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  1. build.gradle
  4. Dockerfile
  5. example.c

Blackbox Actions

  1. Download and install the OpenWhisk CLI
  2. Install OpenWhisk Docker action skeleton.
  3. Add user code
  4. Build image
  5. Push image
  6. Test out action with CLI

The script is provided for your convenience. The following command sequence runs the included example Docker action container using OpenWhisk.

# install dockerSkeleton with example
wsk sdk install docker

# change working directory
cd dockerSkeleton

# build/push, argument is your docker hub user name and a valid docker image name
./buildAndPush <dockerhub username>/whiskexample

# create docker action
wsk action create dockerSkeletonExample --docker <dockerhub username>/whiskExample

# invoke created action
wsk action invoke dockerSkeletonExample --blocking

The executable file must be located in the /action folder. The name of the executable must be /action/exec and can be any file with executable permissions. The sample docker action runs example.c by copying and building the source inside the container as /action/exec (see Dockerfile lines 7 and 14).