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The value of 'host' attribute of keyspace tag should match exactly what is in file. Essentially this means that if you are using port number, you should
use it every where regardless of whether it is the default port or not.
At runtime Gora will otherwise try to connect to localhost
The value of 'ttl' (time to live) attribute of field tag should most likely always
be zero unless you want Cassandra to create Tombstones and delete portions of your
data once this period expires. Any positive value is read and bound to the number
of seconds after which the value for that field will disappear.
The value used here for 'gc_grace_seconds' of '0' is ONLY VIABLE FOR SINGLE NODE
CLUSTER. you should update this value according to your cluster configuration.
More information on gora-cassandra configuration and mapping's can be found
<keyspace name="webpage" cluster="Test Cluster" host="localhost:9160">
<family name="p" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<family name="f" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<family name="sc" type="super" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<class keyClass="java.lang.String" name="" keyspace="webpage">
<!-- fetch fields -->
<field name="baseUrl" family="f" qualifier="bas" ttl="0"/>
<field name="status" family="f" qualifier="st" ttl="0"/>
<field name="prevFetchTime" family="f" qualifier="pts" ttl="0"/>
<field name="fetchTime" family="f" qualifier="ts" ttl="0"/>
<field name="fetchInterval" family="f" qualifier="fi" ttl="0"/>
<field name="retriesSinceFetch" family="f" qualifier="rsf" ttl="0"/>
<field name="reprUrl" family="f" qualifier="rpr" ttl="0"/>
<field name="content" family="f" qualifier="cnt" ttl="0"/>
<field name="contentType" family="f" qualifier="typ" ttl="0"/>
<field name="modifiedTime" family="f" qualifier="mod" ttl="0"/>
<field name="prevModifiedTime" family="f" qualifier="pmod" ttl="0"/>
<field name="batchId" family="f" qualifier="bid" ttl="0"/>
<!-- parse fields -->
<field name="title" family="p" qualifier="t" ttl="0"/>
<field name="text" family="p" qualifier="c" ttl="0"/>
<field name="signature" family="p" qualifier="sig" ttl="0"/>
<field name="prevSignature" family="p" qualifier="psig" ttl="0"/>
<!-- score fields -->
<field name="score" family="f" qualifier="s" ttl="0"/>
<!-- super columns -->
<field name="headers" family="sc" qualifier="h" ttl="0"/>
<field name="inlinks" family="sc" qualifier="il" ttl="0"/>
<field name="outlinks" family="sc" qualifier="ol" ttl="0"/>
<field name="metadata" family="sc" qualifier="mtdt" ttl="0"/>
<field name="markers" family="sc" qualifier="mk" ttl="0"/>
<field name="parseStatus" family="sc" qualifier="pas" ttl="0"/>
<field name="protocolStatus" family="sc" qualifier="prs" ttl="0"/>
<keyspace name="host" cluster="Test Cluster" host="localhost:9160">
<family name="mtdt" type="super" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<family name="il" type="super" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<family name="ol" type="super" gc_grace_seconds="0"/>
<class keyClass="java.lang.String" name="" keyspace="host">
<field name="metadata" family="mtdt" qualifier="mtdt" ttl="0"/>
<field name="inlinks" family="il" qualifier="il" ttl="0"/>
<field name="outlinks" family="ol" qualifier="ol" ttl="0"/>