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Pig Change Log
Trunk (unreleased changes)
PIG-5282: Upgade to Java 8 (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5422: Upgrade guava/groovy dependency (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-5421: Upgrade commons dependencies (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-5253: Pig Hadoop 3 support (nkollar,szita via rohini)
PIG-5377: Move supportsParallelWriteToStoreLocation from StoreFunc to StoreFuncInterfce (kpriceyahoo via rohini)
PIG-5398: SparkLauncher does not read SPARK_CONF_DIR/spark-defaults.conf (knoguchi)
PIG-5397: Update spark2.version to 2.4.8 (knoguchi)
PIG-5400: OrcStorage dropping struct(tuple) when it only holds a single field inside a Bag(array) (knoguchI)
PIG-4764: Make Pig work with Hive 3.1 (szita)
PIG-5352: Please add OWASP Dependency Check to the build ivy.xml (knoguchi)
PIG-5385: Skip calling extra gc() before spilling large bag when unnecessary (knoguchi)
PIG-5389: Passing null to REPLACE udf preventing JIT optimization (knoguchi)
PIG-5382: Log the name when POStore fails on write (knoguchi)
PIG-5255: Improvements to bloom join (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5359: Reduce time spent in split serialization (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5357: BagFactory interface should support creating a distinct bag from a set (jtolar via rohini)
PIG-5354: Show fieldname and a line number for casting errors (knoguchi)
PIG-5342: Add setting to turn off bloom join combiner (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5349: Log stderr output when shell command fail (knoguchi)
PIG-3038: Support for Credentials for UDF,Loader and Storer (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5358: Remove hive-contrib jar from lib directory (szita)
PIG-5343: Upgrade developer build environment (nielsbasjes via szita)
PIG-5191: Pig HBase 2.0.0 support (nkollar via szita, reviewed by rohini)
PIG-5344: Update Apache HTTPD LogParser to latest version (nielsbasjes via szita)
PIG-4092: Predicate pushdown for Parquet (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5317: Upgrade old dependencies: commons-lang, hsqldb, commons-logging (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5322: ConstantCalculator optimizer is not applied for split (rohini)
PIG-5316: Initialize property for PoS jobs (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5302: Remove HttpClient dependency (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5305: Enable yarn-client mode execution of tests in Spark (1) mode (szita)
PIG-4120: Broadcast the index file in case of POMergeCoGroup and POMergeJoin (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5306: REGEX_EXTRACT() logs every line that doesn't match (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5298: Verify if org.mortbay.jetty is removable (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5268: Review of org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.datastorage.HDataStorage (belugabehr via daijy)
PIG-5288: Improve performance of PigTextRawBytesComparator (rohini)
PIG-5287: bump jython to 2.7.1 (dbist13 via rohini)
PIG-5264: Remove deprecated keys from PigConfiguration (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5157: Upgrade to Spark 2.0 (nkollar via liyunzhang)
PIG-5237: Fix DOT file parsing to enable DOT-based physical plan testing (YaShock via szita)
PIG-5269: MapReduceLauncher and MRJobStats imports instead of (nkollar via szita)
PIG-4700: Enable progress reporting for Tasks in Tez (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5251: Bump joda-time to 2.9.9 (dbist13 via rohini)
PIG-5425: Pig 0.15 and later don't set context signature correctly (jtolar via rohini)
PIG-5413: [spark] TestStreaming.testInputCacheSpecs failing with "File was already registered" (knoguchi)
PIG-5415: [spark] TestScriptLanguage conflict between multiple SparkContext (after spark2.4 upgrade) (knoguchi)
PIG-5412: testSkewedJoinOuter spark unit-test failing with ClassNotFoundException (knoguchi)
PIG-5404: FLATTEN infers wrong datatype (knoguchi)
PIG-5243: describe with typecast on as-clause shows the types before the typecasting (knoguchi)
PIG-5403: streaming job stuck with script failure when combined with ORDER BY (knoguchi)
PIG-5362: Parameter substitution of shell cmd results doesn't handle backslash addendum (szita)
PIG-5395: Pig build is failing due to maven repo access point change (szita)
PIG-5375: NullPointerException for multi-level self unions with Tez UnionOptimizer (knoguchi)
PIG-5386: Pig local mode with bundled Hadoop broken (nkollar)
PIG-5387: Test failures on JRE 11 (nkollar)
PIG-5383: OrcStorage fails when "bytearray" represents unknown type (knoguchi)
PIG-5372: SAMPLE/RANDOM(udf) before skewed join failing with NPE (knoguchi)
PIG-5374: Use CircularFifoBuffer in InterRecordReader (szita)
PIG-5373: InterRecordReader might skip records if certain sync markers are used (szita)
PIG-5370: Union onschema + columnprune dropping used fields (knoguchi)
PIG-5362: Parameter substitution of shell cmd results doesn't handle backslash (wlauer via rohini)
PIG-5355: Negative progress report by HBaseTableRecordReader (satishsaley via knoguchi)
PIG-5341: PigStorage with -tagFile/-tagPath produces incorrect results with column pruning (knoguchi)
PIG-5335: Error message from range projection completely misleading (knoguchi)
PIG-5333: LoadCaster sometimes not set for complex type (knoguchi)
PIG-5328: expressionOperator Divide.equalsZero(DataType.BIGDECIMAL) is invalid (michaelthoward via knoguchi)
PIG-5320: TestCubeOperator#testRollupBasic is flaky on Spark 2.2 (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5327: Check for DAG status before trying to kill (rohini)
PIG-5325: Schema disambiguation can't be turned off for nested schemas (szita)
PIG-5311: POReservoirSample fails for more than Integer.MAX_VALUE records (rohini)
PIG-3864: ToDate(userstring, format, timezone) computes DateTime with strange handling of Daylight Saving Time with location based timezones (daijy via rohini)
PIG-5312: Uids not set in inner schemas after UNION ONSCHEMA (tmwoodruff via knoguchi)
PIG-5300: hashCode for Bag needs to be order independent (knoguchi)
PIG-5318: Unit test failures on Pig on Spark with Spark 2.2 (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5201: Null handling on FLATTEN (knoguchi)
PIG-5315: pig.script is not set for scripts run via PigServer (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5310: MergeJoin throwing NullPointer Exception (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5314: Abort method is not implemented in PigProcessor (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-5307: NPE in TezOperDependencyParallelismEstimator (rohini)
PIG-5272: BagToTuple output schema is incorrect (juen1jp via rohini)
PIG-5271: StackOverflowError when compiling in Tez mode (with union and replicated join) (knoguchi)
PIG-5299: PartitionFilterOptimizer failing at compile time (knoguchi)
PIG-5290: User Cache upload contention can cause job failures (xkrogen via rohini)
PIG-5293: Suspicious code as missing `this' for a member (lifove via daijy)
PIG-5294: Spark unit tests are always run in spark1 mode (szita)
PIG-5277: Spark mode is writing nulls among tuples to the output (workaround) (szita)
PIG-5283: Configuration is not passed to SparkPigSplits on the backend (szita)
PIG-5284: Fix flakyness introduced by PIG-3655 (szita)
PIG-5278: Unit test failures because of PIG-5264 (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5276: building "jar" should not call "clean" (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5246: Modify bin/pig about SPARK_HOME, SPARK_ASSEMBLY_JAR after upgrading spark to 2 (liyunzhang)
PIG-3655: BinStorage and InterStorage approach to record markers is broken (szita)
PIG-5274: TestEvalPipelineLocal#testSetLocationCalledInFE is failing in spark mode after PIG-5157 (nkollar via szita)
PIG-4767: Partition filter not pushed down when filter clause references variable from another load path (knoguchi)
PIG-5270: Typo in Pig Logging (FromAlaska49 via daijy)
PIG-5263: Using wildcard doesn't work with OrcStorage (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-4548: Records Lost With Specific Combination of Commands and Streaming Function (knoguchi)
PIG-5262: Fix jdiff related issues: fail build upon error, correct xml character escaping (szita)
PIG-5225: Several unit tests are not annotated with @Test (nkollar via rohini)
Release 0.17.1 (unreleased)
PIG-5254: Hit Ctrl-D to quit grunt shell fail (wjqian via daijy)
Release 0.17.0
PIG-5085: Support FLATTEN of maps (szita via rohini)
PIG-4728: Compilation against hbase 1.x fails with hbase-hadoop1-compat not found (szita via rohini)
PIG-4897: Scope of param substitution for run/exec commands (knoguchi)
PIG-4923: Drop Hadoop 1.x support in Pig 0.17 (szita via rohini)
PIG-5109: Remove HadoopJobHistoryLoader (szita via daijy)
PIG-5067: Revisit union on numeric type and chararray to bytearray (knoguchi)
PIG-5184: set command to view value of a variable (daijy via rohini)
PIG-4059: Pig On Spark
PIG-5188: Review pig-index.xml (szita)
PIG-4924: Translate failures.maxpercent MR setting to Tez Tez (rohini)
PIG-5236: json simple jar not included automatically with piggybank AvroStorage (satishsaley via rohini)
PIG-3103: make mockito a test dependency (instead of compile) (nkollar via szita)
PIG-3021: Split results missing records when there is null values in the column comparison (jeffjee617, cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-5211: Optimize Nested Limited Sort (jins via daijy)
PIG-5214: search any substring in the input string (rainer-46 via daijy)
PIG-5210: Option to print MR/Tez plan before launching (ly16 via daijy)
PIG-5175: Upgrade jruby to 1.7.26 (daijy)
PIG-5110: Removing schema alias and :: coming from parent relation (szita via rohini)
PIG-5126. Add doc about pig in zeppelin (zjffdu)
PIG-5120: Let tez_local mode run without a jar file (knoguchi)
PIG-3851: Upgrade jline to 2.11 (daijy)
PIG-4963: Add a Bloom join (rohini)
PIG-3938: Add LoadCaster to EvalFunc (knoguchi)
PIG-5105: Tez unit tests failing with "Argument list too long" (rohini)
PIG-4901: To use Multistorage for each Group (szita via daijy)
PIG-5025: Fix flaky test failures in (szita via rohini)
PIG-4939: QueryParserUtils.setHdfsServers( should not be called for non-dfs
methods (szita via daijy)
PIG-5034: Remove org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.objectinspector.primitive package (nkollar via daijy)
PIG-5036: Remove biggish from e2e input dataset (daijy)
PIG-5053: Can't change HDFS user home in e2e tests using Ant (nkollar via daijy)
PIG-5037: Add api getDisplayString to PigStats (zjffdu)
PIG-5020: Give file location for loadcaster related warning and errors (knoguchi)
PIG-5027: Improve SAMPLE Scalar Expression Example (icook via knoguchi)
PIG-5023: Documentation for BagToTuple (icook via knoguchi)
PIG-5022: Error in TOKENIZE Example (icook vi knoguchi)
PIG-4931: Document IN operator (dbist13 vi daijy)
PIG-4852: Add accumulator implementation for MaxTupleBy1stField (szita via daijy)
PIG-4925: Support for passing the bloom filter to the Bloom UDF (rohini)
PIG-4911: Provide option to disable DAG recovery (rohini)
PIG-4906: Add Bigdecimal functions in Over function (cgalan via daijy)
PIG-2768: Fix org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration deprecation warnings for Hadoop 23 (rohini)
PIG-5248: Fix TestCombiner#testGroupByLimit after PigOnSpark merge (rohini)
PIG-5245: TestGrunt.testStopOnFailure is flaky (rohini)
PIG-5244: Several unit tests are failing in Tez mode after merging spark branch (nkollar via szita)
PIG-5207: BugFix e2e tests fail on spark (szita)
PIG-5194: HiveUDF fails with Spark exec type (szita)
PIG-5231: PigStorage with -schema may produce inconsistent outputs with more fields (knoguchi)
PIG-5224: Extra foreach from ColumnPrune preventing Accumulator usage (knoguchi)
PIG-5235: Typecast with as-clause fails for tuple/bag with an empty schema (knoguchi)
PIG-5238: Fix datetime related test issues after PIG-4748 (szita)
PIG-5185: Job name show "DefaultJobName" when running a Python script (daijy)
PIG-4748: DateTimeWritable forgets Chronology (szita)
PIG-5229: TestPigTest.testSpecificOrderOutput and testSpecificOrderOutputForAlias failing (knoguchi)
PIG-5226: can deadlock forever with large stderr (jtolar via knoguchi)
PIG-5221: More deprecation warnings (wattsinabox via daijy)
PIG-5222: Fix Junit Deprecations (wattsinabox via daijy)
PIG-5223: TestLimitVariable.testNestedLimitVariable1 and TestSecondarySortMR.testNestedLimitedSort failing (jins via daijy)
PIG-5209: Cross product on flatten(map) fails with ClassCastException (knoguchi)
PIG-5153: Change of behavior in FLATTEN(map) (szita via rohini)
PIG-4677: Display failure information on stop on failure (rohini)
PIG-5198: streaming job stuck with script failure when combined with split (knoguchi)
PIG-5183: We shall mention NATIVE instead of MAPREDUCE operator in document (daijy)
PIG-5182: ant docs target is broken by PIG-5110 (daijy)
PIG-5156: Duplicate jars in CLASSPATH when running test (daijy)
PIG-5173: Script with multiple splits fails with Invalid dag containing 0 vertices (rohini)
PIG-5159: Fix Pig not saving grunt history (szita via rohini)
PIG-5127: Test fail when running test-core-mrtez (daijy)
PIG-5083: CombinerPackager and LitePackager should not materialize bags (rohini)
PIG-5087: e2e Native3 failing after PIG-4923 (knoguchi)
PIG-5073: Skip e2e Limit_5 test for Tez (knoguchi)
PIG-5072: e2e Union_12 fails on typecast when oldpig=0.11 (knoguchi)
PIG-3891: FileBasedOutputSizeReader does not calculate size of files in sub-directories (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5070: Allow Grunt e2e tests to run in parallel (knoguchi)
PIG-5061: ant test -Dtestcase=TestBoolean failing (knoguchi)
PIG-5066: e2e Jython_Checkin_2 failing due to floating precision difference (knoguchi)
PIG-5063: e2e IOErrors_1 on mapreduce is unstable (knoguchi)
PIG-5062: Allow Native e2e tests to run in parallel (knoguchi)
PIG-5060: TestPigRunner.testDisablePigCounters2 failing with tez (knoguchi)
PIG-5056: Fix AvroStorage writing enums (szita via daijy)
PIG-5055: Infinite loop with join by fixed index (knoguchi)
PIG-5049: Cleanup e2e tests turing_jython.conf (Daniel Dai)
PIG-5033: MultiQueryOptimizerTez creates bad plan with union, split and FRJoin (rohini,tmwoordruff via rohini)
PIG-4934: SET command does not work well with deprecated settings (szita via daijy)
PIG-4798: big integer literals fail to parse (szita via daijy)
PIG-5045: CSVExcelStorage Load: A Quoted Field with a Single Escaped Quote """" Becomes "" This should become " instead
(szita via daijy)
PIG-5026: Remove src/META-INF/services/org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.protocol.ClientProtocolProvider (nkollar via daijy)
PIG-5041: RoundRobinPartitioner is not deterministic when order of input records change (rohini)
PIG-5040: Order by and CROSS partitioning is not deterministic due to usage of Random (rohini
PIG-5038: Pig Limit_2 e2e test failed with sort check (Konstantin_Harasov via rohini)
PIG-5039: TestTypeCheckingValidatorNewLP.TestTypeCheckingValidatorNewLP is failing (nkollar via knoguchi)
PIG-3087: Refactor TestLogicalPlanBuilder to be meaningful (szita via daijy)
PIG-4976: streaming job with store clause stuck if the script fail (daijy via knoguchi)
PIG-5035: killJob API does not work in Tez (zjffdu via rohini)
PIG-5032: Output record stats in Tez is wrong when there is split followed by union (rohini)
PIG-5031: Tez failing to compile when replicate join is done with a limit vertex on left (knoguchi)
PIG-5019: Pig generates tons of warnings for udf with enabled warnings aggregation (murshyd via rohini)
PIG-4974: A simple map reference fail to cast (knoguchi)
PIG-4975 Map schema shows "Type: null Uid: null" in explain (knoguchi)
PIG-4973: Bigdecimal divison fails (szita via daijy)
PIG-4967: NPE in when job status is null (water via daijy)
PIG-4972: StreamingIO_1 fail on perl 5.22 (daijy)
PIG-4933: TestDataBagAccess.testBagConstantFlatten1/TestLogicalPlanBuilder.testQuery90 broken after PIG-2315 (knoguchi)
PIG-4965: Refactor test/perf/pigmix/bin/ to delete the output of single test case
if we enable cleanup_after_test (kellyzly via daijy)
PIG-4966: Fix Pig compatibility with Hive 2.1.0 (zyork via daijy)
PIG-4935: TEZ_USE_CLUSTER_HADOOP_LIBS is always set to true (rohini)
PIG-4961: CROSS followed by LIMIT inside nested foreach drop data from result (rohini)
PIG-4960: Split followed by order by/skewed join is skewed in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4957: See "Received kill signal" message for a normal run after PIG-4921 (rohini)
PIG-4953: Predicate push-down will not run filters for single unary expressions (rdblue via daijy)
PIG-4940: Predicate push-down filtering unary expressions can be pushed (rdblue via daijy)
PIG-4938: [PiggyBank] XPath returns empty values when using aggregation method (nkollar via daijy)
PIG-4896: Param substitution ignored when redefined (knoguchi)
PIG-2315: Make as clause work in generate (daijy via knoguchi)
PIG-4921: Kill running jobs on InterruptedException (rohini)
PIG-4916: Pig on Tez fail to remove temporary HDFS files in some cases (daijy)
Release 0.16.1 - Unreleased
PIG-4945: Update document for conflicting macro params (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-5119: SkewedJoin_15 is unstable (daijy)
PIG-5118: Script fails with Invalid dag containing 0 vertices (rohini)
PIG-5111: e2e Utf8Test fails in local mode (rohini)
PIG-5112: Cleanup pig-template.xml (daijy)
PIG-5046: Skewed join with auto parallelism hangs when right input also has autoparallelism (rohini)
PIG-5108: AvroStorage on Tez with exception on nested records (daijy)
PIG-4260: SpillableMemoryManager.spill should revert spill on all exception (rohini)
PIG-4918: Pig on Tez cannot switch pig.temp.dir to another fs (daijy)
PIG-5078: Script fails with error - POStoreTez only accepts MROutput (rohini)
PIG-5088: HashValuePartitioner has skew when there is only map fields (rohini)
PIG-5043: Slowstart not applied in Tez with PARALLEL clause (rohini)
PIG-4930: Skewed Join Breaks On Empty Sampled Input When Key is From Map (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-3417: Job fails when skewed join is done on tuple key (nkollar via rohini)
PIG-5074: Build broken when hadoopversion=20 in branch 0.16 (szita via daijy)
PIG-5064: NPE in TestScriptUDF#testPythonBuiltinModuleImport1 when JAVA_HOME is not set (water via daijy)
PIG-5048: HiveUDTF fail if it is the first expression in projection (nkollar via daijy)
PIG-4951: Rename PIG_ATS_ENABLED constant (szita via daijy)
PIG-4947: LOAD with HBaseStorage using a mix of pure wildcards and prefixed wildcards results
in empty maps for the pure wildcarded column families (daijy)
PIG-4948: Pig on Tez AM use too much memory on a small cluster (daijy)
PIG-4949: Fix registering jar in S3 which was broken by PIG-4417 in Pig 0.16 (yangyishan0901m via daijy)
PIG-4950: Fix minor issues with running scripts in non-local FileSystems (petersla via daijy)
Release 0.16.0
PIG-4719: Documentation for PIG-4704: Customizable Error Handling for Storers in Pig (daijy)
PIG-4714: Improve logging across multiple components with callerId (daijy)
PIG-4885: Turn off union optimizer if there is PARALLEL clause in union in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4894: Add API for StoreFunc to specify if they are write safe from two different vertices (rohini)
PIG-4884: Tez needs to use DistinctCombiner.Combine (rohini)
PIG-4874: Remove schema tuple reference overhead for replicate join hashmap (rohini)
PIG-4879: Pull latest version of joda-time (rohini)
PIG-4526: Make setting up the build environment easier (nielsbasjes via rohini)
PIG-4641: Print the instance of Object without using toString() (sandyridgeracer via rohini)
PIG-4455: Should use DependencyOrderWalker instead of DepthFirstWalker in MRPrinter (zjffdu via rohini)
PIG-4866: Do not serialize PigContext in configuration to the backend (rohini)
PIG-4547: Update Jython version to 2.7.0 (erwaman via daijy)
PIG-4862: POProject slow by creating StackTrace repeatedly (knoguchi)
PIG-4853: Fetch inputs before starting outputs (rohini)
PIG-4847: POPartialAgg processing and spill improvements (rohini)
PIG-4840: Do not turn off UnionOptimizer for unsupported storefuncs in case of no vertex groups (rohini)
PIG-4843: Turn off combiner in reducer vertex for Tez if bags are in combine plan (rohini)
PIG-4796: Authenticate with Kerberos using a keytab file (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4817: Bump HTTP Logparser to version 2.4 (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4811: Upgrade groovy library to address MethodClosure vulnerability (daijy)
PIG-4803: Improve performance of regex-based builtin functions (eyal via daijy)
PIG-4802: Autoparallelism should estimate less when there is combiner (rohini)
PIG-4761: Add more information to front end error messages (eyal via daijy)
PIG-4792: Do not add java and sun system properties to jobconf (rohini)
PIG-4787: Log JSONLoader exception while parsing records (rohini)
PIG-4763: Insufficient check for the number of arguments in (sekikn via rohini)
PIG-4411: Support for vertex level configuration like speculative execution (rohini)
PIG-4775: Better default values for shuffle bytes per reducer (rohini)
PIG-4753: Pigmix should have option to delete outputs after completing the tests (mitdesai via rohini)
PIG-4744: Honor tez.staging-dir setting in tez-site.xml (rohini via daijy)
PIG-4742: Document Pig's Register Artifact Command added in PIG-4417 (akshayrai09 via daijy)
PIG-4417: Pig's register command should support automatic fetching of jars from repo (akshayrai09 via daijy)
PIG-4713: Document Bloom UDF (gliptak via daijy)
PIG-3251: Bzip2TextInputFormat requires double the memory of maximum record size (knoguchi)
PIG-4704: Customizable Error Handling for Storers in Pig (siddhimehta via daijy)
PIG-4717: Update Apache HTTPD LogParser to latest version (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4468: Pig's jackson version conflicts with that of hadoop 2.6.0 or newer (zjffdu via daijy)
PIG-4708: Upgrade joda-time to 2.8 (rohini)
PIG-4697: Pig needs to serialize only part of the udfcontext for each vertex (rohini)
PIG-4702: Load once for sampling and partitioning in order by for certain LoadFuncs (rohini)
PIG-4699: Print Job stats information in Tez like mapreduce (rohini)
PIG-4554: Compress pig.script before encoding (sandyridgeracer via rohini)
PIG-4670: Embedded Python scripts still parse line by line (rohini)
PIG-4663: HBaseStorage should allow the MaxResultsPerColumnFamily limit to avoid memory or scan timeout issues (pmazak via rohini)
PIG-4673: Built In UDF - REPLACE_MULTI : For a given string, search and replace all occurrences
of search keys with replacement values ( via daijy)
PIG-4674: TOMAP should infer schema (daijy)
PIG-4676: Upgrade Hive to 1.2.1 (daijy)
PIG-4574: Eliminate identity vertex for order by and skewed join right after LOAD (rohini)
PIG-4365: TOP udf should implement Accumulator interface (eyal via rohini)
PIG-4570: Allow AvroStorage to use a class for the schema (pmazak via daijy)
PIG-4405: Adding 'map[]' support to mock/Storage (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4638: Allow TOMAP to accept dynamically sized input (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4639: Add better parser for Apache HTTPD access log (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4821: Pig chararray field with special UTF-8 chars as part of tuple join key produces wrong results in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4734: TOMAP schema inferring breaks some scripts in type checking for bincond (daijy)
PIG-4786: CROSS will not work correctly with Grace Parallelism (daijy)
PIG-3227: SearchEngineExtractor does not work for bing (dannyant via daijy)
PIG-4902: Fix UT failures on 0.16 branch: TestTezGraceParallelism, TestPigScriptParser (daijy)
PIG-4909: PigStorage incompatible with commons-cli-1.3 (knoguchi)
PIG-4908: JythonFunction refers to Oozie launcher script absolute path (rohini)
PIG-4905: Input of empty dir does not produce empty output file in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4576: Nightly test HCat_DDL_2 fails with TDE ON (nmaheshwari via daijy)
PIG-4873: InputSplit.getLocations return null and result a NPE in Pig (daijy)
PIG-4895: User UDFs relying on mapreduce.job.maps broken in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4883: MapKeyType of splitter was set wrongly in specific multiquery case (kellyzly via rohini)
PIG-4887: Parameter substitution skipped with glob on register (knoguchi)
PIG-4889: Replacing backslash fails as lexical error (knoguchi)
PIG-4880: Overlapping of parameter substitution names inside&outside a macro fails with NPE (knoguchi)
PIG-4881: TestBuiltin.testUniqueID failing on hadoop-1.x (knoguchi)
PIG-4888: Line number off when reporting syntax error inside a macro (knoguchi)
PIG-3772: Syntax error when casting an inner schema of a bag and line break involved (ssvinarchukhorton via knoguchi)
PIG-4892: removing /tmp/output before UT (daijy)
PIG-4882: Remove hardcoded from DownloadResolver (erwaman via daijy)
PIG-4581: thread safe issue in NodeIdGenerator (rcatherinot via rohini)
PIG-4878: Fix issues from PIG-4847 (rohini)
PIG-4877: LogFormat parser fails test (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4860: Loading data using OrcStorage() accepts only default FileSystem path (beriaanirudh via rohini)
PIG-4868: Low values for bytes.per.reducer configured by user not honored in Tez for inputs (rohini)
PIG-4869: Removing unwanted configuration in Tez broke ConfiguredFailoverProxyProvider (rohini)
PIG-4867: -stop_on_failure does not work with Tez (rohini)
PIG-4844: Tez AM runs out of memory when vertex has high number of outputs (rohini)
PIG-4851: Null not padded when input has less fields than declared schema for some loader (rohini)
PIG-4850: Registered jars do not use submit replication (rdblue via cheolsoo)
PIG-4845: Parallel instantiation of classes in Tez cause tasks to fail (rohini)
PIG-4841: Inline-op with schema declaration fails with syntax error (knoguchi)
PIG-4832: Fix TestPrumeColumn NPE failure (kellyzly via daijy)
PIG-4833 TestBuiltin.testURIWithCurlyBrace in TEZ failing after PIG-4819 (knoguchi)
PIG-4819: RANDOM() udf can lead to missing or redundant records (knoguchi)
PIG-4816: Read a null scalar causing a Tez failure (daijy)
PIG-4818: Single quote inside comment in GENERATE is not being ignored (knoguchi)
PIG-4814: AvroStorage does not take namenode HA as part of schema file url (daijy)
PIG-4812: Register Groovy UDF with relative path does not work (daijy)
PIG-4806: UDFContext can be reset in the middle during Tez input and output initialization (rohini)
PIG-4808: PluckTuple overwrites regex if used more than once in the same script (eyal via daijy)
PIG-4801: Provide backward compatibility with mapreduce mapred.task settings (rohini)
PIG-4759: Fix Classresolution_1 e2e failure (rohini)
PIG-4800: EvalFunc.getCacheFiles() fails for different namenode (rohini)
PIG-4790: Join after union fail due to UnionOptimizer (rohini)
PIG-4686: Backend code should not call AvroStorageUtils.getPaths (mitdesai via rohini)
PIG-4795: Flushing ObjectOutputStream before calling toByteArray on the underlying ByteArrayOutputStream (emopers via daijy)
PIG-4690: Union with self replicate join will fail in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4791: PORelationToExprProject filters records instead of returning emptybag in nested foreach after union (rohini)
PIG-4779: testBZ2Concatenation[pig.bzip.use.hadoop.inputformat = true] failing due to successful read (knoguchi)
PIG-4587: Applying isFirstReduceOfKey for Skewed left outer join skips records (rohini)
PIG-4782: OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded with POPartialAgg (rohini)
PIG-4737: Check and fix clone implementation for all classes extending PhysicalOperator (rohini)
PIG-4770: OOM with POPartialAgg in some cases (rohini)
PIG-4773: [Pig on Tez] Secondary key descending sort in nested foreach after union does ascending instead (rohini)
PIG-4774: Fix NPE in SUM,AVG,MIN,MAX UDFs for null bag input (rohini)
PIG-4757: Job stats on successfully read/output records wrong with multiple inputs/outputs (rohini)
PIG-4769: UnionOptimizer hits errors when merging vertex group into split (rohini)
PIG-4768: EvalFunc reporter is null in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4760: TezDAGStats.convertToHadoopCounters is not used, but impose MR counter limit (daijy)
PIG-4755: Typo in runpigmix script (mitdesai via daijy)
PIG-4736: Removing empty keys in UDFContext broke one LoadFunc (rohini)
PIG-4733: Avoid NullPointerException in JVMReuseImpl for builtin classes (rohini)
PIG-4722: [Pig on Tez] NPE while running Combiner (rohini)
PIG-4730: [Pig on Tez] Total parallelism estimation does not account load parallelism (rohini)
PIG-4689: CSV Writes incorrect header if two CSV files are created in one script (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4727: Incorrect types table for AVG in docs (nsmith via daijy)
PIG-4725: Typo in FrontendException messages "Incompatable" (nsmith via daijy)
PIG-4721: IsEmpty documentation error (nsmith via daijy)
PIG-4712: [Pig on Tez] NPE in Bloom UDF after Union (rohini)
PIG-4707: [Pig on Tez] Streaming job hangs with pig.exec.mapPartAgg=true (rohini)
PIG-4703: TezOperator.stores shall not ship to backend (daijy)
PIG-4696: Empty map returned by a streaming_python udf wrongly contains a null key (cheolsoo)
PIG-4691: [Pig on Tez] Support for whitelisting storefuncs for union optimization (rohini)
PIG-3957: Refactor out resetting input key in TezDagBuilder (rohini)
PIG-4688: Limit followed by POPartialAgg can give empty or partial results in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4635: NPE while running pig script in tez mode (daijy)
PIG-4683: Nested order is broken after PIG-3591 in some cases (daijy)
PIG-4679: Performance degradation due to InputSizeReducerEstimator since PIG-3754 (daijy)
PIG-4315: MergeJoin or Split followed by order by gives NPE in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4654: Reduce tez memory.reserve-fraction and clear spillables for better memory utilization (rohini)
PIG-4628: Pig 0.14 job with order by fails in mapreduce mode with Oozie (knoguchi)
PIG-4651: Optimize NullablePartitionWritable serialization for skewed join (rohini)
PIG-4627: [Pig on Tez] Self join does not handle null values correctly (rohini)
PIG-4644: PORelationToExprProject.clone() is broken (erwaman via rohini)
PIG-4650: ant mvn-deploy target is broken (daijy)
PIG-4649: [Pig on Tez] Union followed by HCatStorer misses some data (rohini)
PIG-4636: Occurred spelled incorrectly in error message for Launcher and POMergeCogroup (stevenmz via daijy)
PIG-4624: Error on ORC empty file without schema (daijy)
PIG-3622: Allow casting bytearray fields to bytearray type (redisliu via daijy)
PIG-4618: When use tez as the engine , set pig.user.cache.enabled=true do not take effect (wisgood via rohini)
PIG-4533: Document error: Pig does support concatenated gz file (xhudik via daijy)
PIG-4578: ToDateISO should support optional ' ' space variant used by JDBC (michaelthoward via daijy)
Release 0.15.0
PIG-4560: Pig 0.15.0 Documentation (daijy)
PIG-4429: Add Pig alias information and Pig script to the DAG view in Tez UI (daijy)
PIG-3994: Implement getting backend exception for Tez (rohini)
PIG-4563: Upgrade to released Tez 0.7.0 (daijy)
PIG-4525: Clarify "Scalar has more than one row in the output." (Niels Basjes via gates)
PIG-4511: Add columns to prune from PluckTuple (jbabcock via cheolsoo)
PIG-4434: Improve auto-parallelism for tez (daijy)
PIG-4495: Better multi-query planning in case of multiple edges (rohini)
PIG-3294: Allow Pig use Hive UDFs (daijy)
PIG-4476: Fix logging in AvroStorage* classes and SchemaTuple class (rdsr via rohini)
PIG-4458: Support UDFs in a FOREACH Before a Merge Join (wattsinabox via daijy)
PIG-4454: Upgrade tez to 0.6.0 (daijy)
PIG-4451: Log partition and predicate filter pushdown information and fix optimizer looping (rohini)
PIG-4430: Pig should support reading file from classpath as well (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4407: Allow specifying a replication factor for jarcache (jira.shegalov via rohini)
PIG-4401: Add pattern matching to PluckTuple (cheolsoo)
PIG-2692: Make the Pig unit faciliities more generalizable and update javadocs (razsapps via daijy)
PIG-4379: Make RoundRobinPartitioner public (daijy)
PIG-4378: Better way to fix tez local mode test hanging (daijy)
PIG-4358: Add test cases for utf8 chinese in Pig (nmaheshwari via daijy)
PIG-4370: HBaseStorage should support delete markers (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-4360: HBaseStorage should support setting the timestamp field (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-4337: Split Types and MultiQuery e2e tests into multiple groups (rohini)
PIG-4333: Split BigData tests into multiple groups (rohini)
PIG-4592: Pig 0.15 stopped working with Hadoop 1.x (daijy)
PIG-4580: Fix TestTezAutoParallelism.testSkewedJoinIncreaseParallelism test failure (daijy)
PIG-4571: TestPigRunner.testGetHadoopCounters fail on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4541: Skewed full outer join does not return records if any relation is empty. Outer join does not
return any record if left relation is empty (daijy)
PIG-4564: Pig can deadlock in POPartialAgg if there is a bag (rohini via daijy)
PIG-4569: Fix e2e test Rank_1 failure (rohini)
PIG-4490: MIN/MAX builtin UDFs return wrong results when accumulating for strings (xplenty via rohini)
PIG-4418: NullPointerException in JVMReuseImpl (rohini)
PIG-4562: Typo in DataType.toDateTime (daijy)
PIG-4559: Fix several new tez e2e test failures (daijy)
PIG-4506: binstorage fails to write biginteger (ssavvides via daijy)
PIG-4556: Local mode is broken in some case by PIG-4247 (daijy)
PIG-4523: Tez engine should use tez config rather than mr config whenever possible (daijy)
PIG-4452: Embedded SQL using "SQL" instead of "sql" fails with string index out of range: -1 error (daijy)
PIG-4543: TestEvalPipelineLocal.testRankWithEmptyReduce fail on Hadoop 1 (daijy)
PIG-4544: Upgrade Hbase to 0.98.12 (daijy)
PIG-4481: e2e tests ComputeSpec_1, ComputeSpec_2 and StreamingPerformance_3 produce different result on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4496: Fix CBZip2InputStream to close underlying stream (petersla via daijy)
PIG-4528: Fix a typo in src/docs/src/documentation/content/xdocs/basic.xml (namusyaka via daijy)
PIG-4532: Pig Documentation contains typo for AvroStorage (fredericschmaljohann via daijy)
PIG-4377: Skewed outer join produce wrong result in some cases (daijy)
PIG-4538: Pig script fail with CNF in follow up MR job (daijy)
PIG-4537: Fix unit test failure introduced by TEZ-2392: TestCollectedGroup, TestLimitVariable, TestMapSideCogroup, etc (daijy)
PIG-4530: StackOverflow in TestMultiQueryLocal running under hadoop20 (nielsbasjes via rohini)
PIG-4529: Pig on tez hit counter limit imposed by MR (daijy)
PIG-4524: Pig Minicluster unit tests broken by TEZ-2333 (daijy)
PIG-4527: NON-ASCII Characters in Javadoc break 'ant docs' (nielsbasjes via daijy)
PIG-4494: Pig's htrace version conflicts with that of hadoop 2.6.0 (daijy)
PIG-4519: Correct link to Contribute page (gliptak via daijy)
PIG-4514: pig trunk compilation is broken - VertexManagerPluginContext.reconfigureVertex change (thejas)
PIG-4503: [Pig on Tez] NPE in UnionOptimizer with multiple levels of union (rohini)
PIG-4509: [Pig on Tez] Unassigned applications not killed on shutdown (rohini)
PIG-4508: [Pig on Tez] PigProcessor check for commit only on MROutput (rohini)
PIG-4505: [Pig on Tez] Auto adjust AM memory can hit OOM with 3.5GXmx (rohini)
PIG-4502: E2E tests build fail with udfs compile (nmaheshwari via daijy)
PIG-4498: AvroStorage in Piggbank does not handle bad records and fails (viraj via rohini)
PIG-4499: mvn-build miss tez classes in pig-h2.jar (daijy)
PIG-4488: Pig on tez mask (daijy)
PIG-4497: [Pig on Tez] NPE for null scalar (rohini)
PIG-4493: Pig on Tez gives wrong results if Union is followed by Split (rohini)
PIG-4491: Streaming Python Bytearray Bugs (jeremykarn via daijy)
PIG-4487: Pig on Tez gives wrong success message on failure in case of multiple outputs (rohini)
PIG-4483: Pig on Tez output statistics shows storing to same directory twice for union (rohini)
PIG-4480: Pig script failure on Tez with split and order by due to missing sample collection (rohini)
PIG-4484: Ant pull on some platform (daijy)
PIG-4479: Pig script with union within nested splits followed by join failed on Tez (rohini)
PIG-4457: Error is thrown by JobStats.getOutputSize() when storing to a MySql table (rohini)
PIG-4475: Keys in AvroMapWrapper are not proper Pig types (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4478: TestCSVExcelStorage fails with jdk8 (rohini)
PIG-4474: Increasing intermediate parallelism has issue with default parallelism (rohini)
PIG-4465: Pig streaming ship fails for relative paths on Tez (rohini)
PIG-4461: Use benchmarks for Windows Pig e2e tests (nmaheshwari via daijy)
PIG-4463: AvroMapWrapper still leaks Avro data types and AvroStorageDataConversionUtilities do not handle
Pig maps (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4460: TestBuiltIn testValueListOutputSchemaComplexType and testValueSetOutputSchemaComplexType tests
create bags whose inner schema is not a tuple (erwaman via daijy)
PIG-4448: AvroMapWrapper leaks Avro data types when the map values are complex avro records (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4453: Remove test-tez-local target (daijy)
PIG-4443: Write inputsplits in Tez to disk if the size is huge and option to compress pig input splits (rohini)
PIG-4447: Pig Cannot handle nullable values (arrays and records) in avro records (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4444: Fix unit test failure TestTezAutoParallelism (daijy)
PIG-4445: VALUELIST and VALUESET outputSchema does not match actual schema of data returned when map value schema
is complex (erwaman via daijy)
PIG-4442: Eliminate redundant RPC call to get file information in HPath (cnauroth via daijy)
PIG-4440: Some code samples in documentation use Unicode left/right single quotes, which cause a
parse failure (cnauroth via daijy)
PIG-4264: Port TestAvroStorage to tez local mode (daijy)
PIG-4437: Fix tez unit test failure TestJoinSmoke, TestSkewedJoin (daijy)
PIG-4432: Built-in VALUELIST and VALUESET UDFs do not preserve the schema when the map value type is
a complex type (erwaman via daijy)
PIG-4408: Merge join should support replicated join as a predecessor (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-4389: Flag to run selected test suites in e2e tests (daijy)
PIG-4385: testDefaultBootup fails because it cannot find "" (mkudlej via daijy)
PIG-4397: CSVExcelStorage incorrect output if last field value is null (daijy)
PIG-4431: ReadToEndLoader does not close the record reader for the last input split (rdsr via daijy)
PIG-4426: RowNumber(simple) Rank not producing correct results (knoguchi)
PIG-4433: Loading bigdecimal in nested tuple does not work (kpriceyahoo via daijy)
PIG-4410: Fix testRankWithEmptyReduce in tez mode (daijy)
PIG-4392: RANK BY fails when default_parallel is greater than cardinality of field being ranked by (daijy)
PIG-4403: Combining -Dpig.additional.jars.uris with -useHCatalog breaks due to combination
with colon instead of comma (ovlaere via daijy)
PIG-4402: JavaScript UDF example in the doc is broken (cheolsoo)
PIG-4394: Fix Split_9 and Union_5 e2e failures (rohini)
PIG-4391: Fix TestPigStats test failure (rohini)
PIG-4387: Honor yarn settings in tez-site.xml and optimize dag status fetch (rohini)
PIG-4352: Port local mode tests to Tez - TestUnionOnSchema (daijy)
PIG-4359: Port local mode tests to Tez - part4 (daijy)
PIG-4340: PigStorage fails parsing empty map (daijy)
PIG-4366: Port local mode tests to Tez - part5 (daijy)
PIG-4381: PIG grunt shell DEFINE commands fails when it spans multiple lines (daijy)
PIG-4384: TezLauncher thread should be deamon thread (zjffdu via daijy)
PIG-4376: NullPointerException accessing a field of an invalid bag from a nested foreach
(kspringborn via daijy)
PIG-4355: Piggybank: XPath cant handle namespace in xpath, nor can it return more than one match
(cavanaug via daijy)
PIG-4371: Duplicate snappy.version in (daijy)
PIG-4368: Port local mode tests to Tez - TestLoadStoreFuncLifeCycle (daijy)
PIG-4367: Port local mode tests to Tez - TestMultiQueryBasic (daijy)
PIG-4339: e2e test framework assumes default exectype as mapred (rohini)
PIG-2949: JsonLoader only reads arrays of objects (eyal via daijy)
PIG-4213: CSVExcelStorage not quoting texts containing \r (CR) when storing (alfonso.nishikawa via daijy)
PIG-2647: Split Combining drops splits with empty getLocations() (tmwoodruff via daijy)
PIG-4294: Enable unit test "TestNestedForeach" for spark (kellyzly via rohini)
PIG-4282: Enable unit test "TestForEachNestedPlan" for spark (kellyzly via rohini)
PIG-4361: Fix perl script problem in (kellyzly via xuefu)
PIG-4354: Port local mode tests to Tez - part3 (daijy)
PIG-4338: Fix test failures with JDK8 (rohini)
PIG-4351: TestPigRunner.simpleTest2 fail on trunk (daijy)
PIG-4350: Port local mode tests to Tez - part2 (daijy)
PIG-4326: AvroStorageSchemaConversionUtilities does not properly convert schema for maps of arrays of records (mprim via daijy)
PIG-4345: e2e test "RubyUDFs_13" fails because of the different result of "group a all" in different engines like "spark", "mapreduce" (kellyzly via rohini)
PIG-4332: Remove redundant jars packaged into pig-withouthadoop.jar for hadoop 2 (rohini)
PIG-4331: update README, '-x' option in usage to include tez (thejas via daijy)
PIG-4327: Schema of map with value that has an alias can't be parsed again (mprim via daijy)
PIG-4330: Regression test for PIG-3584 - AvroStorage does not correctly translate arrays of strings (brocknoland via daijy)
PIG-3615: Update the way that JsonLoader/JsonStorage deal with BigDecimal (tyro89 via daijy)
PIG-4329: Fetch optimization should be disabled when limit is not pushed up (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3413: JsonLoader fails the pig job in case of malformed json input (eyal via daijy)
PIG-4247: S3 properties are not picked up from core-site.xml in local mode (cheolsoo)
PIG-4242: For indented xmls with multiline content (e.g. wikipedia) XMLLoader cuts out the begining of every line
(holdfenytolvaj via daijy)
Release 0.14.1 - Unreleased
PIG-4409: fs.defaultFS is overwritten in JobConf by replicated join at runtime (cheolsoo)
PIG-4404: LOAD with HBaseStorage on secure cluster is broken in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4375: ObjectCache should use ProcessorContext.getObjectRegistry() (rohini)
PIG-4334: PigProcessor does not set (rohini)
PIG-4342: Pig 0.14 cannot identify the uppercase of DECLARE and DEFAULT (daijy)
Release 0.14.0
PIG-4321: Documentation for 0.14 (daijy)
PIG-4328: Upgrade Hive to 0.14 (daijy)
PIG-4318: Make PigConfiguration naming consistent (rohini)
PIG-4316: Port TestHBaseStorage to tez local mode (rohini)
PIG-4224: Upload Tez payload history string to timeline server (daijy)
PIG-3977: Get TezStats working for Oozie (rohini)
PIG-3979: group all performance, garbage collection, and incremental aggregation (rohini)
PIG-4253: Add a UniqueID UDF (daijy)
PIG-4160: Provide a way to pass local jars in pig.additional.jars when using a remote
url for a script (acoliver via daijy)
PIG-4246: HBaseStorage should implement getShipFiles (rohini)
PIG-3456: Reduce threadlocal conf access in backend for each record (rohini)
PIG-3861: duplicate jars get added to distributed cache (chitnis via rohini)
PIG-4039: New interface for resetting static variables for jvm reuse (rohini)
PIG-3870: STRSPLITTOBAG UDF (cryptoe via daijy)
PIG-4080: Add Preprocessor commands and more to the black/whitelisting feature (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-4162: Intermediate reducer parallelism in Tez should be higher (rohini)
PIG-4186: Fix e2e run against new build of pig and some enhancements (rohini)
PIG-3838: Organize tez code into subpackages (rohini)
PIG-4069: Limit reduce task should start as soon as one map task finishes (rohini)
PIG-4141: Ship UDF/LoadFunc/StoreFunc dependent jar automatically (daijy)
PIG-4146: Create a target to run mr and tez unit test in one shot (daijy)
PIG-4144: Make pigunit.PigTest work in tez mode (daijy)
PIG-4128: New logical optimizer rule: ConstantCalculator (daijy)
PIG-4124: Command for Python streaming udf should be configurable (cheolsoo)
PIG-4114: Add Native operator to tez (daijy)
PIG-4117: Implement merge cogroup in Tez (daijy)
PIG-4119: Add message at end of each testcase with timestamp in Pig system tests (nmaheshwari via daijy)
PIG-4008: Pig code change to enable Tez Local mode (airbots via daijy)
PIG-4091: Predicate pushdown for ORC (rohini via daijy)
PIG-4077: Some fixes and e2e test for OrcStorage (rohini)
PIG-4054: Do not create job.jar when submitting job (daijy)
PIG-4047: Break up pig withouthadoop and fat jar (daijy)
PIG-4062: Add ascending order option to builtin TOP function (raj171 via cheolsoo)
PIG-3558: ORC support for Pig (daijy)
PIG-2122: Parameter Substitution doesn't work in the Grunt shell (daijy)
PIG-4031: Provide Counter aggregation for Tez (daijy)
PIG-4028: add a flag to control the ivy resolve/retrieve output (gkesavan via daijy)
PIG-4015: Provide a way to disable auto-parallism in tez (daijy)
PIG-3846: Implement automatic reducer parallelism (daijy)
PIG-3939: SPRINTF function to format strings using a printf-style template (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3970: Merge Tez branch into trunk (daijy)
PIG-4657: [Pig on Tez] Optimize GroupBy and Distinct key comparison (rohini)
PIG-4335: Pig release tarball miss tez classes (daijy)
PIG-4325: StackOverflow when spilling InternalCachedBag (daijy)
PIG-4324: Remove jsch-LICENSE.txt (daijy)
PIG-4267: ToDate has incorrect timezone offsets (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-4319: Make LoadPredicatePushdown InterfaceAudience.Private till PIG-4093 (rohini)
PIG-4312: TestStreamingUDF tez mode leave orphan process on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4314: BigData_5 hang on some machine (daijy)
PIG-4299: SpillableMemoryManager assumes tenured heap incorrectly (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-4298: Descending order-by is broken in some cases when key is bytearrays (cheolsoo)
PIG-4263: Move tez local mode unit tests to a separate target (daijy)
PIG-4257: Fix several e2e tests on secure cluster (daijy)
PIG-4261: Skip shipping local resources in tez local mode (daijy)
PIG-4182: e2e tests Scripting_[1-12] fail on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4259: Fix few issues related to Union, CROSS and auto parallelism in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4250: Fix Security Risks found by Coverity (daijy)
PIG-4258: Fix several e2e tests on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4256: Fix StreamingPythonUDFs e2e test failure on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4166: Collected group drops last record when combined with merge join (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-2495: Using merge JOIN from a HBaseStorage produces an error (bridiver via daijy)
PIG-4235: Fix unit test failures on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4245: 1-1 edge vertices should use same jvm opts (rohini)
PIG-4252: Tez container reuse fail when using script udf (daijy)
PIG-4241: Auto local mode mistakenly converts large jobs to local mode when using with Hive tables (cheolsoo)
PIG-4184: UDF backward compatibility issue after POStatus.STATUS_NULL refactory (daijy)
PIG-4238: Property 'pig.job.converted.fetch' should be unset when fetch finishes (lbendig)
PIG-4151: Pig Cannot Write Empty Maps to HBase (daijy)
PIG-4181: Cannot launch tez e2e test on Windows (daijy)
PIG-2834: MultiStorage requires unused constructor argument (daijy)
PIG-4230: Documentation fix: first nested foreach example is incomplete (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-4199: Mapreduce ACLs should be translated to Tez ACLs (rohini)
PIG-4227: Streaming Python UDF handles bag outputs incorrectly (cheolsoo)
PIG-4219: When parsing a schema, pig drops tuple inside of Bag if it contains only one field (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-4226: Upgrade Tez to 0.5.1 (daijy)
PIG-4220: MapReduce-based Rank failing with NPE due to missing Counters (knoguchi)
PIG-3985: Multiquery execution of RANK with RANK BY causes NPE (rohini)
PIG-4218: Pig OrcStorage fail to load a map with null key (daijy)
PIG-4164: After Pig job finish, Pig client spend too much time retry to connect to AM (daijy)
PIG-4212: Allow LIMIT of 0 for variableLimit (constant 0 is already allowed) (knoguchi)
PIG-4196: Auto ship udf jar is broken (daijy)
PIG-4214: Fix unit test fail TestMRJobStats (daijy)
PIG-4217: Fix documentation in BuildBloom (praveenr019 via daijy)
PIG-4215: Fix unit test failure TestParamSubPreproc and TestMacroExpansion (daijy)
PIG-4175: PIG CROSS operation follow by STORE produces non-deterministic results each run (daijy)
PIG-4202: Reset UDFContext state before OutputCommitter invocations in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4205: e2e test property-check does not check all prerequisites (kellyzly via daijy)
PIG-4180: e2e test Native_3 fail on Hadoop 2 (daijy)
PIG-4178: HCatDDL_[1-3] fail on Windows (daijy)
PIG-4046: PiggyBank DBStorage DATETIME should use setTimestamp with java.sql.Timestamp (sinchii via daijy)
PIG-4050: HadoopShims.getTaskReports() can cause OOM with Hadoop 2 (rohini)
PIG-4176: Fix tez e2e test Bloom_[1-3] (daijy)
PIG-4195: Support loading char/varchar data in OrcStorage (daijy)
PIG-4201: Native e2e tests fail when run against old version of pig (rohini)
PIG-4197: Fix typo in Job Stats header: MinMapTIme => MinMapTime (jmartell7 via daijy)
PIG-4194: ReadToEndLoader does not call setConf on pigSplit in initializeReader (shadanan via rohini)
PIG-4187: Fix Orc e2e tests (daijy)
PIG-4177: BigData_1 fail after PIG-4149 (daijy)
PIG-3507: Pig fails to run in local mode on a Kerberos enabled Hadoop cluster (kellyzly via rohini)
PIG-4171: Streaming UDF fails when direct fetch optimization is enabled (cheolsoo)
PIG-4170: Multiquery with different type of key gives wrong result (daijy)
PIG-4104: Accumulator UDF throws OOM in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4169: NPE in ConstantCalculator (cheolsoo)
PIG-4161: check for latest Hive snapshot dependencies (daijy)
PIG-4102: Adding e2e tests and several improvements for Orc predicate pushdown (daijy)
PIG-4156: [PATCH] fix NPE when running scripts stored on hdfs:// (acoliver via daijy)
PIG-4159: TestGroupConstParallelTez and TestJobSubmissionTez should be excluded in Hadoop 20 unit tests (cheolsoo)
PIG-4154: ScriptState#setScript(File) does not close resources (lars_francke via daijy)
PIG-4155: Quitting grunt shell using CTRL-D character throws exception (abhishek.agarwal via daijy)
PIG-4157: Pig compilation failure due to HIVE-7208 (daijy)
PIG-4158: TestAssert is broken in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-4143: Port more mini cluster tests to Tez - part 7 (daijy)
PIG-4149: Rounding issue in FindQuantiles (daijy)
PIG-4145: Port local mode tests to Tez - part1 (daijy)
PIG-4076: Fix pom file (daijy)
PIG-4140: VertexManagerEvent.getUserPayload returns ReadOnlyBuffer after TEZ-1449 (daijy)
PIG-4136: No special handling jythonjar/jrubyjar in e2e tests after PIG-4047 (daijy)
PIG-4137: Fix hadoopversion 23 compilation due to TEZ-1469 (daijy)
PIG-4135: Fetch optimization should be disabled if plan contains no limit (cheolsoo)
PIG-4061: Make Streaming UDF work in Tez (hotfix PIG-4061-3.patch)
PIG-4134: TEZ-1449 broke the build (knoguchi)
PIG-4132: TEZ-1246 and TEZ-1390 broke a build (knoguchi)
PIG-4129: Pig -Dhadoopversion=23 compile fail after TEZ-1426 (daijy)
PIG-4127: Build failure due to TEZ-1132 and TEZ-1416 (lbendig)
PIG-4125: TEZ-1347 broke the build
PIG-4123: Increase memory for TezMiniCluster (daijy)
PIG-4122: Fix hadoopversion 23 compilation due to TEZ-1194 (daijy)
PIG-4061: Make Streaming UDF work in Tez (daijy)
PIG-4118: Fix hadoopversion 23 compilation due to TEZ-1237/TEZ-1407 (daijy)
PIG-4109: register local jar fail on Windows when Pig script is remote (daijy)
PIG-4116: Update Pig doc about Hadoop 2 Streaming Python UDF support (cheolsoo)
PIG-4112: NPE in packager when union + group-by followed by replicated join in Tez (rohini via cheolsoo)
PIG-4113: TEZ-1386 breaks hadoop 2 compilation in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-4110: TEZ-1382 breaks Hadoop 2 compilation (cheolsoo)
PIG-4105: Fix TestAvroStorage with ibm jdk (fang fang chen via daijy)
PIG-4108: Pig -Dhadoopversion=23 compile fail after TEZ-1317 (daijy)
PIG-4086: Fix Orc e2e tests for tez (daijy)
PIG-4101: Lower to 2 from 4 in Tez mini cluster (cheolsoo)
PIG-4099: "ant copypom" failed with "could not find file $PIG_HOME/ivy/pig.pom to copy" (fang fang chen via cheolsoo)
PIG-4098: Vertex Location Hint api update after TEZ-1041 (jeagles via cheolsoo)
PIG-4088: TEZ-1346 breaks hadoop 2 compilation in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-4089: TestMultiQuery.testMultiQueryJiraPig1169 fails in trunk after
PIG-4079 in Hadoop 1 (cheolsoo)
PIG-4085: TEZ-1303 broke hadoop 2 compilation in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-4082: TEZ-1278 broke hadoop 2 compilation in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-4079: Parallel clause is not honored in local mode (cheolsoo)
PIG-4078: Port more mini cluster tests to Tez - part 6 (rohini)
PIG-4071: Fix TestStore.testSetStoreSchema, TestParamSubPreproc.testGruntWithParamSub,
TestJobSubmission.testReducerNumEstimation (daijy)
PIG-4074: mapreduce.client.submit.file.replication is not honored in cached files (cheolsoo)
PIG-4052: TestJobControlSleep, TestInvokerSpeed are unreliable (daijy)
PIG-4053: TestMRCompiler succeeded with sun jdk 1.6 while failed with sun jdk 1.7 (daijy)
PIG-3982: ant target test-tez should depend on jackson-pig-3039-test-download (daijy)
PIG-4064: Fix tez auto parallelism test failures (daijy)
PIG-4075: TEZ-1311 broke Hadoop2 compilation (cheolsoo)
PIG-4070: Change from TezJobConfig to TezRuntimeConfiguration (rohini)
PIG-4068: ObjectCache causes ClassCastException (cheolsoo)
PIG-4067: TestAllLoader in piggybank fails with new hive version (rohini)
PIG-4065: Fix failing unit tests in Tez (rohini)
PIG-4060: Refactor TezJob and TezLauncher (cheolsoo)
PIG-2689: JsonStorage fails to find schema when LimitAdjuster runs (rohini)
PIG-4056: Remove PhysicalOperator.setAlias (rohini)
PIG-4058: Use single config in Tez for input and output (rohini)
PIG-3886: UdfDistributedCache_1 fails in tez branch (cheolsoo)
PIG-4055 Build broke after TEZ-1130 API rename (knoguchi)
PIG-3935: Port more mini cluster tests to Tez - part 5 (rohini)
PIG-3984: PigServer.shutdown removes the tez resource folder (daijy via rohini)
PIG-4048: TEZ-692 has a incompatible API change removing TezSession (rohini)
PIG-4044: Pig should use avro-mapred-hadoop2.jar instead of avro-mapred.jar when compile with hadoop 2 (daijy)
PIG-4043: JobClient.getMap/ReduceTaskReports() causes OOM for jobs with a large number of tasks (cheolsoo)
PIG-4036: Fix e2e failures - JobManagement_3, CmdErrors_3 and BigData_4 (daijy)
PIG-4041: org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine.tez.util.MRToTezHelper compiling error (jeagles via cheolsoo)
PIG-4038: SPRINTF should return NULL on any NULL input (mrflip via daijy)
PIG-4025: TestLoadFuncWrapper, TestLoadFuncMetaDataWrapper,TestStoreFuncWrapper
and TestStoreFuncMetadataWrapper fail on IBM JDK (ahireanup via daijy)
PIG-4024: TestPigStreamingUDF and TestPigStreaming fail on IBM JDK (ahireanup via daijy)
PIG-4023: BigDec/Int sort is broken (ahireanup via daijy)
PIG-4003: Error is thrown by JobStats.getOutputSize() when storing to a Hive table (cheolsoo)
PIG-4035: Fix CollectedGroup e2e tests for tez (daijy)
PIG-4034: Exclude TestTezAutoParallelism when -Dhadoopversion=20 (cheolsoo)
PIG-4033: Fix MergeSparseJoin e2e tests on tez (daijy)
PIG-3478: Make StreamingUDF work for Hadoop 2 (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-4032: BloomFilter fails with s3 path in Hadoop 2.4 (cheolsoo)
PIG-4018: Schema validation fails with UNION ONSCHEMA (daijy)
PIG-4022: Fix tez e2e test SkewedJoin_6 (daijy)
PIG-4001: POPartialAgg aggregates too aggressively when multiple values aggregated (tmwoodruff via cheolsoo)
PIG-4027: Always check for latest Tez snapshot dependencies (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-4020: Fix tez e2e tests MapPartialAgg_[2-4], StreamingPerformance_[6-7] (daijy)
PIG-4019: Compilation broken after TEZ-1169 (daijy)
PIG-4014: Fix Rank e2e test failures on tez (daijy)
PIG-4013: Order by multiple column fail on Tez (daijy)
PIG-3983: TestGrunt.testKeepGoigFailed fail on tez mode (daijy)
PIG-3959: Skewed join followed by replicated join fails in Tez (cheolsoo)
PIG-3995: Tez unit tests shouldn't run when -Dhadoopversion=20 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3986: PigSplit to support multiple split class (tongjie via cheolsoo)
PIG-3988: PigStorage: CommandLineParser is not thread safe (tmwoodruff via cheolsoo)
PIG-2409: Pig show wrong tracking URL for hadoop 2 (lbendig via rohini)
PIG-3978: Container reuse does not across PigServer (daijy)
PIG-3974: E2E test data generation fails in cluster mode (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3969: Javascript UDF fails if no output schema is defined (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3971: Pig on tez fails to run in Oozie in secure cluster (rohini)
PIG-3968: OperatorPlan.serialVersionUID is not defined (daijy)
Release 0.13.1 - Unreleased
PIG-4139: pig query throws error java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: jobsInProgress on MRv1 (satish via cheolsoo)
PIG-4133: Need to update the default $HCAT_HOME dir in the PIG script (mnarayan via cheolsoo)
PIG-4106: Describe shouldn't trigger execution in batch mode (cheolsoo)
Release 0.13.0
PIG-3996: Delete zebra from svn (cheolsoo)
PIG-3898: Refactor PPNL for non-MR execution engine (cheolsoo)
PIG-3485: Remove CastUtils.bytesToMap(byte[] b) method from LoadCaster interface (cheolsoo)
PIG-3419: Pluggable Execution Engine (achalsoni81 via cheolsoo)
PIG-2207: Support custom counters for aggregating warnings from different udfs (aniket486)
PIG-3892: Pig distribution for hadoop 2 (daijy)
PIG-4006: Make the interval of DAGStatus report configurable (cheolsoo)
PIG-3999: Document PIG-3388 (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3954: Document use of user level jar cache (aniket486)
PIG-3752: Fix e2e Parallel test for Windows (daijy)
PIG-3966: Document variable input arguments of UDFs (lbendig via aniket486)
PIG-3963: Documentation for BagToString UDF (mrflip via daijy)
PIG-3929: pig.temp.dir should allow to substitute vars as hadoop configuration does (aniket486)
PIG-3913: Pig should use job's jobClient wherever possible (fixes local mode counters) (aniket486)
PIG-3941: Piggybank's Over UDF returns an output schema with named fields (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3545: Seperate validation rules from optimizer (daijy)
PIG-3745: Document auto local mode for pig (aniket486)
PIG-3932: Document ROUND_TO builtin UDF (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3926: ROUND_TO function: rounds double/float to fixed number of decimal places (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3901: Organize the Pig properties file and document all properties (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3867: Added hadoop home to build classpath for build pig with unit test on windows (Sergey Svinarchuk via gates)
PIG-3914: Change TaskContext to abstract class (cheolsoo)
PIG-3672: Pig should not check for hardcoded file system implementations (rohini)
PIG-3860: Refactor PigStatusReporter and PigLogger for non-MR execution engine (cheolsoo)
PIG-3865: Remodel the XMLLoader to work to be faster and more maintainable (aseldawy via daijy)
PIG-3737: Bundle dependent jars in distribution in %PIG_HOME%/lib folder (daijy)
PIG-3771: Piggybank Avrostorage makes a lot of namenode calls in the backend (rohini)
PIG-3851: Upgrade jline to 2.11 (daijy)
PIG-3884: Move multi store counters to PigStatsUtil from MRPigStatsUtil (rohini)
PIG-3591: Refactor POPackage to separate MR specific code from packaging (mwagner via cheolsoo)
PIG-3449: Move JobCreationException to org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine (cheolsoo)
PIG-3765: Ability to disable Pig commands and operators (prkommireddi)
PIG-3731: Ability to specify local-mode specific configuration (useful for local/auto-local mode) (aniket486)
PIG-3793: Provide info on number of LogicalRelationalOperator(s) used in the script through LogicalPlanData (prkommireddi)
PIG-3778: Log list of running jobs along with progress (rohini)
PIG-3675: Documentation for AccumuloStorage (elserj via daijy)
PIG-3648: Make the sample size for RandomSampleLoader configurable (cheolsoo)
PIG-259: allow store to overwrite existing directroy (nezihyigitbasi via daijy)
PIG-2672: Optimize the use of DistributedCache (aniket486)
PIG-3238: Pig current releases lack a UDF Stuff(). This UDF deletes a specified length of characters
and inserts another set of characters at a specified starting point (nezihyigitbasi via daijy)
PIG-3299: Provide support for LazyOutputFormat to avoid creating empty files (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-3642: Direct HDFS access for small jobs (fetch) (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3730: Performance issue in SelfSpillBag (rajesh.balamohan via rohini)
PIG-3654: Add class cache to PigContext (tmwoodruff via daijy)
PIG-3463: Pig should use hadoop local mode for small jobs (aniket486)
PIG-3573: Provide StoreFunc and LoadFunc for Accumulo (elserj via daijy)
PIG-3653: Add support for pre-deployed jars (tmwoodruff via daijy)
PIG-3645: Move FileLocalizer.setR() calls to unit tests (cheolsoo)
PIG-3637: PigCombiner creating log spam (rohini)
PIG-3632: Add option to configure cacheBlocks in HBaseStorage (rohini)
PIG-3619: Provide XPath function (Saad Patel via gates)
PIG-3590: remove PartitionFilterOptimizer from trunk (aniket486)
PIG-3580: MIN, MAX and AVG functions for BigDecimal and BigInteger (harichinnan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3569: SUM function for BigDecimal and BigInteger (harichinnan via rohini)
PIG-3505: Make AvroStorage sync interval take default from io.file.buffer.size (rohini)
PIG-3563: support adding archives to the distributed cache (jdonofrio via cheolsoo)
PIG-3388: No support for Regex for row filter in org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.hbase.HBaseStorage (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3522: Remove shock from pig (daijy)
PIG-3295: Casting from bytearray failing after Union even when each field is from a single Loader (knoguchi)
PIG-3444: CONCAT with 2+ input parameters fail (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-3117: A debug mode in which pig does not delete temporary files (ihadanny via cheolsoo)
PIG-3484: Make the size of pig.script property configurable (cheolsoo)
PIG-3882: Multiquery off mode execution is not done in batch and very inefficient (rohini)
PIG-4037: TestHBaseStorage, TestAccumuloPigCluster has failures with hadoopversion=23 (daijy)
PIG-4005: depend on hbase-hadoop2-compat rather than hbase-hadoop1-compat when hbaseversion is 95 (daijy)
PIG-4021: Fix TestHBaseStorage failure after auto local mode change (PIG-3463) (daijy)
PIG-4029: TestMRCompiler is broken after PIG-3874 (daijy)
PIG-4030: TestGrunt, TestPigRunner fail after PIG-3892 (daijy)
PIG-3975: Multiple Scalar reference calls leading to missing records (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-4017: NPE thrown from JobControlCompiler.shipToHdfs (cheolsoo)
PIG-3997: Issue on Pig docs: Testing and Diagnostics (zjffdu via cheolsoo)
PIG-3998: Documentation fix: invalid page links, wrong Groovy udf example (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-4000: Minor documentation fix for PIG-3642 (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3991: TestErrorHandling.tesNegative7 is broken in trunk/branch-0.13 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3990: ant docs is broken in trunk/branch-0.13 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3989: PIG_OPTS does not work with some version of HADOOP (daijy)
PIG-3739: The Warning_4 e2e test is broken in trunk (aniket486)
PIG-3976: Typo correction in JobStats breaks Oozie (rohini)
PIG-3874: FileLocalizer temp path can sometimes be non-unique (chitnis via cheolsoo)
PIG-3967: Grunt fail if we running more statement after first store (daijy)
PIG-3915: MapReduce queries in Pigmix outputs different results than Pig's (keren3000 via daijy)
PIG-3955: Remove url.openStream() file descriptor leak from JCC (aniket486)
PIG-3958: TestMRJobStats is broken in 0.13 and trunk (aniket486)
PIG-3949: HiveColumnarStorage compile failure with Hive 0.14.0 (daijy)
PIG-3960: Compile fail against Hadoop 2.4.0 after PIG-3913 (daijy)
PIG-3956: UDF profile is often misleading (cheolsoo)
PIG-3950: Removing empty file speeds up rebuilds (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3940: NullPointerException writing .pig_header for field with null name in (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3944: PigNullableWritable toString method throws NPE on null value (mauzhang via cheolsoo)
PIG-3936: DBStorage fails on storing nulls for non varchar columns (jeremykarn via cheolsoo)
PIG-3945: Ant not sending hadoopversion to piggybank sub-ant (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3942: Util.buildPp() is incompatible with Non-MR execution engine (cheolsoo)
PIG-3902: PigServer creates cycle (thedatachef via cheolsoo)
PIG-3930: " Cannot initialize Cluster" in local mode with hadoopversion=23 dependencies (jira.shegalov via cheolsoo)
PIG-3921: Obsolete entries in piggybank javadoc build script (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3923: Gitignore file should ignore all generated artifacts (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3922: Increase Forrest heap size to avoid OutOfMemoryError building docs (mrflip via cheolsoo)
PIG-3916: isEmpty should not be early terminating (rohini)
PIG-3859: auto local mode should not modify reducer configuration (aniket486)
PIG-3909: Type Casting issue (daijy)
PIG-3905: 0.12.1 release can't be build for Hadoop2 (daijy)
PIG-3894: Datetime function AddDuration, SubtractDuration and all Between functions don't check for null values in the input tuple (jennythompson via cheolsoo)
PIG-3889: Direct fetch doesn't set job submission timestamps (cheolsoo)
PIG-3895: Pigmix run script has compilation error (rohini)
PIG-3885: AccumuloStorage incompatible with Accumulo 1.6.0 (elserj via daijy)
PIG-3888: Direct fetch doesn't differentiate between frontend and backend sides (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-3887: TestMRJobStats is broken in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3868: Fix Iterator_1 e2e test on windows (ssvinarchukhorton via rohini)
PIG-3871: Replace* with* in imports (cheolsoo)
PIG-3858: PigLogger/PigStatusReporter is not set for fetch tasks (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3798: Registered jar in pig script are appended to the classpath multiple times (cheolsoo)
PIG-3844: Make ScriptState InheritableThreadLocal for threads that need it (amatsukawa via cheolsoo)
PIG-3837: ant pigperf target is broken in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3836: Pig signature has has guava version dependency (amatsukawa via cheolsoo)
PIG-3832: Fix piggybank test compilation failure after PIG-3449 (rohini)
PIG-3807: Pig creates wrong schema after dereferencing nested tuple fields with sorts (daijy)
PIG-3802: Fix TestBlackAndWhitelistValidator failures (prkommireddi)
PIG-3815: Hadoop bug causes to pig to fail silently with jar cache (aniket486)
PIG-3816: Incorrect Javadoc for launchPlan() method (kyungho via prkommireddi)
PIG-3673: Divide by zero error in script (suhassatish via daijy)
PIG-3805: ToString(datetime [, format string]) doesn't work without the second argument (jennythompson via daijy)
PIG-3809: AddForEach optimization doesn't set the alias of the added foreach (cheolsoo)
PIG-3811: PigServer.registerScript() wraps exception incorrectly on parsing errors (prkommireddi)
PIG-3806: PigServer constructor throws NPE after PIG-3765 (aniket486)
PIG-3801: Auto local mode does not call storeSchema (aniket486)
PIG-3754: InputSizeReducerEstimator.getTotalInputFileSize reports incorrect size (aniket486)
PIG-3679: e2e StreamingPythonUDFs_10 fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3776: Conflicting versions of jline is present in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3674: Fix TestAccumuloPigCluster on Hadoop 2 (elserj via daijy)
PIG-3740: Document direct fetch optimization (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3746: NPE is thrown if Pig fails before PigStats is intialized (cheolsoo)
PIG-3747: Update skewed join documentation (cheolsoo)
PIG-3755: auto local mode selection does not check lower bound for size (aniket486)
PIG-3447: Compiler warning message dropped for CastLineageSetter and others with no enum kind (knoguchi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3627: Json storage : Doesn't work in cases , where other Store Functions (like PigStorage / AvroStorage)
do work (ssvinarchukhorton via daijy)
PIG-3606: Pig script throws error when searching for hcatalog jars in latest hive (deepesh via daijy)
PIG-3623: HBaseStorage: setting loadKey and noWAL to false doesn't have any affect (nezihyigitbasi via rohini)
PIG-3744: SequenceFileLoader does not support BytesWritable (rohini)
PIG-3726: Ranking empty records leads to NullPointerException (jarcec via daijy)
PIG-3652: Pigmix parser (PigPerformanceLoader) deletes chars during parsing (keren3000 via daijy)
PIG-3722: Udf deserialization for registered classes fails in local_mode (aniket486)
PIG-3641: Split "otherwise" producing incorrect output when combined with ColumnPruning (knoguchi)
PIG-3682: mvn-inst target does not install pig-h2.jar into local .m2 (raluri via aniket486)
PIG-3511: Security: Pig temporary directories might have world readable permissions (rohini)
PIG-3664: Piggy Bank XPath UDF can't be called (nezihyigitbasi via daijy)
PIG-3662: Static loadcaster in BinStorage can cause exception (lbendig via rohini)
PIG-3617: problem with temp file deletion in MAPREDUCE operator (nezihyigitbasi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3649: POPartialAgg incorrectly calculates size reduction when multiple values aggregated (tmwoodruff via daijy)
PIG-3650: Fix for PIG-3100 breaks column pruning (tmwoodruff via daijy)
PIG-3643: Nested Foreach with UDF and bincond is broken (cheolsoo)
PIG-3616: TestBuiltIn.testURIwithCurlyBrace() silently fails (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3608: ClassCastException when looking up a value from AvroMapWrapper using a Utf8 key (rding)
PIG-3639: TestRegisteredJarVisibility is broken in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3640: Retain intermediate files for debugging purpose in batch mode (cheolsoo)
PIG-3609: ClassCastException when calling compareTo method on AvroBagWrapper (rding via cheolsoo)
PIG-3584: AvroStorage does not correctly translate arrays of strings (jadler via cheolsoo)
PIG-3633: AvroStorage tests are failing when running against Avro 1.7.5 (jarcec via cheolsoo)
PIG-3612: Storing schema does not work cross cluster with PigStorage and JsonStorage (rohini)
PIG-3607: PigRecordReader should report progress for each inputsplit processed (rohini)
PIG-3566: Cannot set useMatches of REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL and REGEX_EXTRACT (nezihyigitbasi via cheolsoo)
PIG-2132: [Piggybank] MIN and MAX functions should ignore nulls (rekhajoshm via cheolsoo)
PIG-3581: Incorrect scope resolution with nested foreach (aniket486)
PIG-3285: Jobs using HBaseStorage fail to ship dependency jars (ndimiduk via cheolsoo)
PIG-3582: Document SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVG functions for BigInteger and BigDecimal (harichinnan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3525: PigStats.get() and ScriptState.get() shouldn't return MR-specific objects (cheolsoo)
PIG-3568: Define the semantics of POStatus.STATUS_NULL (mwagner via cheolsoo)
PIG-3561: Clean up PigStats and JobStats after PIG-3419 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3553: HadoopJobHistoryLoader fails to load job history on hadoop v 1.2 (lgiri via cheolsoo)
PIG-3559: Trunk is broken by PIG-3522 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3551: Minor typo on pig latin basics page (elserj via aniket486)
PIG-3526: Unions with Enums do not work with AvroStorage (jadler via cheolsoo)
PIG-3377: New AvroStorage throws NPE when storing untyped map/array/bag (jadler via cheolsoo)
PIG-3542: Javadoc of REGEX_EXTRACT_ALL (nyigitba via daijy)
PIG-3518: Need to ship jruby.jar in the release (daijy)
PIG-3524: Clean up Launcher and MapReduceLauncher after PIG-3419 (cheolsoo)
PIG-3515: Shell commands are limited from OS buffer (andronat via cheolsoo)
PIG-3520: Provide backward compatibility for PigRunner and PPNL after PIG-3419 (daijy via cheolsoo)
PIG-3519: Remove dependency on uber avro-tools jar (jarcec via cheolsoo)
PIG-3451: EvalFunc<T> ctor reflection to determine value of type param T is brittle (hazen via aniket486)
PIG-3509: Exception swallowing in TOP (vrajaram via aniket486)
PIG-3506: FLOOR documentation references CEIL function instead of FLOOR (seshness via daijy)
PIG-3497: JobControlCompiler should only do reducer estimation when the job has a reduce phase (amatsukawa via aniket486)
PIG-3469: Skewed join can cause unrecoverable NullPointerException when one of its inputs is missing (Jarek Jarcec Cecho via xuefuz)
PIG-3496: Propagate HBase 0.95 jars to the backend (Jarek Jarcec Cecho via xuefuz)
Release 0.12.1 (unreleased changes)
PIG-3529: Upgrade HBase dependency from 0.95-SNAPSHOT to 0.96 (jarcec via daijy)
PIG-3552: UriUtil used by reducer estimator should support viewfs (amatsukawa via aniket486)
PIG-3549: Print hadoop jobids for failed, killed job (aniket486)
PIG-3047: Check the size of a relation before adding it to distributed cache in Replicated join (aniket486)
PIG-3480: TFile-based tmpfile compression crashes in some cases (dvryaboy via aniket486)
PIG-3661: Piggybank AvroStorage fails if used in more than one load or store statement (rohini)
PIG-3819: e2e tests containing "perl -e "print $_;" fails on Hadoop 2 (daijy)
PIG-3813: Rank column is assigned different uids everytime when schema is reset (cheolsoo)
PIG-3833: Relation loaded by AvroStorage with schema is projected incorrectly in foreach statement (jeongjinku via cheolsoo)
PIG-3794: pig -useHCatalog fails using pig command line interface on HDInsight (ehans via daijy)
PIG-3827: Custom partitioner is not picked up with secondary sort optimization (daijy)
PIG-3826: Outer join with PushDownForEachFlatten generates wrong result (daijy)
PIG-3820: TestAvroStorage fail on some OS (daijy)
PIG-3818: PIG-2499 is accidently reverted (daijy)
PIG-3516: pig does not bring in joda-time as dependency in its pig-template.xml (daijy)
PIG-3753: LOGenerate generates null schema (daijy)
PIG-3782: PushDownForEachFlatten + ColumnMapKeyPrune with user defined schema failing due to incorrect UID assignment (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-3779: Assert constructs ConstantExpression with null when no comment is given (thedatachef via cheolsoo)
PIG-3777: Pig 12.0 Documentation (karinahauser via daijy)
PIG-3774: Piggybank Over UDF get wrong result (daijy)
PIG-3657: New partition filter extractor fails with NPE (cheolsoo)
PIG-3347: Store invocation brings side effect (daijy)
PIG-3670: Fix assert in Pig script (daijy)
PIG-3741: Utils.setTmpFileCompressionOnConf can cause side effect for SequenceFileInterStorage (aniket486)
PIG-3677: ConfigurationUtil.getLocalFSProperties can return an inconsistent property set (rohini)
PIG-3621: Python Avro library can't read Avros made with builtin AvroStorage (rusell.jurney via cheolsoo)
PIG-3592: Should not try to create success file for non-fs schemes like hbase (rohini)
PIG-3572: Fix all unit test for during build pig with Hadoop 2.X on Windows (ssvinarchukhorton via daijy)
PIG-2629: Wrong Usage of Scalar which is null causes high namenode operation (rohini)
PIG-3593: Import jython standard module fail on cluster (daijy)
PIG-3576: NPE due to PIG-3549 when job never gets submitted (lbendig via cheolsoo)
PIG-3567: LogicalPlanPrinter throws OOM for large scripts (aniket486)
PIG-3579: pig.script's deserialized version does not maintain line numbers (jgzhang via aniket486)
PIG-3570: Rollback PIG-3060 (daijy)
PIG-3530: Some e2e tests is broken due to PIG-3480 (daijy)
PIG-3492: ColumnPrune dropping used column due to LogicalRelationalOperator.fixDuplicateUids changes not propagating (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-3325: Adding a tuple to a bag is slow (dvryaboy via aniket486)
PIG-3512: Reducer estimater is broken by PIG-3497
PIG-3510: New filter extractor fails with more than one filter statement (aniket486 via cheolsoo)
Release 0.12.0
PIG-3082: outputSchema of a UDF allows two usages when describing a Tuple schema (jcoveney)
PIG-3191: [piggybank] MultiStorage output filenames are not sortable (Danny Antonelli via jcoveney)
PIG-3174: Remove rpm and deb artifacts from build.xml (gates)
PIG-3503: More document for Pig 0.12 new features (daijy)
PIG-3445: Make Parquet format available out of the box in Pig (lbendig via aniket486)
PIG-3483: Document ASSERT keyword (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-3470: Print configuration variables in grunt (lbendig via daijy)
PIG-3493: Add max/min for datetime (tyro89 via daijy)
PIG-3479: Fix BigInt, BigDec, Date serialization. Improve perf of PigNullableWritable deserilization (dvryaboy)
PIG-3461: Rewrite PartitionFilterOptimizer to make it work for all the cases (aniket486)
PIG-2417: Streaming UDFs - allow users to easily write UDFs in scripting languages with no
JVM implementation. (jeremykarn via daijy)
PIG-3199: Provide a method to retriever name of loader/storer in PigServer (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-3367: Add assert keyword (operator) in pig (aniket486)
PIG-3235: Avoid extra byte array copies in streaming (rohini)
PIG-3065: pig output format/committer should support recovery for hadoop 0.23 (daijy)
PIG-3390: Make pig working with HBase 0.95 (jarcec via daijy)
PIG-3431: Return more information for parsing related exceptions. (jeremykarn via daijy)
PIG-3430: Add xml format for explaining MapReduce Plan. (jeremykarn via daijy)
PIG-3048: Add mapreduce workflow information to job configuration (billie.rinaldi via daijy)
PIG-3436: Make pigmix run with Hadoop2 (rohini)
PIG-3424: Package import list should consider class name as is first even if -Dudf.import.list is passed (rohini)
PIG-3204: Change script parsing to parse entire script instead of line by line (rohini)
PIG-3359: Register Statements and Param Substitution in Macros (jpacker via cheolsoo)
PIG-3182: Pig currently lacks functions to trim the whitespace only on one hand side (sarutak via cheolsoo)
PIG-3163: Pig current releases lack a UDF endsWith. This UDF tests if a given string ends with the specified suffix (sriramkrishnan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3015: Rewrite of AvroStorage (jadler via cheolsoo)
PIG-3361: Improve Hadoop version detection logic for Pig unit test (daijy)
PIG-3280: Document IN operator and CASE expression (cheolsoo)
PIG-3342: Allow conditions in case statement (cheolsoo)
PIG-3327: Pig hits OOM when fetching task reports (rohini)
PIG-3336: Change IN operator to use or-expressions instead of EvalFunc (cheolsoo)
PIG-3339: Move pattern compilation in ToDate as a static variable (rohini)
PIG-3332: Upgrade Avro dependency to 1.7.4 (nielsbasjes via cheolsoo)
PIG-3307: Refactor physical operators to remove methods parameters that are always null (julien)
PIG-3317: disable optimizations via pig properties (traviscrawford via billgraham)
PIG-3321: AVRO: Support user specified schema on load (harveyc via rohini)
PIG-2959: Add a pig.cmd for Pig to run under Windows (daijy)
PIG-3311: add pig-withouthadoop-h2 to mvn-jar (julien)
PIG-2873: Converting bin/pig shell script to python (vikram.dixit via daijy)
PIG-3308: Storing data in hive columnar rc format (maczech via daijy)
PIG-3303: add hadoop h2 artifact to publications in ivy.xml (julien)
PIG-3169: Remove intermediate data after a job finishes (mwagner via cheolsoo)
PIG-3173: Partition filter push down does not happen when partition keys condition include a AND and OR construct (rohini)
PIG-2786: enhance Pig launcher script wrt. HBase/HCat integration (ndimiduk via daijy)
PIG-3198: Let users use any function from PigType -> PigType as if it were builtlin (jcoveney)
PIG-3268: Case statement support (cheolsoo)
PIG-3269: In operator support (cheolsoo)
PIG-200: Pig Performance Benchmarks (daijy)
PIG-3261: User set PIG_CLASSPATH entries must be prepended to the CLASSPATH, not
appended (qwertymaniac via daijy)
PIG-3141: Giving CSVExcelStorage an option to handle header rows (jpacker via cheolsoo)
PIG-3217: Add support for DateTime type in Groovy UDFs (herberts via daijy)
PIG-3218: Add support for biginteger/bigdecimal type in Groovy UDFs (herberts via daijy)
PIG-3248: Upgrade hadoop-2.0.0-alpha to hadoop-2.0.3-alpha (daijy)
PIG-3235: Add for unit tests (cheolsoo)
PIG-3236: parametrize snapshot and staging repo id (gkesavan via daijy)
PIG-3244: Make PIG_HOME configurable ( via daijy)
PIG-3233: Deploy a Piggybank Jar (njw45 via cheolsoo)
PIG-3245: Documentation about HBaseStorage (Daisuke Kobayashi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3211: Allow default Load/Store funcs to be configurable (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3136: Introduce a syntax making declared aliases optional (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIG-3142: [piggybank] Fixed-width load and store functions for the Piggybank (jpacker via cheolsoo)
PIG-3162: PigTest.assertOutput doesn't allow non-default delimiter (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3002: Pig client should handle CountersExceededException (jarcec via billgraham)
PIG-3189: Remove ivy/pig.pom and improve build mvn targets (billgraham)
PIG-3192: Better call to action to download Pig in docs (rjurney via jcoveney)
PIG-3167: Job stats are printed incorrectly for map-only jobs (Mark Wagner via jcoveney)
PIG-3131: Document PluckTuple UDF (rjurney via jcoveney)
PIG-3098: Add another test for the self join case (jcoveney)
PIG-3129: Document syntax to refer to previous relation (rjurney via jcoveney)
PIG-2553: Pig shouldn't allow attempts to write multiple relations into same directory (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3179: Task Information Header only prints out the first split for each task (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-3108: HBaseStorage returns empty maps when mixing wildcard with other columns (christoph.bauer via billgraham)
PIG-3178: Print a stacktrace when ExecutableManager hits an OOM (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-3160: GFCross uses unnecessary loop (sandyr via cheolsoo)
PIG-3138: Decouple PigServer.executeBatch() from compilation of batch (pkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-2878: Pig current releases lack a UDF equalIgnoreCase.This function returns a Boolean value indicating whether string left is equal to string right. This
check is case insensitive. (shami via gates)
PIG-2994: Grunt shortcuts (prasanth_j via cheolsoo)
PIG-3140: Document PigProgressNotificationListener configs (billgraham)
PIG-3139: Document reducer estimation (billgraham)
PIG-2764: Add a biginteger and bigdecimal type to pig (jcoveney)
PIG-3073: POUserFunc creating log spam for large scripts (jcoveney)
PIG-3124: Push FLATTENs After FILTERs If Possible (nwhite via daijy)
PIG-3086: Allow A Prefix To Be Added To URIs In PigUnit Tests (nwhite via gates)
PIG-3091: Make schema, header and stats file configurable in JsonMetadata (pkommireddi via jcoveney)
PIG-3078: Make a UDF that, given a string, returns just the columns prefixed by that string (jcoveney)
PIG-3090: Introduce a syntax to be able to easily refer to the previously defined relation (jcoveney)
PIG-3057: Make PigStorage.readField() protected (pablomar and billgraham via billgraham)
PIG-2788: improved string interpolation of variables (jcoveney)
PIG-2362: Rework Ant build.xml to use macrodef instead of antcall (azaroth via cheolsoo)
PIG-2857: Add a -tagPath option to PigStorage (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-2341: Need better documentation on Pig/HBase integration (jthakrar and billgraham via billgraham)
PIG-3075: Allow AvroStorage STORE Operations To Use Schema Specified By URI (nwhite via cheolsoo)
PIG-3062: Change HBaseStorage to permit overriding pushProjection (billgraham)
PIG-3016: Modernize more tests (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIG-2582: Store size in bytes (not mbytes) in ResourceStatistics (prkommireddi via billgraham)
PIG-3006: Modernize a chunk of the tests (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIG-2997: Provide a convenience constructor on PigServer that accepts Configuration (prkommireddi via rohini)
PIG-2933: HBaseStorage is using setScannerCaching which is deprecated (prkommireddi via rohini)
PIG-2881: Add SUBTRACT eval function (jocosti via cheolsoo)
PIG-3004: Improve exceptions messages when a RuntimeException is raised in Physical Operators (julien)
PIG-2990: the -secretDebugCmd shouldn't be a secret and should just be...a command (jcoveney)
PIG-2941: Ivy resolvers in pig don't have consistent chaining and don't have a kitchen sink option for novices (jgordon via azaroth)
PIG-2778: Add 'matches' operator to predicate pushdown (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2966: Test failures on CentOS 6 because MALLOC_ARENA_MAX is not set (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2794: Pig test: add utils to simplify testing on Windows (jgordon via gates)
PIG-2910: Add function to read schema from outout of Schema.toString() (initialcontext via thejas)
PIG-3395: Large filter expression makes Pig hang (cheolsoo)
PIG-3123: Simplify Logical Plans By Removing Unneccessary Identity Projections (njw45 via cheolsoo)
PIG-3013: BinInterSedes improve chararray sort performance (rohini)
PIG-3504: Fix e2e Describe_cmdline_12 (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-3128: Document the BigInteger and BigDecimal data type (daijy via cheolsoo)
PIG-3495: Streaming udf e2e tests failures on Windows (daijy)
PIG-3292: Logical plan invalid state: duplicate uid in schema during self-join to get cross product (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-3491: Fix e2e failure Jython_Diagnostics_4 (daijy)
PIG-3114: Duplicated macro name error when using pigunit (daijy)
PIG-3370: Add New Reserved Keywords To The Pig Docs (cheolsoo)
PIG-3487: Fix syntax errors in nightly.conf (arpitgupta via daijy)
PIG-3458: ScalarExpression lost with multiquery optimization (knoguchi)
PIG-3360: Some intermittent negative e2e tests fail on hadoop 2 (daijy)
PIG-3468: PIG-3123 breaks e2e test Jython_Diagnostics_2 (daijy)
PIG-3471: Add a base abstract class for ExecutionEngine (cheolsoo)
PIG-3466: Race Conditions in InternalDistinctBag during proactive spill (cheolsoo)
PIG-3464: Mark ExecType and ExecutionEngine interfaces as evolving (cheolsoo)
PIG-3454: Update JsonLoader/JsonStorage (tyro89 via daijy)
PIG-3333: Fix remaining Windows core unit test failures (daijy)
PIG-3426: Add support for removing s3 files (jeremykarn via daijy)
PIG-3349: Document ToString(Datetime, String) UDF (cheolsoo)
PIG-3374: CASE and IN fail when expression includes dereferencing operator (cheolsoo)
PIG-2606: union/ join operations are not accepting same alias as multiple inputs (hsubramaniyan via daijy)
PIG-3379: Alias reuse in nested foreach causes PIG script to fail (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-3432: typo in log message in SchemaTupleFrontend (epishkin via cheolsoo)
PIG-3410: LimitOptimizer is applied before PartitionFilterOptimizer (aniket486)
PIG-3405: Top UDF documentation indicates improper use (aniket486 via cheolsoo)
PIG-3425: Hive jdo api jar referenced in pig script throws error (deepesh via cheolsoo)
PIG-3422: AvroStorage failed to read paths separated by commas (yuanlid via rohini)
PIG-3420: Failed to retrieve map values from data loaded by AvroStorage (yuanlid via rohini)
PIG-3414: QueryParserDriver.parseSchema(String) silently returns a wrong result when a comma is missing in the schema definition (cheolsoo)
PIG-3412: jsonstorage breaks when tuple does not have as many columns as schema (aesilberstein via cheolsoo)
PIG-3243: Documentation error (sarutak via cheolsoo)
PIG-3210: Pig fails to start when it cannot write log to log files (mengsungwu via cheolsoo)
PIG-3392: Document STARTSWITH and ENDSWITH UDFs (sriramkrishnan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3393: STARTSWITH udf doesn't override outputSchema method (sriramkrishnan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3389: "Set" does not work with dump command (cheolsoo)
PIG-3387: Miss spelling in test code "" (sarutak via cheolsoo)
PIG-3384: Missing negation in UDF doc sample code (ddamours via cheolsoo)
PIG-3369: unit test TestImplicitSplitOnTuple.testImplicitSplitterOnTuple failed when using hadoopversion=23 (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3375: CASE does not preserve the order of when branches (cheolsoo)
PIG-3364: Case expression fails with an even number of when branches (cheolsoo)
PIG-3354: UDF example does not handle nulls (patc888 via daijy)
PIG-3355: ColumnMapKeyPrune bug with distinct operator (jeremykarn via aniket486)
PIG-3318: AVRO: 'default value' not honored when merging schemas on load with AvroStorage (viraj via rohini)
PIG-3250: Pig dryrun generates wrong output in .expanded file for 'SPLIT....OTHERWISE...' command (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3331: Default values not stored in avro file when using specific schemas during store in AvroStorage (viraj via rohini)
PIG-3322: AvroStorage give NPE on reading file with union as top level schema (viraj via rohini)
PIG-2828: Handle nulls in (aniket486)
PIG-3335: TestErrorHandling.tesNegative7 fails on MR2 (xuefuz)
PIG-3316: Pig failed to interpret DateTime values in some special cases (xuefuz)
PIG-2956: Invalid cache specification for some streaming statement (daijy)
PIG-3310: ImplicitSplitInserter does not generate new uids for nested schema fields, leading to miscomputations (cstenac via daijy)
PIG-3334: Fix Windows piggybank unit test failures (daijy)
PIG-3337: Fix remaining Window e2e tests (daijy)
PIG-3328: DataBags created with an initial list of tuples don't get registered as spillable (mwagner via daijy)
PIG-3313: pig job hang if the job tracker is bounced during execution (yu.chenjie via daijy)
PIG-3297: Avro files with stringType set to String cannot be read by the AvroStorage LoadFunc (nielsbasjes via cheolsoo)
PIG-3069: Native Windows Compatibility for Pig E2E Tests and Harness (anthony.murphy via daijy)
PIG-3291: TestExampleGenerator fails on Windows because of lack of file name escaping (dwann via daijy)
PIG-3026: Pig checked-in baseline comparisons need a pre-filter to address OS-specific newline differences (dwann via daijy)
PIG-3025: TestPruneColumn unit test - SimpleEchoStreamingCommand perl inline script needs simplification (dwann via daijy)
PIG-2955: Fix bunch of Pig e2e tests on Windows (daijy)
PIG:3302: JSONStorage throws NPE if map has null values (rohini)
PIG-3309: TestJsonLoaderStorage fails with IBM JDK 6/7 (lrangel via daijy)
PIG-3097: HiveColumnarLoader doesn't correctly load partitioned Hive table (maczech via daijy)
PIG-3305: Infinite loop when input path contains empty partition directory (maczech via daijy)
PIG-3286: TestPigContext.testImportList fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-2970: Nested foreach getting incorrect schema when having unrelated inner query (daijy)
PIG-3304: XMLLoader in piggybank does not work with inline closed tags (aseldawy via daijy)
PIG-3028: testGrunt dev test needs some command filters to run correctly without cygwin (jgordon via gates)
PIG-3290: TestLogicalPlanBuilder.testQuery85 fail in trunk (daijy)
PIG-3027: pigTest unit test needs a newline filter for comparisons of golden multi-line (jgordon via gates)
PIG-2767: Pig creates wrong schema after dereferencing nested tuple fields (daijy)
PIG-3276: change the default value for hcat.bin to hcat instead of /usr/local/hcat/bin/hcat (arpitgupta via daijy)
PIG-3277: fix the path to the benchmarks file in the print statement (arpitgupta via daijy)
PIG-3122: Operators should not implicitly become reserved keywords (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIG-3193: Fix "ant docs" warnings (cheolsoo)
PIG-3186: tar/deb/pkg ant targets should depend on piggybank (lbendig via gates)
PIG-3270: Union onschema failing at runtime when merging incompatible types (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-3271: POSplit ignoring error from input processing giving empty results (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-2265: Test case TestSecondarySort failure (daijy)
PIG-3060: FLATTEN in nested foreach fails when the input contains an empty bag (daijy)
PIG-3249: Pig startup script prints out a wrong version of hadoop when using fat jar (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-3110: pig corrupts chararrays with trailing whitespace when converting them to long (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-3253: Misleading comment w.r.t getSplitIndex() method in (cheolsoo)
PIG-3208: [zebra] TFile should not set io.compression.codec.lzo.buffersize (ekoontz via daijy)
PIG-3172: Partition filter push down does not happen when there is a non partition key map column filter (rohini)
PIG-3205: Passing arguments to python script does not work with -f option (rohini)
PIG-3239: Unable to return multiple values from a macro using SPLIT (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3077: TestMultiQueryLocal should not write in /tmp (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3081: Pig progress stays at 0% for the first job in hadoop 23 (rohini)
PIG-3150: e2e Scripting_5 fails in trunk (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3153: TestScriptUDF.testJavascriptExampleScript fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3145: Parameters in core-site.xml and mapred-site.xml are not correctly substituted (cheolsoo)
PIG-3135: HExecutionEngine should look for resources in user passed Properties (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3200: MiniCluster should delete hadoop-site.xml on shutDown (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-3158: Errors in the document "Control Structures" (miyakawataku via cheolsoo)
PIG-3161: Update reserved keywords in Pig docs (russell.jurney via cheolsoo)
PIG-3156: TestSchemaTuple fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3155: TestTypeCheckingValidatorNewLP.testSortWithInnerPlan3 fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3154: TestPackage.testOperator fails in trunk (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3168: TestMultiQueryBasic.testMultiQueryWithSplitInMapAndMultiMerge fails in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3137: Fix Piggybank test to not using /tmp dir (dreambird via cheolsoo)
PIG-3149: e2e build.xml still refers to jython 2.5.0 jar even though it's replaced by jython standalone 2.5.2 jar (cheolsoo)
PIG-2266: Bug with input file joining optimization in Pig (jadler via cheolsoo)
PIG-2645: PigSplit does not handle the case where SerializationFactory returns null (shami via gates)
PIG-3031: Update Pig to use a newer version of joda-time (zjshen via cheolsoo)
PIG-3071: Update hcatalog jar and path to hbase storage handler jar in pig script (arpitgupta via cheolsoo)
PIG-3029 TestTypeCheckingValidatorNewLP has some path reference issues for cross-platform execution (jgordon via gates)
PIG-3120: setStoreFuncUDFContextSignature called with null signature (jdler via cheolsoo)
PIG-3115: Distinct Build-in Function Doesn't Handle Null Bags (njw45 via daijy)
PIG-2433: Jython import module not working if module path is in classpath (rohini)
PIG-2769 a simple logic causes very long compiling time on pig 0.10.0 (nwhite via gates)
PIG-2251: PIG leaks Zookeeper connections when using HBaseStorage (jamarkha via cheolsoo)
PIG-3112: Errors and lacks in document "User Defined Functions" (miyakawataku via cheolsoo)
PIG-3050: Fix FindBugs multithreading warnings (cheolsoo)
PIG-3066: Fix TestPigRunner in trunk (cheolsoo)
PIG-3101: Increase io.sort.mb in YARN MiniCluste (cheolsoo)
PIG-3100: If a .pig_schema file is present, can get an index out of bounds error (jcoveney)
PIG-3096: Make PigUnit thread safe (cheolsoo)
PIG-3095: "which" is called many, many times for each Pig STREAM statement (nwhite via cheolsoo)
PIG-3085: Errors and lacks in document "Built In Functions" (miyakawataku via cheolsoo)
PIG-3084: Improve exceptions messages in POPackage (julien)
PIG-3072: Pig job reporting negative progress (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-3014: CurrentTime() UDF has undesirable characteristics (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIG-2924: PigStats should not be assuming all Storage classes to be file-based storage (cheolsoo)
PIG-3046: An empty file name in -Dpig.additional.jars throws an error (prkommireddi via cheolsoo)
PIG-2989: Illustrate for Rank Operator (xalan via gates)
PIG-2885: TestJobSumission and TestHBaseStorage don't work with HBase 0.94 and ZK 3.4.3 (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2928: Fix e2e test failures in trunk: FilterBoolean_23/24 (cheolsoo via dvryaboy)
Release 0.11.2 (Unreleased)
PIG-3380: Fix e2e test float precision related test failures when run with -Dpig.exec.mapPartAgg=true (anlilin via rohini)
PIG-2769: a simple logic causes very long compiling time on pig 0.10.0 (njw45 via dvryaboy) (prev. applied to 0.12)
PIG-3455: Pig 0.11.1 OutOfMemory error (rohini)
PIG-3435: Custom Partitioner not working with MultiQueryOptimizer (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-3385: DISTINCT no longer uses custom partitioner (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-2507: Semicolon in paramenters for UDF results in parsing error (tnachen via daijy)
PIG-3341: Strict datetime parsing and improve performance of loading datetime values (rohini)
PIG-3329: RANK operator failed when working with SPLIT (xalan via cheolsoo)
PIG-3345: Handle null in DateTime functions (rohini)
PIG-3223: AvroStorage does not handle comma separated input paths (dreambird via rohini)
PIG-3262: Pig contrib 0.11 doesn't compile on certain rpm systems (mgrover via cheolsoo)
PIG-3264: mvn signanddeploy target broken for pigunit, pigsmoke and piggybank (billgraham)
Release 0.11.1
PIG-3256: Upgrade jython to 2.5.3 (legal concern) (daijy)
PIG-2988: start deploying pigunit maven artifact part of Pig release process (njw45 via rohini)
PIG-3148: OutOfMemory exception while spilling stale DefaultDataBag. Extra option to gc() before spilling large bag. (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-3216: Groovy UDFs documentation has minor typos (herberts via rohini)
PIG-3202: CUBE operator not documented in user docs (prasanth_j via billgraham)
PIG-3267: HCatStorer fail in limit query (daijy)
PIG-3252: AvroStorage gives wrong schema for schemas with named records (mwagner via cheolsoo)
PIG-3132: NPE when illustrating a relation with HCatLoader (daijy)
PIG-3194: Changes to break compatibility with Hadoop 0.20.2 (prkommireddi via dvryaboy)
PIG-3241: ConcurrentModificationException in POPartialAgg (dvryaboy)
PIG-3144: Erroneous map entry alias resolution leading to "Duplicate schema alias" errors (jcoveney via cheolsoo)
PIGG-3212: Race Conditions in POSort and (Internal)SortedBag during Proactive Spill (kadeng via dvryaboy)
PIG-3206: HBaseStorage does not work with Oozie pig action and secure HBase (rohini)
Release 0.11.0
PIG-3034: Remove Penny code from Pig repository (gates via cheolsoo)
PIG-2931: $ signs in the replacement string make parameter substitution fail (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-1891 Enable StoreFunc to make intelligent decision based on job success or failure (initialcontext via gates)
PIG-3044: Trigger POPartialAgg compaction under GC pressure (dvryaboy)
PIG-2907: Publish pig jars for Hadoop2/23 to maven (rohini)
PIG-2934: HBaseStorage filter optimizations (billgraham)
PIG-2980: documentation for DateTime datatype (zjshen via thejas)
PIG-2982: add unit tests for DateTime type that test setting timezone (zjshen via thejas)
PIG-2937: generated field in nested foreach does not inherit the variable name as the field name (jcoveney)
PIG-3019: Need a target in build.xml for source releases (gates)
PIG-2832: org.apache.pig.pigunit.pig.PigServer does not initialize udf.import.list of PigContext (prkommireddi via rohini)
PIG-2898: Parallel execution of e2e tests (iveselovsky via rohini)
PIG-2913: org.apache.pig.test.TestPigServerWithMacros fails sometimes because it picks up previous minicluster configuration file (cheolsoo via julien)
PIG-2976: Reduce HBaseStorage logging (billgraham)
PIG-2947: Documentation for Rank operator (xalan via azaroth)
PIG-2943: DevTests, Refactor Windows checks to use new Util.WINDOWS method for code health (jgordon via dvryaboy)
PIG-2908: Fix unit tests to work with jdk7 (rohini via dvryaboy)
PIG-2965: RANDOM should allow seed initialization for ease of testing (jcoveney)
PIG-2964: Add helper method getJobList() to PigStats.JobGraph. Extend visibility of couple methods on same class (prkommireddi via billgraham)
PIG-2579: Support for multiple input schemas in AvroStorage (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2946: Documentation of "history" and "clear" commands (xalan via azaroth)
PIG-2877: Make SchemaTuple work in foreach (and thus, in loads) (jcoveney)
PIG-2923: Lazily register bags with SpillableMemoryManager (dvryaboy)
PIG-2929: Improve documentation around AVG, CONCAT, MIN, MAX (cheolsoo via billgraham)
PIG-2852: Update documentation regarding parallel local mode execution (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2879: Pig current releases lack a UDF startsWith.This UDF tests if a given string starts with the specified prefix. (initialcontext via azaroth)
PIG-2712: Pig does not call OutputCommitter.abortJob() on the underlying OutputFormat (rohini via gates)
PIG-2918: Avoid Spillable bag overhead where possible (dvryaboy)
PIG-2900: Streaming should provide conf settings in the environment (dvryaboy)
PIG-2353: RANK function like in SQL (xalan via azaroth)
PIG-2915: Builtin TOP udf is sensitive to null input bags (hazen via dvryaboy)
PIG-2901: Errors and lacks in document "Pig Latin Basics" (miyakawataku via billgraham)
PIG-2905: Improve documentation around REPLACE (cheolsoo via billgraham)
PIG-2882: Use Deque instead of Stack (mkhadikov via dvryaboy)
PIG-2781: LOSort isEqual method (xalan via dvryaboy)
PIG-2835: Optimizing the convertion from bytes to Integer/Long (jay23jack via dvryaboy)
PIG-2886: Add Scan TimeRange to HBaseStorage (ted.m via dvryaboy)
PIG-2895: jodatime jar missing in pig-withouthadoop.jar (thejas)
PIG-2888: Improve performance of POPartialAgg (dvryaboy)
PIG-2708: split MiniCluster based tests out of org.apache.pig.test.TestInputOutputFileValidator ( via daijy)
PIG-2890: Revert PIG-2578 (dvryaboy)
PIG-2850: Pig should support loading macro files as resources stored in JAR files (matterhayes via dvryaboy)
PIG-1314: Add DateTime Support to Pig (zjshen via thejas)
PIG-2785: NoClassDefFoundError after upgrading to pig 0.10.0 from 0.9.0 (matterhayes via sms)
PIG-2556: CSVExcelStorage load: quoted field with newline as first character sees newline as record end (tivv via dvryaboy)
PIG-2875: Add recursive record support to AvroStorage (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2662: skew join does not honor its config parameters (rajesh.balamohan via thejas)
PIG-2871: Refactor signature for PigReducerEstimator (billgraham)
PIG-2851: Add flag to ant to run tests with a debugger port (billgraham)
PIG-2862: Hardcode certain tuple lengths into the TUPLE BinInterSedes byte identifier (jcoveney)
PIG-2855: Provide a method to measure time spent in UDFs (dvryaboy)
PIG-2837: AvroStorage throws StackOverFlowError (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2856: AvroStorage doesn't load files in the directories when a glob pattern matches both files and directories. (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2569: Fix org.apache.pig.test.TestInvoker.testSpeed (aklochkov via dvryaboy)
PIG-2858: Improve PlanHelper to allow finding any PhysicalOperator in a plan (dvryaboy)
PIG-2854: AvroStorage doesn't work with Avro 1.7.1 (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2779: Refactoring the code for setting number of reducers (jay23jack via billgraham)
PIG-2765: Implementing RollupDimensions UDF and adding ROLLUP clause in CUBE operator (prasanth_j via dvryaboy)
PIG-2814: Fix issues with Sample operator documentation (prasanth_j via dvryaboy)
PIG-2817: Documentation for Groovy UDFs (herberts via julien)
PIG-2492: AvroStorage should recognize globs and commas (cheolsoo via sms)
PIG-2706: Add clear to list of grunt commands (xalan via azaroth)
PIG-2823: TestPigContext.testImportList() does not pass if another javac in on the PATH (julien)
PIG-2800: pig.additional.jars path separator should align with File.pathSeparator instead of being hard-coded to ":" (jgordon via azaroth)
PIG-2797: Tests should not create their own file URIs through string concatenation, should use Util.generateURI instead (jgordon via azaroth)
PIG-2820: relToAbsolutePath is not replayed properly when Grunt reparses the script after PIG-2699 (julien)
PIG-2763: Groovy UDFs (herberts via julien)
PIG-2780: MapReduceLauncher should break early when one of the jobs throws an exception (jay23jack via daijy)
PIG-2804: Remove "PIG" exec type (dvryaboy)
PIG-2726: Handling legitimate NULL values in Cube operator (prasanth_j via dvryaboy)
PIG-2808: Add *.project to .gitignore (azaroth)
PIG-2787: change the module name in ivy to lowercase to match the maven repo (julien)
PIG-2632: Create a SchemaTuple which generates efficient Tuples via code gen (jcoveney)
PIG-2750: add artifacts to the ivy.xml for other jars Pig generates (julien)
PIG-2748: Change the names of the jar produced in the build folder to match maven conventions (julien)
PIG-2770: Allow easy inclusion of custom build targets (julien)
PIG-2697: pretty print schema via pig.pretty.print.schema (rangadi via jcoveney)
PIG-2673: Allow Merge join to follow an ORDER statement (dvryaboy)
PIG-2699: Reduce the number of instances of Load and Store Funcs down to 2+1 (julien)
PIG-2166: UDFs to join a bag (hluu via daijy)
PIG-2651: Provide a much easier to use accumulator interface (jcoveney via daijy)
PIG-2658: Add pig.script.submitted.timestamp and pig.job.submitted.timestamp in generated Map-Reduce job conf (billgraham)
PIG-2735: Add a pig.version.suffix property in build.xml to easily override with a build number (julien)
PIG-2705: outputSchema modification from scripting UDFs (levyjoshua via julien)
PIG-2724: Make Tuple Iterable (jcoveney)
PIG-2733: Add *.patch, *.log, *.orig, *.rej, *.class to gitignore (jcoveney)
PIG-2732: Let's get rid of the deprecated Tuple methods (jcoveney)
PIG-2638: Optimize BinInterSedes treatment of longs (jcoveney)
PIG-2727: PigStorage Source tagging does not need pig.splitCombination to be turned off (prkommireddi via dvryaboy)
PIG-2710: Implement Naive CUBE operator (prasanth_j via dvryaboy)
PIG-2714: Pig documentation on TOP funcation has issues (daijy)
PIG-2066: Accumulators should be able to early-terminate (jcoveney)
PIG-2600: Better Map support (prkommireddi via jcoveney)
PIG-2711: e2e harness: cache benchmark results between test runs (thw via daijy)
PIG-2702: Make Pig local mode (and tests) faster by working around the hard coded sleep(5000) in hadoop's JobControl (julien)
PIG-2659: add source location of the aliases in the physical plan (julien)
PIG-2547: Easier UDFs: Convenient EvalFunc super-classes (billgraham, dvryaboy)
PIG-2639: Utils.getSchemaFromString should automatically give name to all types, but fails on boolean (jcoveney)
PIG-2696: Enhance Job Stat to print out median map and reduce time (hluu via daijy)
PIG-2583: Add Grunt command to list the statements in cache (xalan via daijy)
PIG-2688: Log the aliases being processed for the current job (ddaniels888 via azaroth)
PIG-2680: TOBAG output schema reporting (andy schlaikjer via jcoveney)
PIG-2685: Fix error in EvalFunc ctor when implementing Algebraic UDF whose return type is parameterized (andy schlaikjer via jcoveney)
PIG-2664: Allow PPNL impls to get more job info during the run (billgraham)
PIG-2663: Expose helpful ScriptState methods (billgraham)
PIG-2660: PPNL notified of plan before it gets executed (billgraham)
PIG-2574: Make reducer estimator plugable (billgraham)
PIG-2677: Add target to build.xml to generate clover summary reports (gates)
PIG-2650: Convenience mock Loader and Storer to simplify unit testing of Pig scripts (julien)
PIG-2257: AvroStorage doesn't recognize schema_file field when JSON isn't used in the constructor (billgraham)
PIG-2587: Compute LogicalPlan signature and store in job conf (billgraham)
PIG-2619: HBaseStorage constructs a Scan with cacheBlocks = false
PIG-2604: Pig should print its build info at runtime (traviscrawford via dvryaboy)
PIG-2573: Automagically setting parallelism based on input file size does not work with HCatalog (traviscrawford via julien)
PIG-2538: Add helper wrapper classes for StoreFunc (billgraham via dvryaboy)
PIG-2010: registered jars on distributed cache (traviscrawford and julienledem via dvryaboy)
PIG-2533: Pig MR job exceptions masked on frontend (traviscrawford via dvryaboy)
PIG-2525: Support pluggable PigProcessNotifcationListeners on the command line (dvryaboy)
PIG-2515: [piggybank] Make CustomFormatToISO return null on Exception in parsing dates (rjurney via dvryaboy)
PIG-2503: Make @MonitoredUDF inherited (dvryaboy)
PIG-2488: Move Python unit tests to e2e tests (alangates via daijy)
PIG-2456: Pig should have a pigrc to specify default script cache (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2496: Cache resolved classes in PigContext (dvryaboy)
PIG-2482: Integrate HCat DDL command into Pig (daijy)
PIG-2479: changingPattern should be used with checkmodified in ivysettings.xml (abayer via azaroth)
PIG-2349: Ant build repeats ivy-buildJar several times (azaroth)
PIG-2359: Support more efficient Tuples when schemas are known (dvryaboy)
PIG-2282: Automatically update Eclipse .classpath file when new libs are added to the classpath through Ivy (azaroth via daijy)
PIG-2468: Speed up TestBuiltin (dvryaboy)
PIG-2467: Speed up TestCommit (dvryaboy)
PIG-2460: Use guava 11 instead of r06 (dvryaboy)
PIG-2267: Make the name of the columns in schema optional (jcoveney via daijy)
PIG-2453: Fetching schema can be very slow for multi-thousand file LOADs (dvryaboy)
PIG-2443: [Piggybank] Add UDFs to check if a String is an Integer And if a String is Numeric (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2437: Use Ivy to get automaton.jar (azaroth)
PIG-2448: Convert more tests to use LOCAL mode (dvryaboy)
PIG-2438: Do not hardcode commons-lang version in build.xml (azaroth)
PIG-2422: Add log messages for Jython schema definitions (vivekp via gates)
PIG-2403: Reduce code duplication in SUM, MAX, MIN udfs (dvryaboy)
PIG-2245: Add end to end test for tokenize (markroddy via gates)
PIG-2327: bin/pig doesn't have any hooks for picking up ZK installation deployed from tarballs (rvs via hashutosh)
PIG-2382: Modify .gitignore to ignore pig-withouthadoop.jar (azaroth via hashutosh)
PIG-2380: Expose version information more cleanly (jcoveney via azaroth)
PIG-2311: STRSPLIT needs to allow bytearray arguments (xuting via olgan)
PIG-2365: Current TOP implementation needlessly results in a null bag name (jcoveney via dvryaboy)
PIG-2151: Add annotation to specify output schema in Java UDFs (dvryaboy)
PIG-2230: Improved error message for invalid parameter format (xuitingz via olgan)
PIG-2328: Add builtin UDFs for building and using bloom filters (gates)
PIG-2338: Need signature for EvalFunc (daijy)
PIG-2337: Provide UDF with input schema (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-3147: Spill failing with "java.lang.RuntimeException: InternalCachedBag.spill() should not be called" (knoguchi via dvryaboy)
PIG-3109: Missing license headers (jarcec via cheolsoo)
PIG-3022: TestRegisteredJarVisibility.testRegisteredJarVisibility fails with hadoop-2.0.x (rohini via cheolsoo)
PIG-3125: Fix zebra compilation error (cheolsoo)
PIG-3051: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException failure with LimitOptimizer + ColumnPruning (knoguchi via rohini)
PIG-3076: make TestScalarAliases more reliable (julien)
PIG-3020: "Duplicate uid in schema" error when joining two relations derived from the same load statement (jcoveney)
PIG-3044: hotfix to remove divide by 0 error (jcoveney)
PIG-3033: test-patch failed with javadoc warnings (fang fang chen via cheolsoo)
PIG-3058: Upgrade junit to at least 4.8 (fang fang chen via cheolsoo)
PIG-2978: TestLoadStoreFuncLifeCycle fails with hadoop-2.0.x (cheolsoo)
PIG-3039: Not possible to use custom version of jackson jars (rohini)
PIG-3045: Specifying sorting field(s) at nightly.conf - fix sortArgs (rohini via cheolsoo)
PIG-2979: Pig.jar doesn't work with hadoop-2.0.x (cheolsoo)
PIG-3035: With latest version of hadoop23 pig does not return the correct exception stack trace from backend (rohini)
PIG-2405: some unit test case failed with open JDK (fang fang chen via cheolsoo)
PIG-3018: Refactor TestScriptLanguage to remove duplication and write script in different files (julien)
PIG-2973: TestStreaming test times out (cheolsoo)
PIG-3001: TestExecutableManager.testAddJobConfToEnv fails randomly (cheolsoo)
PIG-3017: Pig's object serialization should use compression (jcoveney)
PIG-2968: ColumnMapKeyPrune fails to prune a subtree inside foreach (knoguchi via cheolsoo)
PIG-2999: Regression after PIG-2975: BinInterSedesTupleRawComparator secondary sort failing (knoguchi via azaroth)
PIG-2998: Fix TestScriptLanguage and TestMacroExpansion (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2975: TestTypedMap.testOrderBy failing with incorrect result (knoguchi via jcoveney)
PIG-2950: Fix tiny documentation error in BagToString builtin (initialcontext via daijy)
PIG-2967: Fix Glob_local test failure for Pig E2E Test Framework (sushantj via daijy)
PIG-1283: COUNT on null bag causes failure ( via jcoveney)
PIG-2958: Pig tests do not appear to have a logger attached (daijyc via jcoveney)
PIG-2926: TestPoissonSampleLoader failing on rhel environment (jcoveney)
PIG-2985: TestRank1,2,3 fail with hadoop-2.0.x (rohini via azaroth)
PIG-2971: Add new parameter to specify the streaming environment (jcoveney)
PIG-2963: Illustrate command and POPackageLite (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2961: BinInterSedesRawComparator broken by TUPLE_number patch (jcoveney)
PIG-2932: Setting high default_parallel causes IOException in local mode (cheolsoo via gates)
PIG-2737: [piggybank] TestIndexedStorage is failing, should be refactored (jcoveney)
PIG-2935: Catch NoSuchMethodError when StoreFuncInterface's new cleanupOnSuccess method isn't implemented. (gates via dvryaboy)
PIG-2920: e2e tests override PERL5LIB environment variable (azaroth)
PIG-2917: SpillableMemoryManager memory leak for WeakReference (haitao.yao via dvryaboy)
PIG-2938: All unit tests that use MR2 MiniCluster are broken in trunk (cheolsoo via dvryaboy)
PIG-2936: Tuple serialization bug (jcoveney)
PIG-2930: ant test doesn't compile in trunk (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-2791: Pig does not work with ViewFileSystem (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2833: org.apache.pig.pigunit.pig.PigServer does not initialize set default log level of pigContext (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2744: Handle Pig command line with XML special characters (lulynn_2008 via daijy)
PIG-2637: Command-line option -e throws TokenMgrError exception (lulynn_2008 via daijy)
PIG-2887: Macro cannot handle negative number (knoguchi via gates)
PIG-2844: ant makepom is misconfigured (julien)
PIG-2896: Pig does not fail anymore if two macros are declared with the same name (julien)
PIG-2848: TestBuiltInBagToTupleOrString fails now that mock.Storage enforces not overwriting output (julien)
PIG-2884: JobControlCompiler mis-logs after reducer estimation (billgraham)
PIG-2876: Bump up Xerces version (jcoveney)
PIG-2866: PigServer fails with macros without a script file (billgraham)
PIG-2860: [piggybank] TestAvroStorageUtils.testGetConcretePathFromGlob fails on some version of hadoop (cheolsoo via jcoveney)
PIG-2861: PlanHelper imports instead of (jcoveney)
PIG-2849: Errors in document Getting Started (miyakawataku via billgraham)
PIG-2843: Typo in Documentation (eric59 via billgraham)
PIG-2841: Inconsistent URL in Docs (eric59 via billgraham)
PIG-2740: get rid of "java[77427:1a03] Unable to load realm info from SCDynamicStore" log lines when running pig tests (julien)
PIG-2839: mock.Storage overwrites output with the last relation written when storing UNION (julien)
PIG-2840: Fix SchemaTuple bugs (jcoveney)
PIG-2842: TestNewPlanOperatorPlan fails when new Configuration() picks up a previous minicluster conf file (julien)
PIG-2827: Unwrap exception swallowing in TOP (haitao.yao via jcoveney)
PIG-2825: StoreFunc signature setting in LogicalPlan broken (jcoveney)
PIG-2815: class loader management in PigContext (rangadi via jcoveney)
PIG-2813: Fix test regressions from PIG-2632 (jcoveney)
PIG-2806: Fix merge join test regression from PIG-2632 (jcoveney)
PIG-2809: TestUDFContext broken by PIG-2699 (julienledem via daijy)
PIG-2807: TestParser TestPigStorage TestNewPlanOperatorPlan broken by PIG-2699 (julienledem via daijy)
PIG-2782: Specifying sorting field(s) at nightly.conf (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-2790: After Pig-2699 the script schema (LOAD ... USING ... AS {script schema}) is passed after getSchema is called (daijy)
PIG-2777: Docs are broken due to malformed xml after PIG-2673 (dvryaboy)
PIG-2593: Filter by a boolean value does not work (jay23jack via daijy)
PIG-2665: Bundled Jython jar in Pig 0.10.0-RC breaks module import in Python scripts with embedded Pig Latin (daijy)
PIG-2736: Support implicit cast from bytearray to boolean (jay23jack via daijy)
PIG-2508: PIG can unpredictably ignore deprecated Hadoop config options (thw via dvryaboy)
PIG-2691: Duplicate TOKENIZE schema (jay23jack via azaroth)
PIG-2173: piggybank datetime conversion javadocs not properly formatted (hluu via daijy)
PIG-2709: PigAvroRecordReader should specify which file has a problem when throwing IOException (mpercy via daijy)
PIG-2640: Usage message gives wrong information for Pig additional jars (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2652: Skew join and order by don't trigger reducer estimation (dvryaboy)
PIG-2616: JobControlCompiler.getInputSizeFromLoader must handle exceptions from LoadFunc.getStatistics (billgraham)
PIG-2644: Piggybank's HadoopJobHistoryLoader throws NPE when reading broken history file (herberts via daijy)
PIG-2627: Custom partitioner not set when POSplit is involved in Plan (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-2596: Jython UDF does not handle boolean output (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-2649: org.apache.pig.parser.ParserValidationException does not expose the cause exception
PIG-2540: [piggybank] AvroStorage can't read schema on amazon s3 in elastic mapreduce (rjurney via jcoveney)
PIG-2618: e2e local fails to build
PIG-2608: Typo in PigStorage documentation for source tagging (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2590: running ant tar and rpm targets on same copy of pig source results in problems (thejas)
PIG-2581: HashFNV inconsistent/non-deterministic due to default platform encoding (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2514: REGEX_EXTRACT not returning correct group with non greedy regex (romainr via daijy)
PIG-2532: Registered classes fail deserialization in frontend (traviscrawford via julien)
PIG-2549: - Broken documentation link for AvroStorage (chrisas via daijy)
PIG-2322: varargs functions do not get passed the arguments in Python embedding (julien)
PIG-2491: Pig docs still mention hadoop-site.xml (daijy)
PIG-2504: Incorrect sample provided for REGEX_EXTRACT (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2502: Make "hcat.bin" configurable in e2e test (daijy)
PIG-2501: Changes needed to contrib/piggybank/java/build.xml in order to build piggybank.jar with Hadoop 0.23
(ekoontz via daijy)
PIG-2499: Pig TestGrunt.testShellCommand occasionally fails (tomwhite via daijy)
PIG-2326: Pig minicluster tests can not be run from eclipse (julienledem via daijy)
PIG-2432: Eclipse .classpath file is out of date (gates)
PIG-2427: getSchemaFromString throws away the name of the tuple that is in a bag (jcoveney via dvryaboy)
PIG-2425: Aggregate Warning does not work as expected on Embedding Pig in Java 0.9.1 (prkommireddi via thejas)
PIG-2384: Generic Invokers should use PigContext to resolve classes (dvryaboy)
PIG-2379: Bug in Schema.getPigSchema(ResourceSchema rSchema) improperly adds two level access (jcoveney via dvryaboy)
PIG-2355: ant clean does not clean e2e test build artifacts (daijy)
PIG-2352: e2e test harness' use of environment variables causes unintended effects between tests (gates)
Release 0.10.1
PIG-3107: bin and autocomplete are missing in src release (daijy)
PIG-3106: Missing license header in several java file (daijy)
PIG-3099: Pig unit test fixes for TestGrunt(1), TestStore(2), TestEmptyInputDir(3) (vikram.dixit via daijy)
PIG-2953: "which" utility does not exist on Windows (daijy)
PIG-2960: Increase the timeout for unit test (daijy)
PIG-2942: DevTests, TestLoad has a false failure on Windows (jgordon via daijy)
PIG-2801: grunt "sh" command should invoke the shell implicitly instead of calling exec directly with the command tokens
(jgordon via daijy)
PIG-2798: pig streaming tests assume interpreters are auto-resolved (jgordon via daijy)
PIG-2795: Fix test cases that generate pig scripts with "load " + pathStr to encode "\" in the path (jgordon via daijy)
PIG-2796: Local temporary paths are not always valid HDFS path names (jgordon via daijy)
Release 0.10.0
PIG-2664: Allow PPNL impls to get more job info during the run (billgraham)
PIG-2663: Expose helpful ScriptState methods (billgraham)
PIG-2660: PPNL notified of plan before it gets executed (billgraham)
PIG-2574: Make reducer estimator plugable (billgraham)
PIG-2601: Additional document for 0.10 (daijy)
PIG-2317: Ruby/Jruby UDFs (jcoveney via daijy)
PIG-1270: Push limit into loader (daijy)
PIG-2589: Additional e2e test for 0.10 new features (daijy)
PIG-2182: Add more append support to DataByteArray (gsingers via daijy)
PIG-438: Handle realiasing of existing Alias (A=B;) (daijy)
PIG-2548: Support for providing parameters to python script (daijy)
PIG-2518: Add ability to clean ivy cache in build.xml (daijy)
PIG-2300: Pig Docs - release 0.10.0 (and 0.9.1) (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2332: JsonLoader/JsonStorage (daijy)
PIG-2334: Set default number of reducers for S3N filesystem (ddaniels888 via daijy)
PIG-1387: Syntactical Sugar for PIG-1385 (azaroth)
PIG-2305: Pig should log the split locations in task logs (vivekp via thejas)
PIG-2293: Pig should support a more efficient merge join against data sources that natively support point
lookups or where the join is against large, sparse tables (aklish via daijy)
PIG-2287: add test cases for limit and sample that use expressions with
constants only (no scalar variables) (thejas via gates)
PIG-2092: Missing sh command from Grant shell (olgan)
PIG-2163: Improve nested cross to stream one relation (zjshen via daijy)
PIG-2249: Enable pig e2e testing on EC2 (gates)
PIG-2256: Upgrade Avro dependency to 1.5.3 (tucu00 via dvryaboy)
PIG-604: Kill the Pig job should kill all associated Hadoop Jobs (daijy)
PIG-2096: End to end tests for new Macro feature (gates)
PIG-2242: Allow the delimiter to be specified when calling TOKENIZE (markroddy via hashutosh)
PIG-2240: Allow any compression codec to be specified in AvroStorage (tomwhite via dvryaboy)
PIG-2229: Pig end-to-end tests should test local mode as well as mr mode (gates)
PIG-2235: Several files in e2e tests aren't being run (gates)
PIG-2196: Test harness should be independent of Pig (hashutosh) -- Missed few
changes in last commit.
PIG-2196: Test harness should be independent of Pig (hashutosh)
PIG-1429: Add Boolean Data Type to Pig (zjshen via daijy)
PIG-2218: Pig end-to-end tests should be accessible from top level build.xml (gates)
PIG-2176: add logical plan assumption checker (thejas)
PIG-1631: Support to 2 level nested foreach (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-2191: Reduce amount of log spam generated by UDFs (dvryaboy)
PIG-2200: Piggybank cannot be built from the Git mirror (dvryaboy)
PIG-2168: CubeDimensions UDF (dvryaboy)
PIG-2189: e2e test harness needs to use Pig as a source of truth (gates via daijy)
PIG-1904: Default split destination (azaroth via thejas)
PIG-2143: Make PigStorage optionally store schema; improve docs. (dvryaboy)
PIG-1973: UDFContext.getUDFContext usage of ThreadLocal pattern
is not typical (woody via thejas)
PIG-2053: PigInputFormat uses class.isAssignableFrom() where
instanceof is more appropriate (woody via thejas)
PIG-2161: TOTUPLE should use no-copy tuple creation (dvryaboy)
PIG-1946: HBaseStorage constructor syntax is error prone (billgraham via dvryaboy)
PIG-2001: DefaultTuple(List) constructor is inefficient, causes List.size()
System.arraycopy() calls (though they are 0 byte copies),
DefaultTuple(int) constructor is a bit misleading wrt time
complexity (woody via thejas)
PIG-1916: Nested cross (zjshen via daijy)
PIG-2121: e2e test harness should use ant instead of make (gates)
PIG-2142: Allow registering multiple jars from DFS via single statement (rangadi via dvryaboy)
PIG-1926: Sample/Limit should take scalar (azaroth via thejas)
PIG-1950: e2e test harness needs to be able to compare to previous version of
Pig (gates)
PIG-536: the shell script 'pig' does not work if PIG_HOME has the word 'hadoop' in it's directory (miguno via olgan)
PIG-2108 e2e test harness needs to be able to mark certain tests as ignored
PIG-1825: ability to turn off the write ahead log for pig's HBaseStorage (billgraham via dvryaboy)
PIG-1772: Pig 090 Documentation (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1772: Pig 090 Documentation (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1772: Pig 090 Documentation (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1824: Support import modules in Jython UDF (woody via rding)
PIG-1994: e2e test harness deployment implementation for existing cluster
PIG-2036: [piggybank] Set header delimiter in PigStorageSchema (mmoeller via dvryaboy)
PIG-1949: e2e test harness should use bin/pig rather than calling java
directly (gates)
PIG-2026: e2e tests in eclipse classpath (azaroth via hashutosh)
PIG-2024: Incorrect jar paths in .classpath template for eclipse (azaroth via hashutosh)
PIG-2011: Speed up (dvryaboy)
PIG-2228: support partial aggregation in map task (thejas)
PIG-2940: HBaseStorage store fails in secure cluster (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-2821: HBaseStorage should work with secure hbase (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2859: Fix few e2e test failures (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2729: Macro expansion does not use - UnitTest borked (johannesch via daijy)
PIG-2783: Fix Iterator_1 e2e test for Hadoop 23 (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2761: With hadoop23 importing modules inside python script does not work (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2759: Typo in document "Built In Functions" (daijy)
PIG-2745: Pig e2e test RubyUDFs fails in MR mode when running from tarball (cheolsoo via daijy)
PIG-2741: Python script throws an NameError: name 'Configuration' is not defined in case cache dir is not created
(knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-2669: Pig release should include after rebuild (daijy)
PIG-2739: PyList should map to Bag automatically in Jython (daijy)
PIG-2730: TFileStorage getStatistics incorrectly throws an exception instead of returning null (traviscrawford via daijy)
PIG-2717: Tuple field mangled during flattening (daijy)
PIG-2721: Wrong output generated while loading bags as input (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-2578: Multiple Store-commands mess up mapred.output.dir. (daijy)
PIG-2623: Support S3 paths for registering UDFs (nshkrob via daijy)
PIG-2505: AvroStorage won't read any file not ending in .avro (russell.jurney via daijy)
PIG-2585: Enable ignored e2e test cases (daijy)
PIG-2563: IndexOutOfBoundsException: while projecting fields from a bag (daijy)
PIG-2411: AvroStorage UDF in PiggyBank fails to STORE a bag of single-field tuples as Avro arrays (russell.jurney via daijy)
PIG-2565: Support IMPORT for macros stored in S3 Buckets (daijy)
PIG-2570: LimitOptimizer fails with dynamic LIMIT argument (daijy)
PIG-2543: PigStats.isSuccessful returns false if embedded pig script has sh commands (daijy)
PIG-2509: Util.getSchemaFromString fails with java.lang.NullPointerException when a tuple in a bag has no name (as when used in MongoStorage UDF) (jcoveney via daijy)
PIG-2559: Embedded pig in python; invoking sys.exit(0) causes script failure (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2530: Reusing alias name in nested foreach causes incorrect results (daijy)
PIG-2489: Input Path Globbing{} not working with PigStorageSchema or PigStorage('\t', '-schema') (daijy)
PIG-2484: Fix several e2e test failures/aborts for 23 (daijy)
PIG-2400: Document has based aggregation support (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2444: Remove the Zebra *.xml documentation files from the TRUNK and Branch-10 (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2430: An EvalFunc which overrides getArgToFuncMapping with FuncSpec
with constructor arguments is not properly instantiated with said arguments (jcoveney via thejas)
PIG-2457: JsonLoaderStorage tests is broken for e2e (daijy)
PIG-2426: ProgressableReporter.progress(String msg) is an empty function (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2363: _logs for streaming commands bug in new parser (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2331: BinStorage in LOAD statement failing when input has curly braces (xutingz via thejas)
PIG-2391: Bzip_2 test is broken (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-2358: JobStats.getHadoopCounters() is never set and always returns null (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-2184: Not able to provide positional reference to macro invocations (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-2209: JsonMetadata fails to find schema for glob paths (daijy)
PIG-2165: Need a way to deal with params and param_file in embedded pig in python (daijy)
PIG-2313: NPE in ILLUSTRATE trying to get StatusReporter in STORE (daijy)
PIG-2335: bin/pig does not work with bash 3.0 (azaroth)
PIG-2275: NullPointerException from ILLUSTRATE (daijy)
PIG-2119: DuplicateForEachColumnRewrite makes assumptions about the position of LOGGenerate in the plan (daijy)
PIG-2290: TOBAG wraps tuple parameters in another tuple (ryan.hoegg via thejas)
PIG-2288: Pig 0.9 error message not useful as compared to 0.8 in case
of group by (vivekp via thejas)
PIG-2309: Keyword 'NOT' is wrongly treated as a UDF in split statement (vivekp via thejas)
PIG-2307: Jetty version should be updated in .eclipse.templates/.classpath,
pig-template.xml and pig.pom as well (zjshen via daijy)
PIG-2273: Pig.compileFromFile in embedded python fails when pig script starts with a comment (ddaniels888 via gates)
PIG-2278: Wrong version numbers for libraries in eclipse template classpath (azaroth)
PIG-2115: Fix Pig HBaseStorage configuration and setup issues ( via dvryaboy)
PIG-2232: "declare" document contains a typo (daijy)
PIG-2055: inconsistent behavior in parser generated during build (thejas)
PIG-2185: NullPointerException while Accessing Empty Bag in FOREACH { FILTER } (daijy)
PIG-2227: Wrong jars copied into lib directory in e2e tests when invoked from top level (gates)
PIG-2219: Pig tests fail if ${user.home}/pigtest/conf does not already exist (cwsteinbach via gates)
PIG-2215: Newlines in function arguments still cause exceptions to be thrown (awarring via gates)
PIG-2214: InternalSortedBag two-arg constructor doesn't pass bagCount (sallen via gates)
PIG-2174: HBaseStorage column filters miss some fields (billgraham via dvryaboy)
PIG-2090: re-enable TestGrunt test cases (thejas)
PIG-2181: Improvement : for error message when describe misses alias (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2124: Script never ending when joining from the same source (daijy)
PIG-2170: NPE thrown during illustrate (thejas)
PIG-2186: PigStorage new warnings about missing schema file
can be confusing (thejas)
PIG-2179: tests in TestLoad are failing (thejas)
PIG-2146: POStore.getSchema() returns null because of which PigOutputCommitter
is not storing schema while cleanup (thejas)
PIG-2027: NPE if Pig don't have permission for log file (daijy)
PIG-2171: TestScriptLanguage is broken on trunk (daijy and thejas)
PIG-2172: Fix test failure for ant 1.8.x (daijy)
PIG-2162: bin/pig should not modify user args (rangadi via thejas)
PIG-2060: Fix errors in pig grammars reported by ANTLRWorks (azaroth via thejas)
PIG-2156: Limit/Sample with variable does not work if the expression starts
with an integer/double (azaroth via thejas)
PIG-2130: Piggybank:MultiStorage is not compressing output files (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2147: Support nested tags for XMLLoader (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-1890: Fix piggybank unit test TestAvroStorage (kengoodhope via daijy)
PIG-2110: NullPointerException in piggybank.evaluation.util.apachelogparser.SearchTermExtractor (dale_jin via daijy)
PIG-2144: ClassCastException when using IsEmpty(DIFF()) (thejas)
PIG-2139: LogicalExpressionSimplifier optimizer rule should check if udf is
deterministic while checking if they are equal (thejas)
PIG-2137: SAMPLE should not be pushed above DISTINCT (dvryaboy and thejas)
PIG-2136: Implementation of Sample should use LessThanExpression
instead of LessThanEqualExpression (azaroth via thejas)
PIG-2140: Usage printed from gives wrong option for disabling
LogicalExpressionSimplifier (thejas)
PIG-2120: UDFContext.getClientSystemProps() does not respect (dvryaboy)
PIG-2129: NOTICE file needs updates (gates)
PIG-2131: Add back test for PIG-1769 (qwertymaniac via gates)
PIG-2112: ResourceSchema.toString does not properly handle maps in the schema (gates)
PIG-1702: Streaming debug output outputs null input-split information (awarring via daijy)
PIG-2109: Ant build continues even if the parser classes fail to be generated. (zjshen via daijy)
PIG-2071: casting numeric type to chararray during schema merge for union
is inconsistent with other schema merge cases (thejas)
PIG-2044: Patten match bug in org.apache.pig.newplan.optimizer.Rule (knoguchi via daijy)
PIG-2048: Add zookeeper to pig jar (gbowyer via gates)
PIG-2008: Cache outputFormat in HBaseStorage (thedatachef via gates)
PIG-2025: org.apache.pig.test.udf.evalfunc.TOMAP is missing package
declaration (azaroth via gates)
PIG-2019: smoketest-jar target has to depend on pigunit-jar to guarantee
inclusion of test classes (cos via gates)
Release 0.9.3 - Unreleased
PIG-2944: ivysettings.xml does not let you override .m2/repository (raluri via daijy)
PIG-2912: Pig should clone JobConf while creating JobContextImpl and TaskAttemptContextImpl in Hadoop23 (rohini via daijy)
PIG-2775: Register jar does not goes to classpath in some cases (daijy)
PIG-2693: LoadFunc.setLocation should be called before LoadMetadata.getStatistics (billgraham via julien)
PIG-2666: LoadFunc.setLocation() is not called when pig script only has Order By (daijy)
PIG-2671: e2e harness: Reference local test path via :LOCALTESTPATH: (thw via daijy)
PIG-2642: StoreMetadata.storeSchema can't access files in the output directory (Hadoop 0.23) (thw via daijy)
PIG-2621: Documentation inaccurate regarding Pig Properties in trunk (prkommireddi via daijy)
PIG-2550: Custom tuple results in "Unexpected datatype 110 while reading tuplefrom binary file" while spilling (daijy)
PIG-2442: Multiple Stores in pig streaming causes infinite waiting (daijy)
PIG-2609: e2e harness: make hdfs base path configurable (outside default.conf) (thw via daijy)
PIG-2576: Change in behavior for UDFContext.getUDFContext().getJobConf() in front-end (thw via daijy)
PIG-2588: e2e harness: use pig command for cluster deploy (thw via daijy)
PIG-2572: e2e harness deploy fails when using pig that does not bundle hadoop (thw via daijy)
PIG-2568: PigOutputCommitter hide exception in commitJob (daijy)
PIG-2564: Build fails - Hadoop 0.23.1-SNAPSHOT no longer available (thw via daijy)
PIG-2535: Bug in new logical plan results in no output for join (daijy)
PIG-2534: Pig generating infinite map outputs (daijy)
PIG-2493: UNION causes casting issues (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-2497: Order of execution of fs, store and sh commands in Pig is not maintained (daijy)
Release 0.9.2
PIG-2766: Pig-HCat Usability (vikram.dixit via daijy)
PIG-2125: Make Pig work with hadoop .NEXT (daijy)
PIG-2471: Pig Requirements Hadoop (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2431: Upgrade bundled hadoop version to 1.0.0 (daijy)
PIG-2447: piggybank: get hive dependency from maven (thw via azaroth)
PIG-2347: Fix Pig Unit tests for hadoop 23 (daijy)
PIG-2128: Generating the jar file takes a lot of time and is unnecessary when running Pig local mode (julien)
PIG-2477: TestBuiltin testLFText/testSFPig failing against 23 due to invalid test setup -- InvalidInputException (phunt via daijy)
PIG-2462: getWrappedSplit is incorrectly returning the first split instead of the current split. (arov via daijy)
PIG-2472: piggybank unit tests write directly to /tmp (thw via daijy)
PIG-2413: e2e test should support testing against two cluster (daijy)
PIG-2342: Pig tutorial documentation needs to update about building tutorial (daijy)
PIG-2458: Can't have spaces in parameter substitution (jcoveney via daijy)
PIG-2410: Piggybank does not compile in 23 (daijy)
PIG-2418: rpm release package does not take PIG_CLASSPATH (daijy)
PIG-2291: PigStats.isSuccessful returns false if embedded pig script has dump (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-2415: A fix for 0.23 local mode: put "yarn-default.xml" into the configuration (daijy)
PIG-2402: inIllustrator condition in PigMapReduce is wrong for hadoop 23 (daijy)
PIG-2370: SkewedParitioner results in Kerberos error (daijy)
PIG-2374: streaming regression with dotNext (daijy)
PIG-2387: BinStorageRecordReader causes negative progress (xutingz via daijy)
PIG-2354: Several fixes for bin/pig (daijy)
PIG-2385: Store statements not getting processed (daijy)
PIG-2320: Error: "projection with nothing to reference" (daijy)
PIG-2346: TypeCastInsert should not insert Foreach if there is no as statement (daijy)
PIG-2339: HCatLoader loads all the partitions in a partitioned table even though
a filter clause on the partitions is specified in the Pig script (daijy)
PIG-2316: Incorrect results for FILTER *** BY ( *** OR ***) with
FilterLogicExpressionSimplifier optimizer turned on (knoguchi via thejas)
PIG-2271: PIG regression in BinStorage/PigStorage in 0.9.1 (thejas)
Release 0.9.1
PIG-2284: Add script (eyang via daijy)
PIG-2272: e2e test harness should be able to set HADOOP_HOME (gates via daijy)
PIG-2239: Pig should use "bin/hadoop jar pig-withouthadoop.jar" in bin/pig instead of forming java command itself (daijy)
PIG-2213: Pig 0.9.1 Documentation (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2221: Couldnt find documentation for ColumnMapKeyPrune optimization rule (chandec via daijy)
PIG-2310: bin/pig fail when both pig-0.9.1.jar and pig.jar are in PIG_HOME (daijy)
PIG-1857: Create an package integration project (eyang via daijy)
PIG-2013: Penny gets a null pointer when no properties are set (breed via daijy)
PIG-2102: MonitoredUDF does not work (dvryaboy)
PIG-2152: Null pointer exception while reporting progress (thejas)
PIG-2183: Pig not working with Hadoop (daijy)
PIG-2193: Using HBaseStorage to scan 2 tables in the same Map job produces bad data (rangadi via dvryaboy)
PIG-2199: Penny throws Exception when netty classes are missing (ddaniels888 via daijy)
PIG-2223: error accessing column in output schema of udf having project-star input (thejas)
PIG-2208: Restrict number of PIG generated Haddop counters (rding via daijy)
PIG-2299: jetty 6.1.14 startup issue causes unit tests to fail in CI (thw via daijy)
PIG-2301: Some more bin/pig, build.xml cleanup for 0.9.1 (daijy)
PIG-2237: LIMIT generates wrong number of records if pig determines no of reducers as more than 1 (daijy)
PIG-2261: Restore support for parenthesis in Pig 0.9 (rding via daijy)
PIG-2238: Pig 0.9 error message not useful as compared to 0.8 (daijy)
PIG-2286: Using COR function in Piggybank results in ERROR 2018: Internal error. Unable to introduce the combiner for optimization (daijy)
PIG-2270: Put jython.jar in classpath (daijy)
PIG-2274: remove pig deb package dependency on sun-java6-jre (gkesavan via daijy)
PIG-2264: Change conf/ to conf/ (daijy)
PIG-2231: Limit produce wrong number of records after foreach flatten (daijy)
Release 0.9.0 - Unreleased
PIG-1622: DEFINE streaming options are ill defined and not properly documented (xuefu)
PIG-1680: HBaseStorage should work with HBase 0.90 (gstathis, billgraham, dvryaboy, tlipcon via dvryaboy)
PIG-1745: Disable converting bytes loading from BinStorage (daijy)
PIG-1188: Padding nulls to the input tuple according to input schema (daijy)
PIG-1876: Typed map for Pig (daijy)
PIG-1938: support project-range as udf argument (thejas)
PIG-2059: PIG doesn't validate incomplete query in batch mode even if -c option is given (xuefu)
PIG-2062: Script silently ended (xuefu)
PIG-2039: IndexOutOfBounException for a case (xuefu)
PIG-2038: Pig fails to parse empty tuple/map/bag constant (xuefu)
PIG-1775: Removal of old logical plan (xuefu)
PIG-1998: Allow macro to return void (rding)
PIG-2003: Using keyward as alias doesn't either emit an error or produce a logical plan (xuefu)
PIG-1981: LoadPushDown.pushProjection should pass alias in addition to position (daijy)
PIG-2006: Regression: NPE when Pig processes an empty script file, fix test case (xuefu)
PIG-2006: Regression: NPE when Pig processes an empty script file (xuefu)
PIG-2007: Parsing error when map key referred directly from udf in nested foreach (xuefu)
PIG-2000: Pig gives incorrect error message dealing with scalar projection (xuefu)
PIG-2002: Regression: Pig gives error "Projection with nothing to reference!" for a valid query (xuefu)
PIG-1921: Improve error messages in new parser (xuefu)
PIG-1996: Pig new parser fails to recognize PARALLEL keywords in a case (xuefu)
PIG-1612: error reporting: PigException needs to have a way to indicate that
its message is appropriate for user (laukik via thejas)
PIG-1782: Add ability to load data by column family in HBaseStorage (billgraham via dvryaboy)
PIG-1772: Pig 090 Documentation (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1954: Design deployment interface for e2e test harness (gates)
PIG-1881: Need a special interface for Penny (Inspector Gadget) (laukik via
PIG-1947: Incorrect line number is reported during parsing(xuefu)
PIG1918: Line number should be give for logical plan failures (xuefu)
PIG-1961: Pig prints "null" as file name in case of grammar error (xuefu)
PIG-1956: Pig parser shouldn't log error code 0 (xuefu)
PIG-1957: Pig parser gives misleading error message when the next foreach block has syntactic errors (xuefu)
PIG-1958: Regression: Pig doesn't log type cast warning messages (xuefu)
PIG-1918: Line number should be give for logical plan failures (xuefu)
PIG-1899: Add end to end test harness for Pig (gates)
PIG-1932: GFCross should allow the user to set the DEFAULT_PARALLELISM value (gates)
PIG-1913: Use a file for excluding tests (tomwhite via gates)
PIG-1693: support project-range expression. (was: There
needs to be a way in foreach to indicate "and all the
rest of the fields" ) (thejas)
PIG-1772: Pig 090 Documentation (chandec via daijy)
PIG-1830: Type mismatch error in key from map, when doing GROUP on PigStorageSchema() variable (dvryaboy)
PIG-1566: Support globbing for registering jars in pig script (nrai via daijy)
PIG-1886: Add zookeeper jar to list of jars shipped when HBaseStorage used (dvryaboy)
PIG-1874: Make PigServer work in a multithreading environment (rding)
PIG-1889: bin/pig should pick up HBase configuration from HBASE_CONF_DIR
PIG-1794: Javascript support for Pig embedding and UDFs in scripting languages (julien)
PIG-1853: Using ANTLR jars from maven repository (rding)
PIG-1728: more doc updates (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1793: Add macro expansion to Pig Latin (rding)
PIG-847: Setting twoLevelAccessRequired field in a bag schema should not be required to access fields in the tuples of the bag (daijy)
PIG-1748: Add load/store function AvroStorage for avro data (guolin2001, jghoman via daijy)
PIG-1769: Consistency for HBaseStorage (dvryaboy)
PIG-1786: Move describe/nested describe to new logical plan (daijy)
PIG-1809: addition of TOMAP function (olgan)
PIG-1749: Update Pig parser so that function arguments can contain newline characters (jghoman via daijy)
PIG-1806: Modify embedded Pig API for usability (rding)
PIG-1799: Provide deployable maven artifacts for pigunit and pig smoke tests
(cos via gates)
PIG-1728: turing complete docs (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1675: allow PigServer to register pig script from InputStream (zjffdu via dvryaboy)
PIG-1479: Embed Pig in scripting languages (rding)
PIG-946: Combiner optimizer does not optimize when limit follow group, foreach (thejas)
PIG-1277: Pig should give error message when cogroup on tuple keys of different inner type (daijy)
PIG-1755: Clean up duplicated code in PhysicalOperators (dvryaboy)
PIG-750: Use combiner when algebraic UDFs are used in expressions (thejas)
PIG-490: Combiner not used when group elements referred to in
tuple notation instead of flatten. (thejas)
PIG-1768: 09 docs: illustrate (changec via olgan)
PIG-1768: docs reorg (changec via olgan)
PIG-1712: ILLUSTRATE rework (yanz)
PIG-1758: Deep cast of complex type (daijy)
PIG-1728: doc updates (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1752: Enable UDFs to indicate files to load into the Distributed Cache
PIG-1747: pattern match classes for matching patterns in physical plan (thejas)
PIG-1707: Allow pig build to pull from alternate maven repo to enable building
against newer hadoop versions (pradeepkth)
PIG-1618: Switch to new parser generator technology (xuefuz via thejas)
PIG-1531: Pig gobbles up error messages (nrai via hashutosh)
PIG-1508: Make 'docs' target (forrest) work with Java 1.6 (cwsteinbach via gates)
PIG-1608: pig should always include and in the pig.jar (nrai via daijy)
PIG-1696: Performance: Use System.arraycopy() instead of manually copying the bytes while reading the data (hashutosh)
PIG-2159: New logical plan uses incorrect class for SUM causing for ClassCastException (daijy)
PIG-2106: Fix Zebra unit test TestBasicUnion.testNeg3, TestBasicUnion.testNeg4 (daijy)
PIG-2083: bincond ERROR 1025: Invalid field projection when null is used (thejas)
PIG-2089: Javadoc for ResourceFieldSchema.getSchema() is wrong (daijy)
PIG-2084: pig is running validation for a statement at a time batch mode,
instead of running it for whole script (thejas)
PIG-2088: Return alias validation failed when there is single line comment in the macro (rding)
PIG-2081: Dryrun gives wrong line numbers in error message for scripts containing macro (rding)
PIG-2078: POProject.getNext(DataBag) does not handle null (daijy)
PIG-2029: Inconsistency in Pig Stats reports (rding)
PIG-2070: "Unknown" appears in error message for an error case (thejas)
PIG-2069: LoadFunc jar does not ship to backend in MultiQuery case (rding)
PIG-2076: update documentation, help command with correct default value
of pig.cachedbag.memusage (thejas)
PIG-2072: NPE when udf has project-star argument and input schema is null (thejas)
PIG-2075: Bring back TestNewPlanPushUpFilter (daijy)
PIG-1827: When passing a parameter to Pig, if the value contains $ it has to be escaped for no apparent reason (rding)
PIG-2056: Jython error messages should show script name (rding)
PIG-2014: SAMPLE shouldn't be pushed up (dvryaboy)
PIG-2058: Macro missing returns clause doesn't give a good error message (rding)
PIG-2035: Macro expansion doesn't handle multiple expansions of same macro inside another macro (rding)
PIG-2030: Merged join/cogroup does not automatically ship loader (daijy)
PIG-2052: Ship guava.jar to backend (daijy)
PIG-2012: Comments at the begining of the file throws off line numbers in errors (rding)
PIG-2043: Ship antlr-runtime.jar to backend (daijy)
PIG-2049: Pig should display TokenMgrError message consistently across all parsers (rding)
PIG-2041: Minicluster should make each run independent (daijy)
PIG-2040: Move classloader from QueryParserDriver to PigContext (daijy)
PIG-1999: Macro alias masker should consider schema context (rding)
PIG-1821: UDFContext.getUDFProperties does not handle collisions
in hashcode of udf classname (+ arg hashcodes) (thejas)
PIG-2028: Speed up multiquery unit tests (rding)
PIG-1990: support casting of complex types with empty inner schema
to complex type with non-empty inner schema (thejas)
PIG-2016: -dot option does not work with explain and new logical plan (daijy)
PIG-2018: NPE for co-group with group-by column having complex schema and
different load functions for each input (thejas)
PIG-2015: Explain writes out logical plan twice (alangates)
PIG-2017: consumeMap() fails with EmptyStackException (thedatachef via daijy)
PIG-1989: complex type casting should return null on casting failure (daijy)
PIG-1826: Unexpected data type -1 found in stream error (daijy)
PIG-2004: Incorrect input types passed on to eval function (thejas)
PIG-1814: mapred.output.compress in SET statement does not work (daijy)
PIG-1976: One more TwoLevelAccess to remove (daijy)
PIG-1865: BinStorage/PigStorageSchema cannot load data from a different namenode (daijy)
PIG-1910: incorrect schema shown when project-star is used with other projections (daijy)
PIG-2005: Discrepancy in the way dry run handles semicolon in macro definition (rding)
PIG-1281: Detect cannot be cast to type of errors at Compile Type during
creation of logical plan (thejas)
PIG-1939: order-by statement should support project-range to-end in
any position among the sort columns if input schema is known (thejas)
PIG-1978: Secondary sort fail when dereferencing two fields inside foreach (daijy)
PIG-1962: Wrong alias assinged to store operator (daijy)
PIG-1975: Need to provide backward compatibility for legacy LoadCaster (without bytesToMap(bytes, fieldSchema)) (daijy)
PIG-1987: -dryrun does not work with set (rding)
PIG-1871: Dont throw exception if partition filters cannot be pushed up. (rding)
PIG-1870: HBaseStorage doesn't project correctly (dvryaboy)
PIG-1788: relation-as-scalar error messages should indicate the field
being used as scalar (laukik via thejas)
PIG-1697: NullPointerException if is Used (laukik via daijy)
PIG-1929:Type checker failed to catch invalid type comparison (thejas)
PIG-1928: Type Checking, incorrect error message (thejas)
PIG-1979: New logical plan failing with ERROR 2229: Couldn't find matching uid -1 (daijy)
PIG-1897: multiple star projection in a statement does not produce
the right plan (thejas)
PIG-1917: NativeMapReduce does not Allow Configuration Parameters
containing Spaces (thejas)
PIG-1974: Lineage need to set for every cast (thejas)
PIG-1988: Importing an empty macro file causing NPE (rding)
PIG-1977: "Stream closed" error while reading Pig temp files (results of intermediate jobs) (rding)
PIG-1963: in nested foreach, accumutive udf taking input from order-by does not get results in order (thejas)
PIG-1911: Infinite loop with accumulator function in nested foreach (thejas)
PIG-1923: Jython UDFs fail to convert Maps of Integer values back to Pig types (julien)
PIG-1944: register javascript UDFs does not work (julien)
PIG-1955: PhysicalOperator has a member variable (non-static) Log object that
is non-transient, this causes serialization errors (woody via rding)
PIG-1964: PigStorageSchema fails if a column value is null (thejas))
PIG-1866: Dereference a bag within a tuple does not work (daijy)
PIG-1984: Worng stats shown when there are multiple stores but same file names (rding)
PIG-1893: Pig report input size -1 for empty input file (rding)
PIG-1868: New logical plan fails when I have complex data types from udf
PIG-1927: Dereference partial name failed (daijy)
PIG-1934: Fix zebra test TestCheckin1, TestCheckin4 (daijy)
PIG-1931: Integrate Macro Expansion with New Parser (rding)
PIG-1933: Hints such as 'collected' and 'skewed' for "group by" or "join by"
should not be treated as tokens. (xuefuz via thejas)
PIG-1925: Parser error message doesn't show location of the error or show it
as Line 0:0 (xuefuz via gates)
PIG-671: typechecker does not throw an error when multiple arguments are
passed to COUNT (deepujain via gates)
PIG-1152: bincond operator throws parser error (xuefuz via thejas)
PIG-1885: SUBSTRING fails when input length less than start (deepujain via
PIG-719: store <expr> into 'filename'; should be valid syntax, but does not work (xuefuz via thejas)
PIG-1770: matches clause problem with chars that have special meaning in dk.brics - #, @ .. (thejas)
PIG-1862: Pig returns exit code 0 for the failed Pig script due to non-existing input directory (rding)
PIG-1888: Fix TestLogicalPlanGenerator not use hardcoded path (daijy)
PIG-1837: Error while using IsEmpty function (rding)
PIG-1884: Change ReadToEndLoader.setLocation not throw UnsupportedOperationException (thejas)
PIG-1887: Fix pig-withouthadoop.jar to contains proper jars (daijy)
PIG-1779: Wrong stats shown when there are multiple loads but same file names (rding)
PIG-1861: The pig script stored in the Hadoop History logs is stored as a concatenated string without whitespace this causes problems when attempting to extract and execute the script (rding)
PIG-1829: "0" value seen in PigStat's map/reduce runtime, even when the job is successful (rding)
PIG-1856: Custom jar is not packaged with the new job created by LimitAdjuster (rding)
PIG-1872: Fix bug in AvroStorage (guolin2001, jghoman via daijy)
PIG-1536: use same logic for merging inner schemas in "default union" and
"union onschema" (daijy)
PIG-1304: Fail underlying M/R jobs when concatenated gzip and bz2 files are provided as input (laukik via rding)
PIG-1852: Packaging antlr jar with pig.jar (rding via daijy)
PIG-1717 pig needs to call setPartitionFilter if schema is null but
getPartitionKeys is not (gerritjvv via gates)
PIG-313: Error handling aggregate of a computation (daijy)
PIG-496: project of bags from complex data causes failures (daijy)
PIG-730: problem combining schema from a union of several LOAD expressions, with a nested bag inside the schema (daijy)
PIG-767: Schema reported from DESCRIBE and actual schema of inner bags are different (daijy)
PIG-1801: Need better error message for Jython errors (rding)
PIG-1742: does not work
with plan patterns where leaves/sinks are not siblings (thejas)
Release 0.8.0 - Unreleased
PIG-1518: multi file input format for loaders (yanz via rding)
PIG-1249: Safe-guards against misconfigured Pig scripts without PARALLEL keyword (zjffdu vi olgan)
PIG-1561: XMLLoader in Piggybank does not support bz2 or gzip compressed XML files (vivekp via daijy)
PIG-1677: modify the repository path of pig artifacts to org/apache/pig in stead or org/apache/hadoop/pig (nrai via olgan)
PIG-1600: Docs update (romainr via olgan)
PIG-1632: The core jar in the tarball contains the kitchen sink (eli via olgan)
PIG-1617: 'group all' should always use one reducer (thejas)
PIG-1589: add test cases for mapreduce operator which use distributed cache (thejas)
PIG-1548: Optimize scalar to consolidate the part file (rding)
PIG-1600: Docs update (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1585: Add new properties to help and documentation(olgan)
PIG-1399: Filter expression optimizations (yanz via gates)
PIG-1531: Pig gobbles up error messages (nrai via hashutosh)
PIG-1458: aggregate files for replicated join (rding)
PIG-1205: Enhance HBaseStorage-- Make it support loading row key and implement StoreFunc (zjffdu and dvryaboy)
PIG-1568: Optimization rule FilterAboveForeach is too restrictive and doesn't
handle project * correctly (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1574: Optimization rule PushUpFilter causes filter to be pushed up out joins (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1515: Migrate logical optimization rule: PushDownForeachFlatten (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1321: Logical Optimizer: Merge cascading foreach (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1483: [piggybank] Add HadoopJobHistoryLoader to the piggybank (rding)
PIG-1555: [piggybank] add CSV Loader (dvryaboy)
PIG-1501: need to investigate the impact of compression on pig performance (yanz via thejas)
PIG-1497: Mandatory rule PartitionFilterOptimizer (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1514: Migrate logical optimization rule: OpLimitOptimizer (xuefuz via daijy)
PIG-1551: Improve dynamic invokers to deal with no-arg methods and array parameters (dvryaboy)
PIG-1311: Document audience and stability for remaining interfaces (gates)
PIG-506: Does pig need a NATIVE keyword? (aniket486 via thejas)
PIG-1510: Add `deepCopy` for LogicalExpressions (swati.j via daijy)
PIG-1447: Tune memory usage of InternalCachedBag (thejas)
PIG-1505: support jars and scripts in dfs (anhi via rding)
PIG-1334: Make pig artifacts available through maven (niraj via rding)
PIG-1466: Improve log messages for memory usage (thejas)
PIG-1404: added PigUnit, a framework fo building unit tests of Pig Latin scripts (romainr via gates)
PIG-1452: to remove hadoop20.jar from lib and use hadoop from the apache maven
repo. (rding)
PIG-1295: Binary comparator for secondary sort (azaroth via daijy)
PIG-1448: Detach tuple from inner plans of physical operator (thejas)
PIG-965: PERFORMANCE: optimize common case in matches (PORegex) (ankit.modi
via olgan)
PIG-103: Shared Job /tmp location should be configurable (niraj via rding)
PIG-1496: Mandatory rule ImplicitSplitInserter (yanz via daijy)
PIG-346: grant help command cleanup (olgan)
PIG-1199: help includes obsolete options (olgan)
PIG-1434: Allow casting relations to scalars (aniket486 via rding)
PIG-1461: support union operation that merges based on column names (thejas)
PIG-1517: Pig needs to support keywords in the package name (aniket486 via olgan)
PIG-928: UDFs in scripting languages (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-1509: Add .gitignore file (cwsteinbach via gates)
PIG-1478: Add progress notification listener to PigRunner API (rding)
PIG-1472: Optimize serialization/deserialization between Map and Reduce and between MR jobs (thejas)
PIG-1389: Implement Pig counter to track number of rows for each input files
PIG-1454: Consider clean up backend code (rding)
PIG-1333: API interface to Pig (rding)
PIG-1405: Need to move many standard functions from piggybank into Pig
(aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-1427: Monitor and kill runaway UDFs (dvryaboy)
PIG-1428: Make a StatusReporter singleton available for incrementing counters (dvryaboy)
PIG-972: Make describe work with nested foreach (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-1438: [Performance] MultiQueryOptimizer should also merge DISTINCT jobs
PIG-1441: new test targets (olgan)
PIG-282: Custom Partitioner (aniket486 via daijy)
PIG-283: Allow to set arbitrary jobconf key-value pairs inside pig program (hashutosh)
PIG-1373: We need to add jdiff output to docs on the website (daijy)
PIG-1422: Duplicate code in (zjffdu)
PIG-1420: Make CONCAT act on all fields of a tuple, instead of just the first two fields of a tuple (rjurney via dvryaboy)
PIG-1408: Annotate explain plans with aliases (rding)
PIG-1410: Make PigServer can handle files with parameters (zjffdu)
PIG-1406: Allow to run shell commands from grunt (zjffdu)
PIG-1398: Marking Pig interfaces for package (gates)
PIG-1396: eclipse-files target in build.xml fails to generate necessary classes in src-gen
PIG-1390: Provide a target to generate eclipse-related classpath and files (chaitk via thejas)
PIG-1384: Adding contrib javadoc to main Pig javadoc (daijy)
PIG-1320: final documentation updates for Pig 0.7.0 (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1363: Unnecessary loadFunc instantiations (hashutosh)
PIG-1370: Marking Pig interface for org.apache.pig package (gates)
PIG-1354: UDFs for dynamic invocation of simple Java methods (dvryaboy)
PIG-1316: TextLoader should use Bzip2TextInputFormat for bzip files so that
bzip files can be efficiently processed by splitting the files (pradeepkth)
PIG-1317: LOLoad should cache results of LoadMetadata.getSchema() for use in
subsequent calls to LOLoad.getSchema() or LOLoad.determineSchema()
PIG-1413: Remove svn:externals reference for and
create a local copy of (gkesavan)
PIG-1302: Include zebra's "pigtest" ant target as a part of pig's
ant test target. (gkesavan)
PIG-1582: To upgrade commons-logging
PIG-1353: Map-side joins (ashutoshc)
PIG-1309: Map-side Cogroup (ashutoshc)
PIG-2067: FilterLogicExpressionSimplifier removed some branches in some cases (daijy)
PIG-2033: Pig returns sucess for the failed Pig script (rding)
PIG-1993: PigStorageSchema throw NPE with ColumnPruning (daijy)
PIG-1935: New logical plan: Should not push up filter in front of Bincond (daijy)
PIG-1912: non-deterministic output when a file is loaded multiple times (daijy)
PIG-1892: Bug in new logical plan : No output generated even though there are
valid records (daijy)
PIG-1808: Error message in 0.8 not much helpful as compared to 0.7 (daijy)
PIG-1850: Order by is failing with ClassCastException if schema is undefined
for new logical plan in 0.8 (daijy)
PIG-1831: Indeterministic behavior in local mode due to static variable PigMapReduce.sJobConf (daijy)
PIG-1841: TupleSize implemented incorrectly (laukik via daijy)
PIG-1843: NPE in schema generation (daijy)
PIG-1820: New logical plan: FilterLogicExpressionSimplifier fail to deal with UDF (daijy)
PIG-1854: Pig returns exit code 0 for the failed Pig script (rding)
PIG-1812: Problem with DID_NOT_FIND_LOAD_ONLY_MAP_PLAN (daijy)
PIG-1813: Pig 0.8 throws ERROR 1075 while trying to refer a map in the result
of eval udf.Works with 0.7 (daijy)
PIG-1776: changing statement corresponding to alias after explain , then
doing dump gives incorrect result (thejas)
PIG-1800: Missing Signature for maven staging release (rding)
PIG-1815: pig task retains used instances of PhysicalPlan (thejas)
PIG-1785: New logical plan: uid conflict in flattened fields (daijy)
PIG-1787: Error in logical plan generated (daijy)
PIG-1791: System property mapred.output.compress, but pig-cluster-hadoop-site.xml doesn't (daijy)
PIG-1771: New logical plan: Merge schema fail if LoadFunc.getSchema return different schema with "Load...AS" (daijy)
PIG-1766: New logical plan: ImplicitSplitInserter should before DuplicateForEachColumnRewrite (daijy)
PIG-1762: Logical simplification fails on map key referenced values (yanz)
PIG-1761: New logical plan: Exception when bag dereference in the middle of expression (daijy)
PIG-1757: After split combination, the number of maps may vary slightly (yanz)
PIG-1760: Need to report progress in all databags (rding)
PIG-1709: Skewed join use fewer reducer for extreme large key (daijy)
PIG-1751: New logical plan: PushDownForEachFlatten fail in UDF with unknown
output schema (daijy)
PIG-1741: Lineage fail when flatten a bag (daijy)
PIG-1739: zero status is returned when pig script fails (yanz)
PIG-1738: New logical plan: Optimized UserFuncExpression.getFieldSchema (daijy)
PIG-1732: New logical plan: logical plan get confused if we generate the same
field twice in ForEach (daijy)
PIG-1737: New logical plan: Improve error messages when merge schema fail (daijy)
PIG-1725: New logical plan: uidOnlySchema bug in LOGenerate (daijy)
PIG-1729: New logical plan: Dereference does not add into plan after deepCopy (daijy)
PIG-1721: New logical plan: script fail when reuse foreach inner alias (daijy)
PIG-1716: New logical plan: LogToPhyTranslationVisitor should translate the structure for regex optimization (daijy)
PIG-1740: Fix SVN location in setup doc (chandec via olgan)
PIG-1719: New logical plan: FieldSchema generation for BinCond is wrong (daijy)
PIG-1720: java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException during Quicksort (thejas)
PIG-1727: Hadoop default config override (rding)
PIG-1731: Stack Overflows where there are composite logical expressions on UDFs using the new logical plan (yanz)
PIG-1723: Need to limit the length of Pig counter names (rding)
PIG-1714: Option mapred.output.compress doesn't work in Pig 0.8 but worked in
0.7 (xuefuz via rding)
PIG-1715: pig-withouthadoop.jar missing automaton.jar (thejas)
PIG-1706: New logical plan: PushDownFlattenForEach fail if flattened field has user defined schema (daijy)
PIG-1705: New logical plan: self-join fail for some queries (daijy)
PIG-1704: Output Compression is not at work if the output path is absolute and there is a trailing / afte the compression suffix (yanz)
PIG-1695: MergeForEach does not carry user defined schema if any one of the merged ForEach has user defined schema (daijy)
PIG-1684: Inconsistent usage of store func. (thejas)
PIG-1694: union-onschema projects null schema at parsing stage for some queries (thejas)
PIG-1685: Pig is unable to handle counters for glob paths ? (daijy)
PIG-1683: New logical plan: Nested foreach plan fail if one inner alias is refered more than once (daijy)
PIG-1542: log level not propogated to MR task loggers (nrai via daijy)
PIG-1673: query with consecutive union-onschema statement errors out (thejas)
PIG-1653: Scripting UDF fails if the path to script is an absolute path (daijy)
PIG-1669: PushUpFilter fail when filter condition contains scalar (daijy)
PIG-1672: order of relations in replicated join gets switched in a query where
first relation has two mergeable foreach statements (thejas)
PIG-1666: union onschema fails when the input relation has cast from bytearray to another type (thejas)
PIG-1655: code duplicated for udfs that were moved from piggybank to builtin (nrai via daijy)
PIG-1670: pig throws ExecException in stead of FrontEnd exception when the plan validation fails (nrai via daijy)
PIG-1668: Order by failed with RuntimeException (rding)
PIG-1659: sortinfo is not set for store if there is a filter after ORDER BY (daijy)
PIG-1664: leading '_' in directory/file names should be ignored; the "pigtest" build target should include all pig-related zebra tests. (yanz)
PIG-1662: Need better error message for MalFormedProbVecException (rding)
PIG-1656: TOBAG udfs ignores columns with null value; it does not use input type
to determine output schema (thejas)
PIG-1658: ORDER BY does not work properly on integer/short keys that are -1 (yanz)
PIG-1638: sh output gets mixed up with the grunt prompt (nrai via daijy)