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<title>Apache Hadoop Ozone</title>
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<h1>Release 0.4.0-alpha available</h1>
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<p><img src="releases/0.4.0.png" alt="badlands-haiku"></p>
<p>Apache Hadoop Ozone 0.4.0-alpha is released with following features:</p>
<li>Hadoop Delegation Tokens and Block Tokens supported for Ozone.</li>
<li>Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Support - Allows data blocks to be encrypted-at-rest.</li>
<li>Kerberos support for Ozone.</li>
<li>Certificate Infrastructure for Ozone - Tokens use PKI instead of shared secrets.</li>
<li>Datanode to Datanode communication secured via mutual TLS.</li>
<li>Ability secure ozone cluster that works with Yarn, Hive, and Spark.</li>
<li>Helm/Skaffold support to deploy Ozone clusters on K8s.</li>
<li>Support S3 Authentication Mechanisms like - S3 v4 Authentication protocol.</li>
<li>S3 Gateway supports Multipart upload.</li>
<li>S3A file system is tested and supported.</li>
<li>Support for Tracing and Profiling for all Ozone components.</li>
<li>Audit Support - including Audit Parser tools.</li>
<li>Apache Ranger Support in Ozone.</li>
<p>This is an alpha release and not production ready.</p>
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<p><a href="" class="btn btn-success">Download tar.gz</a></p>
(<a href="">checksum</a>
<a href="">signature</a>)
<p><a href="" class="btn btn-warning">Download src</a></p>
(<a href="">checksum</a>
<a href="">signature</a>)
<p><a href="" class="btn btn-primary">Documentation</a></p>
<p><small>2019 May 7 </small></p>
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<p>&copy; 2020 <a href="">The Apache Software Foundation</a>,<br/>
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