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Apache OODT Change Log
Release 0.3 (Current Development)
Release 0.2
Release Date: January 17th, 2011
* OODT-112 Link to slides on web-grid Maven page is broke (mattmann, kelly)
* OODT-111 Allow a file to be specified in the URL for the
opendapp configurator (Victor Hwang via mattmann)
* OODT-108 Ability for the file manager to ingest a file in
place (Faranak Davoodi via mattmann)
* OODT-73 Update the OODT website @ (goodale, kelly)
* OODT-86 The Product Server Should Have the Capability to Turn Off
Reporting of File Sizes For File Listing Functions (Michael Cayanan via mattmann)
* OODT-41 Product Constructor does not set transfer status (mattmann)
* OODT-72 Unable to set Metadata based off Product Versioning during
Product ingestion (mattmann, bfoster)
* OODT-68 Add Number of Product Hits to ProductPage (bfoster, mattmann)
* OODT-107 Typo identified in filemgr-client usage statement (Rishi Verma via mattmann)
* OODT-58 update file manager to use Tika for mime-type detection (mattmann)
* OODT-106 Logging properties for OPeNDAP ps doesn't include required .level suffix (mattmann)
* OODT-105 Fix GeospatialCoverage in OPeNDAP ps (mattmann)
* OODT-104 Allow const section to plumb information into profile elements (mattmann)
* OODT-90 (cas-crawler patch) CAS-PGE returns success even if product file(s) failed to ingest (bfoster)
* OODT-103 modify cas-common's cmd-line parser to throw a special OptionHelpException if no args
are specified so it can be specifically trapped (bfoster)
* OODT-192 cas-catalog should require a metadata flag for allowing Transaction updates (bfoster)
* OODT-95 cas-catalog throws exceptions with blank messages (bfoster)
* OODT-98 Resource Manager TestXmlQueueRepository test fails on some computers because <hashmap>.keySet() order is undefined (bfoster)
* OODT-97 Allow for unsorted paging across all catalogs to give option of lowering heap footprint (bfoster)
* OODT-96 cas-catalog query parser fails when bucketNames are given (bfoster)
* OODT-94 DataSourceIndex doesn't filter it's query to the bucket names provided in the QueryExpression (bfoster)
* OODT-93 Spring XML resource classpaths are still set to /gov/nasa/jpl... and commons classpaths were not updates to remove 'cas' (bfoster)
* OODT-91 cas-commons command-line help for a given arguments (bfoster)
* OODT-89 (cas-pushpull patch) Synchonize OODT-CAS components, which depend on one another, on a particular Apache-Tika version (bfoster)
* OODT-88 mvn eclipse:eclipse fails to merge resources (bfoster)
* OODT-89 (cas-metadata patch) Synchonize OODT-CAS components, which depend on one another, on a particular Apache-Tika version (bfoster)
* OODT-87 Add date roll dynamic replacement fuction to PathUtils (bfoster)
* OODT-63 Use hard coded version numbers in shared component POMs so that MVN install works (bfoster)
* OODT-85 XML configurator for opendap crashes on null pointer exceptions for some datasets (Victor Hwang via mattmann)
* OODT-78 Ability for Resource Manager to dynamically add/remove nodes and modify queues at run-time (bfoster)
* OODT-79 LRUScheduler removes a job from the JobQueue, but adds it back if can't schedule it, which (in the
JobStack impl) causes JobRepo to create duplicate copies of the same JobSpec with different JobIds (bfoster)
* OODT-77 Make resource manager Queue aware (bfoster)
* OODT-80 Create Cached JobRepository for cas-resource (bfoster)
* OODT-82 Make resource manager's node ip addresses envReplace-able (bfoster)
* OODT-83 the artifactid for pushpull should change to cas-pushpull (Faranak Davoodi via mattmann)
* OODT-76 Commons TimeEventWeightedHash throws a StackOverthrow Error when epsilon is large and event duration is small (bfoster)
* OODT-9 Create a generic OpenDAP profile server (mattmann, Victor Hwang, smcclees)
* OODT-67 All Loggers should be "static final" (bfoster)
* OODT-66 Allow Filemgr XML-RPC connection retries and retry interval to be configurable (bfoster)
* OODT-62 DateTimeVersioner fails on + side of the GMT line (Thomas Bennett via mattmann)
* OODT-57 LuceneCatalog.getNumHits() doesn't properly translate the
given Query object into the equivalent Lucene query (Gabe Resneck via mattmann)
Release 0.1-incubating
Release Date: 0ct 31, 2010
* OODT-56 Web Grid config contains old caltech licensing header (woollard)
* OODT-55 Latest Tika 0.8-SNAPSHOT broke pushpull (mattmann)
* OODT-51 Workflow unit test fails due to hsql not parsing the apache header correctly (woollard)
* OODT-49 Basic user guide for PushPull (mattmann)
* OODT-22 remove pushpull's jvftp dependency (mattmann)
* OODT-47 Web-grid admin pages reference jpl.eda instead of org.apache.oodt (mattmann)
* OODT-46 XMLPS mapping file doesn't declare XML at top of conf file (mattmann)
* OODT-48 WildcardExpression in XMLPS generates incorrect SQL (mattmann)
* OODT-44 doesn't build in JDK5 because of stringPropertyNames() in
cas/workflow/structs/ (mattmann, davekale)
* OODT-42 Fix CAS-Catalog to work in apache and pull over new changes
since apache port (bfoster)
* OODT-3 Update source code to use ASL headers and add NOTICE, etc.
(smcclees, ahart, woollard, mattmann, kelly, pramirez)
* OODT-38 Removed RAT from default build process. Use "mvn -P audit ..." to run RAT (pramirez)
* OODT-40 DataSourceCatalogFactory default validation layer class is incorrect (pramirez via mattmann)
* OODT-39 LuceneCatalogFactory default validation layer class is incorrect (pramirez via mattmann)
* OODT-15 One trunk for all OODT components with top level build (mattmann, bfoster, kelly, woollard)
* OODT-30 updated "grid" svn:ignore property to ignore target folder (David Kale via mattmann)
* OODT-29 Import (ERNE) XMLPS component (David Kale, ahart, woollard, mattmann)
* OODT-27 Import Web Grid component (David Kale, mattmann)
* OODT-26 Typo identified in basic user's guide (Rishi Verma via mattmann)
* OODT-16 OODT website (kelly)
* OODT-24 Fmprod webapp currently depended on the toXML method of the Metadata object
in cas-metadata, which has been removed... (woollard)
* OODT-23 remove pushpull's javamail dependency (mattmann)
* OODT-20 Upgrade oodt-profile's jena dependency to more recent version (kelly)
* OODT-19 Metadata should not use a GPL-licensed XML parser (mattmann)
* OODT-7 Curator adds escaped sequenced spaces when reading extractorBinPath
tag from extractor config files (joshuaga via mattmann)
* OODT-21 Remove jersey dependency from curator and replace with Apache CXF (mattmann)
* OODT-18 Convert curator to use Apache commons rather than jTidy (mattmann)
* OODT-16 - Remove JPL look+feel and web references, as well as dependency on private JPL M2
repository; add relocation tags and disclaimer of Apache Incubation status (kelly)
* OODT-14 User guide pre-requisite to checkout and install oodt-core before attempting to
build cas-filemgr (Cameron Goodale via mattmann)
* OODT-4 - Merge cas-commons and edm-commons (mattmann)
* OODT-8 - grid-product/pom.xml references tika ver. 0.2-SNAPSHOT, which no longer exists (David Kale via mattmann)
* OODT-2 - Import CAS components into OODT SVN (mattmann, joes)