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<refentry xmlns=""
version="5.0" xml:id="show.revisionflag">
<refmiscinfo class="other" otherclass="datatype">boolean</refmiscinfo>
<refpurpose>Enable decoration of elements that have a revisionflag</refpurpose>
<src:fragment xml:id="show.revisionflag.frag">
<xsl:param name="show.revisionflag" select="0"/>
If <parameter>show.revisionflag</parameter> is turned on, then the stylesheets
may produce additional markup designed to allow a CSS stylesheet to
highlight elements that have specific revisionflag settings.</para>
<para>The markup inserted will be usually be either a &lt;span&gt; or
&lt;div&gt; with an appropriate <literal>class</literal>
attribute. (The value of the class attribute will be the same as the
value of the revisionflag attribute). In some contexts, for example
tables, where extra markup would be structurally illegal, the class
attribute will be added to the appropriate container element.</para>
<para>In general, the stylesheets only test for revisionflag in contexts
where an importing stylesheet would have to redefine whole templates.
Most of the revisionflag processing is expected to be done by another
stylesheet, for example <filename>changebars.xsl</filename>.</para>