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<services xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
<description>Fedex Shipment Interface Services, based on Ship Manager Direct XML API</description>
<!-- FDXSubscriptionRequest/FDXSubscriptionReply -->
<service name="fedexSubscriptionRequest" engine="java" location="" invoke="fedexSubscriptionRequest" auth="false">
<description>Sends a subscription request to FedEx to get the meter number, which is required for Fedex Ship Manager Direct as shipping credential.
You must supply a contact name and a partyId (usually your company's with a valid address and phone number per Fedex requirements.</description>
<attribute name="contactPartyName" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="companyPartyId" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="replaceMeterNumber" type="Boolean" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="shipmentGatewayConfigId" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="configProps" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="meterNumber" type="String" mode="OUT" optional="false"/>
<!-- FDXShipRequest/FDXShipReply -->
<service name="fedexShipRequest" engine="java" location="" invoke="fedexShipRequest" auth="false">
<description>Schedule a shipment route segment with FedEx. You will get back a label image and tracking number which are stored for you in the same
<attribute name="shipmentId" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>
<attribute name="shipmentRouteSegmentId" type="String" mode="IN" optional="false"/>