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<title>New Ebay Account screen.</title>
This screen allows the user to add new ebay account for access to using their ebay store.
<title>Fields Description :</title>
<listitem><para>Enter 'Salutation' (ex:Mr,miss,Missis)</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'First Name' (ex:Demo)</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'Middle Name'</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'Last Name' (ex: DemoLastName)</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'Gender'</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'User Login Id' (ex:exbaySandBox123) which you registered on ebay</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Enter 'Current Password' the same which you registered on ebay</para></listitem>
<listitem><para>Press the 'Create' button.</para></listitem>
<title>Note :</title>
<listitem><para>Go to Party module -> Search your party -> then you can update your profiles</para></listitem>