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contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
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In addition to family 'name' and 'maxVersions' attributes,
individual table families can ve defined with several other
attributes such as
compression="$$$" - the compression option to use in HBase.
blockCache="$$$" - an LRU cache that contains three levels of block priority
to allow for scan-resistance and in-memory ColumnFamilies.
blockSize="$$$" - The blocksize can be configured for each ColumnFamily in
a table, and this defaults to 64k.
bloomFilter="$$$" - Bloom Filters can be enabled per-ColumnFamily.
maxVersions="$$$" - The maximum number of row versions to store is configured
per column family via HColumnDescriptor.
timeToLive="$$$" - ColumnFamilies can set a TTL length in seconds, and HBase
will automatically delete rows once the expiration time is
inMemory="$$$" - ColumnFamilies can optionally be defined as in-memory.
You should consult the current Gora gora-hbase documentation
for further information on properties and mapping configurtion.
<table name="webpage">
<family name="p" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="f" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="s" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="il" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="ol" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="h" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="mtdt" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="mk" maxVersions="1"/>
<class table="webpage" keyClass="java.lang.String" name="">
<!-- fetch fields -->
<field name="baseUrl" family="f" qualifier="bas"/>
<field name="status" family="f" qualifier="st"/>
<field name="prevFetchTime" family="f" qualifier="pts"/>
<field name="fetchTime" family="f" qualifier="ts"/>
<field name="fetchInterval" family="f" qualifier="fi"/>
<field name="retriesSinceFetch" family="f" qualifier="rsf"/>
<field name="reprUrl" family="f" qualifier="rpr"/>
<field name="content" family="f" qualifier="cnt"/>
<field name="contentType" family="f" qualifier="typ"/>
<field name="protocolStatus" family="f" qualifier="prot"/>
<field name="modifiedTime" family="f" qualifier="mod"/>
<field name="prevModifiedTime" family="f" qualifier="pmod"/>
<field name="batchId" family="f" qualifier="bid"/>
<!-- parse fields -->
<field name="title" family="p" qualifier="t"/>
<field name="text" family="p" qualifier="c"/>
<field name="parseStatus" family="p" qualifier="st"/>
<field name="signature" family="p" qualifier="sig"/>
<field name="prevSignature" family="p" qualifier="psig"/>
<!-- score fields -->
<field name="score" family="s" qualifier="s"/>
<field name="headers" family="h"/>
<field name="inlinks" family="il"/>
<field name="outlinks" family="ol"/>
<field name="metadata" family="mtdt"/>
<field name="markers" family="mk"/>
<table name="host">
<family name="mtdt" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="il" maxVersions="1"/>
<family name="ol" maxVersions="1"/>
<class table="host" keyClass="java.lang.String" name="">
<field name="metadata" family="mtdt"/>
<field name="inlinks" family="il"/>
<field name="outlinks" family="ol"/>