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{"version":3,"file":"popper.min.js","sources":["../../src/utils/isFunction.js","../../src/utils/getStyleComputedProperty.js","../../src/utils/getParentNode.js","../../src/utils/getScrollParent.js","../../src/utils/getReferenceNode.js","../../src/utils/isIE.js","../../src/utils/getOffsetParent.js","../../src/utils/isOffsetContainer.js","../../src/utils/getRoot.js","../../src/utils/findCommonOffsetParent.js","../../src/utils/getScroll.js","../../src/utils/includeScroll.js","../../src/utils/getBordersSize.js","../../src/utils/getWindowSizes.js","../../src/utils/getClientRect.js","../../src/utils/getBoundingClientRect.js","../../src/utils/getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode.js","../../src/utils/getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode.js","../../src/utils/isFixed.js","../../src/utils/getFixedPositionOffsetParent.js","../../src/utils/getBoundaries.js","../../src/utils/computeAutoPlacement.js","../../src/utils/getReferenceOffsets.js","../../src/utils/getOuterSizes.js","../../src/utils/getOppositePlacement.js","../../src/utils/getPopperOffsets.js","../../src/utils/find.js","../../src/utils/findIndex.js","../../src/utils/runModifiers.js","../../src/methods/update.js","../../src/utils/isModifierEnabled.js","../../src/utils/getSupportedPropertyName.js","../../src/methods/destroy.js","../../src/utils/getWindow.js","../../src/utils/setupEventListeners.js","../../src/methods/enableEventListeners.js","../../src/utils/removeEventListeners.js","../../src/methods/disableEventListeners.js","../../src/utils/isNumeric.js","../../src/utils/setStyles.js","../../src/utils/setAttributes.js","../../src/utils/getRoundedOffsets.js","../../src/utils/isModifierRequired.js","../../src/utils/getOppositeVariation.js","../../src/utils/clockwise.js","../../src/modifiers/offset.js","../../src/modifiers/arrow.js","../../src/utils/isBrowser.js","../../src/utils/debounce.js","../../src/modifiers/computeStyle.js","../../src/modifiers/flip.js","../../src/index.js","../../src/methods/defaults.js","../../src/modifiers/index.js","../../src/modifiers/shift.js","../../src/modifiers/preventOverflow.js","../../src/modifiers/keepTogether.js","../../src/modifiers/inner.js","../../src/modifiers/hide.js","../../src/modifiers/applyStyle.js"],"sourcesContent":["/**\n * Check if the given variable is a function\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Any} functionToCheck - variable to check\n * @returns {Boolean} answer to: is a function?\n */\nexport default function isFunction(functionToCheck) {\n const getType = {};\n return (\n functionToCheck &&\n === '[object Function]'\n );\n}\n","/**\n * Get CSS computed property of the given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Eement} element\n * @argument {String} property\n */\nexport default function getStyleComputedProperty(element, property) {\n if (element.nodeType !== 1) {\n return [];\n }\n // NOTE: 1 DOM access here\n const window = element.ownerDocument.defaultView;\n const css = window.getComputedStyle(element, null);\n return property ? css[property] : css;\n}\n","/**\n * Returns the parentNode or the host of the element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Element} parent\n */\nexport default function getParentNode(element) {\n if (element.nodeName === 'HTML') {\n return element;\n }\n return element.parentNode ||;\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport getParentNode from './getParentNode';\n\n/**\n * Returns the scrolling parent of the given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Element} scroll parent\n */\nexport default function getScrollParent(element) {\n // Return body, `getScroll` will take care to get the correct `scrollTop` from it\n if (!element) {\n return document.body\n }\n\n switch (element.nodeName) {\n case 'HTML':\n case 'BODY':\n return element.ownerDocument.body\n case '#document':\n return element.body\n }\n\n // Firefox want us to check `-x` and `-y` variations as well\n const { overflow, overflowX, overflowY } = getStyleComputedProperty(element);\n if (/(auto|scroll|overlay)/.test(overflow + overflowY + overflowX)) {\n return element;\n }\n\n return getScrollParent(getParentNode(element));\n}\n","/**\n * Returns the reference node of the reference object, or the reference object itself.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Element|Object} reference - the reference element (the popper will be relative to this)\n * @returns {Element} parent\n */\nexport default function getReferenceNode(reference) {\n return reference && reference.referenceNode ? reference.referenceNode : reference;\n}\n","import isBrowser from './isBrowser';\n\nconst isIE11 = isBrowser && !!(window.MSInputMethodContext && document.documentMode);\nconst isIE10 = isBrowser && /MSIE 10/.test(navigator.userAgent);\n\n/**\n * Determines if the browser is Internet Explorer\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Number} version to check\n * @returns {Boolean} isIE\n */\nexport default function isIE(version) {\n if (version === 11) {\n return isIE11;\n }\n if (version === 10) {\n return isIE10;\n }\n return isIE11 || isIE10;\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport isIE from './isIE';\n/**\n * Returns the offset parent of the given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Element} offset parent\n */\nexport default function getOffsetParent(element) {\n if (!element) {\n return document.documentElement;\n }\n\n const noOffsetParent = isIE(10) ? document.body : null;\n\n // NOTE: 1 DOM access here\n let offsetParent = element.offsetParent || null;\n // Skip hidden elements which don't have an offsetParent\n while (offsetParent === noOffsetParent && element.nextElementSibling) {\n offsetParent = (element = element.nextElementSibling).offsetParent;\n }\n\n const nodeName = offsetParent && offsetParent.nodeName;\n\n if (!nodeName || nodeName === 'BODY' || nodeName === 'HTML') {\n return element ? element.ownerDocument.documentElement : document.documentElement;\n }\n\n // .offsetParent will return the closest TH, TD or TABLE in case\n // no offsetParent is present, I hate this job...\n if (\n ['TH', 'TD', 'TABLE'].indexOf(offsetParent.nodeName) !== -1 &&\n getStyleComputedProperty(offsetParent, 'position') === 'static'\n ) {\n return getOffsetParent(offsetParent);\n }\n\n return offsetParent;\n}\n","import getOffsetParent from './getOffsetParent';\n\nexport default function isOffsetContainer(element) {\n const { nodeName } = element;\n if (nodeName === 'BODY') {\n return false;\n }\n return (\n nodeName === 'HTML' || getOffsetParent(element.firstElementChild) === element\n );\n}\n","/**\n * Finds the root node (document, shadowDOM root) of the given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} node\n * @returns {Element} root node\n */\nexport default function getRoot(node) {\n if (node.parentNode !== null) {\n return getRoot(node.parentNode);\n }\n\n return node;\n}\n","import isOffsetContainer from './isOffsetContainer';\nimport getRoot from './getRoot';\nimport getOffsetParent from './getOffsetParent';\n\n/**\n * Finds the offset parent common to the two provided nodes\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element1\n * @argument {Element} element2\n * @returns {Element} common offset parent\n */\nexport default function findCommonOffsetParent(element1, element2) {\n // This check is needed to avoid errors in case one of the elements isn't defined for any reason\n if (!element1 || !element1.nodeType || !element2 || !element2.nodeType) {\n return document.documentElement;\n }\n\n // Here we make sure to give as \"start\" the element that comes first in the DOM\n const order =\n element1.compareDocumentPosition(element2) &\n Node.DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING;\n const start = order ? element1 : element2;\n const end = order ? element2 : element1;\n\n // Get common ancestor container\n const range = document.createRange();\n range.setStart(start, 0);\n range.setEnd(end, 0);\n const { commonAncestorContainer } = range;\n\n // Both nodes are inside #document\n if (\n (element1 !== commonAncestorContainer &&\n element2 !== commonAncestorContainer) ||\n start.contains(end)\n ) {\n if (isOffsetContainer(commonAncestorContainer)) {\n return commonAncestorContainer;\n }\n\n return getOffsetParent(commonAncestorContainer);\n }\n\n // one of the nodes is inside shadowDOM, find which one\n const element1root = getRoot(element1);\n if ( {\n return findCommonOffsetParent(, element2);\n } else {\n return findCommonOffsetParent(element1, getRoot(element2).host);\n }\n}\n","/**\n * Gets the scroll value of the given element in the given side (top and left)\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @argument {String} side `top` or `left`\n * @returns {number} amount of scrolled pixels\n */\nexport default function getScroll(element, side = 'top') {\n const upperSide = side === 'top' ? 'scrollTop' : 'scrollLeft';\n const nodeName = element.nodeName;\n\n if (nodeName === 'BODY' || nodeName === 'HTML') {\n const html = element.ownerDocument.documentElement;\n const scrollingElement = element.ownerDocument.scrollingElement || html;\n return scrollingElement[upperSide];\n }\n\n return element[upperSide];\n}\n","import getScroll from './getScroll';\n\n/*\n * Sum or subtract the element scroll values (left and top) from a given rect object\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Object} rect - Rect object you want to change\n * @param {HTMLElement} element - The element from the function reads the scroll values\n * @param {Boolean} subtract - set to true if you want to subtract the scroll values\n * @return {Object} rect - The modifier rect object\n */\nexport default function includeScroll(rect, element, subtract = false) {\n const scrollTop = getScroll(element, 'top');\n const scrollLeft = getScroll(element, 'left');\n const modifier = subtract ? -1 : 1;\n += scrollTop * modifier;\n rect.bottom += scrollTop * modifier;\n rect.left += scrollLeft * modifier;\n rect.right += scrollLeft * modifier;\n return rect;\n}\n","/*\n * Helper to detect borders of a given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {CSSStyleDeclaration} styles\n * Result of `getStyleComputedProperty` on the given element\n * @param {String} axis - `x` or `y`\n * @return {number} borders - The borders size of the given axis\n */\n\nexport default function getBordersSize(styles, axis) {\n const sideA = axis === 'x' ? 'Left' : 'Top';\n const sideB = sideA === 'Left' ? 'Right' : 'Bottom';\n\n return (\n parseFloat(styles[`border${sideA}Width`], 10) +\n parseFloat(styles[`border${sideB}Width`], 10)\n );\n}\n","import isIE from './isIE';\n\nfunction getSize(axis, body, html, computedStyle) {\n return Math.max(\n body[`offset${axis}`],\n body[`scroll${axis}`],\n html[`client${axis}`],\n html[`offset${axis}`],\n html[`scroll${axis}`],\n isIE(10)\n ? (parseInt(html[`offset${axis}`]) + \n parseInt(computedStyle[`margin${axis === 'Height' ? 'Top' : 'Left'}`]) + \n parseInt(computedStyle[`margin${axis === 'Height' ? 'Bottom' : 'Right'}`]))\n : 0 \n );\n}\n\nexport default function getWindowSizes(document) {\n const body = document.body;\n const html = document.documentElement;\n const computedStyle = isIE(10) && getComputedStyle(html);\n\n return {\n height: getSize('Height', body, html, computedStyle),\n width: getSize('Width', body, html, computedStyle),\n };\n}\n","/**\n * Given element offsets, generate an output similar to getBoundingClientRect\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Object} offsets\n * @returns {Object} ClientRect like output\n */\nexport default function getClientRect(offsets) {\n return {\n ...offsets,\n right: offsets.left + offsets.width,\n bottom: + offsets.height,\n };\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport getBordersSize from './getBordersSize';\nimport getWindowSizes from './getWindowSizes';\nimport getScroll from './getScroll';\nimport getClientRect from './getClientRect';\nimport isIE from './isIE';\n\n/**\n * Get bounding client rect of given element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {HTMLElement} element\n * @return {Object} client rect\n */\nexport default function getBoundingClientRect(element) {\n let rect = {};\n\n // IE10 10 FIX: Please, don't ask, the element isn't\n // considered in DOM in some circumstances...\n // This isn't reproducible in IE10 compatibility mode of IE11\n try {\n if (isIE(10)) {\n rect = element.getBoundingClientRect();\n const scrollTop = getScroll(element, 'top');\n const scrollLeft = getScroll(element, 'left');\n += scrollTop;\n rect.left += scrollLeft;\n rect.bottom += scrollTop;\n rect.right += scrollLeft;\n }\n else {\n rect = element.getBoundingClientRect();\n }\n }\n catch(e){}\n\n const result = {\n left: rect.left,\n top:,\n width: rect.right - rect.left,\n height: rect.bottom -,\n };\n\n // subtract scrollbar size from sizes\n const sizes = element.nodeName === 'HTML' ? getWindowSizes(element.ownerDocument) : {};\n const width =\n sizes.width || element.clientWidth || result.width;\n const height =\n sizes.height || element.clientHeight || result.height;\n\n let horizScrollbar = element.offsetWidth - width;\n let vertScrollbar = element.offsetHeight - height;\n\n // if an hypothetical scrollbar is detected, we must be sure it's not a `border`\n // we make this check conditional for performance reasons\n if (horizScrollbar || vertScrollbar) {\n const styles = getStyleComputedProperty(element);\n horizScrollbar -= getBordersSize(styles, 'x');\n vertScrollbar -= getBordersSize(styles, 'y');\n\n result.width -= horizScrollbar;\n result.height -= vertScrollbar;\n }\n\n return getClientRect(result);\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport includeScroll from './includeScroll';\nimport getScrollParent from './getScrollParent';\nimport getBoundingClientRect from './getBoundingClientRect';\nimport runIsIE from './isIE';\nimport getClientRect from './getClientRect';\n\nexport default function getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode(children, parent, fixedPosition = false) {\n const isIE10 = runIsIE(10);\n const isHTML = parent.nodeName === 'HTML';\n const childrenRect = getBoundingClientRect(children);\n const parentRect = getBoundingClientRect(parent);\n const scrollParent = getScrollParent(children);\n\n const styles = getStyleComputedProperty(parent);\n const borderTopWidth = parseFloat(styles.borderTopWidth, 10);\n const borderLeftWidth = parseFloat(styles.borderLeftWidth, 10);\n\n // In cases where the parent is fixed, we must ignore negative scroll in offset calc\n if(fixedPosition && isHTML) {\n = Math.max(, 0);\n parentRect.left = Math.max(parentRect.left, 0);\n }\n let offsets = getClientRect({\n top: - - borderTopWidth,\n left: childrenRect.left - parentRect.left - borderLeftWidth,\n width: childrenRect.width,\n height: childrenRect.height,\n });\n offsets.marginTop = 0;\n offsets.marginLeft = 0;\n\n // Subtract margins of documentElement in case it's being used as parent\n // we do this only on HTML because it's the only element that behaves\n // differently when margins are applied to it. The margins are included in\n // the box of the documentElement, in the other cases not.\n if (!isIE10 && isHTML) {\n const marginTop = parseFloat(styles.marginTop, 10);\n const marginLeft = parseFloat(styles.marginLeft, 10);\n\n -= borderTopWidth - marginTop;\n offsets.bottom -= borderTopWidth - marginTop;\n offsets.left -= borderLeftWidth - marginLeft;\n offsets.right -= borderLeftWidth - marginLeft;\n\n // Attach marginTop and marginLeft because in some circumstances we may need them\n offsets.marginTop = marginTop;\n offsets.marginLeft = marginLeft;\n }\n\n if (\n isIE10 && !fixedPosition\n ? parent.contains(scrollParent)\n : parent === scrollParent && scrollParent.nodeName !== 'BODY'\n ) {\n offsets = includeScroll(offsets, parent);\n }\n\n return offsets;\n}\n","import getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode from './getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode';\nimport getScroll from './getScroll';\nimport getClientRect from './getClientRect';\n\nexport default function getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode(element, excludeScroll = false) {\n const html = element.ownerDocument.documentElement;\n const relativeOffset = getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode(element, html);\n const width = Math.max(html.clientWidth, window.innerWidth || 0);\n const height = Math.max(html.clientHeight, window.innerHeight || 0);\n\n const scrollTop = !excludeScroll ? getScroll(html) : 0;\n const scrollLeft = !excludeScroll ? getScroll(html, 'left') : 0;\n\n const offset = {\n top: scrollTop - + relativeOffset.marginTop,\n left: scrollLeft - relativeOffset.left + relativeOffset.marginLeft,\n width,\n height,\n };\n\n return getClientRect(offset);\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport getParentNode from './getParentNode';\n\n/**\n * Check if the given element is fixed or is inside a fixed parent\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @argument {Element} customContainer\n * @returns {Boolean} answer to \"isFixed?\"\n */\nexport default function isFixed(element) {\n const nodeName = element.nodeName;\n if (nodeName === 'BODY' || nodeName === 'HTML') {\n return false;\n }\n if (getStyleComputedProperty(element, 'position') === 'fixed') {\n return true;\n }\n const parentNode = getParentNode(element);\n if (!parentNode) {\n return false;\n }\n return isFixed(parentNode);\n}\n","import getStyleComputedProperty from './getStyleComputedProperty';\nimport isIE from './isIE';\n/**\n * Finds the first parent of an element that has a transformed property defined\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Element} first transformed parent or documentElement\n */\n\nexport default function getFixedPositionOffsetParent(element) {\n // This check is needed to avoid errors in case one of the elements isn't defined for any reason\n if (!element || !element.parentElement || isIE()) {\n return document.documentElement;\n }\n let el = element.parentElement;\n while (el && getStyleComputedProperty(el, 'transform') === 'none') {\n el = el.parentElement;\n }\n return el || document.documentElement;\n\n}\n","import getScrollParent from './getScrollParent';\nimport getParentNode from './getParentNode';\nimport getReferenceNode from './getReferenceNode';\nimport findCommonOffsetParent from './findCommonOffsetParent';\nimport getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode from './getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode';\nimport getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode from './getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode';\nimport getWindowSizes from './getWindowSizes';\nimport isFixed from './isFixed';\nimport getFixedPositionOffsetParent from './getFixedPositionOffsetParent';\n\n/**\n * Computed the boundaries limits and return them\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {HTMLElement} popper\n * @param {HTMLElement} reference\n * @param {number} padding\n * @param {HTMLElement} boundariesElement - Element used to define the boundaries\n * @param {Boolean} fixedPosition - Is in fixed position mode\n * @returns {Object} Coordinates of the boundaries\n */\nexport default function getBoundaries(\n popper,\n reference,\n padding,\n boundariesElement,\n fixedPosition = false\n) {\n // NOTE: 1 DOM access here\n\n let boundaries = { top: 0, left: 0 };\n const offsetParent = fixedPosition ? getFixedPositionOffsetParent(popper) : findCommonOffsetParent(popper, getReferenceNode(reference));\n\n // Handle viewport case\n if (boundariesElement === 'viewport' ) {\n boundaries = getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode(offsetParent, fixedPosition);\n }\n\n else {\n // Handle other cases based on DOM element used as boundaries\n let boundariesNode;\n if (boundariesElement === 'scrollParent') {\n boundariesNode = getScrollParent(getParentNode(reference));\n if (boundariesNode.nodeName === 'BODY') {\n boundariesNode = popper.ownerDocument.documentElement;\n }\n } else if (boundariesElement === 'window') {\n boundariesNode = popper.ownerDocument.documentElement;\n } else {\n boundariesNode = boundariesElement;\n }\n\n const offsets = getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode(\n boundariesNode,\n offsetParent,\n fixedPosition\n );\n\n // In case of HTML, we need a different computation\n if (boundariesNode.nodeName === 'HTML' && !isFixed(offsetParent)) {\n const { height, width } = getWindowSizes(popper.ownerDocument);\n += - offsets.marginTop;\n boundaries.bottom = height +;\n boundaries.left += offsets.left - offsets.marginLeft;\n boundaries.right = width + offsets.left;\n } else {\n // for all the other DOM elements, this one is good\n boundaries = offsets;\n }\n }\n\n // Add paddings\n padding = padding || 0;\n const isPaddingNumber = typeof padding === 'number';\n boundaries.left += isPaddingNumber ? padding : padding.left || 0; \n += isPaddingNumber ? padding : || 0; \n boundaries.right -= isPaddingNumber ? padding : padding.right || 0; \n boundaries.bottom -= isPaddingNumber ? padding : padding.bottom || 0; \n\n return boundaries;\n}\n","import getBoundaries from '../utils/getBoundaries';\n\nfunction getArea({ width, height }) {\n return width * height;\n}\n\n/**\n * Utility used to transform the `auto` placement to the placement with more\n * available space.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function computeAutoPlacement(\n placement,\n refRect,\n popper,\n reference,\n boundariesElement,\n padding = 0\n) {\n if (placement.indexOf('auto') === -1) {\n return placement;\n }\n\n const boundaries = getBoundaries(\n popper,\n reference,\n padding,\n boundariesElement\n );\n\n const rects = {\n top: {\n width: boundaries.width,\n height: -,\n },\n right: {\n width: boundaries.right - refRect.right,\n height: boundaries.height,\n },\n bottom: {\n width: boundaries.width,\n height: boundaries.bottom - refRect.bottom,\n },\n left: {\n width: refRect.left - boundaries.left,\n height: boundaries.height,\n },\n };\n\n const sortedAreas = Object.keys(rects)\n .map(key => ({\n key,\n ...rects[key],\n area: getArea(rects[key]),\n }))\n .sort((a, b) => b.area - a.area);\n\n const filteredAreas = sortedAreas.filter(\n ({ width, height }) =>\n width >= popper.clientWidth && height >= popper.clientHeight\n );\n\n const computedPlacement = filteredAreas.length > 0\n ? filteredAreas[0].key\n : sortedAreas[0].key;\n\n const variation = placement.split('-')[1];\n\n return computedPlacement + (variation ? `-${variation}` : '');\n}\n","import findCommonOffsetParent from './findCommonOffsetParent';\nimport getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode from './getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode';\nimport getFixedPositionOffsetParent from './getFixedPositionOffsetParent';\nimport getReferenceNode from './getReferenceNode';\n\n/**\n * Get offsets to the reference element\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Object} state\n * @param {Element} popper - the popper element\n * @param {Element} reference - the reference element (the popper will be relative to this)\n * @param {Element} fixedPosition - is in fixed position mode\n * @returns {Object} An object containing the offsets which will be applied to the popper\n */\nexport default function getReferenceOffsets(state, popper, reference, fixedPosition = null) {\n const commonOffsetParent = fixedPosition ? getFixedPositionOffsetParent(popper) : findCommonOffsetParent(popper, getReferenceNode(reference));\n return getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode(reference, commonOffsetParent, fixedPosition);\n}\n","/**\n * Get the outer sizes of the given element (offset size + margins)\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Object} object containing width and height properties\n */\nexport default function getOuterSizes(element) {\n const window = element.ownerDocument.defaultView;\n const styles = window.getComputedStyle(element);\n const x = parseFloat(styles.marginTop || 0) + parseFloat(styles.marginBottom || 0);\n const y = parseFloat(styles.marginLeft || 0) + parseFloat(styles.marginRight || 0);\n const result = {\n width: element.offsetWidth + y,\n height: element.offsetHeight + x,\n };\n return result;\n}\n","/**\n * Get the opposite placement of the given one\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {String} placement\n * @returns {String} flipped placement\n */\nexport default function getOppositePlacement(placement) {\n const hash = { left: 'right', right: 'left', bottom: 'top', top: 'bottom' };\n return placement.replace(/left|right|bottom|top/g, matched => hash[matched]);\n}\n","import getOuterSizes from './getOuterSizes';\nimport getOppositePlacement from './getOppositePlacement';\n\n/**\n * Get offsets to the popper\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Object} position - CSS position the Popper will get applied\n * @param {HTMLElement} popper - the popper element\n * @param {Object} referenceOffsets - the reference offsets (the popper will be relative to this)\n * @param {String} placement - one of the valid placement options\n * @returns {Object} popperOffsets - An object containing the offsets which will be applied to the popper\n */\nexport default function getPopperOffsets(popper, referenceOffsets, placement) {\n placement = placement.split('-')[0];\n\n // Get popper node sizes\n const popperRect = getOuterSizes(popper);\n\n // Add position, width and height to our offsets object\n const popperOffsets = {\n width: popperRect.width,\n height: popperRect.height,\n };\n\n // depending by the popper placement we have to compute its offsets slightly differently\n const isHoriz = ['right', 'left'].indexOf(placement) !== -1;\n const mainSide = isHoriz ? 'top' : 'left';\n const secondarySide = isHoriz ? 'left' : 'top';\n const measurement = isHoriz ? 'height' : 'width';\n const secondaryMeasurement = !isHoriz ? 'height' : 'width';\n\n popperOffsets[mainSide] =\n referenceOffsets[mainSide] +\n referenceOffsets[measurement] / 2 -\n popperRect[measurement] / 2;\n if (placement === secondarySide) {\n popperOffsets[secondarySide] =\n referenceOffsets[secondarySide] - popperRect[secondaryMeasurement];\n } else {\n popperOffsets[secondarySide] =\n referenceOffsets[getOppositePlacement(secondarySide)];\n }\n\n return popperOffsets;\n}\n","/**\n * Mimics the `find` method of Array\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Array} arr\n * @argument prop\n * @argument value\n * @returns index or -1\n */\nexport default function find(arr, check) {\n // use native find if supported\n if (Array.prototype.find) {\n return arr.find(check);\n }\n\n // use `filter` to obtain the same behavior of `find`\n return arr.filter(check)[0];\n}\n","import find from './find';\n\n/**\n * Return the index of the matching object\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Array} arr\n * @argument prop\n * @argument value\n * @returns index or -1\n */\nexport default function findIndex(arr, prop, value) {\n // use native findIndex if supported\n if (Array.prototype.findIndex) {\n return arr.findIndex(cur => cur[prop] === value);\n }\n\n // use `find` + `indexOf` if `findIndex` isn't supported\n const match = find(arr, obj => obj[prop] === value);\n return arr.indexOf(match);\n}\n","import isFunction from './isFunction';\nimport findIndex from './findIndex';\nimport getClientRect from '../utils/getClientRect';\n\n/**\n * Loop trough the list of modifiers and run them in order,\n * each of them will then edit the data object.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {dataObject} data\n * @param {Array} modifiers\n * @param {String} ends - Optional modifier name used as stopper\n * @returns {dataObject}\n */\nexport default function runModifiers(modifiers, data, ends) {\n const modifiersToRun = ends === undefined\n ? modifiers\n : modifiers.slice(0, findIndex(modifiers, 'name', ends));\n\n modifiersToRun.forEach(modifier => {\n if (modifier['function']) { // eslint-disable-line dot-notation\n console.warn('`modifier.function` is deprecated, use `modifier.fn`!');\n }\n const fn = modifier['function'] || modifier.fn; // eslint-disable-line dot-notation\n if (modifier.enabled && isFunction(fn)) {\n // Add properties to offsets to make them a complete clientRect object\n // we do this before each modifier to make sure the previous one doesn't\n // mess with these values\n data.offsets.popper = getClientRect(data.offsets.popper);\n data.offsets.reference = getClientRect(data.offsets.reference);\n\n data = fn(data, modifier);\n }\n });\n\n return data;\n}\n","import computeAutoPlacement from '../utils/computeAutoPlacement';\nimport getReferenceOffsets from '../utils/getReferenceOffsets';\nimport getPopperOffsets from '../utils/getPopperOffsets';\nimport runModifiers from '../utils/runModifiers';\n\n/**\n * Updates the position of the popper, computing the new offsets and applying\n * the new style.<br />\n * Prefer `scheduleUpdate` over `update` because of performance reasons.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper\n */\nexport default function update() {\n // if popper is destroyed, don't perform any further update\n if (this.state.isDestroyed) {\n return;\n }\n\n let data = {\n instance: this,\n styles: {},\n arrowStyles: {},\n attributes: {},\n flipped: false,\n offsets: {},\n };\n\n // compute reference element offsets\n data.offsets.reference = getReferenceOffsets(\n this.state,\n this.popper,\n this.reference,\n this.options.positionFixed\n );\n\n // compute auto placement, store placement inside the data object,\n // modifiers will be able to edit `placement` if needed\n // and refer to originalPlacement to know the original value\n data.placement = computeAutoPlacement(\n this.options.placement,\n data.offsets.reference,\n this.popper,\n this.reference,\n this.options.modifiers.flip.boundariesElement,\n this.options.modifiers.flip.padding\n );\n\n // store the computed placement inside `originalPlacement`\n data.originalPlacement = data.placement;\n\n data.positionFixed = this.options.positionFixed;\n\n // compute the popper offsets\n data.offsets.popper = getPopperOffsets(\n this.popper,\n data.offsets.reference,\n data.placement\n );\n\n data.offsets.popper.position = this.options.positionFixed\n ? 'fixed'\n : 'absolute';\n\n // run the modifiers\n data = runModifiers(this.modifiers, data);\n\n // the first `update` will call `onCreate` callback\n // the other ones will call `onUpdate` callback\n if (!this.state.isCreated) {\n this.state.isCreated = true;\n this.options.onCreate(data);\n } else {\n this.options.onUpdate(data);\n }\n}\n","/**\n * Helper used to know if the given modifier is enabled.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @returns {Boolean}\n */\nexport default function isModifierEnabled(modifiers, modifierName) {\n return modifiers.some(\n ({ name, enabled }) => enabled && name === modifierName\n );\n}\n","/**\n * Get the prefixed supported property name\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {String} property (camelCase)\n * @returns {String} prefixed property (camelCase or PascalCase, depending on the vendor prefix)\n */\nexport default function getSupportedPropertyName(property) {\n const prefixes = [false, 'ms', 'Webkit', 'Moz', 'O'];\n const upperProp = property.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + property.slice(1);\n\n for (let i = 0; i < prefixes.length; i++) {\n const prefix = prefixes[i];\n const toCheck = prefix ? `${prefix}${upperProp}` : property;\n if (typeof[toCheck] !== 'undefined') {\n return toCheck;\n }\n }\n return null;\n}\n","import isModifierEnabled from '../utils/isModifierEnabled';\nimport getSupportedPropertyName from '../utils/getSupportedPropertyName';\n\n/**\n * Destroys the popper.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper\n */\nexport default function destroy() {\n this.state.isDestroyed = true;\n\n // touch DOM only if `applyStyle` modifier is enabled\n if (isModifierEnabled(this.modifiers, 'applyStyle')) {\n this.popper.removeAttribute('x-placement');\n = '';\n = '';\n = '';\n = '';\n = '';\n = '';\n[getSupportedPropertyName('transform')] = '';\n }\n\n this.disableEventListeners();\n\n // remove the popper if user explicitly asked for the deletion on destroy\n // do not use `remove` because IE11 doesn't support it\n if (this.options.removeOnDestroy) {\n this.popper.parentNode.removeChild(this.popper);\n }\n return this;\n}\n","/**\n * Get the window associated with the element\n * @argument {Element} element\n * @returns {Window}\n */\nexport default function getWindow(element) {\n const ownerDocument = element.ownerDocument;\n return ownerDocument ? ownerDocument.defaultView : window;\n}\n","import getScrollParent from './getScrollParent';\nimport getWindow from './getWindow';\n\nfunction attachToScrollParents(scrollParent, event, callback, scrollParents) {\n const isBody = scrollParent.nodeName === 'BODY';\n const target = isBody ? scrollParent.ownerDocument.defaultView : scrollParent;\n target.addEventListener(event, callback, { passive: true });\n\n if (!isBody) {\n attachToScrollParents(\n getScrollParent(target.parentNode),\n event,\n callback,\n scrollParents\n );\n }\n scrollParents.push(target);\n}\n\n/**\n * Setup needed event listeners used to update the popper position\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @private\n */\nexport default function setupEventListeners(\n reference,\n options,\n state,\n updateBound\n) {\n // Resize event listener on window\n state.updateBound = updateBound;\n getWindow(reference).addEventListener('resize', state.updateBound, { passive: true });\n\n // Scroll event listener on scroll parents\n const scrollElement = getScrollParent(reference);\n attachToScrollParents(\n scrollElement,\n 'scroll',\n state.updateBound,\n state.scrollParents\n );\n state.scrollElement = scrollElement;\n state.eventsEnabled = true;\n\n return state;\n}\n","import setupEventListeners from '../utils/setupEventListeners';\n\n/**\n * It will add resize/scroll events and start recalculating\n * position of the popper element when they are triggered.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper\n */\nexport default function enableEventListeners() {\n if (!this.state.eventsEnabled) {\n this.state = setupEventListeners(\n this.reference,\n this.options,\n this.state,\n this.scheduleUpdate\n );\n }\n}\n","import getWindow from './getWindow';\n\n/**\n * Remove event listeners used to update the popper position\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @private\n */\nexport default function removeEventListeners(reference, state) {\n // Remove resize event listener on window\n getWindow(reference).removeEventListener('resize', state.updateBound);\n\n // Remove scroll event listener on scroll parents\n state.scrollParents.forEach(target => {\n target.removeEventListener('scroll', state.updateBound);\n });\n\n // Reset state\n state.updateBound = null;\n state.scrollParents = [];\n state.scrollElement = null;\n state.eventsEnabled = false;\n return state;\n}\n","import removeEventListeners from '../utils/removeEventListeners';\n\n/**\n * It will remove resize/scroll events and won't recalculate popper position\n * when they are triggered. It also won't trigger `onUpdate` callback anymore,\n * unless you call `update` method manually.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper\n */\nexport default function disableEventListeners() {\n if (this.state.eventsEnabled) {\n cancelAnimationFrame(this.scheduleUpdate);\n this.state = removeEventListeners(this.reference, this.state);\n }\n}\n","/**\n * Tells if a given input is a number\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {*} input to check\n * @return {Boolean}\n */\nexport default function isNumeric(n) {\n return n !== '' && !isNaN(parseFloat(n)) && isFinite(n);\n}\n","import isNumeric from './isNumeric';\n\n/**\n * Set the style to the given popper\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element - Element to apply the style to\n * @argument {Object} styles\n * Object with a list of properties and values which will be applied to the element\n */\nexport default function setStyles(element, styles) {\n Object.keys(styles).forEach(prop => {\n let unit = '';\n // add unit if the value is numeric and is one of the following\n if (\n ['width', 'height', 'top', 'right', 'bottom', 'left'].indexOf(prop) !==\n -1 &&\n isNumeric(styles[prop])\n ) {\n unit = 'px';\n }\n[prop] = styles[prop] + unit;\n });\n}\n","/**\n * Set the attributes to the given popper\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Element} element - Element to apply the attributes to\n * @argument {Object} styles\n * Object with a list of properties and values which will be applied to the element\n */\nexport default function setAttributes(element, attributes) {\n Object.keys(attributes).forEach(function(prop) {\n const value = attributes[prop];\n if (value !== false) {\n element.setAttribute(prop, attributes[prop]);\n } else {\n element.removeAttribute(prop);\n }\n });\n}\n","/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Boolean} shouldRound - If the offsets should be rounded at all\n * @returns {Object} The popper's position offsets rounded\n *\n * The tale of pixel-perfect positioning. It's still not 100% perfect, but as\n * good as it can be within reason.\n * Discussion here:\n *\n * Low DPI screens cause a popper to be blurry if not using full pixels (Safari\n * as well on High DPI screens).\n *\n * Firefox prefers no rounding for positioning and does not have blurriness on\n * high DPI screens.\n *\n * Only horizontal placement and left/right values need to be considered.\n */\nexport default function getRoundedOffsets(data, shouldRound) {\n const { popper, reference } = data.offsets;\n const { round, floor } = Math;\n const noRound = v => v;\n \n const referenceWidth = round(reference.width);\n const popperWidth = round(popper.width);\n \n const isVertical = ['left', 'right'].indexOf(data.placement) !== -1;\n const isVariation = data.placement.indexOf('-') !== -1;\n const sameWidthParity = referenceWidth % 2 === popperWidth % 2;\n const bothOddWidth = referenceWidth % 2 === 1 && popperWidth % 2 === 1;\n\n const horizontalToInteger = !shouldRound\n ? noRound\n : isVertical || isVariation || sameWidthParity\n ? round\n : floor;\n const verticalToInteger = !shouldRound ? noRound : round;\n\n return {\n left: horizontalToInteger(\n bothOddWidth && !isVariation && shouldRound\n ? popper.left - 1\n : popper.left\n ),\n top: verticalToInteger(,\n bottom: verticalToInteger(popper.bottom),\n right: horizontalToInteger(popper.right),\n };\n}\n","import find from './find';\n\n/**\n * Helper used to know if the given modifier depends from another one.<br />\n * It checks if the needed modifier is listed and enabled.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @param {Array} modifiers - list of modifiers\n * @param {String} requestingName - name of requesting modifier\n * @param {String} requestedName - name of requested modifier\n * @returns {Boolean}\n */\nexport default function isModifierRequired(\n modifiers,\n requestingName,\n requestedName\n) {\n const requesting = find(modifiers, ({ name }) => name === requestingName);\n\n const isRequired =\n !!requesting &&\n modifiers.some(modifier => {\n return (\n === requestedName &&\n modifier.enabled &&\n modifier.order < requesting.order\n );\n });\n\n if (!isRequired) {\n const requesting = `\\`${requestingName}\\``;\n const requested = `\\`${requestedName}\\``;\n console.warn(\n `${requested} modifier is required by ${requesting} modifier in order to work, be sure to include it before ${requesting}!`\n );\n }\n return isRequired;\n}\n","/**\n * Get the opposite placement variation of the given one\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {String} placement variation\n * @returns {String} flipped placement variation\n */\nexport default function getOppositeVariation(variation) {\n if (variation === 'end') {\n return 'start';\n } else if (variation === 'start') {\n return 'end';\n }\n return variation;\n}\n","import placements from '../methods/placements';\n\n// Get rid of `auto` `auto-start` and `auto-end`\nconst validPlacements = placements.slice(3);\n\n/**\n * Given an initial placement, returns all the subsequent placements\n * clockwise (or counter-clockwise).\n *\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.Utils\n * @argument {String} placement - A valid placement (it accepts variations)\n * @argument {Boolean} counter - Set to true to walk the placements counterclockwise\n * @returns {Array} placements including their variations\n */\nexport default function clockwise(placement, counter = false) {\n const index = validPlacements.indexOf(placement);\n const arr = validPlacements\n .slice(index + 1)\n .concat(validPlacements.slice(0, index));\n return counter ? arr.reverse() : arr;\n}\n","import isNumeric from '../utils/isNumeric';\nimport getClientRect from '../utils/getClientRect';\nimport find from '../utils/find';\n\n/**\n * Converts a string containing value + unit into a px value number\n * @function\n * @memberof {modifiers~offset}\n * @private\n * @argument {String} str - Value + unit string\n * @argument {String} measurement - `height` or `width`\n * @argument {Object} popperOffsets\n * @argument {Object} referenceOffsets\n * @returns {Number|String}\n * Value in pixels, or original string if no values were extracted\n */\nexport function toValue(str, measurement, popperOffsets, referenceOffsets) {\n // separate value from unit\n const split = str.match(/((?:\\-|\\+)?\\d*\\.?\\d*)(.*)/);\n const value = +split[1];\n const unit = split[2];\n\n // If it's not a number it's an operator, I guess\n if (!value) {\n return str;\n }\n\n if (unit.indexOf('%') === 0) {\n let element;\n switch (unit) {\n case '%p':\n element = popperOffsets;\n break;\n case '%':\n case '%r':\n default:\n element = referenceOffsets;\n }\n\n const rect = getClientRect(element);\n return rect[measurement] / 100 * value;\n } else if (unit === 'vh' || unit === 'vw') {\n // if is a vh or vw, we calculate the size based on the viewport\n let size;\n if (unit === 'vh') {\n size = Math.max(\n document.documentElement.clientHeight,\n window.innerHeight || 0\n );\n } else {\n size = Math.max(\n document.documentElement.clientWidth,\n window.innerWidth || 0\n );\n }\n return size / 100 * value;\n } else {\n // if is an explicit pixel unit, we get rid of the unit and keep the value\n // if is an implicit unit, it's px, and we return just the value\n return value;\n }\n}\n\n/**\n * Parse an `offset` string to extrapolate `x` and `y` numeric offsets.\n * @function\n * @memberof {modifiers~offset}\n * @private\n * @argument {String} offset\n * @argument {Object} popperOffsets\n * @argument {Object} referenceOffsets\n * @argument {String} basePlacement\n * @returns {Array} a two cells array with x and y offsets in numbers\n */\nexport function parseOffset(\n offset,\n popperOffsets,\n referenceOffsets,\n basePlacement\n) {\n const offsets = [0, 0];\n\n // Use height if placement is left or right and index is 0 otherwise use width\n // in this way the first offset will use an axis and the second one\n // will use the other one\n const useHeight = ['right', 'left'].indexOf(basePlacement) !== -1;\n\n // Split the offset string to obtain a list of values and operands\n // The regex addresses values with the plus or minus sign in front (+10, -20, etc)\n const fragments = offset.split(/(\\+|\\-)/).map(frag => frag.trim());\n\n // Detect if the offset string contains a pair of values or a single one\n // they could be separated by comma or space\n const divider = fragments.indexOf(\n find(fragments, frag =>,|\\s/) !== -1)\n );\n\n if (fragments[divider] && fragments[divider].indexOf(',') === -1) {\n console.warn(\n 'Offsets separated by white space(s) are deprecated, use a comma (,) instead.'\n );\n }\n\n // If divider is found, we divide the list of values and operands to divide\n // them by ofset X and Y.\n const splitRegex = /\\s*,\\s*|\\s+/;\n let ops = divider !== -1\n ? [\n fragments\n .slice(0, divider)\n .concat([fragments[divider].split(splitRegex)[0]]),\n [fragments[divider].split(splitRegex)[1]].concat(\n fragments.slice(divider + 1)\n ),\n ]\n : [fragments];\n\n // Convert the values with units to absolute pixels to allow our computations\n ops =, index) => {\n // Most of the units rely on the orientation of the popper\n const measurement = (index === 1 ? !useHeight : useHeight)\n ? 'height'\n : 'width';\n let mergeWithPrevious = false;\n return (\n op\n // This aggregates any `+` or `-` sign that aren't considered operators\n // e.g.: 10 + +5 => [10, +, +5]\n .reduce((a, b) => {\n if (a[a.length - 1] === '' && ['+', '-'].indexOf(b) !== -1) {\n a[a.length - 1] = b;\n mergeWithPrevious = true;\n return a;\n } else if (mergeWithPrevious) {\n a[a.length - 1] += b;\n mergeWithPrevious = false;\n return a;\n } else {\n return a.concat(b);\n }\n }, [])\n // Here we convert the string values into number values (in px)\n .map(str => toValue(str, measurement, popperOffsets, referenceOffsets))\n );\n });\n\n // Loop trough the offsets arrays and execute the operations\n ops.forEach((op, index) => {\n op.forEach((frag, index2) => {\n if (isNumeric(frag)) {\n offsets[index] += frag * (op[index2 - 1] === '-' ? -1 : 1);\n }\n });\n });\n return offsets;\n}\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @argument {Number|String} options.offset=0\n * The offset value as described in the modifier description\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function offset(data, { offset }) {\n const { placement, offsets: { popper, reference } } = data;\n const basePlacement = placement.split('-')[0];\n\n let offsets;\n if (isNumeric(+offset)) {\n offsets = [+offset, 0];\n } else {\n offsets = parseOffset(offset, popper, reference, basePlacement);\n }\n\n if (basePlacement === 'left') {\n += offsets[0];\n popper.left -= offsets[1];\n } else if (basePlacement === 'right') {\n += offsets[0];\n popper.left += offsets[1];\n } else if (basePlacement === 'top') {\n popper.left += offsets[0];\n -= offsets[1];\n } else if (basePlacement === 'bottom') {\n popper.left += offsets[0];\n += offsets[1];\n }\n\n data.popper = popper;\n return data;\n}\n","import getClientRect from '../utils/getClientRect';\nimport getOuterSizes from '../utils/getOuterSizes';\nimport isModifierRequired from '../utils/isModifierRequired';\nimport getStyleComputedProperty from '../utils/getStyleComputedProperty';\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function arrow(data, options) {\n // arrow depends on keepTogether in order to work\n if (!isModifierRequired(data.instance.modifiers, 'arrow', 'keepTogether')) {\n return data;\n }\n\n let arrowElement = options.element;\n\n // if arrowElement is a string, suppose it's a CSS selector\n if (typeof arrowElement === 'string') {\n arrowElement = data.instance.popper.querySelector(arrowElement);\n\n // if arrowElement is not found, don't run the modifier\n if (!arrowElement) {\n return data;\n }\n } else {\n // if the arrowElement isn't a query selector we must check that the\n // provided DOM node is child of its popper node\n if (!data.instance.popper.contains(arrowElement)) {\n console.warn(\n 'WARNING: `arrow.element` must be child of its popper element!'\n );\n return data;\n }\n }\n\n const placement = data.placement.split('-')[0];\n const { popper, reference } = data.offsets;\n const isVertical = ['left', 'right'].indexOf(placement) !== -1;\n\n const len = isVertical ? 'height' : 'width';\n const sideCapitalized = isVertical ? 'Top' : 'Left';\n const side = sideCapitalized.toLowerCase();\n const altSide = isVertical ? 'left' : 'top';\n const opSide = isVertical ? 'bottom' : 'right';\n const arrowElementSize = getOuterSizes(arrowElement)[len];\n\n //\n // extends keepTogether behavior making sure the popper and its\n // reference have enough pixels in conjunction\n //\n\n // top/left side\n if (reference[opSide] - arrowElementSize < popper[side]) {\n data.offsets.popper[side] -=\n popper[side] - (reference[opSide] - arrowElementSize);\n }\n // bottom/right side\n if (reference[side] + arrowElementSize > popper[opSide]) {\n data.offsets.popper[side] +=\n reference[side] + arrowElementSize - popper[opSide];\n }\n data.offsets.popper = getClientRect(data.offsets.popper);\n\n // compute center of the popper\n const center = reference[side] + reference[len] / 2 - arrowElementSize / 2;\n\n // Compute the sideValue using the updated popper offsets\n // take popper margin in account because we don't have this info available\n const css = getStyleComputedProperty(data.instance.popper);\n const popperMarginSide = parseFloat(css[`margin${sideCapitalized}`], 10);\n const popperBorderSide = parseFloat(css[`border${sideCapitalized}Width`], 10);\n let sideValue =\n center - data.offsets.popper[side] - popperMarginSide - popperBorderSide;\n\n // prevent arrowElement from being placed not contiguously to its popper\n sideValue = Math.max(Math.min(popper[len] - arrowElementSize, sideValue), 0);\n\n data.arrowElement = arrowElement;\n data.offsets.arrow = {\n [side]: Math.round(sideValue),\n [altSide]: '', // make sure to unset any eventual altSide value from the DOM node\n };\n\n return data;\n}\n","export default typeof window !== 'undefined' && typeof document !== 'undefined' && typeof navigator !== 'undefined';\n","import isBrowser from './isBrowser';\n\nconst timeoutDuration = (function(){\n const longerTimeoutBrowsers = ['Edge', 'Trident', 'Firefox'];\n for (let i = 0; i < longerTimeoutBrowsers.length; i += 1) {\n if (isBrowser && navigator.userAgent.indexOf(longerTimeoutBrowsers[i]) >= 0) {\n return 1;\n }\n }\n return 0;\n}());\n\nexport function microtaskDebounce(fn) {\n let called = false\n return () => {\n if (called) {\n return\n }\n called = true\n window.Promise.resolve().then(() => {\n called = false\n fn()\n })\n }\n}\n\nexport function taskDebounce(fn) {\n let scheduled = false;\n return () => {\n if (!scheduled) {\n scheduled = true;\n setTimeout(() => {\n scheduled = false;\n fn();\n }, timeoutDuration);\n }\n };\n}\n\nconst supportsMicroTasks = isBrowser && window.Promise\n\n\n/**\n* Create a debounced version of a method, that's asynchronously deferred\n* but called in the minimum time possible.\n*\n* @method\n* @memberof Popper.Utils\n* @argument {Function} fn\n* @returns {Function}\n*/\nexport default (supportsMicroTasks\n ? microtaskDebounce\n : taskDebounce);\n","import getSupportedPropertyName from '../utils/getSupportedPropertyName';\nimport find from '../utils/find';\nimport getOffsetParent from '../utils/getOffsetParent';\nimport getBoundingClientRect from '../utils/getBoundingClientRect';\nimport getRoundedOffsets from '../utils/getRoundedOffsets';\nimport isBrowser from '../utils/isBrowser';\n\nconst isFirefox = isBrowser && /Firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent);\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function computeStyle(data, options) {\n const { x, y } = options;\n const { popper } = data.offsets;\n\n // Remove this legacy support in Popper.js v2\n const legacyGpuAccelerationOption = find(\n data.instance.modifiers,\n modifier => === 'applyStyle'\n ).gpuAcceleration;\n if (legacyGpuAccelerationOption !== undefined) {\n console.warn(\n 'WARNING: `gpuAcceleration` option moved to `computeStyle` modifier and will not be supported in future versions of Popper.js!'\n );\n }\n const gpuAcceleration =\n legacyGpuAccelerationOption !== undefined\n ? legacyGpuAccelerationOption\n : options.gpuAcceleration;\n\n const offsetParent = getOffsetParent(data.instance.popper);\n const offsetParentRect = getBoundingClientRect(offsetParent);\n\n // Styles\n const styles = {\n position: popper.position,\n };\n\n const offsets = getRoundedOffsets(\n data,\n window.devicePixelRatio < 2 || !isFirefox\n );\n\n const sideA = x === 'bottom' ? 'top' : 'bottom';\n const sideB = y === 'right' ? 'left' : 'right';\n\n // if gpuAcceleration is set to `true` and transform is supported,\n // we use `translate3d` to apply the position to the popper we\n // automatically use the supported prefixed version if needed\n const prefixedProperty = getSupportedPropertyName('transform');\n\n // now, let's make a step back and look at this code closely (wtf?)\n // If the content of the popper grows once it's been positioned, it\n // may happen that the popper gets misplaced because of the new content\n // overflowing its reference element\n // To avoid this problem, we provide two options (x and y), which allow\n // the consumer to define the offset origin.\n // If we position a popper on top of a reference element, we can set\n // `x` to `top` to make the popper grow towards its top instead of\n // its bottom.\n let left, top;\n if (sideA === 'bottom') {\n // when offsetParent is <html> the positioning is relative to the bottom of the screen (excluding the scrollbar)\n // and not the bottom of the html element\n if (offsetParent.nodeName === 'HTML') {\n top = -offsetParent.clientHeight + offsets.bottom;\n } else {\n top = -offsetParentRect.height + offsets.bottom;\n }\n } else {\n top =;\n }\n if (sideB === 'right') {\n if (offsetParent.nodeName === 'HTML') {\n left = -offsetParent.clientWidth + offsets.right;\n } else {\n left = -offsetParentRect.width + offsets.right;\n }\n } else {\n left = offsets.left;\n }\n if (gpuAcceleration && prefixedProperty) {\n styles[prefixedProperty] = `translate3d(${left}px, ${top}px, 0)`;\n styles[sideA] = 0;\n styles[sideB] = 0;\n styles.willChange = 'transform';\n } else {\n // othwerise, we use the standard `top`, `left`, `bottom` and `right` properties\n const invertTop = sideA === 'bottom' ? -1 : 1;\n const invertLeft = sideB === 'right' ? -1 : 1;\n styles[sideA] = top * invertTop;\n styles[sideB] = left * invertLeft;\n styles.willChange = `${sideA}, ${sideB}`;\n }\n\n // Attributes\n const attributes = {\n 'x-placement': data.placement,\n };\n\n // Update `data` attributes, styles and arrowStyles\n data.attributes = { ...attributes, };\n data.styles = { ...styles, };\n data.arrowStyles = {, };\n\n return data;\n}\n","import getOppositePlacement from '../utils/getOppositePlacement';\nimport getOppositeVariation from '../utils/getOppositeVariation';\nimport getPopperOffsets from '../utils/getPopperOffsets';\nimport runModifiers from '../utils/runModifiers';\nimport getBoundaries from '../utils/getBoundaries';\nimport isModifierEnabled from '../utils/isModifierEnabled';\nimport clockwise from '../utils/clockwise';\n\nconst BEHAVIORS = {\n FLIP: 'flip',\n CLOCKWISE: 'clockwise',\n COUNTERCLOCKWISE: 'counterclockwise',\n};\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function flip(data, options) {\n // if `inner` modifier is enabled, we can't use the `flip` modifier\n if (isModifierEnabled(data.instance.modifiers, 'inner')) {\n return data;\n }\n\n if (data.flipped && data.placement === data.originalPlacement) {\n // seems like flip is trying to loop, probably there's not enough space on any of the flippable sides\n return data;\n }\n\n const boundaries = getBoundaries(\n data.instance.popper,\n data.instance.reference,\n options.padding,\n options.boundariesElement,\n data.positionFixed\n );\n\n let placement = data.placement.split('-')[0];\n let placementOpposite = getOppositePlacement(placement);\n let variation = data.placement.split('-')[1] || '';\n\n let flipOrder = [];\n\n switch (options.behavior) {\n case BEHAVIORS.FLIP:\n flipOrder = [placement, placementOpposite];\n break;\n case BEHAVIORS.CLOCKWISE:\n flipOrder = clockwise(placement);\n break;\n case BEHAVIORS.COUNTERCLOCKWISE:\n flipOrder = clockwise(placement, true);\n break;\n default:\n flipOrder = options.behavior;\n }\n\n flipOrder.forEach((step, index) => {\n if (placement !== step || flipOrder.length === index + 1) {\n return data;\n }\n\n placement = data.placement.split('-')[0];\n placementOpposite = getOppositePlacement(placement);\n\n const popperOffsets = data.offsets.popper;\n const refOffsets = data.offsets.reference;\n\n // using floor because the reference offsets may contain decimals we are not going to consider here\n const floor = Math.floor;\n const overlapsRef =\n (placement === 'left' &&\n floor(popperOffsets.right) > floor(refOffsets.left)) ||\n (placement === 'right' &&\n floor(popperOffsets.left) < floor(refOffsets.right)) ||\n (placement === 'top' &&\n floor(popperOffsets.bottom) > floor( ||\n (placement === 'bottom' &&\n floor( < floor(refOffsets.bottom));\n\n const overflowsLeft = floor(popperOffsets.left) < floor(boundaries.left);\n const overflowsRight = floor(popperOffsets.right) > floor(boundaries.right);\n const overflowsTop = floor( < floor(;\n const overflowsBottom =\n floor(popperOffsets.bottom) > floor(boundaries.bottom);\n\n const overflowsBoundaries =\n (placement === 'left' && overflowsLeft) ||\n (placement === 'right' && overflowsRight) ||\n (placement === 'top' && overflowsTop) ||\n (placement === 'bottom' && overflowsBottom);\n\n // flip the variation if required\n const isVertical = ['top', 'bottom'].indexOf(placement) !== -1;\n\n // flips variation if reference element overflows boundaries\n const flippedVariationByRef =\n !!options.flipVariations &&\n ((isVertical && variation === 'start' && overflowsLeft) ||\n (isVertical && variation === 'end' && overflowsRight) ||\n (!isVertical && variation === 'start' && overflowsTop) ||\n (!isVertical && variation === 'end' && overflowsBottom));\n\n // flips variation if popper content overflows boundaries\n const flippedVariationByContent =\n !!options.flipVariationsByContent &&\n ((isVertical && variation === 'start' && overflowsRight) ||\n (isVertical && variation === 'end' && overflowsLeft) ||\n (!isVertical && variation === 'start' && overflowsBottom) ||\n (!isVertical && variation === 'end' && overflowsTop));\n\n const flippedVariation = flippedVariationByRef || flippedVariationByContent;\n\n if (overlapsRef || overflowsBoundaries || flippedVariation) {\n // this boolean to detect any flip loop\n data.flipped = true;\n\n if (overlapsRef || overflowsBoundaries) {\n placement = flipOrder[index + 1];\n }\n\n if (flippedVariation) {\n variation = getOppositeVariation(variation);\n }\n\n data.placement = placement + (variation ? '-' + variation : '');\n\n // this object contains `position`, we want to preserve it along with\n // any additional property we may add in the future\n data.offsets.popper = {\n,\n ...getPopperOffsets(\n data.instance.popper,\n data.offsets.reference,\n data.placement\n ),\n };\n\n data = runModifiers(data.instance.modifiers, data, 'flip');\n }\n });\n return data;\n}\n","// Utils\nimport debounce from './utils/debounce';\nimport isFunction from './utils/isFunction';\n\n// Methods\nimport update from './methods/update';\nimport destroy from './methods/destroy';\nimport enableEventListeners from './methods/enableEventListeners';\nimport disableEventListeners from './methods/disableEventListeners';\nimport Defaults from './methods/defaults';\nimport placements from './methods/placements';\n\nexport default class Popper {\n /**\n * Creates a new Popper.js instance.\n * @class Popper\n * @param {Element|referenceObject} reference - The reference element used to position the popper\n * @param {Element} popper - The HTML / XML element used as the popper\n * @param {Object} options - Your custom options to override the ones defined in [Defaults](#defaults)\n * @return {Object} instance - The generated Popper.js instance\n */\n constructor(reference, popper, options = {}) {\n // make update() debounced, so that it only runs at most once-per-tick\n this.update = debounce(this.update.bind(this));\n\n // with {} we create a new object with the options inside it\n this.options = { ...Popper.Defaults, ...options };\n\n // init state\n this.state = {\n isDestroyed: false,\n isCreated: false,\n scrollParents: [],\n };\n\n // get reference and popper elements (allow jQuery wrappers)\n this.reference = reference && reference.jquery ? reference[0] : reference;\n this.popper = popper && popper.jquery ? popper[0] : popper;\n\n // Deep merge modifiers options\n this.options.modifiers = {};\n Object.keys({\n ...Popper.Defaults.modifiers,\n ...options.modifiers,\n }).forEach(name => {\n this.options.modifiers[name] = {\n // If it's a built-in modifier, use it as base\n ...(Popper.Defaults.modifiers[name] || {}),\n // If there are custom options, override and merge with default ones\n ...(options.modifiers ? options.modifiers[name] : {}),\n };\n });\n\n // Refactoring modifiers' list (Object => Array)\n this.modifiers = Object.keys(this.options.modifiers)\n .map(name => ({\n name,\n ...this.options.modifiers[name],\n }))\n // sort the modifiers by order\n .sort((a, b) => a.order - b.order);\n\n // modifiers have the ability to execute arbitrary code when Popper.js get inited\n // such code is executed in the same order of its modifier\n // they could add new properties to their options configuration\n // BE AWARE: don't add options to `` but to `modifierOptions`!\n this.modifiers.forEach(modifierOptions => {\n if (modifierOptions.enabled && isFunction(modifierOptions.onLoad)) {\n modifierOptions.onLoad(\n this.reference,\n this.popper,\n this.options,\n modifierOptions,\n this.state\n );\n }\n });\n\n // fire the first update to position the popper in the right place\n this.update();\n\n const eventsEnabled = this.options.eventsEnabled;\n if (eventsEnabled) {\n // setup event listeners, they will take care of update the position in specific situations\n this.enableEventListeners();\n }\n\n this.state.eventsEnabled = eventsEnabled;\n }\n\n // We can't use class properties because they don't get listed in the\n // class prototype and break stuff like Sinon stubs\n update() {\n return;\n }\n destroy() {\n return;\n }\n enableEventListeners() {\n return;\n }\n disableEventListeners() {\n return;\n }\n\n /**\n * Schedules an update. It will run on the next UI update available.\n * @method scheduleUpdate\n * @memberof Popper\n */\n scheduleUpdate = () => requestAnimationFrame(this.update);\n\n /**\n * Collection of utilities useful when writing custom modifiers.\n * Starting from version 1.7, this method is available only if you\n * include `popper-utils.js` before `popper.js`.\n *\n * **DEPRECATION**: This way to access PopperUtils is deprecated\n * and will be removed in v2! Use the PopperUtils module directly instead.\n * Due to the high instability of the methods contained in Utils, we can't\n * guarantee them to follow semver. Use them at your own risk!\n * @static\n * @private\n * @type {Object}\n * @deprecated since version 1.8\n * @member Utils\n * @memberof Popper\n */\n static Utils = (typeof window !== 'undefined' ? window : global).PopperUtils;\n\n static placements = placements;\n\n static Defaults = Defaults;\n}\n\n/**\n * The `referenceObject` is an object that provides an interface compatible with Popper.js\n * and lets you use it as replacement of a real DOM node.<br />\n * You can use this method to position a popper relatively to a set of coordinates\n * in case you don't have a DOM node to use as reference.\n *\n * ```\n * new Popper(referenceObject, popperNode);\n * ```\n *\n * NB: This feature isn't supported in Internet Explorer 10.\n * @name referenceObject\n * @property {Function} data.getBoundingClientRect\n * A function that returns a set of coordinates compatible with the native `getBoundingClientRect` method.\n * @property {number} data.clientWidth\n * An ES6 getter that will return the width of the virtual reference element.\n * @property {number} data.clientHeight\n * An ES6 getter that will return the height of the virtual reference element.\n */\n","import modifiers from '../modifiers/index';\n\n/**\n * Default options provided to Popper.js constructor.<br />\n * These can be overridden using the `options` argument of Popper.js.<br />\n * To override an option, simply pass an object with the same\n * structure of the `options` object, as the 3rd argument. For example:\n * ```\n * new Popper(ref, pop, {\n * modifiers: {\n * preventOverflow: { enabled: false }\n * }\n * })\n * ```\n * @type {Object}\n * @static\n * @memberof Popper\n */\nexport default {\n /**\n * Popper's placement.\n * @prop {Popper.placements} placement='bottom'\n */\n placement: 'bottom',\n\n /**\n * Set this to true if you want popper to position it self in 'fixed' mode\n * @prop {Boolean} positionFixed=false\n */\n positionFixed: false,\n\n /**\n * Whether events (resize, scroll) are initially enabled.\n * @prop {Boolean} eventsEnabled=true\n */\n eventsEnabled: true,\n\n /**\n * Set to true if you want to automatically remove the popper when\n * you call the `destroy` method.\n * @prop {Boolean} removeOnDestroy=false\n */\n removeOnDestroy: false,\n\n /**\n * Callback called when the popper is created.<br />\n * By default, it is set to no-op.<br />\n * Access Popper.js instance with `data.instance`.\n * @prop {onCreate}\n */\n onCreate: () => {},\n\n /**\n * Callback called when the popper is updated. This callback is not called\n * on the initialization/creation of the popper, but only on subsequent\n * updates.<br />\n * By default, it is set to no-op.<br />\n * Access Popper.js instance with `data.instance`.\n * @prop {onUpdate}\n */\n onUpdate: () => {},\n\n /**\n * List of modifiers used to modify the offsets before they are applied to the popper.\n * They provide most of the functionalities of Popper.js.\n * @prop {modifiers}\n */\n modifiers,\n};\n\n/**\n * @callback onCreate\n * @param {dataObject} data\n */\n\n/**\n * @callback onUpdate\n * @param {dataObject} data\n */\n","import applyStyle, { applyStyleOnLoad } from './applyStyle';\nimport computeStyle from './computeStyle';\nimport arrow from './arrow';\nimport flip from './flip';\nimport keepTogether from './keepTogether';\nimport offset from './offset';\nimport preventOverflow from './preventOverflow';\nimport shift from './shift';\nimport hide from './hide';\nimport inner from './inner';\n\n/**\n * Modifier function, each modifier can have a function of this type assigned\n * to its `fn` property.<br />\n * These functions will be called on each update, this means that you must\n * make sure they are performant enough to avoid performance bottlenecks.\n *\n * @function ModifierFn\n * @argument {dataObject} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {dataObject} The data object, properly modified\n */\n\n/**\n * Modifiers are plugins used to alter the behavior of your poppers.<br />\n * Popper.js uses a set of 9 modifiers to provide all the basic functionalities\n * needed by the library.\n *\n * Usually you don't want to override the `order`, `fn` and `onLoad` props.\n * All the other properties are configurations that could be tweaked.\n * @namespace modifiers\n */\nexport default {\n /**\n * Modifier used to shift the popper on the start or end of its reference\n * element.<br />\n * It will read the variation of the `placement` property.<br />\n * It can be one either `-end` or `-start`.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n shift: {\n /** @prop {number} order=100 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 100,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: shift,\n },\n\n /**\n * The `offset` modifier can shift your popper on both its axis.\n *\n * It accepts the following units:\n * - `px` or unit-less, interpreted as pixels\n * - `%` or `%r`, percentage relative to the length of the reference element\n * - `%p`, percentage relative to the length of the popper element\n * - `vw`, CSS viewport width unit\n * - `vh`, CSS viewport height unit\n *\n * For length is intended the main axis relative to the placement of the popper.<br />\n * This means that if the placement is `top` or `bottom`, the length will be the\n * `width`. In case of `left` or `right`, it will be the `height`.\n *\n * You can provide a single value (as `Number` or `String`), or a pair of values\n * as `String` divided by a comma or one (or more) white spaces.<br />\n * The latter is a deprecated method because it leads to confusion and will be\n * removed in v2.<br />\n * Additionally, it accepts additions and subtractions between different units.\n * Note that multiplications and divisions aren't supported.\n *\n * Valid examples are:\n * ```\n * 10\n * '10%'\n * '10, 10'\n * '10%, 10'\n * '10 + 10%'\n * '10 - 5vh + 3%'\n * '-10px + 5vh, 5px - 6%'\n * ```\n * > **NB**: If you desire to apply offsets to your poppers in a way that may make them overlap\n * > with their reference element, unfortunately, you will have to disable the `flip` modifier.\n * > You can read more on this at this [issue](\n *\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n offset: {\n /** @prop {number} order=200 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 200,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: offset,\n /** @prop {Number|String} offset=0\n * The offset value as described in the modifier description\n */\n offset: 0,\n },\n\n /**\n * Modifier used to prevent the popper from being positioned outside the boundary.\n *\n * A scenario exists where the reference itself is not within the boundaries.<br />\n * We can say it has \"escaped the boundaries\" — or just \"escaped\".<br />\n * In this case we need to decide whether the popper should either:\n *\n * - detach from the reference and remain \"trapped\" in the boundaries, or\n * - if it should ignore the boundary and \"escape with its reference\"\n *\n * When `escapeWithReference` is set to`true` and reference is completely\n * outside its boundaries, the popper will overflow (or completely leave)\n * the boundaries in order to remain attached to the edge of the reference.\n *\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n preventOverflow: {\n /** @prop {number} order=300 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 300,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: preventOverflow,\n /**\n * @prop {Array} [priority=['left','right','top','bottom']]\n * Popper will try to prevent overflow following these priorities by default,\n * then, it could overflow on the left and on top of the `boundariesElement`\n */\n priority: ['left', 'right', 'top', 'bottom'],\n /**\n * @prop {number} padding=5\n * Amount of pixel used to define a minimum distance between the boundaries\n * and the popper. This makes sure the popper always has a little padding\n * between the edges of its container\n */\n padding: 5,\n /**\n * @prop {String|HTMLElement} boundariesElement='scrollParent'\n * Boundaries used by the modifier. Can be `scrollParent`, `window`,\n * `viewport` or any DOM element.\n */\n boundariesElement: 'scrollParent',\n },\n\n /**\n * Modifier used to make sure the reference and its popper stay near each other\n * without leaving any gap between the two. Especially useful when the arrow is\n * enabled and you want to ensure that it points to its reference element.\n * It cares only about the first axis. You can still have poppers with margin\n * between the popper and its reference element.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n keepTogether: {\n /** @prop {number} order=400 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 400,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: keepTogether,\n },\n\n /**\n * This modifier is used to move the `arrowElement` of the popper to make\n * sure it is positioned between the reference element and its popper element.\n * It will read the outer size of the `arrowElement` node to detect how many\n * pixels of conjunction are needed.\n *\n * It has no effect if no `arrowElement` is provided.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n arrow: {\n /** @prop {number} order=500 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 500,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: arrow,\n /** @prop {String|HTMLElement} element='[x-arrow]' - Selector or node used as arrow */\n element: '[x-arrow]',\n },\n\n /**\n * Modifier used to flip the popper's placement when it starts to overlap its\n * reference element.\n *\n * Requires the `preventOverflow` modifier before it in order to work.\n *\n * **NOTE:** this modifier will interrupt the current update cycle and will\n * restart it if it detects the need to flip the placement.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n flip: {\n /** @prop {number} order=600 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 600,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: flip,\n /**\n * @prop {String|Array} behavior='flip'\n * The behavior used to change the popper's placement. It can be one of\n * `flip`, `clockwise`, `counterclockwise` or an array with a list of valid\n * placements (with optional variations)\n */\n behavior: 'flip',\n /**\n * @prop {number} padding=5\n * The popper will flip if it hits the edges of the `boundariesElement`\n */\n padding: 5,\n /**\n * @prop {String|HTMLElement} boundariesElement='viewport'\n * The element which will define the boundaries of the popper position.\n * The popper will never be placed outside of the defined boundaries\n * (except if `keepTogether` is enabled)\n */\n boundariesElement: 'viewport',\n /**\n * @prop {Boolean} flipVariations=false\n * The popper will switch placement variation between `-start` and `-end` when\n * the reference element overlaps its boundaries.\n *\n * The original placement should have a set variation.\n */\n flipVariations: false,\n /**\n * @prop {Boolean} flipVariationsByContent=false\n * The popper will switch placement variation between `-start` and `-end` when\n * the popper element overlaps its reference boundaries.\n *\n * The original placement should have a set variation.\n */\n flipVariationsByContent: false,\n },\n\n /**\n * Modifier used to make the popper flow toward the inner of the reference element.\n * By default, when this modifier is disabled, the popper will be placed outside\n * the reference element.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n inner: {\n /** @prop {number} order=700 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 700,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=false - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: false,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: inner,\n },\n\n /**\n * Modifier used to hide the popper when its reference element is outside of the\n * popper boundaries. It will set a `x-out-of-boundaries` attribute which can\n * be used to hide with a CSS selector the popper when its reference is\n * out of boundaries.\n *\n * Requires the `preventOverflow` modifier before it in order to work.\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n hide: {\n /** @prop {number} order=800 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 800,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: hide,\n },\n\n /**\n * Computes the style that will be applied to the popper element to gets\n * properly positioned.\n *\n * Note that this modifier will not touch the DOM, it just prepares the styles\n * so that `applyStyle` modifier can apply it. This separation is useful\n * in case you need to replace `applyStyle` with a custom implementation.\n *\n * This modifier has `850` as `order` value to maintain backward compatibility\n * with previous versions of Popper.js. Expect the modifiers ordering method\n * to change in future major versions of the library.\n *\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n computeStyle: {\n /** @prop {number} order=850 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 850,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: computeStyle,\n /**\n * @prop {Boolean} gpuAcceleration=true\n * If true, it uses the CSS 3D transformation to position the popper.\n * Otherwise, it will use the `top` and `left` properties\n */\n gpuAcceleration: true,\n /**\n * @prop {string} [x='bottom']\n * Where to anchor the X axis (`bottom` or `top`). AKA X offset origin.\n * Change this if your popper should grow in a direction different from `bottom`\n */\n x: 'bottom',\n /**\n * @prop {string} [x='left']\n * Where to anchor the Y axis (`left` or `right`). AKA Y offset origin.\n * Change this if your popper should grow in a direction different from `right`\n */\n y: 'right',\n },\n\n /**\n * Applies the computed styles to the popper element.\n *\n * All the DOM manipulations are limited to this modifier. This is useful in case\n * you want to integrate Popper.js inside a framework or view library and you\n * want to delegate all the DOM manipulations to it.\n *\n * Note that if you disable this modifier, you must make sure the popper element\n * has its position set to `absolute` before Popper.js can do its work!\n *\n * Just disable this modifier and define your own to achieve the desired effect.\n *\n * @memberof modifiers\n * @inner\n */\n applyStyle: {\n /** @prop {number} order=900 - Index used to define the order of execution */\n order: 900,\n /** @prop {Boolean} enabled=true - Whether the modifier is enabled or not */\n enabled: true,\n /** @prop {ModifierFn} */\n fn: applyStyle,\n /** @prop {Function} */\n onLoad: applyStyleOnLoad,\n /**\n * @deprecated since version 1.10.0, the property moved to `computeStyle` modifier\n * @prop {Boolean} gpuAcceleration=true\n * If true, it uses the CSS 3D transformation to position the popper.\n * Otherwise, it will use the `top` and `left` properties\n */\n gpuAcceleration: undefined,\n },\n};\n\n/**\n * The `dataObject` is an object containing all the information used by Popper.js.\n * This object is passed to modifiers and to the `onCreate` and `onUpdate` callbacks.\n * @name dataObject\n * @property {Object} data.instance The Popper.js instance\n * @property {String} data.placement Placement applied to popper\n * @property {String} data.originalPlacement Placement originally defined on init\n * @property {Boolean} data.flipped True if popper has been flipped by flip modifier\n * @property {Boolean} data.hide True if the reference element is out of boundaries, useful to know when to hide the popper\n * @property {HTMLElement} data.arrowElement Node used as arrow by arrow modifier\n * @property {Object} data.styles Any CSS property defined here will be applied to the popper. It expects the JavaScript nomenclature (eg. `marginBottom`)\n * @property {Object} data.arrowStyles Any CSS property defined here will be applied to the popper arrow. It expects the JavaScript nomenclature (eg. `marginBottom`)\n * @property {Object} data.boundaries Offsets of the popper boundaries\n * @property {Object} data.offsets The measurements of popper, reference and arrow elements\n * @property {Object} data.offsets.popper `top`, `left`, `width`, `height` values\n * @property {Object} data.offsets.reference `top`, `left`, `width`, `height` values\n * @property {Object} data.offsets.arrow] `top` and `left` offsets, only one of them will be different from 0\n */\n","/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function shift(data) {\n const placement = data.placement;\n const basePlacement = placement.split('-')[0];\n const shiftvariation = placement.split('-')[1];\n\n // if shift shiftvariation is specified, run the modifier\n if (shiftvariation) {\n const { reference, popper } = data.offsets;\n const isVertical = ['bottom', 'top'].indexOf(basePlacement) !== -1;\n const side = isVertical ? 'left' : 'top';\n const measurement = isVertical ? 'width' : 'height';\n\n const shiftOffsets = {\n start: { [side]: reference[side] },\n end: {\n [side]: reference[side] + reference[measurement] - popper[measurement],\n },\n };\n\n data.offsets.popper = { ...popper, ...shiftOffsets[shiftvariation] };\n }\n\n return data;\n}\n","import getOffsetParent from '../utils/getOffsetParent';\nimport getBoundaries from '../utils/getBoundaries';\nimport getSupportedPropertyName from '../utils/getSupportedPropertyName';\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function preventOverflow(data, options) {\n let boundariesElement =\n options.boundariesElement || getOffsetParent(data.instance.popper);\n\n // If offsetParent is the reference element, we really want to\n // go one step up and use the next offsetParent as reference to\n // avoid to make this modifier completely useless and look like broken\n if (data.instance.reference === boundariesElement) {\n boundariesElement = getOffsetParent(boundariesElement);\n }\n\n // NOTE: DOM access here\n // resets the popper's position so that the document size can be calculated excluding\n // the size of the popper element itself\n const transformProp = getSupportedPropertyName('transform');\n const popperStyles =; // assignment to help minification\n const { top, left, [transformProp]: transform } = popperStyles;\n = '';\n popperStyles.left = '';\n popperStyles[transformProp] = '';\n\n const boundaries = getBoundaries(\n data.instance.popper,\n data.instance.reference,\n options.padding,\n boundariesElement,\n data.positionFixed\n );\n\n // NOTE: DOM access here\n // restores the original style properties after the offsets have been computed\n = top;\n popperStyles.left = left;\n popperStyles[transformProp] = transform;\n\n options.boundaries = boundaries;\n\n const order = options.priority;\n let popper = data.offsets.popper;\n\n const check = {\n primary(placement) {\n let value = popper[placement];\n if (\n popper[placement] < boundaries[placement] &&\n !options.escapeWithReference\n ) {\n value = Math.max(popper[placement], boundaries[placement]);\n }\n return { [placement]: value };\n },\n secondary(placement) {\n const mainSide = placement === 'right' ? 'left' : 'top';\n let value = popper[mainSide];\n if (\n popper[placement] > boundaries[placement] &&\n !options.escapeWithReference\n ) {\n value = Math.min(\n popper[mainSide],\n boundaries[placement] -\n (placement === 'right' ? popper.width : popper.height)\n );\n }\n return { [mainSide]: value };\n },\n };\n\n order.forEach(placement => {\n const side =\n ['left', 'top'].indexOf(placement) !== -1 ? 'primary' : 'secondary';\n popper = { ...popper, ...check[side](placement) };\n });\n\n data.offsets.popper = popper;\n\n return data;\n}\n","/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function keepTogether(data) {\n const { popper, reference } = data.offsets;\n const placement = data.placement.split('-')[0];\n const floor = Math.floor;\n const isVertical = ['top', 'bottom'].indexOf(placement) !== -1;\n const side = isVertical ? 'right' : 'bottom';\n const opSide = isVertical ? 'left' : 'top';\n const measurement = isVertical ? 'width' : 'height';\n\n if (popper[side] < floor(reference[opSide])) {\n data.offsets.popper[opSide] =\n floor(reference[opSide]) - popper[measurement];\n }\n if (popper[opSide] > floor(reference[side])) {\n data.offsets.popper[opSide] = floor(reference[side]);\n }\n\n return data;\n}\n","import getClientRect from '../utils/getClientRect';\nimport getOppositePlacement from '../utils/getOppositePlacement';\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function inner(data) {\n const placement = data.placement;\n const basePlacement = placement.split('-')[0];\n const { popper, reference } = data.offsets;\n const isHoriz = ['left', 'right'].indexOf(basePlacement) !== -1;\n\n const subtractLength = ['top', 'left'].indexOf(basePlacement) === -1;\n\n popper[isHoriz ? 'left' : 'top'] =\n reference[basePlacement] -\n (subtractLength ? popper[isHoriz ? 'width' : 'height'] : 0);\n\n data.placement = getOppositePlacement(placement);\n data.offsets.popper = getClientRect(popper);\n\n return data;\n}\n","import isModifierRequired from '../utils/isModifierRequired';\nimport find from '../utils/find';\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by update method\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The data object, properly modified\n */\nexport default function hide(data) {\n if (!isModifierRequired(data.instance.modifiers, 'hide', 'preventOverflow')) {\n return data;\n }\n\n const refRect = data.offsets.reference;\n const bound = find(\n data.instance.modifiers,\n modifier => === 'preventOverflow'\n ).boundaries;\n\n if (\n refRect.bottom < ||\n refRect.left > bound.right ||\n > bound.bottom ||\n refRect.right < bound.left\n ) {\n // Avoid unnecessary DOM access if visibility hasn't changed\n if (data.hide === true) {\n return data;\n }\n\n data.hide = true;\n data.attributes['x-out-of-boundaries'] = '';\n } else {\n // Avoid unnecessary DOM access if visibility hasn't changed\n if (data.hide === false) {\n return data;\n }\n\n data.hide = false;\n data.attributes['x-out-of-boundaries'] = false;\n }\n\n return data;\n}\n","import setStyles from '../utils/setStyles';\nimport setAttributes from '../utils/setAttributes';\nimport getReferenceOffsets from '../utils/getReferenceOffsets';\nimport computeAutoPlacement from '../utils/computeAutoPlacement';\n\n/**\n * @function\n * @memberof Modifiers\n * @argument {Object} data - The data object generated by `update` method\n * @argument {Object} data.styles - List of style properties - values to apply to popper element\n * @argument {Object} data.attributes - List of attribute properties - values to apply to popper element\n * @argument {Object} options - Modifiers configuration and options\n * @returns {Object} The same data object\n */\nexport default function applyStyle(data) {\n // any property present in `data.styles` will be applied to the popper,\n // in this way we can make the 3rd party modifiers add custom styles to it\n // Be aware, modifiers could override the properties defined in the previous\n // lines of this modifier!\n setStyles(data.instance.popper, data.styles);\n\n // any property present in `data.attributes` will be applied to the popper,\n // they will be set as HTML attributes of the element\n setAttributes(data.instance.popper, data.attributes);\n\n // if arrowElement is defined and arrowStyles has some properties\n if (data.arrowElement && Object.keys(data.arrowStyles).length) {\n setStyles(data.arrowElement, data.arrowStyles);\n }\n\n return data;\n}\n\n/**\n * Set the x-placement attribute before everything else because it could be used\n * to add margins to the popper margins needs to be calculated to get the\n * correct popper offsets.\n * @method\n * @memberof Popper.modifiers\n * @param {HTMLElement} reference - The reference element used to position the popper\n * @param {HTMLElement} popper - The HTML element used as popper\n * @param {Object} options - Popper.js options\n */\nexport function applyStyleOnLoad(\n reference,\n popper,\n options,\n modifierOptions,\n state\n) {\n // compute reference element offsets\n const referenceOffsets = getReferenceOffsets(state, popper, reference, options.positionFixed);\n\n // compute auto placement, store placement inside the data object,\n // modifiers will be able to edit `placement` if needed\n // and refer to originalPlacement to know the original value\n const placement = computeAutoPlacement(\n options.placement,\n referenceOffsets,\n popper,\n reference,\n options.modifiers.flip.boundariesElement,\n options.modifiers.flip.padding\n );\n\n popper.setAttribute('x-placement', placement);\n\n // Apply `position` to popper before anything else because\n // without the position applied we can't guarantee correct computations\n setStyles(popper, { position: options.positionFixed ? 'fixed' : 'absolute' });\n\n return options;\n}\n"],"names":["functionToCheck","getType","toString","call","element","nodeType","window","ownerDocument","defaultView","css","getComputedStyle","property","nodeName","parentNode","host","document","body","getStyleComputedProperty","overflow","overflowX","overflowY","test","getScrollParent","getParentNode","reference","referenceNode","version","isIE11","documentElement","noOffsetParent","isIE","offsetParent","nextElementSibling","indexOf","getOffsetParent","firstElementChild","node","getRoot","element1","element2","order","compareDocumentPosition","Node","DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING","start","end","range","createRange","setStart","setEnd","commonAncestorContainer","contains","isOffsetContainer","element1root","findCommonOffsetParent","side","upperSide","html","scrollingElement","subtract","scrollTop","getScroll","scrollLeft","modifier","top","bottom","left","right","sideA","axis","sideB","parseFloat","styles","Math","parseInt","computedStyle","getSize","offsets","width","height","rect","getBoundingClientRect","result","sizes","getWindowSizes","clientWidth","clientHeight","horizScrollbar","offsetWidth","vertScrollbar","offsetHeight","getBordersSize","getClientRect","fixedPosition","isIE10","runIsIE","isHTML","parent","childrenRect","parentRect","scrollParent","borderTopWidth","borderLeftWidth","marginTop","marginLeft","includeScroll","excludeScroll","relativeOffset","getOffsetRectRelativeToArbitraryNode","innerWidth","innerHeight","offset","isFixed","parentElement","el","boundaries","getFixedPositionOffsetParent","getReferenceNode","boundariesElement","getViewportOffsetRectRelativeToArtbitraryNode","boundariesNode","popper","padding","isPaddingNumber","placement","getBoundaries","rects","refRect","sortedAreas","Object","keys","map","getArea","sort","b","area","a","filteredAreas","filter","computedPlacement","length","key","variation","split","commonOffsetParent","x","marginBottom","y","marginRight","hash","replace","popperRect","getOuterSizes","popperOffsets","isHoriz","mainSide","secondarySide","measurement","secondaryMeasurement","referenceOffsets","getOppositePlacement","Array","prototype","find","arr","findIndex","cur","match","obj","modifiersToRun","ends","modifiers","slice","forEach","warn","fn","enabled","isFunction","data","state","isDestroyed","getReferenceOffsets","options","positionFixed","computeAutoPlacement","flip","originalPlacement","getPopperOffsets","position","runModifiers","isCreated","onUpdate","onCreate","some","name","prefixes","upperProp","charAt","toUpperCase","i","prefix","toCheck","style","isModifierEnabled","removeAttribute","willChange","getSupportedPropertyName","disableEventListeners","removeOnDestroy","removeChild","isBody","target","addEventListener","passive","push","updateBound","scrollElement","scrollParents","eventsEnabled","setupEventListeners","scheduleUpdate","removeEventListener","removeEventListeners","n","isNaN","isFinite","unit","isNumeric","value","attributes","setAttribute","round","noRound","referenceWidth","popperWidth","isVertical","isVariation","horizontalToInteger","verticalToInteger","bothOddWidth","requesting","isRequired","requested","counter","index","validPlacements","concat","reverse","str","size","useHeight","fragments","frag","trim","divider","search","splitRegex","ops","mergeWithPrevious","op","reduce","toValue","index2","basePlacement","parseOffset","min","floor","max","navigator","longerTimeoutBrowsers","isBrowser","userAgent","supportsMicroTasks","Promise","called","resolve","then","scheduled","MSInputMethodContext","documentMode","isFirefox","placements","BEHAVIORS","Popper","requestAnimationFrame","update","debounce","bind","Defaults","jquery","modifierOptions","onLoad","enableEventListeners","destroy","Utils","global","PopperUtils","shiftvariation","shiftOffsets","instance","transformProp","popperStyles","transform","priority","check","escapeWithReference","opSide","isModifierRequired","arrowElement","querySelector","len","sideCapitalized","toLowerCase","altSide","arrowElementSize","center","popperMarginSide","popperBorderSide","sideValue","arrow","flipped","placementOpposite","flipOrder","behavior","FLIP","CLOCKWISE","clockwise","COUNTERCLOCKWISE","refOffsets","overlapsRef","overflowsLeft","overflowsRight","overflowsTop","overflowsBottom","overflowsBoundaries","flippedVariationByRef","flipVariations","flippedVariationByContent","flipVariationsByContent","flippedVariation","getOppositeVariation","subtractLength","bound","hide","legacyGpuAccelerationOption","gpuAcceleration","offsetParentRect","getRoundedOffsets","devicePixelRatio","prefixedProperty","invertTop","invertLeft","arrowStyles"],"mappings":";;;sLAOA,aAAoD,OAGhDA,IAC2C,mBAA3CC,MAAQC,QAARD,CAAiBE,IAAjBF,ICJJ,eAAoE,IACzC,CAArBG,KAAQC,qBAINC,GAASF,EAAQG,aAARH,CAAsBI,YAC/BC,EAAMH,EAAOI,gBAAPJ,GAAiC,IAAjCA,QACLK,GAAWF,IAAXE,GCPT,aAA+C,OACpB,MAArBP,KAAQQ,QADiC,GAItCR,EAAQS,UAART,EAAsBA,EAAQU,KCDvC,aAAiD,IAE3C,SACKC,UAASC,YAGVZ,EAAQQ,cACT,WACA,aACIR,GAAQG,aAARH,CAAsBY,SAC1B,kBACIZ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