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<simple-methods xmlns:xsi=""
xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<simple-method method-name="cdynePostalAddressFillInCounty" short-description="Cdyne PostalAddress Fill In County">
<entity-one entity-name="PostalAddress" value-field="postalAddress"/>
<log level="verbose" message="In cdynePostalAddressFillInCounty contactMechId=${parameters.contactMechId}; postalAddress=${postalAddress}"/>
<not><if-empty field="postalAddress"/></not>
<!-- Make sure this address in the USA, required for this CDyne service -->
<if-compare field="postalAddress.countryGeoId" operator="equals" value="USA"/>
<if-empty field="postalAddress.countyGeoId"/>
<set field="cdyneReturnCityStateMap.zipcode" from-field="postalAddress.postalCode"/>
<call-service service-name="cdyneReturnCityState" in-map-name="cdyneReturnCityStateMap">
<results-to-map map-name="cdyneResultMap"/>
<log level="verbose" message="Got result from CDyne service: ${cdyneResultMap}"/>
<!-- Now try to find the county based on what was returned -->
<entity-condition entity-name="GeoAssocAndGeoTo" list="geoList">
<condition-list combine="and">
<!-- Make sure that we find the county within the proper state to avoid name conflicts -->
<!-- In the USA the 2 letter state abbreviation is the geoId -->
<condition-expr field-name="geoIdFrom" from-field="cdyneResultMap.StateAbbrev"/>
<condition-expr field-name="geoAssocTypeId" value="REGIONS"/>
<condition-expr field-name="geoTypeId" value="COUNTY"/>
<condition-list combine="or">
<condition-expr field-name="abbreviation" from-field="cdyneResultMap.County"/>
<condition-expr field-name="geoName" from-field="cdyneResultMap.County" ignore-case="true"/>
<first-from-list list="geoList" entry="countyGeo"/>
<if-not-empty field="countyGeo">
<!-- We found a county, now just save off the ID -->
<set field="postalAddress.countyGeoId" from-field="countyGeo.geoId"/>
<store-value value-field="postalAddress"/>