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<title>Find Employees</title>
<para>The Employees feature manages information about people who have an
employment relationship with your Company or one of its departments. This includes an
employee profile, a display of all employee related information in a single screen and facilities for
managing employee skills, qualifications, training, leave and payroll history</para>
<para>In this screen you can create a new employee, search for an
existing employee and view a list of employees.</para>
<para>Selecting an employee in the list opens the employee's profile and
other screens associated with the employee.</para>
<para>To find an employee enter the search criteria.</para>
<para>NOTE: Only Employees Are Found.If you want to locate people who are
not employees then use the Party Manager application.</para>
<para>Party ID - Must be the id of a party who is an
<para>User Login - The identifier used to login to OFBiz.
An employee may have zero or more user logins.</para>
<para>Last name - Employee last name</para>
<para>First name - Employee first name</para>