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<?xml version="1.0"?>
Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
Skin configuration file. This file contains details of your project,
which will be used to configure the chosen Forrest skin.
<!DOCTYPE skinconfig PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD Skin Configuration V0.8-1//EN" "">
<!-- To enable lucene search add provider="lucene" (default is google).
Add box-location="alt" to move the search box to an alternate location
(if the skin supports it) and box-location="all" to show it in all
available locations on the page. Remove the <search> element to show
no search box. @domain will enable sitesearch for the specific domain with google.
In other words google will search the @domain for the query string.
<search name="" domain="" provider="google" box-location="default"/>
<!-- Disable the print link? If enabled, invalid HTML 4.0.1 -->
<!-- Disable the PDF link? -->
<!-- Disable the POD link? -->
<!-- Disable the Text link? FIXME: NOT YET IMPLEMENETED. -->
<!-- Disable the xml source link? -->
<!-- The xml source link makes it possible to access the xml rendition
of the source frim the html page, and to have it generated statically.
This can be used to enable other sites and services to reuse the
xml format for their uses. Keep this disabled if you don't want other
sites to easily reuse your pages.-->
<!-- Disable navigation icons on all external links? -->
<!-- Disable w3c compliance links?
Use e.g. align="center" to move the compliance links logos to
an alternate location default is left.
(if the skin supports it) -->
<!-- Render mailto: links unrecognisable by spam harvesters? -->
<!-- Disable the javascript facility to change the font size -->
<!-- mandatory project logo
default skin: renders it at the top -->
<project-description>A platform for analyzing large datasets.</project-description>
<!-- Alternative static image:
<project-logo>images/project-logo.gif</project-logo> -->
<!-- optional group logo
default skin: renders it at the top-left corner -->
<group-description>Apache Hadoop</group-description>
<!-- Alternative static image:
<group-logo>images/group-logo.gif</group-logo> -->
<!-- optional host logo (e.g. sourceforge logo)
default skin: renders it at the bottom-left corner -->
<!-- relative url of a favicon file, normally favicon.ico -->
<!-- The following are used to construct a copyright statement -->
<!-- @inception enable automatic generation of a date-range to current date -->
<year inception="true">2007</year>
<vendor>The Apache Software Foundation.</vendor>
<!-- The optional copyright-link URL will be used as a link in the
copyright statement
<!-- Some skins use this to form a 'breadcrumb trail' of links.
Use location="alt" to move the trail to an alternate location
(if the skin supports it).
Omit the location attribute to display the trail in the default location.
Use location="none" to not display the trail (if the skin supports it).
For some skins just set the attributes to blank.
NOTE: If a breadcrumb entry points at a local file the href must
be complete, that is it must point to the file itself, not to a
<link1 name="Apache" href=""/>
<link2 name="Hadoop" href=""/>
<link3 name="Pig" href=""/>
<!-- Configure the TOC, i.e. the Table of Contents.
how many "section" levels need to be included in the
generated Table of Contents (TOC).
Minimum required to create a TOC.
@location ("page","menu","page,menu", "none")
Where to show the TOC.
<toc max-depth="1" min-sections="1" location="page"/>
<!-- Heading types can be clean|underlined|boxed
<headings type="clean"/>
<!-- The optional feedback element will be used to construct a
feedback link in the footer with the page pathname appended:
<a href="@href">{@to}</a>
<feedback to="webmaster@"
href="mailto:webmaster@?subject=Feedback&#160;" >
Send feedback about the website to:
<!-- Optional message of the day (MOTD).
Note: This is only implemented in the pelt skin.
Note: Beware issue FOR-677 if you use an absolute path uri.
If the optional <motd> element is used, then messages will be appended
depending on the URI string pattern.
motd-option : Each option will match a pattern and apply its text.
The "pattern" attribute specifies the pattern to be matched.
This can be a specific page, or a general pattern to match a set of pages,
e.g. everything in the "samples" directory.
The @starts-with=true anchors the string to the start, otherwise contains
motd-title : This text will betadded in brackets after the <html><title>
and this can be empty.
motd-page : This text will be added in a panel on the face of the page,
with the "motd-page-url" being the hyperlink "More".
Values for the "location" attribute are:
page : on the face of the page, e.g. in the spare space of the toc
alt : at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel
both : both
<motd-option pattern="samples/sample.html">
<motd-page location="both">
This is an example of a Message of the day (MOTD).
<motd-option pattern="samples/faq.html">
<motd-page location="page">
How to enable this MOTD is on this page.
extra-css - here you can define custom css-elements that are
A) overriding the fallback elements or
B) adding the css definition from new elements that you may have
used in your documentation.
<!--Example of reason B:
To define the css definition of a new element that you may have used
in the class attribute of a <p> node.
e.g. <p class="quote"/>
p.quote {
margin-left: 2em;
padding: .5em;
background-color: #f0f0f0;
font-family: monospace;
To override the colours of links only in the footer.
#footer a { color: #0F3660; }
#footer a:visited { color: #009999; }
<!--Headers and Code -->
#content h1 {
margin-bottom: .5em;
font-size: 200%; color: black;
font-family: arial;
h2, .h3 { font-size: 195%; color: black; font-family: arial; }
h3, .h4 { font-size: 140%; color: black; font-family: arial; margin-bottom: 0.5em; }
h4, .h5 { font-size: 125%; color: black; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; font-family: arial; }
h5, h6 { font-size: 110%; color: #363636; font-weight: bold; }
pre.code {
margin-left: 0em;
padding: 0.5em;
background-color: rgb(241,239,231);
font-family: monospace;
<!-- These values are used for the generated CSS files.
They essentially "override" the default colors defined in the chosen skin.
There are four duplicate "groups" of colors below, denoted by comments:
Color group: Forrest, Krysalis, Collabnet, and Lenya using Pelt.
They are provided for example only. To customize the colors of any skin,
uncomment one of these groups of color elements and change the values
of the particular color elements that you wish to change.
Note that by default, all color groups are commented-out which means that
the default colors provided by the skin are being used.
<!-- Color group: Forrest
Example colors similar to
Some of the element names are obscure, so comments are added to show how
the "pelt" skin uses them, other skins might use these elements in a different way.
Tip: temporarily change the value of an element to red (#ff0000) and see the effect.
pelt: breadtrail: the strip at the top of the page and the second strip under the tabs
pelt: header: top strip containing project and group logos
pelt: heading|subheading: section headings within the content
pelt: navstrip: the strip under the tabs which contains the published date
pelt: menu: the left-hand navigation panel
pelt: toolbox: the selected menu item
pelt: searchbox: the background of the searchbox
pelt: border: line border around selected menu item
pelt: body: any remaining parts, e.g. the bottom of the page
pelt: footer: the second from bottom strip containing credit logos and published date
pelt: feedback: the optional bottom strip containing feedback link
<color name="breadtrail" value="#cedfef" font="#0F3660" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="header" value="#294563"/>
<color name="tab-selected" value="#4a6d8c" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="tab-unselected" value="#b5c7e7" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="subtab-selected" value="#4a6d8c" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="subtab-unselected" value="#4a6d8c" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="heading" value="#294563"/>
<color name="subheading" value="#4a6d8c"/>
<color name="published" value="#4C6C8F" font="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="feedback" value="#4C6C8F" font="#FFFFFF" align="center"/>
<color name="navstrip" value="#4a6d8c" font="#ffffff" link="#0F3660" vlink="#0F3660" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="menu" value="#4a6d8c" font="#cedfef" link="#ffffff" vlink="#ffffff" hlink="#ffcf00"/>
<color name="toolbox" value="#4a6d8c"/>
<color name="border" value="#294563"/>
<color name="dialog" value="#4a6d8c"/>
<color name="searchbox" value="#4a6d8c" font="#000000"/>
<color name="body" value="#ffffff" link="#0F3660" vlink="#009999" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="table" value="#7099C5"/>
<color name="table-cell" value="#f0f0ff"/>
<color name="highlight" value="#ffff00"/>
<color name="fixme" value="#cc6600"/>
<color name="note" value="#006699"/>
<color name="warning" value="#990000"/>
<color name="code" value="#CFDCED"/>
<color name="footer" value="#cedfef"/>
<!-- Color group: Krysalis -->
<color name="header" value="#FFFFFF"/>
<color name="tab-selected" value="#a5b6c6" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="tab-unselected" value="#F7F7F7" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="subtab-selected" value="#a5b6c6" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="subtab-unselected" value="#a5b6c6" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="heading" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<color name="subheading" value="#CFDCED"/>
<color name="navstrip" value="#CFDCED" font="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="toolbox" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<color name="border" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<color name="menu" value="#F7F7F7" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="dialog" value="#F7F7F7"/>
<color name="body" value="#ffffff" link="#0F3660" vlink="#009999" hlink="#000066"/>
<color name="table" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<color name="table-cell" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="highlight" value="#ffff00"/>
<color name="fixme" value="#cc6600"/>
<color name="note" value="#006699"/>
<color name="warning" value="#990000"/>
<color name="code" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<color name="footer" value="#a5b6c6"/>
<!-- Color group: Collabnet -->
<color name="header" value="#003366"/>
<color name="tab-selected" value="#dddddd" link="#555555" vlink="#555555" hlink="#555555"/>
<color name="tab-unselected" value="#999999" link="#ffffff" vlink="#ffffff" hlink="#ffffff"/>
<color name="subtab-selected" value="#cccccc" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="subtab-unselected" value="#cccccc" link="#555555" vlink="#555555" hlink="#555555"/>
<color name="heading" value="#003366"/>
<color name="subheading" value="#888888"/>
<color name="navstrip" value="#dddddd" font="#555555"/>
<color name="toolbox" value="#dddddd" font="#555555"/>
<color name="border" value="#999999"/>
<color name="menu" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="dialog" value="#eeeeee"/>
<color name="body" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="table" value="#ccc"/>
<color name="table-cell" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="highlight" value="#ffff00"/>
<color name="fixme" value="#cc6600"/>
<color name="note" value="#006699"/>
<color name="warning" value="#990000"/>
<color name="code" value="#003366"/>
<color name="footer" value="#ffffff"/>
<!-- Color group: Lenya using pelt-->
<color name="header" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="tab-selected" value="#E5E4D9" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="tab-unselected" value="#F5F4E9" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="subtab-selected" value="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="subtab-unselected" value="#E5E4D9" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="heading" value="#E5E4D9"/>
<color name="subheading" value="#000000"/>
<color name="published" value="#000000"/>
<color name="navstrip" value="#E5E4D9" font="#000000"/>
<color name="toolbox" value="#CFDCED" font="#000000"/>
<color name="border" value="#999999"/>
<color name="menu" value="#E5E4D9" font="#000000" link="#000000" vlink="#000000" hlink="#000000"/>
<color name="dialog" value="#CFDCED"/>
<color name="body" value="#ffffff" />
<color name="table" value="#ccc"/>
<color name="table-cell" value="#ffffff"/>
<color name="highlight" value="#ffff00"/>
<color name="fixme" value="#cc6600"/>
<color name="note" value="#006699"/>
<color name="warning" value="#990000"/>
<color name="code" value="#003366"/>
<color name="footer" value="#E5E4D9"/>
<!-- Settings specific to PDF output. -->
Supported page sizes are a0, a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, executive,
folio, legal, ledger, letter, quarto, tabloid (default letter).
Supported page orientations are portrait, landscape (default
Supported text alignments are left, right, justify (default left).
<page size="letter" orientation="portrait" text-align="left"/>
Pattern of the page numbering in the footer - Default is "Page x".
first occurrence of '1' digit represents the current page number,
second occurrence of '1' digit represents the total page number,
anything else is considered as the static part of the numbering pattern.
Examples : x is the current page number, y the total page number.
<page-numbering-format>none</page-numbering-format> Do not displays the page numbering
<page-numbering-format>1</page-numbering-format> Displays "x"
<page-numbering-format>p1.</page-numbering-format> Displays "px."
<page-numbering-format>Page 1/1</page-numbering-format> Displays "Page x/y"
<page-numbering-format>(1-1)</page-numbering-format> Displays "(x-y)"
<page-numbering-format>Page 1</page-numbering-format>
Margins can be specified for top, bottom, inner, and outer
edges. If double-sided="false", the inner edge is always left
and the outer is always right. If double-sided="true", the
inner edge will be left on odd pages, right on even pages,
the outer edge vice versa.
Specified below are the default settings.
<margins double-sided="false">
Print the URL text next to all links going outside the file
Disable the copyright footer on each page of the PDF.
A footer is composed for each page. By default, a "credit" with role=pdf
will be used, as explained below. Otherwise a copyright statement
will be generated. This latter can be disabled.
Credits are typically rendered as a set of small clickable
images in the page footer.
Use box-location="alt" to move the credits to an alternate location
(if the skin supports it).
For example, pelt skin:
- box-location="alt" will place the logo at the end of the
left-hand coloured menu panel.
- box-location="alt2" will place them underneath that panel
in the left-hand whitespace.
- Otherwise they are placed next to the compatibility icons
at the bottom of the screen.
Comment out the whole <credit>-element if you want no credits in the
web pages
<credit box-location="alt">
<name>Built with Apache Forrest</name>
<!-- A credit with @role="pdf" will be used to compose a footer
for each page in the PDF, using either "name" or "url" or both.
<credit role="pdf">
<name>Built with Apache Forrest</name>