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<title>The OFBiz Setup application Overview</title>
The OFBiz Setup application is supporting for immediate setup your organization. For example, Product Store, WebSite , Facility , product catalog, category
, product, and etc. and then be able to create orders from data that is created.
<title>Why we have OFBiz Setup Application?</title>
For manual setup instructions, please see the <ulink url="">Business Setup Guide</ulink> on the wiki.
If you are the company and also want to use OFBiz for running your business then you easily be able to setting your information for start running
the system quickly via The OFBiz Setup Application.
<title>How to get started.</title>
<para>1. Open a new terminal.</para>
<para>2. Go to your ofbiz directory.</para>
<para>3. Clean out all built classes with : ./ant clean-all </para>
<para>4. Load the seed data with : ant run-install-extseed</para>
<para>5. Create the admin user with : ./ant create-admin-user-login , then enter a user login id that will be created for you (the initial temporary password is "ofbiz")</para>
<para>6. Start ofbiz with : ./ </para>
<para>7. Connect to the OFBiz Setup application with your browser at https://localhost:8443/ofbizsetup.</para>
<xi:include href="HELP_SETUP_initialsetup.xml" />
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<xi:include href="HELP_SETUP_firstcustomer.xml"/>
<xi:include href="HELP_SETUP_firstProdCatalog.xml"/>
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<xi:include href="HELP_SETUP_firstproduct.xml" />
<xi:include href="HELP_SETUP_profileCompany.xml" />