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1 Subject energy finance conference presentations available fyi you can now retrieve most all the speaker presentations of the 2001 energy finance conference feb 22 23 from our website at http cefer bus utexas edu with the exception of presentations made by john mccormack peter nance sailesh ramamurtie and ehud ronn anoop kapoor which i hope to still receive sincerely angela angela dorsey assistant director center for energy finance education research the university of texas at austin department of finance cba 6 222 austin tx 78712 angela dorsey bus utexas edu
1 Subject re meter 6009 lundell ranch c p gato creek fyi from robert cotten ect 11 17 2000 10 56 am to vance l taylor hou ect ect cc pat clynes corp enron enron o neal d winfree hou ect ect subject meter 6009 lundell ranch c p gato creek vance it appears the actual volumes have been significantly higher than nominations at the subject meter the past several months the following represents activity during the months of june through september gas month total nom mmbtu total actual mmbtu 06 2000 19 680 116 040 07 2000 19 933 128 755 08 2000 19 530 136 845 09 2000 18 540 159 935 deal 135708 calpine natural gas company is the only activity at this meter should we adjust the nomination to more closely resemble the actual volume please advise thanks bob
0 Subject fw malowney promotion from tim belden one more promo doc original message from foster chris h mailto chris h foster enron com sent wednesday july 18 2001 1 44 pm to tbelden nwlink com cc fitzpatrick amy subject malowney promotion tim here is a write up on malowney i tried contacting him today so he could review it but he has not called me back nevertheless i think i got the most of it let me know if this meets your needs john malowneypromo doc
1 Subject re personal information needs to be updated janet please submit this name change to the tpc as soon as possible thanks hgm susan wimberley ect 11 07 2000 02 45 pm to hector mcloughlin corp enron enron cc dfarmer enron com enron subject re personal information needs to be updated once this is fixed jerry d to farmer j daren
0 Subject re confidential sophie i think it s a fair deal vince sophie kingsley 08 30 2000 11 49 am to dale surbey lon ect ect cc vince j kaminski hou ect ect michele small lon ect ect subject re confidential both thanks for your comments and comparisons it is good to get context based on your commensley 29 08 2000 20 32 to dale surbey lon ect ect cc subject confidential sorry dale long day here are the proposed numbers 2 year exec o 62 000 basic currently o 55 k ol 0 k each year kickers 50 000 worth of options to vest 1 3 1 3 1 3 let me know what you think regards sophie
1 Subject west power trading administrative assistant opening a position has become available as an administrative assistant working in west power trading reporting to debra davidson you will be responsible for the following complex administrative duties compose memos reports and other correspondence from a brief outline sketchy draft or verbal instruction greet external clients code invoices process complex expense reports and manage employee ril 23 2001 if you have any questions please feel free to see amy or debra