OOZIE-3630 Small typo in README (ajs6f via asalamon74)
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 Oozie web service is bundle with the built-in details documentation.
-More inforamtion could be found at:
+More information could be found at:
 Oozie Quick Start:
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 -- Oozie 5.3.0 release (trunk - unreleased)
+OOZIE-3630 Small typo in README (ajs6f via asalamon74)
 OOZIE-2136 Oozie server startup error when JDBC URL for a MySql DB with HA is used (dionusos)
 OOZIE-3628 Fix Oozie build errors caused by Maven 3.8.1
 OOZIE-3605 ShareLib installation does not honor dfs.replication in HDFS configuration (luyuanhao via gezapeti)