Modify release-log.txt to add release 5.2.1 info
diff --git a/release-log.txt b/release-log.txt
index e6e2f77..f4c25ab 100644
--- a/release-log.txt
+++ b/release-log.txt
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
 OOZIE-3605 ShareLib installation does not honor dfs.replication in HDFS configuration (luyuanhao via gezapeti)
 OOZIE-3608 Coordinator emits wrong WARN about TimeZones (larsfrancke via gezapeti)
-OOZIE-3601 Upgrade quartz to 2.3.2 (dengliming via matijhs)
 OOZIE-3586 Oozie spark actions using --keytab fail due to duplicate dist. cache (jmakai via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3592 Do not print misleading SecurityException for successful jobs (matijhs via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3584 Fork-join action issue when action param cannot be resolved (jmakai via asalamon74)
@@ -21,13 +20,17 @@
 OOZIE-3566 Wrong numbers provided by Oozie monitoring webservices.requests sampler (cas via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3557 [build] Update required minimum maven version (asalamon74 via kmarton)
 OOZIE-3538 Invalid <perCoreThreadCount> value is pom.xml (nobigo via asalamon74)
-OOZIE-3549 Add back support for truststore passwords (matijhs via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3561 Forkjoin validation is slow when there are many actions in chain (dionusos, pbacsko via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3491 Confusing System ID error message (matijhs via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3536 Invalid configuration tag <additionalparam> in maven-javadoc-plugin (nobigo via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3559 Code generation encoding error in fluent-job-api (nobigo via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-3555 Remove unnecessary calls (zsombor via asalamon74)
+-- Oozie 5.2.1 release
+OOZIE-3601 Upgrade quartz to 2.3.2 (dengliming via matijhs)
+OOZIE-3549 Add back support for truststore passwords (matijhs via asalamon74)
 -- Oozie 5.2.0 release
 OOZIE-3553 [examples] Fix sqoop example (asalamon74 via kmarton)