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README file for the DocBook XSL Stylesheets
$Id: README 9397 2012-06-02 22:35:07Z bobstayton $
These are XSL stylesheets for transforming DocBook XML document
instances into various output formats.
This README file provides only very minimal documentation on using
the stylesheets. For more complete information, see Bob Stayton's
book "DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide", available online at:
See the INSTALL file for information about installing this release.
How to use the stylesheets
The base canonical URI for these stylesheets is:
You call any of the stylesheets in this distribution by doing one
of the following:
- Use the base canonical URI in combination with one of the
pathnames below. For example, for "chunked" HTML, output:
If your system has a working XML Catalog or SGML Catalog setup
(most Linux systems do), then that URI will automatically be
resolved and replaced with a local pathname on your system.
- Use a "real" local system base path in combination with one of
the pathnames below. For example, for "chunked" HTML, output:
To transform documents created with the standard DocBook
schema/DTD, use one of the following stylesheets:
fo/docbook.xsl - for XSL-FO
html/docbook.xsl - for HTML (as a single file)
html/chunk.xsl - for HTML (chunked into multiple files)
html/onechunk.xsl - for HTML (chunked output in single file)
xhtml/*.xsl - for XHTML versions of the above
xhtml-1_1/*.xsl - for XHTML 1.1 versions of the above
xhtml5/*.xsl - for XHTML5 versions of the above
epub/docbook.xsl - for .epub version 2 and earlier
epub3/docbook.xsl - for .epub version 3 and later
htmlhelp/htmlhelp.xsl - for HTML Help
javahelp/javahelp.xsl - for JavaHelp
eclipse/eclipse.xsl - for Eclipse Help
manpages/docbook.xsl - for groff/nroff man pages
*/profile-* - single-pass-profiling versions of all above
roundtrip/*.xsl - for DocBook to WordML, etc., to DocBook
assembly/assemble.xsl - converts an assembly into a DocBook document
- converts a DocBook document into an assembly
with topic files.
To transform documents created with the DocBook Slides schema/DTD,
use one of the following stylesheets:
slides/html/*.xsl - for HTML slides of various kinds
slides/xhtml/*.xsl - for XHTML slides of various kinds
slides/fo/plain.xsl - for XSL-FO slides
slides/htmlhelp/... - for HTML Help slides
To transform documents created with the DocBook Website
schema/DTD, use one of the following stylesheets:
website/website.xsl - for non-tabular, non-chunked output
website/tabular.xsl - for tabular, non-chunked output
website/chunk-* - for chunked output
To generate a titlepage customization layer from a titlepage spec:
For fo titlepage customizations, set the stylesheet parameter named 'ns'
to '' when using this stylesheet.
For xhtml titlepage customizations, set the stylesheet parameter named 'ns'
to '' when using this stylesheet.
For details about creating titlepage spec files and generating and
using titlepage customization layers, see "DocBook XSL: The
Complete Guide" <>
AUTHORS contact information
BUGS about known problems
COPYING copyright information
INSTALL installation instructions
README this file
RELEASE.* per-release cumulative summaries of user-visible changes
TODO about planned features not yet implemented
VERSION release metadata, including the current version
number (note that the VERSION file is an XSL stylesheet)
NEWS changes since the last public release (for a cumulative list of
changes, see the ChangeHistory.xml file)
assembly/ for making and processing DocBook assemblies.
common/ code used among several output formats (HTML, FO, manpages,...)
docsrc/ documentation sources
eclipse/ for producing Eclipse Help
epub/ for producing .epub version 2.
epub3/ for producing .epub version 3 and beyond.
extensions/ DocBook XSL Java extensions
fo/ for producing XSL-FO
highlighting files used for adding source-code syntax highlighting in output
html/ for producing HTML
htmlhelp/ for producing HTML Help
images/ images used in callouts and graphical admonitions
javahelp/ for producing Java Help
lib/ utility stylesheets with schema-independent functions
manpages/ for producing groff/troff man pages
profiling/ for profiling (omitting/including conditional text)
roundtrip/ for "round trip" conversion among DocBook and
various word-processor formats (WordML, etc.)
slides/ for producing slides output (from Slides source)
template/ templates for building stylesheet customization layers
tools/ assorted supplementary tools
website/ for producing website output (from Website source)
xhtml/ for producing XHTML
xhtml-1_1/ for producing (stricter) XHTML 1.1
xhtml5/ for producing XHTML5
See the NEWS file for changes made since the previous release.
files for per-release cumulative summaries of significant
user-visible changes.
For online access to a hyperlinked view of all changes made over
the entire history of the codebase, see the following:
WARNING: That above change history is a very long list and may
take a long time to load/download.
You can also create an XML-formatted "ChangeHistory.xml" copy of
the complete change history for the codebase by running the
following commands:
svn checkout
svn log --xml --verbose xsl > ChangeHistory.xml
Copyright information
See the accompanying file named COPYING.