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<title>Open Test help</title>
<para>This Screen shows the list of completed backlogs that's mean all implementation tasks are set to completed.
Select a project you want and 'Find'. After result appear Click on backlog to view backlog's details and you will see
the 'How to test' field that will describe how you could test the backlog. You can also make an error task on the backlog's overview screen
incase you found en error while you're testing. So the backlog will be disappear from the list.
<title>The Open test screen consists of.</title>
<listitem><para>Find Backlog</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Backlog List</para></listitem>
<title>Find Backlog</title>
To find the backlog which remains the task status is "test".
<title>Backlog List</title>
On the backlog list shows Sprint Name - click on sprint's name the action will go to sprint's overview,
Backlog item - click on Backlog's name the action will go to the backlog's overview,
and Status - to notify the backlog's status.