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<title>Receiving Email.</title>
OFBiz can receive email for multiple email addresses and via an MCA can create Communication events
for the involved parties of the email. Email attachments, via again the MCA are stored in the content component
and can be accessed via the content Id. Examples of an MCA can be found in the Party and Content Component.
To receive email a single POP/IMAP mailbox is polled at regular intervals. This is configured in the
${ofbiz install dir}/framework/base/config/ofbiz-containers.xml file. Any email address you want to be handled
by OFBiz need to be forwarded to this single mailbox by an external mail server. OFBiz then will try to match the
email addresses to existing parties and will create a single communication event referring to the found parties.
If an incoming email address cannot be matched against a party, the communication event will get a special status
and the receiving party can either delete the communication event or can ask the system to automatically create a party
from the incoming email address.
By default the configuaration file has the email poller commented out. The parameters to this function are pretty self