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Pluto 2.0 is the first version of the JSR-286 Reference Implementation (Java Portlet API 2.0).
The starting point for Pluto 2.0 was the 1.1-286-COMPATIBILITY branch with a few modules from the original
Pluto 1.1.x trunk that is not in the 1.1-286-COMPATIBILITY branch or has not been used in developing
the 1.1-286-COMPATIBILITY branch. In addition, all the files in the root of this branch including the
root pom.xml have come over from the trunk. The 1.1-286-COMPATIBILITY branch is based on Pluto 1.1. It was
created from the SVN trunk in January, 2007.
The merge of 1.1-286-COMPATIBILITY branch with SVN trunk began on 8/9/2007 in the 1.1-286-trunk-merge branch.
On 1/7/2008, the 1.1-286-trunk-merge branch was moved to the Subversion trunk as the starting point
for Pluto 2.0.
See the Getting Started page on the Pluto web site (
for instructions on how to build Pluto from source. Currently there is not a binary or bundled
distribution of Pluto 2.0.