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<title>The OFBiz Setup Create First Customer help screen.</title>
<para> The First Customer screen provides create/edit the first customer of your organization and also setup the "Shipping Destination Address" ,
"General Correspondence Address", any telephone numbers, and email addresses you want for your first customer. </para>
<title>How do I update the profile information of the first customer?</title>
<para>After the first customer is created the profile and contact information screen will be displayed</para>
<para>Select the 'Update' button on the top corner of the profile information and the screen will be displayed: Any existing
information will be displayed in the box</para>
<para>Amend the details in the profile information that needs to be updated</para>
<para>Press the 'Save' button</para>
<para>Press the 'Cancel/Done' button for go back to the first customer screen</para>