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<!-- sample settings for gift certificates. DemoProduct.xml must be loaded -->
<!-- Note: if you set require pin code to N, then you can set validate GC FinAcct to Y -->
<ProductStoreFinActSetting productStoreId="9000" finAccountTypeId="GIFTCERT_ACCOUNT" requirePinCode="N" validateGCFinAcct="Y"
purchaseSurveyId="1000" purchSurveySendTo="recipientEmail" purchSurveyCopyMe="copyMe" accountCodeLength="12" pinCodeLength="4" accountValidDays="365" authValidDays="30"/>
<!-- service for purchasing gift certificate configured as a Content and to be associated with products -->
<Content contentId="GC_PURCHASE" customMethodId="GIFT_PURCH_OFBIZ"/>
<!-- associate gift certificate purchase fulfillment services with products. virtual products ok. MUST be async fulfillment -
synchronous fulfillment can cause database lock problems -->
<ProductContent productId="GC-001" contentId="GC_PURCHASE" productContentTypeId="FULFILLMENT_EXTASYNC" fromDate="2000-01-01 00:00:00"/>
<!-- payment settings for gift certificates. the idea is that you re-configure this store's GIFT_CARD settings to use the gift certificate services,
rather than the gift card services. -->
<ProductStorePaymentSetting productStoreId="9000" paymentMethodTypeId="GIFT_CARD" paymentServiceTypeEnumId="PRDS_PAY_AUTH" paymentService="ofbGcAuthorize" paymentCustomMethodId="GIFT_AUTH_OFBIZ"/>
<ProductStorePaymentSetting productStoreId="9000" paymentMethodTypeId="GIFT_CARD" paymentServiceTypeEnumId="PRDS_PAY_RELEASE" paymentService="ofbGcRelease" paymentCustomMethodId="GIFT_RELEASE_OFBIZ"/>
<ProductStorePaymentSetting productStoreId="9000" paymentMethodTypeId="GIFT_CARD" paymentServiceTypeEnumId="PRDS_PAY_CAPTURE" paymentService="ofbGcProcessor" paymentCustomMethodId="GIFT_CAPTURE_OFBIZ"/>
<ProductStorePaymentSetting productStoreId="9000" paymentMethodTypeId="GIFT_CARD" paymentServiceTypeEnumId="PRDS_PAY_REAUTH" paymentService="ofbGcAuthorize" paymentCustomMethodId="GIFT_AUTH_OFBIZ"/>
<ProductStorePaymentSetting productStoreId="9000" paymentMethodTypeId="GIFT_CARD" paymentServiceTypeEnumId="PRDS_PAY_REFUND" paymentService="ofbGcRefund" paymentCustomMethodId="GIFT_REFUND_OFBIZ"/>