disapointing no richradin here
1, DHughesy hahah hughesy i have a 3 month old and i smelt a poopsy nappy once she was asleep i would leave her in it till she woke
0, xohanna no we haven t got it my auntie has though might go to hers to watch it lmao
1, candicotton Because grocery bag under the eyes isnt a hot look
1, melodysong hey i m frm assunta too
0, themuseaholic what will happen to RBM
1, nutritionniste awwwww thanks
0,i miss my ic girlsss i would go back RIGHT NOW school and everything
1, rossjones do you honestly think that s a good idea Do you want to get home on the night
0,I got my grades ALLLLLLL A S and one B ahhhh Bichota killed my gaaame but that class was brutal
1, quot Let Me Twitter Dat quot http bit ly FBlgK
0,Only 10 more mins
0,I was hoping my Starbucks would keep me awake to study last night but Starbucks failed me and I fell asleep time to cram
1, stephenfry Ooo Mr Fry you havent missed anything I ll have a look out for you around London today Whilst your settling back x
0,Chilling out after the house group short night ahead
1,Hmm 6 flags tuesday I hope that creepy old dude from the commercials aint there
1,Im bored my little brother is watching a program on cartoon network fun n t I want the tv AND the computer omgosh THATS FEAR
0, shaundiviney i can t find the station
0, jonasbrothers http twitpic com 7kf4b Wow i was at walmart at the exact same time buying my copy in San Diego though ddang it oh
0, viintagedresses aww poor Caity L add people n they will add you
0,Went to see Glass Candy tonight with my guy My Blackberry screen is cracked Poor BB Anyone know how to replace it
0,Why has my twitpic been quot uploading quot for like 10 minutes lol
1, danielleamelia this is me danielle i dont know what im doing when it comes to work
0, krist0ph3r Dude totally exhausted maan didn t even take a train Ma friend picked me up on the way back to Panvel
0,Ok HiEsso said I m too grown for a sidekick UGH well then what the hell can I get tweeps I SICK of this BB in fact I HATE it I have tmo
0,Google AppEngine doesn t support JAXB or RESTEasy Client no Sockets allowed No Service Bus on the Cloud
0, Gay Burns they actually talked you out of it I remember my initial excitement with 3g which quickly subsided
0,lol i put boyz i meant bird flu
1, ricky v dont worry youll do great anywhere
0, MikeAikenMusic uh you just spammed my timeline dude not cool
1,dinner then finish my mage profile i think
1, officialTila Translation I love you
1, teejay0109 aww thanks buddy you are the best Happy Monday to you
1, westonbuck Good
1,http twitpic com 6qs2z my new palm pre
1,finally saw the Pacquiao fight
1,Lovely day in Abingdon driving to North Yorkshire as soon as we ve got everything together hope Sun stays with us
0,at home with two sick boys I guess it made the rounds in our home
0,soooooooo sleeeeeeepppppy excited about probability of new job just not ecstatic about its location but work is work back to e quay
0,in my bedroom rockin out to my new JB cd YES and Kayla and her friend are making fun of me Maybe it s my huge pink bow
1, kellishaver Nothing wrong with that
1, garygomusic As long as ur happy I ponder if happy people converge 2gether is their combined happiness gr8r than the sum of their parts
0,Im so bored But muy little man just woke up so my day should brighten up He just came in to sit with me yah
0,Disturbed They sold the baby tiger I met in Thailand as an exotic pet Greedy bastards
0, chloevictoriaxo Amen to that Cept I m a poor high school student in SA with an evil mother who is too protective
1,My 2 favorite things Fuzzball and Air France http fuzz ball com twitter
0, DreNaylor I meant the Yoha but I just remembered I was going to Texas on Friday so now I won t be able to come up for another week
0,running late 4 work OMG its fonna be one of them days
1, ruschhour Ur welcome
0,aghhh I am so sick headache tummy ache runny nose cough temperature wat else could i as 4
0,Why can t I sleep longer How cruel is this world
1, Heynewgirl Yep I have epilepsy and never hid the fact I do have it I just dont let epilepsy have me
0, jasoncalhoun Oh sure Rub it in We don t have any In n Out s in Texas
1,As of tonight Jay Leno has left the building Adi s Chino chola
0, ubringmejoi we don t like your addictions
1,apple blossom weekend
1, yes im very excited
0,i don t wanna go to workkkkk
0,Raining and cold in London town today Have to go and get ready for Pilates
1,the longer I spend writing this proposal the more I think I should up the price
0,in Burney w a broken car lol
0, buddalunch Oh I just thanks and you were right So are you still having fun with your family I m still sick Ugh
0,I wish I could drink Or smoke And watch half baked It just isn t the same sober
0, suewaters Sorry ur still sick Wondering about embedding videos into blogs amp creative common laws in regard to videos
1, katyperry aww that s so cute she s actually watching twilight
0,I don t wanna leave
0,Plan Do housework while waiting for Gas Man Reality Played on CPU PS3 and watched Firefly while waiting for gas man I suck
0, kris1oxo helloooooo lovvvuuhhh Noo I m walking from the train now
1,listening to music
1, NICKof12FT kiss my pretty nice big ass fagget Beeeeer ponnnnngggg ugh msab3lla hurry Imy luilies thanks hun
0, tayfaceee i would have joined if i hadn t left twitter hahahaha im sad i missed out
1, thelewisaurus That s what I like to hear Fair dos Which Street Fighter film are you downloading It better be one of the classics
0, Candice Jo awwww that sucks that just sucks going to get lunch soon but email if you want
0,No cause I accidentally cheated myself into being an elder
1, jaredlunde when will that be I can t be a nag if I m in a coma in the other room
1,is going to Jared s and Caitlyn s grad parties
0,Feel so sad cos Phily s ship isnt coming in tonight after all
1, Flower7777 thanks
1, kristenjyoung I very much enjoyed it I read it in it s entirety at the Melbourne airport
0, ashleyluvsjbvfc LOL what s not to like but no ones talking to me
1,Found wallet phew Sorry for panicking and thanks for tweets
1,the cherry on top the pick of the peck the creme de la crop
0, JustinColon i have a 2 amp a half hr classs
1,Tomorrow should be productive That is if I don t sleep in too late Hehe
0,i just wanna stay at home all day
0, irishprincess41 not where i live
0, mshurtmeplz too many do and most need no change
1, mileycyrus aww we love you tooo
1, Susa75 That s awesome Love your new pic by the way Yeah I m crossing my fingers too hope they come back to Europe
1,http www pkr com via AceCarman love this site to play poker on I have a review needs an update on www pkrreview co uk gl table
1,i should probably go to bed now seeing as i have psych tomorrow 9 1 eff college i m joining a band i wish
1,Will be staying put on the coast for now we re just going to divide up the weekends a bit more Don t have to say goodbye to the unit
1, yelyahwilliams nice movie hope you enjoy it
1,its good to be home
1,Still awake anyone Text me if you are
1,Think ill get a new guitar
1, binarinabina OMG yes it was I m still smiling
0,At work And I forgot my breakfast banana I also forgot my fresh strawberries Good thing I keep an emergency pop tart in my drawer
0,Becca s last day here So I m gonna spend loootsa time with her and stuff
0,So tired I feel like I can hardly move
0,I m in soooo much pain my jaw is achin so much
1,gonna hit some balls on the tennis court with my friends later we ll have a huuuuuge bbq
0,That was a good movie Kinda sad though
1,is having breakfast starting the day with his girlfriend
0, birdlord what the fuck That s so messed up
1,Happy Birthday Baby
1, acidicice Wow Now that is the boss s strategy for you and other workers not to complain about work stress
0,I really don t want to go back to school tomorrow
1, snishemoto yes you did gg giiirl and prooom
0,i feel lemon
0,Yay school tomorrow grade 6 testing all day for a week greeeaaatt
0,friday night no plans no hubby just got my trees and henny and cablevision sweeeeet feel free to tweet twiqqaz
1, krystenisaac haha we prolly both did on the same night in downtown San diego at one point or another
0,Depeche Mode in Latvia is officially canceled
1,Just woke up My daughter was a siren last night and I didn t get much sleep Good thing out of all of this I dreamt of Dane Cook
0,Dinner was pretty good Anniversary date night half over already boo
1, david henrie http twitpic com 6fumn awwwww SO precious the cutest little thing
0,presentation on progesterone sometime this week i hate presentations
0,wondering how to use twitter and why i have 0 followers
0,my myspace is not working
0,Work sucks but atleast I get paid friday
0,It s my birthday Doesn t feel like it Can t sleep but I need to I have to go to work in the morning Had a throbbing headache all day
1, Siduli Haven t seen you around these parts forvever we re back at Heriotdale Should stop by for a Bull with Mich Ingo amp I sometime
1, evilitlsquirrel naxos no thats cool by me twitter thing
1, ValerieLang i know money is tough right now it is for me too i m not even gonna super spend a lot and neither is basco go
0,STUDING so boring but I got to make it done
0,on my bike http www gmap pedometer com r 2830822 my knees didn t like the hill between miles 3 and 4
0,Weezy and Kanye at Club Nokia at the official Lakers Victory Party djivy holding it down I am tweeting for her she got no service
1,lol gathered 48 bottles of free coca cola due to fail in local supermarket offer Thanks A H
1,http www j madness com is on 3 http www myanimespace org top100 checked at Sunday 15 47 pm GMT 7 Thanks
1,watching NCIS
1, RoxyM444 Cremorne it s sunny over here right now
1, teflclips Better than being born an English teacher would you say
0, Kifa7 I know the feeling I ve proctored a lot
1,After knowing about Omegle for 2 months I ve only just been introduced to the Omegle game Oh what fun
0,goodmorning everyone amp happy fathers day overslept by 15 minutes today
1, 1 pink fan Have a good busy day Bye
0, Cabbrock my twitter is messin up It won t refresh and then kicks me out
0,Ugh My computer is sooooooooooooooooooo slow today
1, mitchelmusso oh id totally help but unfortunately im unable to download from itunes on my computer but ill get the cd in stores 2day
0, tomricci I m supposed to be tidying my room I have so much to do before I go out
0, daso xx Totally Demi s not working for me
1, AceMas21 samanthai havent read your tweets yet slightly afraid to
0,No one is on MSN or any other IM I bet FrostedRebekah is busy playing Sims3
1,Thinks it s a great afternoon for golf Maybe class will finish early
1, msaulters I liked Spiral okay It was a little slow but enjoyable
0,doesn t want summer to end
1,otw to sc dapur coklat was so not fun its like the worst field trip ever but it was worthed kinda off to find my prom dressss
1,figuring out Twitter First Tweet Yessss
1, TonyZebra you should make me one with turqouise in it