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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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import org.apache.ofbiz.product.catalog.*
catalogId = CatalogWorker.getCurrentCatalogId(request)
promoCat = CatalogWorker.getCatalogPromotionsCategoryId(request, catalogId)
request.setAttribute("productCategoryId", promoCat)
/* NOTE DEJ20070220 woah, this is doing weird stuff like always showing the last viewed category when going to the main page
* It appears this was done for to make it go back to the desired category after logging in, but this is NOT the place to do that,
* and IMO this is an unacceptable side-effect.
* The whole thing should be re-thought, and should preferably NOT use a custom session variable or try to go through the main page.
* NOTE: see section commented out in Category.groovy for the other part of this.
* NOTE JLR 20070221 this should be done using the same method than in add to cart. I will do it like that and remove all this after.
productCategoryId = session.getAttribute("productCategoryId")
if (!productCategoryId) {
request.setAttribute("productCategoryId", promoCat)
} else {
request.setAttribute("productCategoryId", productCategoryId)