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OpenWhisk User Events

OpenWhisk User Events

This service connects to events topic and publishes the events to various services like Prometheus, Datadog etc via Kamon. Refer to user specific metrics on how to enable them.

Local Run

First configure and run openwhisk docker-compose that can be found in the openwhisk-tools project.

  • Start service inside the cluster (on the same docker-compose network: openwhisk_default)
  • The service will be available on port 9095
  • The endpoint for exposing the metrics for Prometheus can be found on /metrics.


The service needs the following env variables to be set

  • KAFKA_HOSTS - For local env it can be set to When using OpenWhisk Devtools based setup use kafka
  • Namespaces can be removed from reports by listing them inside the reference.conf using the whisk.user-events.ignored-namespaces configuration. e.g:
whisk {
  user-events {
    ignored-namespaces = ["canary","testing"]
  • To rename metrics tags, use the below configuration. Currently, this configuration only applies to the Prometheus Metrics. For example, here namespace tag name will be replaced by ow_namespace in all metrics.
whisk {
  user-events {
    rename-tags {
      # rename/relabel prometheus metrics tags
      "namespace" = "ow_namespae"



The docker container would run the service and expose the metrics in format required by Prometheus at 9095 port


The Openwhisk - Action Performance Metrics Grafana4 dashboard is available on localhost port 3000 at this address: http://localhost:3000/d/Oew1lvymk/openwhisk-action-performance-metrics

The latest version of the dashboard can be found in the “compose/dashboard/openwhisk_events.json”