Update to go 1.12.17, include secuity fixes in build. (#124)

- Updated golang12 to go 1.12.17.
  - Add 'apt-get upgrade' to the image builds to include security fixes with each build in case the used base image is not updated frequently.
    In case the base image is updated frequently the 'apt-get upgrade' is a no operation. If not it will catch the security updateds available since the last update of the base image.
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Apache OpenWhisk Runtimes for Go

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This repository contains both the OpenWhisk runtime for Golang Actions, as well as a runtime for Generic executables.

  • If you are in a hurry, check the examples
  • Writing Actions for the runtime in Golang
  • How to deploy your Golang sources
  • Precompiling Golang actions
  • How to use VSCode to write Golang actions
  • How to Build the runtime, with development notes

Actionloop runtime

Using the Go runtime for Generic executables

  • Writing Generic actions, in bash or as a generic linux binary
  • Deployment for Generic actions
  • The ActionLoop protocol for generic actions
  • Environment Variables to configure the proxy

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