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OpenWhisk Intellij Plugin

OpenWhisk-intellij-support is an open source Intellij Plugin for Apache OpenWhisk. It assists users to develop/deploy/manage OpenWhisk functions in Intellij.


Install the dependencies below to use full features:

This extension finds the .wskprops configuration file located in the home path and connects to the OpenWhisk server automatically. Set up your configuration referred to the cli docs.


OpenWhisk Explorer

  • Explore all entities in your endpoints/namespaces.
    • The .wskprops file is automatically registered.
    • You can add the API host manually.
    • You can add the namespace manually by API auth key.
  • Show the action code with syntax highlighting.
  • [Soon] Edit the action code on the remote server.
  • Invoke the action remotely and get the activation result.
  • Show a list of actions related to the sequence action.
  • Show information about the trigger and related rules.
  • Show activations related to the action (Same as wsk activation list <action>).
  • Show detailed information of the activation (Same as wsk activation get <activation_id>).
  • Update parameters of the action, package, and trigger.

Manifest View

  • List up manifest YAML files in the workspace.
  • Deploy/Undeploy OpenWhisk packages with manifest (via wskdeploy).
    • Deploy with the deployment file.
    • Deploy with multiple credentials.

How to debug in your local

./gradlew runIde