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###This file contains details release-log inteneded for internal developers.
-- Oozie 3.0.1 release
OOZIE-97 release 3.0.1
OOZIE-96 add coordinator 0.2 schema to coord spec twiki
OOZIE-95 rerun SUCCEEDED coord job should not change status
OOZIE-94 check action-actual-time if is null
OOZIE-92 add updated sql scripts for 3.0.1
OOZIE-91 add actualTime to coordinator spec
OOZIE-90 coord rerun add backward compatibility
OOZIE-93 coordinator start and end instances doesn't work with float number.
OOZIE-89 coord job status keep in SUCCEEDED when rerun in backward support state
OOZIE-88 fix the status-transit-service to aggregate coordinator job running state
OOZIE-83 add parameter userName to bundle xml in example
OOZIE-85 kill a SUCCEEDED coordinator job with 0.1 schema and backward compatibility is true
OOZIE-84 add bundle id to coordinator submit
OOZIE-87 Fix for change endtime not create new actions when job DONEWITHERROR/FAILED
OOZIE-86 Make bundle status RUNNING after change endtime
OOZIE-80 Make coordinator backward compatible for RUNNING and PREPSUSPENDED
OOZIE-78 Resume coordinator actions should check the status is suspended
OOZIE-58 Add date/time formatting function to coord.
OOZIE-76 Add coordinator state backward compatibility for DONEWITHERROR and PAUSED
OOZIE-77 add updatescripts for 3.0.0 to 3.0.1
OOZIE-75 fix coord el function actualTime()
OOZIE-73 increase executionPath of wf_actions to 1k.
OOZIE-71 Update the index.twiki of oozie 3.0.0 documentation to reflect bundle.
OOZIE-72 Resume bundle actions should check the status is suspended or prepsuspended
OOZIE-59 Adding util class for transforming the statuses based on app version
OOZIE-62 client command error when bundle rerun with -action.
GH-0566 If Java Main exit code !=0, LauncherMapper should the exit code as the error code
OOZIE-70 Add application namespace to coord_jobs
OOZIE-69 KillTransitionXCommand should update job after kill children
OOZIE-68 rename wf job column parentId to parent_id
OOZIE-64 Fix coordinator el function actualTime()
OOZIE-66 rerun PAUSED bundle should leave status to PAUSED
OOZIE-67 Revise recovery service for coordinator
OOZIE-34 LauncherMapper security manager fails when a permission with context is check
OOZIE-XX Fix the docs for the coord:user() and dateOffset() function
OOZIE-15 when writing action configurations to logs, properties names containing 'password' should be masked
OOZIE-48 fix log messages when message logged at early stages
OOZIE-47 coordinator resume should resume PREPSUSPENDED state
OOZIE-45 coord job set to DONEWITHERROR when coord actions are TIMEOUT
OOZIE-44 fix the spaces issues in db updatescripts
OOZIE-43 should reset pending when pausetime changes and materialized actions are removed
OOZIE-37 Fixing pause service for exceptions.
OOZIE-53 User is not able to change End time on Bundles.
OOZIE-52 Oozie allows users to Change the pause time for Succeeded Bundles.
OOZIE-51 Add coordinator materialization flag
OOZIE-54 Coord job in DoneWithError should not be Killed
OOZIE-55 Coord Actions in SUSPENDED should not be rerun
OOZIE-56 Fix Oozie pom version
OOZIE-50 Update the POM files with new version 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT
-- Oozie 3.0.0 release
OOZIE-49 Update README file for version 3.0.0
OOZIE-41 Update POM version for release 3.0.0.
OOZIE-42 Adding web services documentation.
OOZIE-38 add bundle example to oozie-examples.
OOZIE-39 update coordinator spec and bundle spec for status changes
OOZIE-25 Modify the release log.
OOZIE-36 rerun a paused coordinator job should not reset status and pause time and pending flag
OOZIE-33 Fixing coord job status when all actions in SUSPENDED
OOZIE-31 reset pending for coordjob with running pending true when change end time
OOZIE-30 set coord paused time to null when rerun a paused coord job
OOZIE-29 bundle rerun by name only doesn't work.
GH-0682 Fixing Coord Rerun for date range.
OOZIE-21 modify the POM to enable exclusion of testcases via command line when invoking maven
OOZIE-19 should add all JARs from an extensions directory
OOZIE-27 fix NonTransient suspend to update coordinator action
OOZIE-23 Update oozie examples with new namespace version for workflow and coordinator.
OOZIE-20 examples job properties have hardcoded values, and use non-default Hadoop ports
GH-0674 Fixing Bundle status after rerun.
GH-0677 OOZIE-24 fix paused bundle job and status in bundle actions
GH-0676 Coord jobs are getting in to Pause status 5 mins earlier
GH-0510 credentialsConf should be initialized without loading defaults
GH-0663 rerun PAUSED bundle should reset pause time
GH-0665 XCommand log object has to reset after the logInfo has reset
GH-0568 DOC: Add Bundle specifications
GH-0482 coordinator default config is looked up in the wrong place (regression)
GH-0653 Adding Pause status update in service.
GH-0656 create sql scripts for table updates
GH-0654 Fix workflow web console for missing columns
GH-0649 Fixing Bundle status service for Done with error status.
GH-0647 rerun TIMEDOUT action and it uses the timeout value and timedout again
GH-0651 Fix refresh button on bundle job to reload coord jobs.
GH-0630 Fixing Paused status for Coordinator.
GH-0633 no FAILED sla event when coord job failed to create wf job.
GH-0632 remove extra fields in oozie jobs -jobtype bundle -verbose.
GH-0636 coord job should be started immediately if no kick-off time specified in bundle.xml.
GH-0583 rerun bundle job by name and date. all actions are rerun
GH-0079 Oozie command line documentation for Ops
GH-0626 Fixing Bundle Rerun for invalid timestamps of coordinator actions
GH-0620 Adding Precondition for Coordinator Kill Command.
GH-0619 Allow oozie client to print the exact URL point in debug mode.
GH-0613 Display configuration content for bundle jobs.
GH-0623 does oozie allow bundle rerun on a PREP bundle?
GH-0624 SUCCEEDED bundle job should not be KILLED.
GH-0614 Fixing CLient Proxy to work for toString calls
GH-0610 Fixing Bundle status service and Coordinator Action resume
GH-0480 Support new Pig API to submit pig job
GH-0529 Update Tomcat download URL
GH-0562 oozie job -log returns incomplete or empty log
GH-0606 Encountered java.lang.NoSuchMethodError error after submitting a job
GH-0608 Oozie default and max throttle and concurrency is not being verified.
GH-0550 remove dependency on JPA persistency from oozie-client
GH-0603 ORA-01408 error when restart yjava_tomcat after drop bundle_actions table.
GH-0601 bundle status did not change from PREPSUSPENDED to PREP after resume.
GH-0598 Fixing Coordinator Resume command to resume after suspend.
GH-0594 Coordinator action materialization concurrency should use new properties.
GH-0588 Adding Bundle to recovery service.
GH-0580 Fix Bundle rerun by coord names
GH-0569 Bundle status stays RUNNING when rerun a non-existing coord job
GH-0553 coord job should not materialize new actions when WAITING actions exceed concurrency.
GH-0557 Update StatusTransitService to aggregate coordinator status
GH-0125 Query GET_WORKFLOWS_COLUMNS should order by createdTimestamp instead of starttime
GH-0559 kill a wf job by CLI command left the hdfs temp dir not deleted.
GH-0515 LauncherMapper should add OOZIE_JOB/ACTION_ID to action configuration
GH-0506 does not exit !=0 on failures
GH-0564 E0605 error is wrapped by E0603
GH-0525 bundle pausetime change not passed to all coord jobs
GH-0500 TestRerun should not use SSH action
GH-0483 tests using pig 0.8 fails if a hadoop-site.xml or core-site.xml file is not in the classpath
GH-0479 Add time ratio property to XTestCase waitFor
GH-0478 quick install doc corrections
GH-0528 Refactor CoordActionMaterializeXCommand and CoordJobMatLookupXCommand to TransitionXCommand
GH-0542 Refactor CoordSuspendXCommand & CoordResumeXCommand to TransitionXCommand based
GH-0543 Refactor CoordRerunXCommand to TransitionXCommand based
GH-0530 Update workflow rerun twiki.
GH-0537 migrate CoordKillXCommand to transition based
GH-0532 update to apache-tomcat-6.0.32.tar.gz from apache-tomcat-6.0.29.tar.gz
GH-0533 Add uniqueness to master branch
GH-0078 Option to rerun from failed node.
GH-0522 Bundle rerun failed.
GH-0086 Clean up temporary files in the user HDFS directory upon completion.
GH-0497 bundle status is RUNNING when fail to create coord job
GH-0514 bundle_change did not set pausetime on a PREP bundle
GH-0518 Provide a basic UI for bundle jobs and jobs command for bundle jobs
GH-0512 Make pauseTime only future time for coordinator jobs
GH-0499 Fix bundle suspend, kill and add test cases
GH-0503 Fix coordinator web console NullPointerException
GH-0075 Provide access to date list.
GH-0166 Modify the logic of adding .so and .so.1 files into cache.
GH-0067 input data check should have a timeout for catch-up mode
GH-0361 Throttle coordinator action/workflow creation per coordinator job
GH-0461 Mapping the workflow ID to coordinator ID
GH-0391 Add support for filters to the EmbeddedServletContainer
GH-0404 assembly plugin 2.2-beta-5 breaks file permissions
GH-0442 Add Hudson CI script to master trunk
GH-0387 default jdbc URL has wrong value
GH-0354 change jsp-api dependency groupId to javax.servlet.jsp
GH-0346 add support for a file to load test system properties
GH-0341 oozie-jpa.log file is created in extra log directory
GH-0307 check for oozie setup owner in setup/start/stop scripts should be optional
GH-0295 subworkflow action fails if workflow URI is a directory
GH-0302 the property should allow spaces/enters between schema files
GH-0288 update readme file to point to 2.3 documentation
GH-0296 JPA log configuration uses wrong variable
GH-0304 index.twiki and DG_QuickStart.twiki need update on distro contents
GH-0306 core module should depend on sharelib module
GH-0284 TestLocalOozieExample should extend XTestCase
GH-0263 TestCallableQueueService.testConcurrencyLimit() fails randomly
GH-0276 bump up version to 3.0-SNAPSHOT in master after creating 2.3 branch
-- Oozie 2.3.0 release
GH-0236 add support for -Dname=value to oozie CLI and make -config optional
GH-0108 Add support for Derby as Oozie DB
GH-0189 make ENV setting flexible to allow Unix standard layout for conf/logs/data/tmp
GH-0149 create sharelib module with Pig/Streaming JARs
GH-0119 support for user() EL function in coord apps
GH-0131 add an embedded tomcat in Oozie distribution
GH-0026 add support for multiple workflow XMLs in a single directory
GH-0027 support for a share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0106 support for a system share lib directory in HDFS for workflow action binaries
GH-0034 update/simplify examples
GH-0050 Oozie jobs configuration properties with variables should be resolved to concrete values.
-- Oozie 2.2.5 release
GH-0372 Change logs output for missing dependencies
GH-0332 Adding Credentials Module
GH-0066 Add Uniqueness functionality to queue
GH-0141 Oozie uses excessive memory when doing purging
-- Oozie 2.2.3 release
GH-0055 Oozie should not materialize a coordinator job right after its submission if the job will only run in far future
GH-0046 Add support the coordiator job submitted to run in far future
-- Oozie 2.2.2 release
GH-0040 coordinator rerun doesn't consider empty output-event
GH-0041 update ojdbc version
GH-0001 references SVN in bin/
-- Oozie 2.2.1 release
GH-0010 POM cleanup, remove unneeded repositories, remove/exclude commons-cli 2.0
-- Oozie 2.2.0 release
- adding Pig version number to pig execution log in launcher log
- simplify Oozie build
- oozie documentation is not included in oozie.war and standalone as
- simplify Oozie config/logs loading
- fixing location of RowExpander.js for web console in index.html
- jpa configuration refactoring
- Fix oozie UI
- Stop checking input directories if unable to find anyone directory
- Read default timeout from config file.
- Change update query to only modify required fields.
- Simplify client utility methods
- Http Submission of single MR/PIG job without corresponding workflow.xml
- oozie launcher failed when pig log not found.
- client API addArchive does not link file to a directory
- oozie.libpath needs to start with hdfs://namenode when submit pig job to certain versions of hadoop clusters
-- Oozie 2.1.0 release
- compositecommand uses hardcoded type, this limits concurrency by command type
- testcases time doubled, lot of exceptions on command queue on shutdown
- Set default coordinator action timeout to 2 hours.
- build/assembly changes
- oozie mistakes namenode as the jobtracker at white list validation
- single distribution should work both with Hadoop 20 and 20S
- use comma as separator for datasets
- Oozie should not package the Hadoop JARs
- Whitelist of valid Jobtracker & Namenode URIs
- blank whitelist should allow any namenode/jobtracker
- EL function in oozie coordinator to check data dependencies on the closest future data date
- EL function to generate a UTC date based on another UTC date
- instrumentation for commands in the queue.
- Queue Refactor
- instrumentation for commands in the queue
- Coordinator action rerun
- Change end_time and concurrency for a running coordinator job
- Change pause_time for a running coordinator job
- Annotate error message with jobID
- Set pending in SuspendCommand and reset pending in ResumeCommand
- Set time in super class bean
- Remove unnecessary command and service from the code.
- CoordRecoveryCommand update the job status unconditionally
- Fix admin -version
- Need to revisit prioritization of coordinator commands
- coordinator job takes long time (>10mins) to create new actions when released from being paused
- Set NN and JT Principal in JavaActionExecutor
- Adding support for hadoop 0.20.200
- Update document with two new EL functions in 2.1
-- Oozie 2.0.2 release
-- Oozie coordinator