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# Nutch Change Log
Nutch 1.17 Development
Nutch 1.16 Release 02/10/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report:
- schema.xml has been moved to indexer-solr plugin directory. This file is provided as a
reference/guide for Solr users (NUTCH-2654)
Breaking Changes
- The value of crawl.gen.delay is now read in milliseconds as stated in the description
in nutch-default.xml. Previously, the value has been read in days, see NUTCH-1842 for
further information.
- HostDB entries have been moved from Integer to Long in order to accomodate very large
hosts. Remove your existing HostDB and recreate it with bin/nutch updatehostdb, see
NUTCH-2694 for additional information.
- The signature class TextProfileSignature has been improved to be stable over
consecutive runs by sorting tokens by frequency first and secondarily in lexicographic
order. If an existing CrawlDb contains signatures generated by TextProfileSignature
these are likely to change when upgrading to Nutch 1.16. The previous behavior relying
on a semi-stable pseudo-random hash sorting could be restored setting the property
`db.signature.text_profile.sec_sort_lex` to `false`. See also NUTCH-2381.
[NUTCH-1063] - OutlinkExtractor test generates an exception but does not fail
[NUTCH-1842] - crawl.gen.delay has a wrong default value in nutch-default.xml or is being parsed incorrectly
[NUTCH-2279] - LinkRank fails when using Hadoop MR output compression
[NUTCH-2381] - In some situations the class TextProfileSignature gives different signatures for the same text "profile" page.
[NUTCH-2387] - Nutch should not index document with "noindex" meta
[NUTCH-2457] - Embedded documents likely not correctly parsed by Tika
[NUTCH-2475] - If and else-if branches has the same condition
[NUTCH-2482] - index-geoip not to add null values to document fields
[NUTCH-2585] - NPE in TrieStringMatcher
[NUTCH-2598] - URLNormalizerChecker fails on invalid URLs in input
[NUTCH-2606] - MIME detection is wrong for plain-text documents send as Content-Type "application/msword"
[NUTCH-2635] - Generator writes unneeded temporary output
[NUTCH-2639] - bin/nutch fails to set native library path on Cygwin causing jobs to fail with UnsatisfiedLinkError
[NUTCH-2641] - ClassCastException in webui
[NUTCH-2642] - MoreIndexingFilter parses ISO 8601 UTC dates in local time zone
[NUTCH-2643] - ant target "resolve-default" to depend on "init"
[NUTCH-2644] - CrawlDbReader -dump ignores filter options
[NUTCH-2645] - Webgraph tools ignore command-line options
[NUTCH-2650] - -addBinaryContent -base64 flags are causing "String length must be a multiple of four" error in IndexingJob
[NUTCH-2652] - Fetcher launches more fetch tasks than fetch lists
[NUTCH-2655] - Update Solr schema.xml for Solr 7.x
[NUTCH-2656] - Update description to configure Solr 7.x in tutorial
[NUTCH-2673] - EOFException protocol-http
[NUTCH-2674] - HostDb: dump shows wrong column headers
[NUTCH-2680] - Documentation: https supported by multiple protocol plugins not only httpclient
[NUTCH-2687] - Regex for reading title from Content-Disposition is wrong
[NUTCH-2694] - HostDB to aggregate by long instead of integer
[NUTCH-2696] - Nutch SegmentReader does not dump non-ASCII characters with Hadoop 3.x
[NUTCH-2699] - Protocol-okhttp: needless loops to increment requested bytes counter when more content is already buffered
[NUTCH-2703] - parse-tika: Boilerpipe should not run for non-(X)HTML pages
[NUTCH-2706] - -addBinaryContent flag can cause "String length must be a multiple of four" error in IndexingJob
[NUTCH-2715] - WARCExporter fails on large records
[NUTCH-2716] - protocol-http: Response headers are not stored for a compressed response
[NUTCH-2717] - Generator cannot open hostDB
[NUTCH-2722] - Fetch dependencies via https
[NUTCH-2723] - Indexer Solr not to decode URLs before deletion
[NUTCH-2724] - Metadata indexer not to emit empty values
[NUTCH-2729] - protocol-okhttp: fix marking of truncated content
[NUTCH-2731] - Solr Cleanup Step Fails when Authentication is Required
[NUTCH-2738] - Generator: document property generate.restrict.status
[NUTCH-2740] - Generator: generate.max.count overflow not logged
New Feature
[NUTCH-2676] - Update to the latest selenium and add code to use chrome and firefox headless mode with the remote web driver
[NUTCH-1014] - Migrate from Apache ORO to java.util.regex
[NUTCH-1021] - Migrate OutlinkExtractor from Apache ORO to java.util.regex
[NUTCH-1982] - Make Git ignore IDE project files and add note about IDE setup
[NUTCH-2460] - use the headless option of firefox and chrome in protocol-selenium
[NUTCH-2602] - Configuration values in the description of index writers
[NUTCH-2612] - Support for sitemap processing by hostname
[NUTCH-2623] - Fetcher to guarantee delay for same host/domain/ip independent of http/https protocol
[NUTCH-2625] - ProtocolFactory.getProtocol(url) may create multiple plugin instances
[NUTCH-2626] - bin/crawl: remove option -noParsing from fetch command
[NUTCH-2627] - Fetcher to optionally filter URLs
[NUTCH-2628] - Fetcher: optionally generate signature of unparsed content
[NUTCH-2629] - Documentation for CSV Index Writer
[NUTCH-2630] - Fetcher to log skipped records by robots.txt
[NUTCH-2631] - KafkaIndexWriter
[NUTCH-2632] - protocol-okhttp doesn't accept proxy authentication
[NUTCH-2633] - Fix deprecation warnings when building Nutch master branch under JDK 10.0.2+13
[NUTCH-2647] - Skip TLS certificate checks in protocol-http plugin
[NUTCH-2648] - Make configurable whether TLS/SSL certificates are checked by protocol plugins
[NUTCH-2651] - Upgrade to Tika 1.19.1 (from 1.18)
[NUTCH-2653] - ProtocolFactory.getProtocol(url) creates separate plugin instances for http/https
[NUTCH-2654] - Remove obsolete index-writer configuration in conf/
[NUTCH-2657] - Protocol-http to store HTTP response header with "\r\n"
[NUTCH-2658] - Add README file to all plugins in src/plugin
[NUTCH-2659] - Add missing Apache license headers
[NUTCH-2660] - Unit tests of plugins parse-js, headings, index-jexl-filter to be executed during build
[NUTCH-2661] - Move TestOutlinks to the proper path
[NUTCH-2663] - Improve index-jexl-filter syntax for scripts
[NUTCH-2666] - Increase default value for http.content.limit / ftp.content.limit / file.content.limit
[NUTCH-2668] - Integrate OWASP dependency checks as ant target
[NUTCH-2678] - Allow for per-host configurable protocol plugin
[NUTCH-2682] - Upgrade to Tika 1.20
[NUTCH-2683] - DeduplicationJob: add option to prefer https:// over http://
[NUTCH-2686] - Separate field for mime types mapped by index-more plugin
[NUTCH-2688] - Unify the licence headers
[NUTCH-2689] - Speed up urlfilter-regex and urlfilter-automaton
[NUTCH-2690] - Configurable and fast URL filter
[NUTCH-2691] - Improve logging from scoring-depth plugin
[NUTCH-2692] - Subcollection to support case-insensitive white and black lists
[NUTCH-2693] - Misspelled configuration property names in documentation
[NUTCH-2695] - Fix some alerts raised by LGTM
[NUTCH-2700] - Indexchecker: improve command-line help
[NUTCH-2701] - Fetcher: log dates and times also in human-readable form
[NUTCH-2702] - Fetcher: suppress stack for frequent exceptions
[NUTCH-2704] - Upgrade crawler-commons dependency to 1.0
[NUTCH-2708] - urlfilter-automaton: update library dependency (dk.brics.automaton)
[NUTCH-2709] - Remove unused properties and code related to HTTP protocol
[NUTCH-2718] - Names of index writers and exchanges configuration files to be configurable
[NUTCH-2719] - NPE if exchanges.xml uses index writer not available
[NUTCH-2725] - Plugin lib-http to support per-host configurable cookies
[NUTCH-2726] - Upgrade to Tika 1.22
[NUTCH-2727] - Upgrade Hadoop dependencies to 2.9.2
[NUTCH-2728] - protocol-okhttp: upgrade okhttp dependency to 3.14.2
[NUTCH-2732] - Ignored and tracked configuration files by git
[NUTCH-2736] - Upgrade Dockerfile to be based on recent Ubuntu LTS version
[NUTCH-2737] - Generator: count and log reason of rejections during selection
[NUTCH-2192] - Get rid of oro
[NUTCH-2613] - Documentation for exchange component
[NUTCH-2698] - Remove sonar build task from build.xml
[NUTCH-1121] - JUnit test for parse-js
[NUTCH-2621] - Generate report of third-party licenses
[NUTCH-2684] - Add file to all indexer writers plugins
[NUTCH-2685] - Add file to all exchange plugins
Nutch 1.15 Release (25/07/2018)
Release Report:
Breaking Changes
- indexer plugins are now configured in a single XML file (conf/index-writers.xml),
see - setting or overwriting configuration
parameters via Nutch properties is not possible anymore.
[NUTCH-1993] - Nutch does not use backup parsers
[NUTCH-2071] - A parser failure on a single document may fail crawling job if parser.timeout=-1
[NUTCH-2145] - parse/index checker fail to fetch valid percent-encoded URLs
[NUTCH-2161] - Interrupted failed and/or killed tasks fail to clean up temp directories in HDFS
[NUTCH-2273] - Selenium and InteractiveSelenium Do Not Support HTTPS
[NUTCH-2310] - Protocol-Selenium does not support HTTPS protocol
[NUTCH-2321] - Indexing filter checker leaks threads
[NUTCH-2324] - Issue in setting default linkdb path
[NUTCH-2447] - Work-around SSLProtocolException: handshake alert: unrecognized_name
[NUTCH-2454] - REST API fix for usage of hostdb in generator
[NUTCH-2461] - Generate passes the data to when maxCount == 0
[NUTCH-2466] - Sitemap processor to follow redirects
[NUTCH-2467] - Sitemap type field can be null
[NUTCH-2485] - ParserFactory swallows exception
[NUTCH-2486] - Compiler Warning: Unchecked / unsafe operations in MimeTypeIndexingFilter
[NUTCH-2489] - Dependency collision with lucene-analyzers-common in scoring-similarity plugin
[NUTCH-2490] - Sitemap processing: Sitemap index files not working
[NUTCH-2494] - Fetcher: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong FS: s3
[NUTCH-2499] - Elastic REST Indexer: Duplicate values
[NUTCH-2505] - nutch does not delete the .locked file, when the generator partition got an exception
[NUTCH-2508] - Misleading documentation about http.proxy.exception.list
[NUTCH-2509] - Inconsistent behavior in SitemapProcessor
[NUTCH-2513] - ant eclipse target fails with "protocol switch unsafe"
[NUTCH-2517] - mergesegs corrupts segment data
[NUTCH-2518] - Must check return value of job.waitForCompletion()
[NUTCH-2520] - Wrong Accept-Charset sent when http.accept.charset is not defined
[NUTCH-2521] - SitemapProcessor to use property sitemap.redir.max
[NUTCH-2523] - UpdateHostDB blocks usage of plugins unintentionally
[NUTCH-2524] - bin/crawl: fix check for HostDb in distributed mode
[NUTCH-2533] - Injector: NullPointerException if seed URL dir contains non-file entries
[NUTCH-2535] - CrawlDbReader -stats: ClassCastException
[NUTCH-2544] - Nutch 1.15 no longer compatible with AWS EMR and S3
[NUTCH-2547] - urlnormalizer-basic fails on special characters in path/query
[NUTCH-2549] - protocol-http does not behave the same as browsers
[NUTCH-2550] - Fetcher fails to follow redirects
[NUTCH-2551] - NullPointerException in generator
[NUTCH-2552] - CrawlDbReader -topN fails
[NUTCH-2553] - Fetcher not to modify URLs to be fetched
[NUTCH-2554] - parserchecker can't fetch some URLs
[NUTCH-2565] - MergeDB incorrectly handles unfetched CrawlDatums
[NUTCH-2568] - Caught exception is immediately rethrown
[NUTCH-2569] - ClassNotFoundException when running in (pseudo-)distributed mode
[NUTCH-2570] - Deduplication job fails to install deduplicated CrawlDb
[NUTCH-2571] - SegmentReader -list fails to read segment
[NUTCH-2572] - HostDb: updatehostdb does not set values
[NUTCH-2574] - Generator: hostCount >= maxCount comparison wrong
[NUTCH-2581] - Caching of redirected robots.txt may overwrite correct robots.txt rules
[NUTCH-2589] - HTML redirections are not followed when using parse-tika
[NUTCH-2590] - SegmentReader -get fails
[NUTCH-2592] - Fetcher to log reason of failed fetches
[NUTCH-2593] - Single mode doesn't work in RabbitMQ indexer
[NUTCH-2597] - NPE in updatehostdb
[NUTCH-2601] - Elasticsearch Rest and Amazon CloudSearch have the same implementation class in indexer-writers.xml
[NUTCH-2607] - ParserChecker should call ScoringFilters.passScoreAfterParsing() on all parses
[NUTCH-2609] - urlnormalizer-basic to normalize path of file: URLs
[NUTCH-2614] - NPE in CrawlDbReader -stats on empty CrawlDb
[NUTCH-2616] - Review routing of deletions by Exchange component
[NUTCH-2618] - protocol-okhttp not to use http.timeout for max duration to fetch document
[NUTCH-2620] - urlfilter-validator incorrectly assumes that top-level domains are not longer than 4 characters
[NUTCH-2624] - protocol-okhttp resource leak
New Feature
[NUTCH-1129] - Any23 Nutch plugin
[NUTCH-1541] - Indexer plugin to write CSV
[NUTCH-2412] - Exchange component for indexing job
[NUTCH-2492] - Add more configuration parameters to crawl script
[NUTCH-1106] - Options to skip url's based on length
[NUTCH-1480] - SolrIndexer to write to multiple servers.
[NUTCH-2012] - Merge parsechecker and indexchecker
[NUTCH-2375] - Upgrade the code base from org.apache.hadoop.mapred to org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce
[NUTCH-2390] - No documentation on pluggable indexing
[NUTCH-2411] - Index-metadata to support indexing multiple values for a field
[NUTCH-2416] - Fetcher to log thread ID
[NUTCH-2432] - Protocol httpclient to disable cookies if http.enable.cookie.header is false
[NUTCH-2441] - ARG_SEGMENT usage
[NUTCH-2491] - Integrate sitemap processing and HostDB into crawl script
[NUTCH-2493] - Add configuration parameter for sitemap processing to crawler script
[NUTCH-2497] - Elastic REST Indexer: Allow multiple hosts
[NUTCH-2502] - Any23 Plugin: Add Content-Type filtering
[NUTCH-2503] - Add option to run tests for a single plugin
[NUTCH-2510] - Crawl script modification. HostDb : generate, optional usage and description
[NUTCH-2516] - Hadoop imports use wildcards
[NUTCH-2519] - Log mapreduce job counters in local mode
[NUTCH-2526] - NPE in scoring-opic when indexing document without CrawlDb datum
[NUTCH-2527] - URL filter: provide rules to exclude localhost and private address spaces
[NUTCH-2530] - Rename property db.max.anchor.length > linkdb.max.anchor.length
[NUTCH-2534] - CrawlDbReader -stats: make score quantiles configurable
[NUTCH-2539] - Not correct naming of db.url.filters and db.url.normalizers in nutch-default.xml
[NUTCH-2543] - readdb & readlinkdb to implement AbstractChecker
[NUTCH-2545] - Upgrade to Any23 2.2
[NUTCH-2566] - Fix exception log messages
[NUTCH-2576] - HTTP protocol plugin based on okhttp
[NUTCH-2577] - protocol-selenium can't handle https
[NUTCH-2578] - Avoid lock by MimeUtil in constructor of protocol.Content
[NUTCH-2579] - Fetcher to use parsed URL to call ProtocolFactory.getProtocol(url)
[NUTCH-2580] - Improvements for Rabbitmq support
[NUTCH-2583] - Upgrading Nutch's dependencies
[NUTCH-2584] - Upgrade parse-tika to use Tika 1.18
[NUTCH-2594] - Documentation for indexer plugins
[NUTCH-2595] - Upgrade crawler-commons dependency to 0.10
[NUTCH-2600] - Refactoring indexer-solr
[NUTCH-2611] - Add line-breaks when parsing HTML block-level elements
[NUTCH-2617] - Disable Exchange component by default
[NUTCH-2619] - protocol-okhttp: allow to keep partially fetched docs as truncated
[NUTCH-1219] - Upgrade all jobs to new MapReduce API
[NUTCH-1228] - Change mapred.task.timeout to mapreduce.task.timeout in fetcher
[NUTCH-1223] - Migrate WebGraph to MapReduce API
[NUTCH-1224] - Migrate FreeGenerator to MapReduce API
[NUTCH-1226] - Migrate CrawlDbReader to MapReduce API
[NUTCH-2152] - CommonCrawl dump via Service endpoint
[NUTCH-2555] - URL normalization problem: path not starting with a '/'
[NUTCH-2556] - protocol-http makes invalid HTTP/1.0 requests
[NUTCH-2557] - protocol-http fails to follow redirections when an HTTP response body is invalid
[NUTCH-2558] - protocol-http cannot handle a missing HTTP status line
[NUTCH-2559] - protocol-http cannot handle colons after the HTTP status code
[NUTCH-2560] - protocol-http throws an error when an http header spans over multiple lines
[NUTCH-2561] - protocol-http can be made to read arbitrarily large HTTP responses
[NUTCH-2562] - protocol-http fails to read large chunked HTTP responses
[NUTCH-2563] - HTTP header spellchecking issues
[NUTCH-2575] - protocol-http does not respect the maximum content-size for chunked responses
[NUTCH-2622] - Unbundle LGPL-licensed jars from binary release
Nutch 1.14 Release 18/12/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy)
- the bin/crawl script now expects the path to the seed to be preceded by -s (NUTCH-2046)
[NUTCH-2071] - A parser failure on a single document may fail crawling job
[NUTCH-2235] - Classpath discrepancy with protocol-selenium in deploy mode
[NUTCH-2269] - Clean not working after crawl
[NUTCH-2295] - Nutch master docker container broken
[NUTCH-2297] - CrawlDbReader -stats wrong values for earliest fetch time and shortest interval
[NUTCH-2316] - Library conflict with Parser-Tika Plugin and Lib Folder
[NUTCH-2317] - Plugin jars don't get added to classpath while running in local
[NUTCH-2322] - URL not available for Jexl operations
[NUTCH-2354] - Upgrade Hadoop dependencies to 2.7.4
[NUTCH-2365] - HTTP Redirects to SubDomains don't get crawled if db.ignore.external.links.mode == byDomain
[NUTCH-2371] - Injector to support noFilter and noNormalize
[NUTCH-2372] - Javadocs build failing.
[NUTCH-2386] - BasicURLNormalizer does not encode curly braces
[NUTCH-2391] - Spurious Duplications for MD5
[NUTCH-2394] - Possible bugs in the source code
[NUTCH-2398] - Fetcher saving redirected robots.txt under redirect target URL
[NUTCH-2399] - indexer-elastic does not index multi-value fields (only the first value is indexed)
[NUTCH-2401] - headings plugin does not trim values
[NUTCH-2403] - Nutch Selenium: Wrong documentation about PhantomJS
[NUTCH-2413] - Parsing fetcher to respect property "parse.filter.urls"
[NUTCH-2420] - Bug in variable generate.max.count and fetcher.server.delay
[NUTCH-2436] - Remove empty comment, and redundant semicolon from CommandRunner
[NUTCH-2442] - Injector to stop if job fails to avoid loss of CrawlDb
[NUTCH-2444] - HostDB CSV dumper to emit field header by default
[NUTCH-2446] - URLFiltersCheck fix
[NUTCH-2448] - Allow Sending an empty http.agent.version
[NUTCH-2451] - protocol-ftp to resolve relative URL when following redirects
[NUTCH-2452] - Problem retrieving encoded URLs via FTP?
[NUTCH-2456] - Allow to index pages/URLs not contained in CrawlDb
[NUTCH-2458] - TikaParser doesn't work with tika-config.xml set
[NUTCH-2464] - Plugin headings: Headers That Contain HTML Elements Are Not Parsed
[NUTCH-2465] - Broken Eclipse project. Classpaths and interactiveselenium should be fixed.
[NUTCH-2472] - Sitemap processor does not honour db.ignore.external.links
[NUTCH-2473] - Elasticsearch REST Indexer broken due to wrong depenency
[NUTCH-2474] - CrawlDbReader -stats fails with ClassCastException
[NUTCH-2478] - // is not a valid base URL
[NUTCH-2483] - Remove/replace indirect dependencies to org.json
[NUTCH-1763] - Improving comments on the Injector Class
[NUTCH-2034] - CrawlDB filtered documents counter.
[NUTCH-2035] - Regex filter using case sensitive rules.
[NUTCH-2046] - The crawl script should be able to skip an initial injection.
[NUTCH-2135] - Ant Eclipse build does not include protocol-interactiveselenium
[NUTCH-2193] - Upgrade feed parser plugin to use rome 1.5
[NUTCH-2216] - db.ignore.*.links to optionally follow internal redirects
[NUTCH-2281] - Support non-default FileSystem
[NUTCH-2296] - Elasticsearch Indexing Over Rest
[NUTCH-2320] - URLFilterChecker to run as TCP Telnet service
[NUTCH-2335] - Injector not to filter and normalize existing URLs in CrawlDb
[NUTCH-2362] - Upgrade MaxMind GeoIP version in index-geoip
[NUTCH-2368] - Variable generate.max.count and fetcher.server.delay
[NUTCH-2370] - FileDumper: save JSON mapping file -> URL
[NUTCH-2376] - Improve configurability of HTTP Accept* header fields
[NUTCH-2378] - ChildFirst plugin classloader
[NUTCH-2380] - indexer-elastic version upgrade to 5.3.0
[NUTCH-2397] - Parser to add paragraph line breaks
[NUTCH-2400] - Solr 6.6.0 compatibility
[NUTCH-2406] - Sum up constants, make minor changes
[NUTCH-2408] - CrawlDb: allow update from unparsed segments
[NUTCH-2409] - Injector: complete command-line help and counters
[NUTCH-2414] - Allow LanguageIndexingFilter to actually filter documents by language.
[NUTCH-2430] - Complete plugin build configuration
[NUTCH-2431] - URLFilterchecker to implement Tool-interface
[NUTCH-2439] - Upgrade to Apache Tika 1.17
[NUTCH-2443] - Extract links from the video tag with the parse-html plugin
[NUTCH-2445] - Fetcher following outlinks to keep track of already fetched items
[NUTCH-2463] - Enable sampling CrawlDB
[NUTCH-2468] - should filter out invalid URLs by default
[NUTCH-2470] - CrawlDbReader -stats to show quantiles of score
[NUTCH-2477] - Refactor *Checker classes to use base class for common code
[NUTCH-2480] - Upgrade crawler-commons dependency to 0.9
New Feature
[NUTCH-1465] - Support sitemaps in Nutch
[NUTCH-1932] - Automatically remove orphaned pages
[NUTCH-2333] - Indexer for RabbitMQ
[NUTCH-2338] - URLNormalizerChecker to run as TCP Telnet service
[NUTCH-2415] - Create a JEXL based IndexingFilter
[NUTCH-2433] - Html Parser: keep htmltag where the outlinks are found
[NUTCH-2435] - New configuration allowing to choose whether to store 'parse_text' directory or not.
[NUTCH-2484] - Extend indexer-elastic-rest to support languages
[NUTCH-2181] - Add Webpage for 3rd Party Connectors/Libraries to Apache Nutch
Nutch 1.13 Release 28/03/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report:
[NUTCH-2246] - Refactor /seed endpoint for backward compatibility
[NUTCH-1553] - Property 'indexer.delete.robots.noindex' not working when using parser-html.
[NUTCH-2242] - lastModified not always set
[NUTCH-2291] - Fix mrunit dependencies
[NUTCH-2337] - urlnormalizer-basic to strip empty port
[NUTCH-2345] - FetchItemQueue logs are logged with wrong class name
[NUTCH-2349] - urlnormalizer-basic NPE for ill-formed URL "http:/"
[NUTCH-2357] - Index metadata throw Exception because writable object cannot be cast to Text
[NUTCH-2359] - Parsefilter-regex raises IndexOutOfBoundsException when rules are ill-formed
[NUTCH-2364] - http.agent.rotate: IllegalArgumentException / last element of agent names ignored
[NUTCH-2366] - Deprecated Job constructor in hostdb/
[NUTCH-1308] - Add main() to ZipParser
[NUTCH-2164] - Inconsistent 'Modified Time' in crawl db
[NUTCH-2234] - Upgrade to elasticsearch 2.3.3
[NUTCH-2236] - Upgrade to Hadoop 2.7.2
[NUTCH-2262] - Utilize parameterized logging notation across Fetcher
[NUTCH-2272] - Index checker server to optionally keep client connection open
[NUTCH-2286] - CrawlDbReader -stats to show fetch time and interval
[NUTCH-2287] - Indexer-elastic plugin should use Elasticsearch BulkProcessor and BackoffPolicy
[NUTCH-2299] - Remove obsolete properties protocol.plugin.check.*
[NUTCH-2300] - Fetcher to optionally save robots.txt
[NUTCH-2327] - Seeds injected in REST workflow must be ingested into HDFS
[NUTCH-2329] - Update Slf4j logging for Java 8 and upgrade miredot plugin version
[NUTCH-2336] - SegmentReader to implement Tool
[NUTCH-2352] - Log with Generic Class Name at Nutch 1.x
[NUTCH-2355] - Protocol plugins to set cookie if Cookie metadata field is present
[NUTCH-2367] - Get single record from HostDB
New Feature
[NUTCH-2132] - Publisher/Subscriber model for Nutch to emit events
[NUTCH-2171] - Upgrade Nutch Trunk to Java 1.8
Nutch 1.12 Release 28/05/2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report:
Fellow committers, Nutch 1.12 contains a breaking change NUTCH-2220. Please use the note below and
in the release announcement and keep it on top in this CHANGES.txt for the Nutch 1.12 release.
* replace your old conf/nutch-default.xml with the conf/nutch-default.xml from Nutch 1.12 release
* if you use LinkDB (e.g. invertlinks) and modified parameters db.max.inlinks and/or db.max.anchor.length
and/or db.ignore.internal.links, rename those parameters to linkdb.max.inlinks and
linkdb.max.anchor.length and linkdb.ignore.internal.links
* db.ignore.internal.links and db.ignore.external.links now operate on the CrawlDB only
* linkdb.ignore.internal.links and linkdb.ignore.external.links now operate on the LinkDB only
[NUTCH-2250] - CommonCrawlDumper : Invalid format + skipped parts
[NUTCH-2042] - parse-html increase chunk size used to detect charset
[NUTCH-2180] - FileDumper dumps data, but breaks midway on corrupt segments
[NUTCH-2189] - Domain filter must deactivate if no rules are present
[NUTCH-2203] - Suffix URL filter can't handle trailing/leading whitespaces
[NUTCH-2206] - Provide example scoring.similarity.stopword.file
[NUTCH-2213] - CommonCrawlDataDumper saves gzipped body in extracted form
[NUTCH-2223] - Upgrade xercesImpl to 2.11.0 to fix hang on issue in tika mimetype detection
[NUTCH-2224] - Average bytes/second calculated incorrectly in fetcher
[NUTCH-2225] - Parsed time calculated incorrectly
[NUTCH-2228] - Plugin index-replace unit test broken on Java 8
[NUTCH-2232] - DeduplicationJob should decode URL's before length is compared
[NUTCH-2241] - Unstable Selenium plugin in Nutch. Fixed bugs and enhanced configuration
[NUTCH-2256] - Inconsistent log level practice
[NUTCH-1233] - Rely on Tika for outlink extraction
[NUTCH-1712] - Use MultipleInputs in Injector to make it a single mapreduce job
[NUTCH-2172] - index-more: document format of contenttype-mapping.txt
[NUTCH-2178] - DeduplicationJob to optionally group on host or domain
[NUTCH-2182] - Make reverseUrlDirs file dumper option hash the URL for consistency
[NUTCH-2183] - Improvement to SegmentChecker for skipping non-segments present in segments directory
[NUTCH-2187] - Change FileDumper SHAs to all uppercase
[NUTCH-2195] - IndexingFilterChecker to optionally follow N redirects
[NUTCH-2196] - IndexingFilterChecker to optionally normalize
[NUTCH-2197] - Add solr5 solrcloud indexer support
[NUTCH-2204] - Remove junit lib from runtime
[NUTCH-2218] - Switch CrawlCompletion arg parsing to Commons CLI
[NUTCH-2221] - Introduce db.ignore.internal.links to FetcherThread
[NUTCH-2229] - Allow Jexl expressions on CrawlDatum's fixed attributes
[NUTCH-2231] - Jexl support in generator job
[NUTCH-2252] - Allow phantomjs as a browser for selenium options
[NUTCH-2263] - Support for mingram and maxgram at Unigram Cosine Similarity Model
New Feature
[NUTCH-961] - Expose Tika's boilerpipe support
[NUTCH-1325] - HostDB for Nutch
[NUTCH-2144] - Plugin to override db.ignore.external to exempt interesting external domain URLs
[NUTCH-2190] - Protocol normalizer
[NUTCH-2191] - Add protocol-htmlunit
[NUTCH-2194] - Run IndexingFilterChecker as simple Telnet server
[NUTCH-2219] - Criteria order to be configurable in DeduplicationJob
[NUTCH-2227] - RegexParseFilter
[NUTCH-2245] - Developed the NGram Model on the existing Unigram Cosine Similarity Model
[NUTCH-2201] - Remove loops program from webgraph package
[NUTCH-2211] - Filter and normalizer checkers missing in bin/nutch
[NUTCH-2220] - Rename db.* options used only by the linkdb to linkdb.*
Nutch 1.11 Release 03/12/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report:
* NUTCH-2176 Clean up of (markus)
* NUTCH-2107 plugin.xml to validate against plugin.dtd (snagel)
* NUTCH-2177 Generator produces only one partition even in distributed mode (jnioche, snagel)
* NUTCH-2158 Upgrade to Tika 1.11 (jnioche, snagel)
* NUTCH-2175 Typos in property descriptions in nutch-default.xml (Roannel Fernández Hernández via snagel)
* NUTCH-2069 Ignore external links based on domain (jnioche)
* NUTCH-2173 String.join in FileDumper breaks the build (joyce)
* NUTCH-2166 Add reverse URL format to dump tool (joyce)
* NUTCH-2157 Addressing Miredot REST API Warnings (Sujen Shah)
* NUTCH-2165 FileDumper Util hard codes part-# folder name (joyce)
* NUTCH-2167 Backport TableUtil from 2.x for URL reversing (joyce)
* NUTCH-2160 Upgrade Selenium Java to 2.48.2 (lewismc, kwhitehall)
* NUTCH-2120 Remove MapWritable from trunk codebase (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1911 Improve DomainStatistics tool command line parsing (joyce)
* NUTCH-2064 URLNormalizer basic to encode reserved chars and decode non-reserved chars (markus, snagel)
* NUTCH-2159 Ensure that all WebApp files are copied into generated artifacts for 1.X Webapp (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2154 Nutch REST API (DB) suffering NullPointerException (Aron Ahmadia, Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2150 Add protocolstats utility (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2146 hashCode on the Outlink class (jorgelbg via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2155 Create a "crawl completeness" utility (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1988 Make nested output directory dump optional... again (Michael Joyce via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1800 Documentation for Nutch 1.X and 2.X REST APIs (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2149 REST endpoint to read Nutch sequence files (Sujen Shah)
* NUTCH-2139 Basic plugin to index inlinks and outlinks (jorgelbg)
* NUTCH-2128 Review and update mapred --> mapreduce config params in crawl script (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2141 Change the InteractiveSelenium plugin handler Interface to return page content
(Balaji Gurumurthy via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2129 Add protocol status tracking to crawl datum (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2142 Nutch File Dump - FileNotFoundException (Invalid Argument) Error (Karanjeet Singh via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2136 Implement a different version of Naive Bayes Parse Filter (Asitang Mishra)
* NUTCH-2109 Create a brute force click-all-ajax-links utility fucntion for selenium interactive plugin (Asitang Mishra)
* NUTCH-2108 Add a function to the selenium interactive plugin interface to do multiple manipulation of driver and then return the data (Asitang Mishra)
* NUTCH-2124 Fetcher following same redirect again and again (Yogendra Kumar Soni via snagel)
* NUTCH-2123 Seed List REST API returns Text but headers indicate/require JSON
(Aron Ahmadia, Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2086 Nutch 1.X Webui (Sujen Shah, mattmann via lewismc)
* NUTCH-2121 Update javadoc link for Hadoop 2.4.0 in (Sujen Shah)
* NUTCH-2119 Eclipse shows build path errors on building Nutch (Sujen Shah)
* NUTCH-2117 NutchServer CLI Option for CMD_PORT is incorrect and should be CMD_HOST (zhangmianhongni via lewismc)
* NUTCH-2115 - Add total counts to mimetype stats (Jimmy Joyce via lewismc)
* NUTCH-2111 Delete temporary files location for selenium tmp files after driver quits (Kim Whitehall via lewismc)
* NUTCH-2095 WARC exporter for the CommonCrawlDataDumper (jorgelbg)
* NUTCH-2102 WARC Exporter (jnioche)
* NUTCH-2106 Runtime to contain Selenium and dependencies only once (snagel)
* NUTCH-2104 Add documentation to the protocol-selenium plugin Readme file
re: selenium grid implementation (Kim Whitehall via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2099 Refactoring the REST endpoints for integration with
webui (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2098 Add null SeedUrl constructor (Aron Ahmadia via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2093 Indexing filters to use current signatures (markus)
* NUTCH-2092: Unit Test for NutchServer (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2096 Explicitly indicate broswer binary to use when selecting
selenium remote option in config (Kim Whitehall via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2090 Refactor Seed Resource in REST API (Sujen Shah
via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2088 Add URL Processing Check to Interactive Selenium
Handlers (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2077 Upgrade to Tika 1.10 (Michael Joyce via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1517 CloudSearch indexer (jnioche)
* NUTCH-2085 Upgrade Guava (markus)
* NUTCH-2084 SegmentMerger to report missing input dirs (markus)
* NUTCH-2083 Implement functionality to shadow nutch-selenium-grid-plugin from Mo Omer (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2049 Upgrade to Hadoop 2.4 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1486 Upgrade to Solr 4.10.2 (lewismc, markus)
* NUTCH-2048 parse-tika: fix dependencies in plugin.xml (Michael Joyce via snagel)
* NUTCH-2066 Parameterize Generate REST endpoint (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2072 Deflate encoding support is broken when http.content.limit is set to -1 (Tanguy Moal via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2062 Add Plugin for interacting with Selenium WebDriver (Michael Joyce, mattmann)
* NUTCH-1785 Ability to index raw content (markus, lewismc)
* NUTCH-2063 Add -mimeStats flag to FileDumper tool (Mike Joyce via lewismc)
* NUTCH-2021 Use protocol-selenium to Capture Screenshots of the Page as it is Fetched (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2058 Indexer plugin that allows RegEx replacements on the NutchDocument
field values (Peter Ciuffetti via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2059 protocol-httpclient, protocol-http unit test errors on Jenkins (Peter Ciuffetti via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1980 Jexl expressions for CrawlDbReader (markus)
* NUTCH-1692 SegmentReader was broken in distributed mode (markus, tejasp)
* NUTCH-1684 ParseMeta to be added before fetch schedulers are run (markus)
* NUTCH-2038 fix for NUTCH-2038: Naive Bayes classifier based html Parse filter (for filtering outlinks)
(Asitang Mishra, snagel via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2041 indexer fails if linkdb is missing (snagel)
* NUTCH-2016 Remove unused class OldFetcher (snagel)
* NUTCH-2000 Link inversion fails with .locked already exists (jnioche, snagel)
* NUTCH-2036 Adding some continuous crawl goodies to the crawl script (jorge, snagel)
* NUTCH-2039 Relevance based scoring filter (Sujen Shah, lewismc via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2037 Job endpoint to support Indexing from the REST API (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2017 Remove debug log from MimeUtil (snagel)
* NUTCH-2027 seed list REST endpoint for Nutch 1.10 (Asitang Mishra via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2031 Create Admin End point for Nutch 1.x REST service (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2015 Make FetchNodeDb optional (off by default) if NutchServer is not used (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-208 http: proxy exception list: (Matthias Günter, siren, markus, lewismc)
* NUTCH-2007 add test libs to classpath of bin/nutch junit (snagel)
* NUTCH-1995 Add support for wildcard to http.robot.rules.whitelist (totaro)
* NUTCH-2013 Fetcher: missing logs "fetching ..." on stdout (snagel)
* NUTCH-2014 Fetcher hang-up on completion (snagel)
* NUTCH-2011 Endpoint to support realtime JSON output from the fetcher (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2006 IndexingFiltersChecker to take custom metadata as input (jnioche)
* NUTCH-2008 IndexerMapReduce to use single instance of NutchIndexAction for deletions (snagel)
* NUTCH-1998 Add support for user-defined file extension to CommonCrawlDataDumper (totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1873 Solr IndexWriter/Job to report number of docs indexed. (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1934 Refactor Fetcher in trunk (lewismc)
* NUTCH-2004 ParseChecker does not handle redirects (mjoyce via lewismc)
Nutch 1.10 Release - 29/04/2015 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report:
* NUTCH-1969 URL Normalizer properly handling slashes (markus via mattmann)
* NUTCH-2001 Sub Collection Field Name incorrect in nutch-default.xml
(Jeff Cocking via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1997 Add CBOR "magic header" to CommonCrawlDataDumper
output (Giuseppe Totaro, Luke Sh via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1991 Tika mime detection not using Nutch supplied tika-mimetypes.xml for content based
detection (Iain Lopata, snagel via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1994 Upgrade to Apache Tika 1.8 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1996 Make protocol-selenium README part of plugin (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1990 Use URI.normalise() in BasicURLNormalizer (snagel, jnioche)
* NUTCH-1973 Job Administration end point for the REST service (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1697 SegmentMerger to implement Tool (markus, snagel)
* NUTCH-1987 - Make bin/crawl indexer agnostic (Michael Joyce, snagel via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1989 Handling invalid URLs in CommonCrawlDataDumper (Giuseppe Totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1988 Make nested output directory dump optional (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1927 Create a whitelist of IPs/hostnames to allow skipping of RobotRules parsing (mattmann, snagel)
* NUTCH-1986 Clarify Elastic Search Indexer Plugin Settings (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1906 Typo in CrawlDbReader command line help (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1911 Improve DomainStatistics tool command line parsing (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1854 bin/crawl fails with a parsing fetcher (Asitang Mishra via snagel)
* NUTCH-1981 Upgrade to icu4j 55.1 (Marko Asplund via snagel)
* NUTCH-1960 JUnit test for dump method of CommonCrawlDataDumper (Giuseppe Totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1983 CommonCrawlDumper and FileDumper don't dump correct JSON (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1972 Dockerfile for Nutch 1.x (Michael Joyce via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1771 Indexer fails if a segment is corrupted or incomplete (Diaa, Chong Li via snagel)
* NUTCH-1975 New configuration for CommonCrawlDataDumper tool (Giuseppe Totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1979 CrawlDbReader to implement Tool (markus)
* NUTCH-1970 Pretty print JSON output in config resource (Tyler Pasulich, mattmann)
* NUTCH-1976 Allow Users to Set Hostname for Server (Tyler Palsulich via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1941 Optional rolling's (Asitang Mishra, lewismc via snagel)
* NUTCH-1959 Improving CommonCrawlFormat implementations (Giuseppe Totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1974 keyPrefix option for CommonCrawlDataDumper tool (Giuseppe Totaro via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1968 File Name too long issue of file (Xin Zhang, Renxia Wang via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1966 Configuration endpoint for 1x REST API (Sujen Shah via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1967 Possible SIooBE in MimeAdaptiveFetchSchedule (markus)
* NUTCH-1957 FileDumper output file name collisions (Renxia Wang via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1955 ByteWritable missing in NutchWritable (markus)
* NUTCH-1956 Members to be public in URLCrawlDatum (markus)
* NUTCH-1954 FilenameTooLong error appears in CommonCrawlDumper (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1949 Dump out the Nutch data into the Common Crawl format (Giuseppe Totaro via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1950 File name too long (Jiaheng Zhang, Chong Li via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1921 Optionally disable HTTP if-modified-since header (markus)
* NUTCH-1933 nutch-selenium plugin (Mo Omer, Mohammad Al-Moshin, lewismc)
* NUTCH-827 HTTP POST Authentication (Jasper van Veghel,, snagel, lewismc)
* NUTCH-1724 LinkDBReader to support regex output filtering (markus)
* NUTCH-1939 Fetcher fails to follow redirects (Leo Ye via snagel)
* NUTCH-1913 LinkDB to implement db.ignore.external.links (markus, snagel)
* NUTCH-1925 Upgrade to Apache Tika 1.7 (Tyler Palsulich via markus)
* NUTCH-1323 AjaxNormalizer (markus)
* NUTCH-1918 TikaParser specifies a default namespace when generating DOM (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1889 Store all values from Tika metadata in Nutch metadata (jnioche)
* NUTCH-865 Format source code in unique style (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1893 Parse-tika failes to parse feed files (Mengying Wang via snagel)
* NUTCH-1920 Upgrade Nutch to use Java 1.7 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1919 Getting timeout when server returns Content-Length: 0 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1912 Dump tool -mimetype parameter needs to be optional to prevent NPE (Tyler Palsulich via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1881 ant target resolve-default to keep test libs (snagel)
* NUTCH-1660 Index filter for Page's latitude and longitude (Yasin Kılınç, lewismc)
* NUTCH-1140 index-more plugin, resetTitle creates multiple values in title field (Joe Liedtke, kaveh minooie via snagel)
* NUTCH-1904 Schema for Solr4 doesn't include _version_ field (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1897 Easier debugging of plugin XML errors (markus)
* NUTCH-1823 Upgrade to elasticsearch 1.4.1 (Phu Kieu, markus via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1592 TikaParser can uppercase the element names while generating the DOM (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1877 Suffix URL filter to ignore query string by default (markus via snagel)
* NUTCH-1890 Major Typo in Documentation for Integrating Nutch and Solr (Boadu Akoto Charles Jnr, mattmann)
* NUTCH-1887 Specify HTMLMapper to use in TikaParser (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1884 NullPointerException in parsechecker and indexchecker with symlinks in file URL (Mengying Wang, snagel)
* NUTCH-1825 protocol-http may hang for certain web pages (Phu Kieu via snagel)
* NUTCH-1483 Can't crawl filesystem with protocol-file plugin (Rogério Pereira Araújo, Mengying Wang, snagel)
* NUTCH-1885 Protocol-file should treat symbolic links as redirects (Mengying Wang, snagel)
* NUTCH-1880 URLUtil should not add additional slashes for file URLs (snagel)
* NUTCH-1879 Regex URL normalizer should remove multiple slashes after file: protocol (snagel)
* NUTCH-1883 bin/crawl: use function to run bin/nutch and check exit value (snagel)
* NUTCH-1865 Enable use of SNAPSHOT's with Nutch Ivy dependency management (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1882 ant eclipse target to add output path to src/test (snagel)
* NUTCH-1876 Upgrade to Crawler Commons 0.5 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1874 FileDumper comment typos ( Arthur Cinader via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1164 Write JUnit tests for protocol-http (nimafl via snagel)
* NUTCH-1868 Document and improve CLI for FileDumper tool (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1869 Add a flag to -mimeType fiag to FileDumper (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1867 CrawlDbReader: use setFloat to pass min score (lewismc, snagel)
* NUTCH-1826, NUTCH-1864 indexchecker fails if solr.server.url not configured (lewismc, snagel)
* NUTCH-1866 ant eclipse target should not delete runtime (nimafl via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1857 readb -dump -format csv should use comma (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1853 Add commented out WebGraph executions to ./bin/crawl (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1844 testresources/testcrawl not referenced anywhere in code (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1839 Improve WebGraph CLI parsing (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1526 Create SegmentContentDumperTool for easily extracting out file contents from SegmentDirs (mattmann, lewismc, Julien Le Dem)
* NUTCH-1840 the describe function in SolrIndexWriter is not correct (kaveh minooie via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1837 Upgrade to Tika 1.6 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1829 Generator : unable to distinguish real errors (Mathieu Bouchard via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1835 Nutch's Solr schema doesn't work with Solr 4.9 because of the RealTimeGet handler (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1833 Include version number within nutch binary usage statement (Rishi Verma via mattmann)
* NUTCH-1832 Make Nutch work without an indexer (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1828 bin/crawl : incorrect handling of nutch errors (Mathieu Bouchard via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1775 IndexingFilter: document origin of passed CrawlDatum (snagel)
* NUTCH-1693 TextMD5Signature computed on textual content (Tien Nguyen Manh, markus via snagel)
* NUTCH-1409 remove deprecated properties db.{default,max}.fetch.interval, (Matthias Agethle via snagel)
Nutch 1.9 Release Change Log - 12/08/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report -
* NUTCH-1561 improve usability of parse-metatags and index-metadata (snagel)
* NUTCH-1708 use same id when indexing and deleting redirects (snagel)
* NUTCH-1818 Add deps-test-compile task for building plugins (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1817 Remove pom.xml from source (jnioche)
* NUTCH-926 Redirections from META tag don't get filtered (snagel)
* NUTCH-1422 Bypass signature comparison when a document is redirected (snagel)
* NUTCH-1502 Test for CrawlDatum state transitions (snagel)
* NUTCH-1804 Move JUnit dependency to test scope (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1811 bin/nutch junit to use junit 4 test runner (snagel)
* NUTCH-1799 ANT Eclipse task discovers all plugin jars automatically (jnioche)
* NUTCH-578 URL fetched with 403 is generated over and over again (snagel)
* NUTCH-1776 Log incorrect plugin.folder file path (Diaa via snagel)
* NUTCH-1566 bin/nutch to allow whitespace in paths (tejasp, snagel)
* NUTCH-1605 MIME type detector recognizes xlsx as zip file (snagel)
* NUTCH-1802 Move TestbedProxy to test environment (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1803 Put test dependencies in a separate lib dir (jnioche)
* NUTCH-385 Improve description of thread related configuration for Fetcher (jnioche,lufeng)
* NUTCH-1633 slf4j is provided by hadoop and should not be included in the job file (kaveh minooie via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1787 update and complete API doc overview page (snagel)
* NUTCH-1767 remove special treatment of "params" in relative links (snagel)
* NUTCH-1718 redefine http.robots.agent as "additional agent names" (snagel, Tejas Patil, Daniel Kugel)
* NUTCH-1794 IndexingFilterChecker to optionally dumpText (markus)
* NUTCH-1590 [SECURITY] Frame injection vulnerability in published Javadoc (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1793 HttpRobotRulesParser not configured properly (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1647 protocol-http throws 'unzipBestEffort returned null' for redirected pages (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1736 Can't fetch page if http response header contains Transfer-Encoding:chunked (ysc via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1782 NodeWalker to return current node (markus)
* NUTCH-1758 IndexChecker to send document to IndexWriters (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1786 CrawlDb should follow db.url.normalizers and db.url.filters (Diaa via markus)
* NUTCH-1757 ParserChecker to take custom metadata as input (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1676 Add rudimentary SSL support to protocol-http (jnioche, markus)
* NUTCH-1772 Injector does not need merging if no pre-existing crawldb (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1752 Cache robots.txt rules per protocol:host:port (snagel)
* NUTCH-1613 Timeouts in protocol-httpclient when crawling same host with >2 threads (brian44 via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1766 Generator to unlock crawldb and remove tempdir if generate job fails (Diaa via jnioche)
* NUTCH-207 Bandwidth target for fetcher rather than a thread count (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1182 fetcher to log hung threads (snagel)
* NUTCH-1759 Upgrade to Crawler Commons 0.4 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1764 readdb to show command-line help if no action (-stats, -dump, etc.) given (Diaa via snagel)
* NUTCH-1700 Remove deprecated code from creativecommons plugin (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1761 Crawl script fails to find job file if not started from inside bin dir (David Hosking, jnioche)
* NUTCH-1603 ZIP parser complains about truncated PDF file (snagel)
* NUTCH-1720 Duplicate lines in (Walter Tietze via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1750 Improvement of Fetcher's reportStatus (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1747 Use AtomicInteger as semaphore in Fetcher (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1735 code dedup fetcher queue redirects (snagel)
* NUTCH-1745 Upgrade to ElasticSearch 1.1.0 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1645 Junit Test Case for Adaptive Fetch Schedule class (Yasin Kılınç, lufeng, Sertac TURKEL via snagel)
* NUTCH-1737 Upgrade to recent JUnit 4.x (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1733 parse-html to support HTML5 charset definitions (snagel)
* NUTCH-1671 indexchecker to add digest field (snagel, lufeng)
Nutch 1.8 - 11/03/2014 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Release Report -
* NUTCH-1706 IndexerMapReduce does not remove db_redir_temp (markus, snagel)
* NUTCH-1113 SegmentMerger can now be safely used to merge segments (Edward Drapkin, markus, snagel)
* NUTCH-1729 Upgrade to Tika 1.5 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1707 DummyIndexingWriter (markus)
* NUTCH-1721 Upgrade to Crawler commons 0.3 (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1253 Incompatable neko and xerces versions (snagel, lewismc)
* NUTCH-1715 RobotRulesParser adds additional '*' to the robots name (tejasp)
* NUTCH-356 Plugin repository cache can lead to memory leak (Enrico Triolo, Doğacan Güney via markus)
* NUTCH-1413 Record response time (Yasin Kılınç, Talat Uyarer, snagel)
* NUTCH-1680 CrawlDbReader to dump minRetry value (markus)
* NUTCH-1699 Tika Parser - Image Parse Bug (Mehmet Zahid Yüzügüldü, snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1695 Add NutchDocument.toString() to ease debugging (markus)
* NUTCH-1675 NutchField to support long (markus)
* NUTCH-1670 set same crawldb directory in mergedb parameter (lufeng via tejasp)
* NUTCH-1080 Type safe members, arguments for better readability (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1360 Suport the storing of IP address connected to when web crawling (lewismc, ferdy and Yasin Kılınç)
* NUTCH-1681 In, toUNICODE method does not work correctly (İlhami KALKAN, snagel via markus)
* NUTCH-1668 Remove package org.apache.nutch.indexer.solr (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1621 Remove deprecated class o.a.n.crawl.Crawler (Rui Gao via jnioche)
* NUTCH-656 Generic Deduplicator (jnioche, snagel)
* NUTCH-1100 Avoid NPE in SOLRDedup (markus)
* NUTCH-1666 Optimisation for BasicURLNormalizer (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1656 ParseMeta not passed to CrawlDatum for not_modified (markus)
* NUTCH-1606 Check that Factory classes use the cache in a thread safe way (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1653 AbstractScoringFilter (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1562 Order of execution for scoring filters (jnioche, snagel)
* NUTCH-1640 Reuse ParseUtil instance in ParseSegment (Mitesh Singh Jat via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1639 bin/crawl fails on mac os (various contributors via snagel)
* NUTCH-1646 IndexerMapReduce to consider DB status (markus)
* NUTCH-1636 Indexer to normalize and filter repr URL (Iain Lopata via snagel)
* NUTCH-1637 URLUtil is missing getProtocol (markus)
* NUTCH-1622 Create Outlinks with metadata (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1629 Injector skips empty lines in seed files (kaveh minooie via jnioche)
* NUTCH-911 protocol-file to return proper protocol status (Peter Lundberg via snagel)
* NUTCH-806 Merge CrawlDBScanner with CrawlDBReader (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1587 misspelled property "threshold" in conf/ (snagel)
* NUTCH-1604 ProtocolFactory not thread-safe (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1595 Upgrade to Tika 1.4 (jnioche, markus)
* NUTCH-1598 ElasticSearchIndexer to read ImmutableSettings from config (markus)
* NUTCH-1520 SegmentMerger looses records (markus)
* NUTCH-1602 improve the readability of metadata in readdb dump normal (lufeng)
* NUTCH-1596 HeadingsParseFilter not thread safe (snagel via markus)
* NUTCH-1597 HeadingsParseFilter to trim and remove exess whitespace (markus)
* NUTCH-1601 ElasticSearchIndexer fails to properly delete documents (markus)
* NUTCH-1600 Injector overwrite does not always work properly (markus)
* NUTCH-1581 CrawlDB csv output to include metadata (markus)
* NUTCH-1327 QueryStringNormalizer (markus)
* NUTCH-1593 Normalize option missing in SegmentMerger's usage (markus)
* NUTCH-1580 index-static returns object instead of value for index.static (Antoinette, lewismc, snagel)
* NUTCH-1126 JUnit test for urlfilter-prefix (Talat UYARER via markus)
Apache Nutch 1.7 Release - 06/20/2013 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Release report -
* NUTCH-1585 Ensure duplicate tags do not exist in microformat-reltag tag set. (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1583 Headings plugin to support multivalued headings (markus)
* NUTCH-1245 URL gone with 404 after db.fetch.interval.max stays db_unfetched in CrawlDb (snagel)
* NUTCH-1527 Elasticsearch indexer (lufeng + markus)
* NUTCH-1475 Index-More Plugin -- A better fall back value for date field (James Sullivan, snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1560 index-metadata to add all values of multivalued metadata (snagel)
* NUTCH-1467 Not able to parse mutliValued metatags (kiran via snagel)
* NUTCH-1430 Freegenerator records overwrite CrawlDB records with AdaptiveFetchSchedule (markus)
* NUTCH-1522 Upgrade to Tika 1.3 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1578 Upgrade to Hadoop 1.2.0 (markus)
* NUTCH-1577 Add target for creating eclipse project (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1513 Support Robots.txt for Ftp urls (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1249 and NUTCH-1275 : Resolve all issues flagged up by adding javac -Xlint argument (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1053 Parsing of RSS feeds fails (tejasp)
* NUTCH-956 solrindex issues: add field tld to Solr schema (Alexis via lewismc, snagel)
* NUTCH-1277 Fix [fallthrough] javac warnings (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1514 Phase out the deprecated configuration properties (if possible) (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1334 NPE in FetcherOutputFormat (jnioche via tejasp)
* NUTCH-1549 Fix deprecated use of Tika MimeType API in o.a.n.util.MimeUtil (tejasp)
* NUTCH-346 Improve readability of logs/hadoop.log (Renaud Richardet via tejasp)
* NUTCH-829 duplicate hadoop temp files (Mike Baranczak, lewismc, tejasp)
* NUTCH-1501 Harmonize behavior of parsechecker and indexchecker (snagel + lewismc)
* NUTCH-1031 Delegate parsing of robots.txt to crawler-commons (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1547 BasicIndexingFilter - Problem to index full title (Feng)
* NUTCH-1389 parsechecker and indexchecker to report truncated content (snagel)
* NUTCH-1419 parsechecker and indexchecker to report protocol status (snagel + lewismc)
* NUTCH-1047 Pluggable indexing backends (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1536 Ant build file has hardcoded conf dir location (zm via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1420 Get rid of the dreaded � (markus via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1521 CrawlDbFilter pass null url to urlNormalizers (Lufeng via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1284 Add site fetcher.max.crawl.delay as log output by default (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1453 Substantiate tests for IndexingFilters (lufeng via lewismc)
* NUTCH-840 Port tests from parse-html to parse-tika (lewismc, jnioche)
* NUTCH-1509 Implement read/write in NutchField (markus)
* NUTCH-1507 Remove FetcherOutput (markus)
* NUTCH-1506 Add UPDATE action to NutchIndexAction (markus)
* NUTCH-1500 bin/crawl fails on step solrindex with wrong path to segment (Tristan Buckner, snagel)
* NUTCH-1274 Fix [cast] javac warnings (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1494 RSS feed plugin seems broken (Sourajit Basak, tejasp and lewismc)
* NUTCH-1127 JUnit test for urlfilter-validator (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1119 JUnit test for index-static (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1510 Upgrade to Hadoop 1.1.1 (markus)
* NUTCH-1118 JUnit test for index-basic (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1331 limit crawler to defined depth (jnioche)
Release 1.6 - 23/11/2012
* NUTCH-1370 Expose exact number of urls injected @runtime (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1117 JUnit test for index-anchor (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1451 Upgrade automaton jar to 1.11-8 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1488 bin/nutch to run junit from any directory (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1493 Error adding field 'contentLength'='' during solrindex using index-more (Nathan Gass via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1491 Strip UTF-8 non-character codepoints in title (Nathan Gass via markus)
* NUTCH-1421 RegexURLNormalizer to only skip rules with invalid patterns (snagel)
* NUTCH-1341 NotModified time set to now but page not modified (markus)
* NUTCH-1215 UpdateDB should not require segment as input (markus)
* NUTCH-1383 IndexingFiltersChecker to show error message instead of null pointer exception (snagel)
* NUTCH-1476 SegmentReader getStats should set parsed = -1 if no parsing took place (snagel)
* NUTCH-1252 SegmentReader -get shows wrong data (snagel)
* NUTCH-1344 BasicURLNormalizer to normalize https same as http (snagel)
* NUTCH-706 Url regex normalizer: pattern for session id removal not to match "newsId" (Meghna Kukreja via snagel)
* NUTCH-1415 release packages to contain top level folder apache-nutch-x.x (snagel)
* NUTCH-1441 AnchorIndexingFilter should use plain HashSet (ferdy via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1470 Ensure test files are included for runtime testing (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1434 Indexer to delete robots noindex (markus)
* NUTCH-1443 Solr schema version is invalid (markus)
* NUTCH-1417 Remove o.a.n.metadata.Office (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1376 Add description parameter to every ant task (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1440 reconfigure non-existent stopwords_en.txt in schema-solr4.xml (shekhar sharma via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1439 Define boost field as type float in schema-solr4.xml (shekhar sharma via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1433 Upgrade to Tika 1.2 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1388 Optionally maintain custom fetch interval despite AdaptiveFetchSchedule (markus)
* NUTCH-1430 Freegenerator records overwrite CrawlDB records with AdaptiveFetchSchedule (markus)
* NUTCH-1087 Deprecate crawl command and replace with example script (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1306 Add option to not commit and clarify existing solr.commit.size (ferdy)
* NUTCH-1405 Allow to overwrite CrawlDatum's with injected entries (markus)
* NUTCH-1412 Upgrade commons lang (markus)
* NUTCH-1251 SolrDedup to use proper Lucene catch-all query (Arkadi Kosmynin via markus)
* NUTCH-1407 BasicIndexingFilter to optionally add domain field (markus)
* NUTCH-1408 RobotRulesParser main doesn't take URL's (markus)
* NUTCH-1300 Indexer to filter normalize URL's (markus)
* NUTCH-1330 WebGraph OutlinkDB to preserve back up (markus)
* NUTCH-1319 HostNormalizer plugin (markus)
* NUTCH-1386 Headings filter not to add empty values (markus)
* NUTCH-1356 ParseUtil use ExecutorService instead of manually thread handling (ferdy via markus)
* NUTCH-1352 Improve regex urlfilters/normalizers synchronization (ferdy via markus)
* NUTCH-1024 Dynamically set fetchInterval by MIME-type (markus)
* NUTCH-1364 Add a counter in Generator for malformed urls (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1262 Map `duplicating` content-types to a single type (markus)
* NUTCH-1385 More robust plug-in order properties in nutch-site.xml (Andy Xue via markus)
* NUTCH-1336 Optionally not index db_notmodified pages (markus)
* NUTCH-1346 Follow outlinks to ignore external (markus)
* NUTCH-1320 IndexChecker and ParseChecker choke on IDN's (markus)
* NUTCH-1351 DomainStatistics to aggregate by TLD (markus)
* NUTCH-1381 Allow to override default subcollection field name (markus)
* NUTCH-XX Commit to add configuration for separation of ant distribution targets (lewismc + jnioche)
Release 1.5.1 - 07/10/2012
* NUTCH-1404 Nutch script fails to find job file in deploy mode (sidabatra, jnioche)
* NUTCH-1415 release packages to contain top level folder apache-nutch-x.x (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1400 Remove developer -core option for bin/nutch (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1384 Typo in ParseSegment's run-method (Matthias Agethle via markus)
* NUTCH-1398 Upgrade to Hadoop 1.0.3 (jnioche)
Release 1.5 - 04/15/2012
* NUTCH-1208 Don't include KEYS file in bin distribution (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1234 Upgrade to Tika 1.1 (jnioche, markus)
* NUTCH-809 Parse-metatags plugin (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1310 Nutch to send HTTP-accept header (markus)
* NUTCH-1305 Domain(blacklist)URLFilter to trim entries (markus)
* NUTCH-1307 Improve formatting of ant targets for clearer project help (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1299 LinkRank inverter to ignore records without Node (markus)
* NUTCH-1258 MoreIndexingFilter should be able to read Content-Type from both parse metadata and content metadata (jnioche, markus)
* NUTCH-1293 IndexingFiltersChecker to store detected content type in crawldatum metadata (markus)
* NUTCH-1291 Fetcher to stringify exception on // unexpected exception (markus)
* NUTCH-965 Skip parsing for truncated documents (alexis, lewismc, ferdy)
* NUTCH-1210 DomainBlacklistFilter (markus)
* NUTCH-1193 Incorrect url transform to lowercase: parameter solr (Eduardo dos Santos Leggiero via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1272 Wrong property name for index-static in nutch-default.xml (Daniel Baur via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1259 Store detected content-type in crawldatum metadata (jnioche, markus)
* NUTCH-1266 Subcollection to optionally write to configured fields (markus)
* NUTCH-1005 Parse headings plugin (markus)
* NUTCH-1264 Configurable indexing plugin index-metadata (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1242 Allow disabling of URL Filters in ParseSegment (Edward Drapkin via markus)
* NUTCH-1256 WebGraph to dump host + score (markus)
* NUTCH-1260 Fetcher should log fetching of redirects (Sebastian Nagel via markus)
* NUTCH-1255 Change ivy.xml of all plugins to remove "nutch.root" property (ferdy)
* NUTCH-1248 Generator to select on status (markus)
* NUTCH-1177 Generator to select on retry interval (markus)
* NUTCH-1246 Upgrade to Hadoop 1.0.0 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1139 Indexer to delete gone documents (markus)
* NUTCH-1244 CrawlDBDumper to filter by regex (markus)
* NUTCH-1237 Improve javac arguements for more verbose ouput (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1236 Add link to site documentation to download older versions of Nutch (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1146 Prevent generation of _SUCCESS files in output (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1232 Remove site field from index-basic (markus)
* NUTCH-1239 Webgraph should remove deleted pages from segment input (markus)
* NUTCH-1238 Fetcher throughput threshold must start before feeder finished (markus)
* NUTCH-1138 remove LogUtil from trunk and nutch gora (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1231 Upgrade to Tika 1.0 (markus)
* NUTCH-1230 MimeType API deprecated and breaks with Tika 1.0 (markus)
* NUTCH-1235 Upgrade to new Hadoop (markus)
* NUTCH-1217 Update NOTICE.txt to drop some copyrights (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1129 Add freegenerator, domainstats and crawldbscanner to log4j (markus)
* NUTCH-1184 Fetcher to parse and follow Nth degree outlinks (markus)
* NUTCH-1221 Migrate DomainStatistics to MapReduce API (markus)
* NUTCH-1216 Add trivial comment to lib/native/README.txt (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1214 DomainStats tool should be named for what it's doing (markus)
* NUTCH-1213 Pass additional SolrParams when indexing to Solr (ab)
* NUTCH-1211 URLFilterChecker command line help doesn't inform user of
STDIN requirements (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1209 Output from ParserChecker Url missing a newline (mattmann)
* NUTCH-1207 ParserChecker to output signature (markus)
* NUTCH-1090 InvertLinks should inform when ignoring internal links (Marek Backmann via markus)
* NUTCH-1174 Outlinks are not properly normalized (markus)
* NUTCH-1203 ParseSegment to show number of milliseconds per parse (markus)
* NUTCH-1185 Decrease solr.commit.size to 250 (markus)
* NUTCH-1180 UpdateDB to backup previous CrawlDB (markus)
* NUTCH-1173 DomainStats doesn't count db_not_modified (markus)
* NUTCH-1155 Host/domain limit in generator is generate.max.count+1 (markus)
* NUTCH-1061 Migrate MoreIndexingFilter from Apache ORO to java.util.regex (markus)
* NUTCH-1178 Incorrect CSV header CrawlDatumCsvOutputFormat (markus)
* NUTCH-1142 Normalization and filtering in WebGraph (markus)
* NUTCH-1153 LinkRank not to log all keys and not to write Hadoop _SUCCESS file (markus)
Release 1.4 - 11/4/2011
* NUTCH-1195 Add Solr 4x (trunk) example schema (ab)
* NUTCH-1192 Add '/runtime' to svn ignore (ferdy)
* NUTCH-1097 application/xhtml+xml should be enabled in plugin.xml of parse-html; allow multiple mimetypes for plugin.xml (Ferdy via lewismc)
* NUTCH-797 Fix parse-tika and parse-html to use relative URL resolution per RFC-3986
(Robert Hohman, ab)
* NUTCH-1154 Upgrade to Tika 0.10. NOTE: Tika's new RTF parser may ignore more
text in malformed documents than previously - see TIKA-748 for details. (ab)
* NUTCH-1109 Add Sonar targets to Ant build.xml (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1152 Upgrade SolrJ to version 3.4.0 (ab)
* NUTCH-1136 Ant pmd target is broken (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1058 Upgrade Solr schema to version 1.4 (markus)
* NUTCH-1137 LinkDB invertlinks other options ignored when using -dir option (Sebastian Nagel, markus)
* NUTCH-1141 Configurable Fetcher queue depth (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1091 Remove commons logging dependency from Nutch branch and trunk (lewismc)
* NUTCH-672 allow unit tests to be run from bin/nutch (Todd Lipton via lewismc)
* NUTCH-937 Put plugins in classes/plugins in job file (Claudio Martella, Ferdy Galema, jnioche)
* NUTCH-623 Change plugin source directory "languageidentifier" to "language-identifier" (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1074 topN is ignored with maxNumSegments and generate.max.count (Robert Thomson via markus)
* NUTCH-1078 Upgrade all instances of commons logging to slf4j (with log4j backend) (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1115 Option to disable fixing embedded URL parameters in DomContentUtils (markus)
* NUTCH-1114 Attr file missing in domain filter (markus)
* NUTCH-1067 Configure minimum throughput for fetcher (markus)
* NUTCH-1102 Fetcher to rely on fetcher.parse directive (markus)
* NUTCH-1110 UpdateDB must not write _success file (markus)
* NUTCH-1105 Max content length option for index-basic (markus)
* NUTCH-940 static field plugin (Claudio Martella via lewismc)
* NUTCH-914 Implement Apache Project Branding Requirements (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1095 remove i18n from Nutch site to archive and legacy secton of wiki (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1101 Option to purge db_gone records with updatedb (markus)
* NUTCH-1096 Empty (not null) ContentLength results in failure of fetch (Ferdy Galema via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1073 Rename parameters '' and '' (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1089 Short compressed pages caused exception in protocol-httpclient (Simone Frenzel via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1085 Nutch script does not require HADOOP_HOME (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1075 Delegate language identification to Tika (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1049 Add classes to bin/nutch script (markus)
* NUTCH-1051 Export WebGraph node scores for Solr.ExternalFileField (markus)
* NUTCH-1083 ParserChecker implements Tools (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1082 IndexingFiltersChecker utility does not list multi valued fields (markus)
* NUTCH-1004 Do not index empty values for title field (markus)
* NUTCH-914 Implement Apache Project Branding Requirements (lewismc via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1069 Readlinkdb broken on Hadoop > 0.20 (markus)
* NUTCH-1044 Redirected URLs and possibly all of their outlinked URLs have invalid scores (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1028 Log urls when parsing (markus)
* NUTCH-1065 New mvn.template (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1072 Display number and size of queues in Fetcher status (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1071 Crawldb update displays total number of URLs per status (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1045 MimeUtil to rely on default config provided by Tika (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1057 Fetcher thread time out configurable (markus)
* NUTCH-1037 Option to deduplicate anchors prior to indexing (markus)
* NUTCH-1050 Add segmentDir option to WebGraph (markus)
* NUTCH-1055 upgrade package.html file in language identifier plugin (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1059 Remove convdb command from /bin/nutch (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1019 Edit comment in org.apache.nutch.crawl.Crawl to reflect removal of legacy (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1023 Trivial error in error message for org.apache.nutch.crawl.LinkDbReader (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1043 Add pattern for filtering .js in default url filters (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1054 LinkDB optional during indexing (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1029 Readdb throws EOFException (markus)
* NUTCH-1036 Solr jobs should increment counters in Reporter (markus)
* NUTCH-987 Support HTTP auth for Solr communication (markus)
* NUTCH-1027 Degrade log level of `can't find rules for scope` (markus)
* NUTCH-783 IndexingFiltersChecker utility (jnioche via markus)
* NUTCH-1030 WebgraphDB program requires manually added directories (markus)
* NUTCH-1011 Normalize duplicate slashes in URL's (markus)
* NUTCH-993 NullPointerException at FetcherOutputFormat.checkOutputSpecs (Christian Guegi via jnioche)
* NUTCH-1013 Migrate RegexURLNormalizer from Apache ORO to java.util.regex (markus)
* NUTCH-1016 Strip UTF-8 non-character codepoints and add logging for SolrWriter (markus)
* NUTCH-1012 Cannot handle illegal charset $charset (markus)
* NUTCH-1022 Upgrade version number of Nutch agent in conf (markus)
* NUTCH-295 Description for fetcher.threads.fetch property (kubes via markus)
* NUTCH-1000 Add option not to commit to Solr (markus)
* NUTCH-1006 MetaEquiv with single quotes not accepted (markus)
* NUTCH-1010 ContentLength not trimmed (markus)
Release 1.3 - 6/4/2011
* NUTCH-995 Generate POM file using the Ivy makepom task (mattmann, jnioche, Gabriele Kahlout)
* NUTCH-1003 task 'package' does not reflect the new organisation of the code (jnioche)
* NUTCH-994 Fine tune Solr schema (markus)
* NUTCH-997 IndexingFitlers to store Date objects instead of Strings (jnioche)
* NUTCH-996 Indexer adds solr.commit.size+1 docs (markus)
* NUTCH-983 Upgrade SolrJ to 3.1 (markus, jnioche)
* NUTCH-989 Index-basic plugin and Solr schema now use date fieldType for tstamp field (markus)
* NUTCH-888 Remove parse-rss and add tests for rss to parse-tika (jnioche)
* NUTCH-991 SolrDedup must issue a commit (markus)
* NUTCH 986 SolrDedup fails due to date incorrect format (markus)
* NUTCH-977 SolrMappingReader uses hardcoded configuration parameter name for mapping file (markus)
* NUTCH-976 Rename properties solrindex.* to solr.* (markus)
* NUTCH-890 Fix IllegalAccessError with slf4j used in Solrj (markus)
* NUTCH-891 Subcollection plugin won't require blacklist any more (markus)
* NUTCH-972 CrawlDbMerger doesn't break on non-existent input (Gabriele Kahlout via jnioche)
* NUTCH-967 Upgrade to Tika 0.9 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-975 Fix missing/wrong headers in source files (markus)
* NUTCH-963 Add support for deleting Solr documents with STATUS_DB_GONE in CrawlDB (Claudio Martella, markus)
* NUTCH-825 Publish nutch artifacts to central maven repository (mattmann, jnioche)
* NUTCH-962 max. redirects not handled correctly: fetcher stops at max-1 redirects (Sebastian Nagel via ab)
* NUTCH-921 Reduce dependency of Nutch on config files (ab)
* NUTCH-876 Remove remaining robots/IP blocking code in lib-http (ab)
* NUTCH-872 Change the default fetcher.parse to FALSE (ab)
* NUTCH-564 External parser supports encoding attribute (Antony Bowesman, mattmann)
* NUTCH-964 Upgraded Xerces to 2.91, ERROR conf.Configuration - Failed to set setXIncludeAware (markus)
* NUTCH-927 Fetcher.timelimit.mins is invalid when depth is greater than 1 (Wade Lau via jnioche)
* NUTCH-824 Crawling - File Error 404 when fetching file with an hexadecimal character in the file name (Michela Becchi via jnioche)
* NUTCH-954 Strict application of Content-Length limit for http protocols (Alexis Detreglode via jnioche)
* NUTCH-950 DomainURLFilter throws NPE on bogus urls (Alexis Detreglode via jnioche)
* NUTCH-935 basicurlnormalizer removes unnecessary /./ in URLs (Stondet via markus)
* NUTCH-912 MoreIndexingFilter does not parse docx and xlsx date formats (Markus Jelsma, jnioche)
* NUTCH-886 A .gitignore file for Nutch (dogacan)
* NUTCH-930 Remove remaining dependencies on Lucene API (ab)
* NUTCH-883 Remove unused parameters from nutch-default.xml (jnioche)
* NUTCH-936 LanguageIdentifier should not set empty lang field on NutchDocument (Markus Jelsma via jnioche)
* NUTCH-787 ScoringFilters should not override the injected score (jnioche)
* NUTCH-949 Conflicting ANT jars in classpath (jnioche)
* NUTCH-863 Benchmark and a testbed proxy server (ab)
* NUTCH-844 Improve NutchConfiguration (ab)
* NUTCH-845 Native hadoop libs not available through maven (ab)
* NUTCH-843 Separate the build and runtime environments (ab)
* NUTCH-821 Use ivy in nutch builds (Enis Soztutar, jnioche)
* NUTCH-837 Remove search servers and Lucene dependencies (ab)
* NUTCH-836 Remove deprecated parse plugins (jnioche)
* NUTCH-939 Added -dir command line option to SolrIndexer (Claudio Martella via ab)
* NUTCH-948 Remove Lucene dependencies (ab)
Release 1.2 - 09/18/2010
* NUTCH-901 Make index-more plug-in configurable (Markus Jelsma via mattmann)
* NUTCH-908 Infinite Loop and Null Pointer Bugs in Searching (kubes via mattmann)
* NUTCH-906 Nutch OpenSearch sometimes raises DOMExceptions (Asheesh Laroia via ab)
* NUTCH-862 HttpClient null pointer exception (Sebastian Nagel via ab)
* NUTCH-905 Configurable file protocol parent directory crawling (Thorsten Scherler, mattmann, ab)
* NUTCH-877 Allow setting of slop values for non-quote phrase queries on query-basic plugin (kubes via jnioche)
* NUTCH-716 Make subcollection index filed multivalued (Dmitry Lihachev via jnioche)
* NUTCH-878 ScoringFilters should not override the injected score
* NUTCH-870 Injector should add the metadata before calling injectedScore (jnioche via mattmann)
* NUTCH-858 No longer able to set per-field boosts on lucene documents (ab)
* NUTCH-869 Add parse-html back (jnioche)
* NUTCH-871 MoreIndexingFilter missing date format (Max Lynch via mattmann)
* NUTCH-696 Timeout for Parser (ab, jnioche)
* NUTCH-857 DistributedBeans should not close their RPC counterparts (kubes)
* NUTCH-855 ScoringFilter and IndexingFilter: To allow for the propagation of URL Metatags
and their subsequent indexing (Scott Gonyea via mattmann)
* NUTCH-677 Segment merge filering based on segment content (Marcin Okraszewski via mattmann)
* NUTCH-774 Retry interval in crawl date is set to 0 (Reinhard Schwab via mattmann)
* NUTCH-697 Generate log output for solr indexer and dedup (Dmitry Lihachev, Jeroen van Vianen via mattmann)
* NUTCH-850 SolrDeleteDuplicates needs to clone the SolrRecord objects (jnioche)
* NUTCH-838 Add timing information to all Tool classes (Jeroen van Vianen, mattmann)
* NUTCH-835 Document deduplication failed using MD5Signature (Sebastian Nagel via ab)
* NUTCH-831 Allow configuration of how fields crawled by Nutch are stored / indexed /
tokenized (Jeroen van Vianen via mattmann)
* NUTCH-278 Fetcher-status might need clarification: kbit/s instead of kb/s shown (Alex McLintock via mattmann)
* NUTCH-833 Website is still Lucene branded (mattmann, Alex McLintock)
* NUTCH-832 Website menu has lots of broken links - in particular the API docs (Alex McLintock via mattmann)
Release 1.1 - 2010-06-06
* NUTCH-819 Included Solr schema.xml and solrindex-mapping.xml don't play together (ab)
* NUTCH-818 Bugfix : Parse-tika uses minorCodes instead of majorCodes in ParseStatus (jnioche)
* NUTCH-816 Add zip target to build.xml (mattmann)
* NUTCH-732 Subcollection plugin not working (Filipe Antunes, ab)
* NUTCH-815 Invalid blank line before If-Modified-Since header (Pascal Dimassimo via ab)
* NUTCH-814 SegmentMerger bug (Rob Bradshaw, ab)
* NUTCH-812 incorrectly uses the Generator API resulting in NPE (Phil Barnett via mattmann and ab)
* NUTCH-810 Upgrade to Tika 0.7 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-785 Copy metadata from origin URL when redirecting in Fetcher + call scfilters.initialScore on newly created URL (jnioche)
* NUTCH-779 Mechanism for passing metadata from parse to crawldb (jnioche)
* NUTCH-784 CrawlDBScanner (jnioche)
* NUTCH-762 Generator can generate several segments in one parse of the crawlDB (jnioche)
* NUTCH-740 Configuration option to override default language for fetched pages (Marcin Okraszewski via jnioche)
* NUTCH-803 Upgrade to Hadoop 0.20.2 (ab)
* NUTCH-787 Upgrade Lucene to 3.0.1. (Dawid Weiss via ab)
* NUTCH-796 Zero results problems difficult to troubleshoot due to lack of logging (ab)
* NUTCH-801 Remove RTF and MP3 parse plugins (jnioche)
* NUTCH-798 Upgrade to SOLR1.4 and its dependencies (jnioche)
* NUTCH-799 SOLRIndexer to commit once all reducers have finished (jnioche)
* NUTCH-782 Ability to order htmlparsefilters (jnioche)
* NUTCH-719 fetchQueues.totalSize incorrect in Fetcher (Steven Denny via jnioche)
* NUTCH-790 Some external javadoc links are broken (siren)
* NUTCH-766 Tika parser (jnioche via mattmann)
* NUTCH-786 Improvement to the list of suffix domains (jnioche)
* NUTCH-775 Enhance searcher interface (siren)
* NUTCH-781 Update Tika to v0.6 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-269 CrawlDbReducer: OOME because no upper-bound on inlinks count (stack + jnioche)
* NUTCH-655 Injecting Crawl metadata (jnioche)
* NUTCH-658 Use counters to report fetching and parsing status (jnioche)
* NUTCH-777 Upgrading to jetty6 broke unit tests (mattmann)
* NUTCH-767 Update Tika to v0.5 for the MimeType detection (Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-769 Fetcher to skip queues for URLS getting repeated exceptions
(Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-768 - Upgrade Nutch 1.0 to use Hadoop 0.20.1, also upgrades Xerces to
version 2.9.1. (kubes)
* NUTCH-712 ParseOutputFormat should catch
coming from normalizers (Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-741 Job file includes multiple copies of nutch config files
(Kirby Bohling via ab)
* NUTCH-739 SolrDeleteDuplications too slow when using hadoop (Dmitry Lihachev via ab)
* NUTCH-738 Close SegmentUpdater when FetchedSegments is closed
(Martina Koch, Kirby Bohling via ab)
* NUTCH-746 NutchBeanConstructor does not close NutchBean upon contextDestroyed,
causing resource leak in the container. (Kirby Bohling via ab)
* NUTCH-772 Upgrade Nutch to use Lucene 2.9.1 (ab)
* NUTCH-760 Allow field mapping from Nutch to Solr index (David Stuart, ab)
* NUTCH-761 Avoid cloning CrawlDatum in CrawlDbReducer (Julien Nioche, ab)
* NUTCH-753 Prevent new Fetcher from retrieving the robots twice (Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-773 - Some minor bugs in AbstractFetchSchedule (Reinhard Schwab via ab)
* NUTCH-765 - Allow Crawl class to call Either Solr or Lucene Indexer (kubes)
* NUTCH-735 - crawl-tool.xml must be read before nutch-site.xml when
invoked using crawl command (Susam Pal via dogacan)
* NUTCH-721 - Fetcher2 Slow (Julien Nioche via dogacan)
* NUTCH-702 - Lazy Instanciation of Metadata in CrawlDatum (Julien Nioche via dogacan)
* NUTCH-707 - Generation of multiple segments in multiple runs returns only 1 segment
(Michael Chen, ab)
* NUTCH-730 - NPE in LinkRank if no nodes with which to create the WebGraph
(Dennis Kubes via ab)
* NUTCH-731 - Redirection of robots.txt in RobotRulesParser (Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-757 - RequestUtils getBooleanParameter() always returns false
(Niall Pemberton via ab)
* NUTCH-754 - Use GenericOptionsParser instead of FileSystem.parseArgs() (Julien
Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-756 - CrawlDatum.set() does not reset Metadata if it is null (Julien Nioche
via ab)
* NUTCH-679 - Fetcher2 implementing Tool (Julien Nioche via ab)
* NUTCH-758 - Set subversion eol-style to "native" (Niall Pemberton via ab)
Release 1.0 - 2009-03-23
1. NUTCH-474 - Fetcher2 crawlDelay and blocking fix (Dogacan Guney via ab)
2. NUTCH-443 - Allow parsers to return multiple Parse objects.
(Dogacan Guney et al, via ab)
3. NUTCH-393 - Indexer should handle null documents returned by filters.
(Eelco Lempsink via ab)
4. NUTCH-456 - Parse msexcel plugin speedup (Heiko Dietze via siren)
5. NUTCH-446 - RobotRulesParser should ignore Crawl-delay values of other
bots in robots.txt (Dogacan Guney via siren)
6. NUTCH-482 - Remove redundant plugin lib-log4j (siren)
7. NUTCH-483 - Remove redundant commons-logging jar from ontology plugin
8. NUTCH-161 - Change Plain text parser to
use parser.character.encoding.default property for fall back encoding
(KuroSaka TeruHiko, siren)
9. NUTCH-61 - Support for adaptive re-fetch interval and detection of
unmodified content. (ab)
10. NUTCH-392 - OutputFormat implementations should pass on Progressable.
(cutting via ab)
11. NUTCH-495 - Unnecessary delays in Fetcher2 (dogacan)
12. NUTCH-443 - allow parsers to return multiple Parse object, this will speed
up the rss parser (dogacan via mattmann). This update is a fix and semantics
change from the original patch for NUTCH-443. The original patch did not tell
the Indexer to read crawl_parse too so that it can pickup sub-urls' fetch
datums. This patch addresses that issue. Now, if Fetcher gets a null content,
instead of pushing an empty content, it filters the null content.
13. NUTCH-485 - Change HtmlParseFilter 's to return ParseResult object instead of
Parse object. (Gal Nitzan via dogacan)
14. NUTCH-489 - URLFilter-suffix management of the url path when the url contains
some query parameters. (Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
15. NUTCH-502 - Bug in SegmentReader causes infinite loop.
(Ilya Vishnevsky via dogacan)
16. NUTCH-444 Possibly use a different library to parse RSS feed for improved
performance and compatibility. This patch introduced a new plugin, feed,
that includes an index filter and a parse plugin for feeds that uses ROME.
There was discussion to remove parse-rss, in light of the feed plugin,
however, this patch does not explicitly remove parse-rss. (dogacan, mattmann)
17. NUTCH-471 - Fix synchronization in NutchBean creation.
(Enis Soztutar via dogacan)
18. Upgrade to Lucene 2.2.0 and Hadoop 0.12.3. (ab)
19. NUTCH-468 - Scoring filter should distribute score to all outlinks at
once. (dogacan)
20. NUTCH-504 - NUTCH-443 broke parsing during fetching. (dogacan)
21. NUTCH-497 - Extreme Nested Tags causes StackOverflowException in
DomContentUtils...Spider Trap. (kubes)
22. NUTCH-434 - Replace usage of ObjectWritable with something based on
GenericWritable. (dogacan)
23. NUTCH-499 - Refactor LinkDb and LinkDbMerger to reuse code. (dogacan)
24. NUTCH-498 - Use Combiner in LinkDb to increase speed of linkdb generation.
(Espen Amble Kolstad via dogacan)
25. NUTCH-507 - lib-lucene-analyzers jar defintion is wrong in plugin.xml.
(Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
26. NUTCH-503 - Generator exits incorrectly for small fetchlists.
(Vishal Shah via dogacan)
27. NUTCH-505 - Outlink urls should be validated. (dogacan)
28. NUTCH-510 - IndexMerger delete working dir. (Enis Soztutar via dogacan)
29. NUTCH-513 - suffix-urlfilter.txt does not have a template. (dogacan)
30. NUTCH-515 - Next fetch time is set incorrectly. (dogacan)
30. NUTCH-506 - Nutch should delegate compression to Hadoop. (dogacan)
31. NUTCH-517 - build encoding should be UTF-8. (Enis Soztutar via dogacan).
32. NUTCH-518 - Fix OpicScoringFilter to respect scoring filter chaining.
(Enis Soztutar via dogacan)
33. NUTCH-516 - Next fetch time is not set when it is a
CrawlDatum.STATUS_FETCH_GONE. (Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
34. NUTCH-525 - DeleteDuplicates generates ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
when trying to rerun dedup on a segment. (Vishal Shah via dogacan)
35. NUTCH-514 - Indexer should only index pages with fetch status SUCCESS.
(dogacan) Note: There is a bigger problem, i.e how to deal
with redirected pages, and this issue can be considered as a band-aid
for the time being. See NUTCH-273 and NUTCH-353 for more details.
36. NUTCH-533 - LinkDbMerger: url normalized is not updated in the key and
inlinks list. (Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
37. NUTCH-535 -ParseData's contentMeta accumulates unnecessary values during
parse. (dogacan)
38. NUTCH-522 - Use URLValidator in the Injector. (Emmanuel Joke, dogacan)
39. NUTCH-536 - Reduce number of warnings in nutch core. (dogacan)
40. NUTCH-439 - Top Level Domains Indexing / Scoring. Also adds
domain-related utilities. (Enis Soztutar via dogacan)
41. NUTCH-544 - Upgrade Carrot2 clustering plugin to the newest stable
release (2.1). (Dawid Weiss via dogacan)
42. NUTCH-545 - Configuration and OnlineClusterer get initialized in every
request. (Dawid Weiss via dogacan)
43. NUTCH-532 - CrawlDbMerger: wrong computation of last fetch time.
(Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
44. NUTCH-550 - Parse fails if is -1. (dogacan)
45. NUTCH-546 - file URL are filtered out by the crawler. (dogacan)
46. NUTCH-554 - Generator throws IOException on invalid urls.
(Brian Whitman via ab)
47. NUTCH-529 - NodeWalker.skipChildren doesn't work for more than 1 child.
(Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
48. NUTCH-25 - needs 'character encoding' detector.
(Doug Cook, dogacan, Marcin Okraszewski, Renaud Richardet via dogacan)
49. NUTCH-508 - ${hadoop.log.dir} and ${hadoop.log.file} are not propagated
to the tasktracker. (Mathijs Homminga, Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
50. NUTCH-562 - Port mime type framework to use Tika mime detection framework.
51. NUTCH-488 - Avoid parsing uneccessary links and get a more relevant outlink
list. (Emmanuel Joke, Marcin Okraszewski via kubes)
52. NUTCH-501 - Implement a different caching mechanism for objects cached in
configuration. (dogacan)
53. NUTCH-552 - Upgrade Nutch to Hadoop 0.15.x. (kubes)
54. NUTCH-565 - Arc File to Nutch Segments Converter. (kubes)
55. NUTCH-547 - Redirection handling: YahooSlurp's algorithm.
(dogacan, kubes via dogacan)
56. NUTCH-548 - Move URLNormalizer from Outlink to ParseOutputFormat.
(Emmanuel Joke via dogacan)
57. NUTCH-538 - Delete unused classes under o.a.n.util. (dogacan)
58. NUTCH-494 - FindBugs: CrawlDbReader and DeleteDuplicates. (dogacan)
59. NUTCH-574 - Including inlink anchor text in index can create irrelevant
search results. Created index-anchor plugin, removed functionality from
index-basic plugin. For backwards compatibility, add index-anchor plugin to
nutch-site.xml plugin.includes. (kubes)
60. NUTCH-581 - DistributedSearch does not update search servers added to
search-servers.txt on the fly. (Rohan Mehta via kubes)
61. NUTCH-586 - Add option to run compiled classes without job file
(enis via ab)
62. NUTCH-559 - NTLM, Basic and Digest Authentication schemes for web/proxy
server. (Susam Pal via dogacan)
63. NUTCH-534 - SegmentMerger: add -normalize option (Emmanuel Joke via ab)
64. NUTCH-528 - CrawlDbReader: add some new stats + dump into a CSV format
(Emmanuel Joke via ab)
65. NUTCH-597 - NPE in Fetcher2 (Remco Verhoef via ab)
66. NUTCH-584 - urls missing from fetchlist (Ruslan Ermilov, ab)
67. NUTCH-580 - Remove deprecated hadoop api calls (FS) (siren)
68. NUTCH-587 - Upgrade to Hadoop 0.15.3 (kubes)
69. NUTCH-604 - Upgrade to Lucene 2.3.0 (ab)
70. NUTCH-602 - Allow configurable number of handlers for search servers
(hartbecke via kubes)
71. NUTCH-607 - Update build.xml to include tika jar when building war (kubes)
72. NUTCH-608 - Upgrade nutch to use released apache-tika-0.1-incubating (mattmann)
73. NUTCH-606 - Refactoring of Generator, run all urls through checks (kubes)
74. NUTCH-605 - Change deprecated configuration methods for Hadoop (kubes)
75. NUTCH-603 - Add more default url normalizations (kubes)
76. NUTCH-611 - Upgrade Nutch to use Hadoop 0.16 (kubes)
77. NUTCH-44 - Too many search results, limits max results returned from a
single search. (Emilijan Mirceski and Susam Pal via kubes)
78. NUTCH-567 - Proper (?) handling of URIs in TagSoup. TagSoup library is
updated to 1.2 version. (dogacan)
79. NUTCH-613 - Empty summaries and cached pages (kubes via ab)
80. NUTCH-612 - URL filtering was disabled in Generator when invoked
from Crawl (Susam Pal via ab)
81. NUTCH-601 - Recrawling on existing crawl directory (Susam Pal via ab)
82. NUTCH-575 - NPE in OpenSearchServlet (John H. Lee via ab)
83. NUTCH-126 - Fetching https does not work with a proxy (Fritz Elfert via ab)
84. NUTCH-615 - Redirected URL-s fetched without setting fetchInterval.
Guard against reprUrl being null. (Emmanuel Joke, ab)
85. NUTCH-616 - Reset Fetch Retry counter when fetch is successful (Emmanuel
Joke, ab)
86. NUTCH-220 - Upgrade to PDFBox 0.7.3 (ab)
87. NUTCH-223 - uses Integer.MAX_VALUE (Jeff Ritchie via ab)
88. NUTCH-598 - Remove deprecated use of ToolBase. Use generics in Hadoop API.
(Emmanuel Joke, dogacan, ab)
89. NUTCH-620 - BasicURLNormalizer should collapse runs of slashes with a
single slash. (Mark DeSpain via ab)
90. NUTCH-500 - Add hadoop masters configuration file into conf folder.
(Emmanuel Joke via kubes)
91. NUTCH-596 - ParseSegments parse content even if its not
CrawlDatum.STATUS_FETCH_SUCCESS (dogacan)
92. NUTCH-618 - Tika error "Media type alias already exists" (mattmann,kubes)
93. NUTCH-634 - Upgrade Nutch to Hadoop 0.17.1 (Michael Gottesman, Lincoln
Ritter, ab)
94. NUTCH-641 - IndexSorter inorrectly copies stored fields (ab)
95. NUTCH-645 - Parse-swf unit test failing (ab)
96. NUTCH-642 - Unit tests fail when run in non-local mode (ab)
97. NUTCH-639 - Change LuceneDocumentWrapper visibility from
private to _public_ (Guillaume Smet via dogacan)
98. NUTCH-651 - Remove bin/{start|stop} from svn
tracking. (dogacan)
99. NUTCH-375 - Add support for Content-Encoding: deflated
(Pascal Beis, ab)
100. NUTCH-633 - ParseSegment no longer allow reparsing.
101. NUTCH-653 - Upgrade to hadoop 0.18. (dogacan)
102. NUTCH-621 - Nutch needs to declare it's crypto usage (mattmann)
103. NUTCH-654 - urlfilter-regex's main does not work.
104. NUTCH-640 - confusing description "set it to Integer.MAX_VALUE".
105. NUTCH-662 - Upgrade Nutch to use Lucene 2.4. (kubes)
106. NUTCH-663 - Upgrade Nutch to use Hadoop 0.19 (kubes)
107. NUTCH-647 - Resolve URLs tool (kubes)
108. NUTCH-665 - Search Load Testing Tool (kubes)
109. NUTCH-667 - Input Format for working with Content in Hadoop Streaming
110. NUTCH-635 - LinkAnalysis Tool for Nutch. (kubes)
111. NUTCH-646 - New Indexing Framework for Nutch. (kubes)
112. NUTCH-668 - Domain URL Filter. (kubes)
113. NUTCH-594 - Serve Nutch search results in multiple formats including
XML and JSON. (kubes)
114. NUTCH-442 - Integrate Solr/Nutch. (dogacan, original version by siren)
115. NUTCH-652 - AdaptiveFetchSchedule#setFetchSchedule doesn't calculate
fetch interval correctly. (dogacan)
116. NUTCH-627 - Minimize host address lookup (Otis Gospodnetic)
117. NUTCH-678 - Hadoop 0.19 requires an update of jets3t.
(julien nioche via dogacan)
118. NUTCH-681 - parse-mp3 compilation problem.
(Wildan Maulana via dogacan)
119. NUTCH-676 - MapWritable is written inefficiently and confusingly.
120. NUTCH-579 - Feed plugin only indexes one post per feed due to identical
digest. (dogacan)
121. NUTCH-571 - parse-mp3 plugin doesn't always index album of mp3.
(Joseph Chen, dogacan)
122. NUTCH-682 - SOLR indexer does not set boost on the document.
(julien nioche via dogacan)
123. NUTCH-279 - Additions to urlnormalizer-regex (Stefan Neufeind, ab)
124. NUTCH-671 - JSP errors in Nutch searcher webapp (Edwin Chu via ab)
125. NUTCH-643 - ClassCastException in PDF parser (Guillaume Smet, ab)
126. NUTCH-636 - Httpclient plugin https doesn't work on IBM JRE
(Curtis d'Entremont, ab)
127. NUTCH-683 - NUTCH-676 broke CrawlDbMerger. (dogacan)
128. NUTCH-631 - MoreIndexingFilter fails with NoSuchElementException
(Stefan Will, siren)
129. NUTCH-691 - Update jakarta poi jars to the most relevant version
(Dmitry Lihachev via siren)
130. NUTCH-563 - Include custom fields in BasicQueryFilter
(Julien Nioche via siren)
131. NUTCH-695 - Incorrect mime type detection by MoreIndexingFilter plugin
(Dmitry Lihachev via siren)
132. NUTCH-694 - Distributed Search Server fails (siren)
133. NUTCH-626 - Fetcher2 breaks out the domain with db.ignore.external.links
set at cross domain redirects (Remco Verhoef, dogacan via siren)
134. NUTCH-247 - Robot parser to restrict (kubes, siren)
135. NUTCH-698 - CrawlDb is corrupted after a few crawl cycles (dogacan
via siren)
136. NUTCH-699 - Add an "official" solr schema for solr integration (dogacan,
Dmitry Lihachev via siren)
137. NUTCH-703 - Upgrade to Hadoop 0.19.1 (ab)
138. NUTCH-419 - Unavailable robots.txt kills fetch (Carsten Lehmann,
Doug Cook via ab)
139. NUTCH-700 - Neko1.9.11 goes into a loop (Julien Nioche, siren)
140. NUTCH-669 - Consolidate code for Fetcher and Fetcher2 (siren)
141. NUTCH-711 - Indexer failing after upgrade to Hadoop 0.19.1 (ab)
142. NUTCH-684 - Dedup support for Solr. (dogacan)
143. NUTCH-715 - Subcollection plugin doesn't work with default
subcollections.xml file (Dmitry Lihachev via siren)
144. NUTCH-722 - Nutch contains JAI jars that we cannot redistribute
Release 0.9 - 2007-04-02
1. Changed log4j confiquration to log to stdout on commandline
tools (siren)
2. NUTCH-344 - Fix for thread blocking issue (Greg Kim via siren)
3. NUTCH-260 - Update hadoop version to 0.5.0 (Renaud Richardet,
4. Optionally skip pages with abnormally large values of Crawl-Delay
(Dennis Kubes via ab)
5. Change readdb -stats to use CombiningCollector (ab)
6. NUTCH-348 - Fix Generator to select highest scoring pages (Chris
Schneider and Stefan Groschupf via ab)
7. NUTCH-347 - Adjust plugin build script not to emit warnings when copying
dependant jars (siren)
8. NUTCH-338 - Remove the text parser as an option for parsing PDF files
in parse-plugins.xml (Chris A. Mattmann via siren)
9. NUTCH-105 - Network error during robots.txt fetch causes file to
be ignored (Greg Kim via siren)
10. NUTCH-367 - DistributedSearch thown ClassCastException (siren)
11. NUTCH-332 - Fix the problem of doubling scores caused by links pointing
to the current page (e.g. anchors). (Stefan Groschupf via ab)
12. NUTCH-365 - Flexible URL normalization (ab)
13. NUTCH-336 - Differentiate between newly discovered pages and newly
injected pages (Chris Schneider via ab) NOTE: this changes the
scoring API, filter implementations need to be updated.
14. NUTCH-337 - Fetcher ignores the fetcher.parse value (Stefan Groschupf
via ab)
15. NUTCH-350 - Urls blocked by http.max.delays incorrectly marked as GONE
(Stefan Groschupf via ab)
16. NUTCH-374 - when http.content.limit be set to -1 and
Response.CONTENT_ENCODING is gzip or x-gzip , it can not fetch any thing
(King Kong via pkosiorowski)
17. NUTCH-383 - upgrade to Hadoop 0.7.1 and Lucene 2.0.0. (ab)
****************************** WARNING !!! ********************************
* This upgrade breaks data format compatibility. A tool 'convertdb' *
* was added to migrate existing CrawlDb-s to the new format. Segment data *
* can be partially migrated using 'mergesegs', however segments will *
* require re-parsing (and consequently re-indexing). *
****************************** WARNING !!! ********************************
18. NUTCH-371 - DeleteDuplicates now correctly implements both parts of
the algorithm. (ab)
19. NUTCH-391 - ParseUtil logs file contents to log file when it cannot
find parser (siren)
20. NUTCH-379 - ParseUtil does not pass through the content's URL to the
ParserFactory (Chris A. Mattmann via siren)
21. NUTCH-361, NUTCH-136 - When jobtracker is 'local' generate only one
partition. (ab)
22. NUTCH-399 - Change CommandRunner to use concurrent api from jdk (siren)
23. NUTCH-395 - Increase fetching speed (siren)
24. NUTCH-388 - nutch-default.xml has outdated example for urlfilter.order
(reported by Jared Dunne)
25. NUTCH-404 - Fix LinkDB Usage - implementation mismatch (siren)
26. NUTCH-403 - Make URL filtering optional in Generator (siren)
27. NUTCH-405 - Content object is not properly initialized in map method
of ParseSegment (siren)
28. NUTCH-362 - Remove parse-text from unsupported filetypes in
parse-plugins.xml (siren)
29. NUTCH-305 - Update crawl and url filter lists to exclude
jpeg|JPEG|bmp|BMP, suffix-urlfilter.txt (contributed by Stefan
Neufeind) is also updated (siren)
30. NUTCH-406 - Metadata tries to write null values (mattmann)
31. NUTCH-415 - Generator should mark selected records in CrawlDb.
Due to increased resource consumption this step is optional.
Application-level locking has been added to prevent concurrent
modification of databases. (ab)
32. NUTCH-416 - CrawlDatum status and CrawlDbReducer refactoring. It is
now possible to correctly update CrawlDb from multiple segments.
Introduce new status codes for temporary and permanent
redirection. (ab)
33. NUTCH-322 - Fix Fetcher to store redirected pages and to store
protocol-level status. This also should fix NUTCH-273. (ab)
34. Change default Fetcher behavior not to follow redirects immediately.
Instead Fetcher will record redirects as new pages to be added to CrawlDb.
This also partially addresses NUTCH-273. (ab)
35. Detect and report when Generator creates 0-sized segments. (ab)
36. Fix Injector to preserve already existing CrawlDatum if the seed list
being injected also contains such URL. (ab)
37. NUTCH-425, NUTCH-426 - Fix anchors pollution. Continue after
skipping bad URLs. (Michael Stack via ab)
38. NUTCH-325 - throws NPE in case urlfilter.order contains
Filters that are not in plugin.includes (Stefan Groschupf, siren)
39. NUTCH-421 - Allow predeterminate running order of indexing filters
(Alan Tanaman, siren)
40. When indexing pages with redirection, drop all intermediate pages and
index only the final page. (ab)
41. Upgrade to Hadoop 0.10.1. (ab)
42. NUTCH-420 - Fix a bug in DeleteDuplicates where results depended on the
order in which IndexDoc-s are processed. (Dogacan Guney via ab)
43. NUTCH-428 - NullPointerException thrown when agent name is not
configured properly. Changed to throw RuntimeException instead.
44. NUTCH-430 - Integer overflow in (siren)
45. NUTCH-68 - Add a tool to generate arbitrary fetchlists. (ab)
46. NUTCH-433 - in newer nightlies in mergesegs
or indexing from (siren)
47. NUTCH-339 - Fetcher2: a queue-based fetcher implementation. (ab)
48. NUTCH-390 - Javadoc warnings (mattmann)
49. NUTCH-449 - Make junit output format configurable. (nigel via cutting)
50. NUTCH-432 - Fix a bug where platform name with spaces would break the
bin/nutch script. (Brian Whitman via ab)
51. Upgrade to Hadoop 0.11.2 and Lucene 2.1.0 release. (ab)
52. NUTCH-167 - Observation of robots "noarchive" directive. (ab)
53. NUTCH-384 - Protocol-file plugin does not allow the parse plugins
framework to operate properly (Heiko Dietze via mattmann)
54. NUTCH-233 - Wrong regular expression hangs reduce process forever (Stefan
Groschupf via kubes)
55. NUTCH-436 - Incorrect handling of relative paths when the embedded URL
path is empty (kubes)
56. Upgrade to Hadoop 0.12.1 release. (ab)
57. NUTCH-246 - Incorrect segment size being generated due to time
synchronization issue (Stefan Groschupf via ab)
58. Upgrade to Hadoop 0.12.2 release. (ab)
59. NUTCH-333 - SegmentMerger and SegmentReader should use NutchJob. (Michael
Stack and Dogacan Guney via kubes)
Release 0.8 - 2006-07-25
0. Totally new architecture, based on hadoop
[] (cutting)
1. NUTCH-107 - Typo in plugin/urlfilter-*/plugin.xml. (Stephen Cross).
2. NUTCH-108 - Log hosts that exceed
(Rod Taylor via cutting)
3. NUTCH-88 - Enhance ParserFactory plugin selection policy
4. NUTCH-124 - Protocol-httpclient does not follow redirects when
fetching robots.txt (cutting)
5. NUTCH-130 - Be explicit about target JVM when building (1.4.x?)
(, cutting)
6. NUTCH-114 - Getting number of urls and links from crawldb
(Stefan Groschupf via ab)
7. NUTCH-112 - Link in cached.jsp page to cached content is an
absolute link (Chris A. Mattmann via jerome)
8. NUTCH-135 - Http header meta data are case insensitive in the
real world (Stefan Groschupf via jerome)
9. NUTCH-145 - Build of war file fails on Chinese (zh) .xml files due
to UTF-8 BOM (KuroSaka TeruHiko via siren)
10. NUTCH-121 - SegmentReader for mapred (Rod Taylor via ab)
11. Added support for OpenSearch (cutting)
12. NUTCH-142 - NutchConf should use the thread context classloader
(Mike Cannon-Brookes via pkosiorowski)
13. NUTCH-160 - Use standard Java Regex library rather than
org.apache.oro.text.regex (Rod Taylor via cutting)
14. NUTCH-151 - CommandRunner can hang after the main thread exec is
finished and has inefficient busy loop (Paul Baclace via cutting)
15. NUTCH-174 - Problem encountered with ant during compilation
16. NUTCH-190 - ParseUtil drops reason for failed parse
( via ab)
17. NUTCH-169 - Remove static NutchConf (Marko Bauhardt via ab)
18. NUTCH-194 - Nutch-169 introduced two tiny bugs (Marko Bauhardt via ab)
19. NUTCH-178 - in search.jsp must be session creation "false"
(YourSoft via siren)
20. NUTCH-200 - OpenSearch Servlet ist broken
(Marko Bauhardt via siren)
21. NUTCH-81 - Webapp only works when deployed in root
(AJ Banck, Michael Nebel via siren)
22. NUTCH-139 - Standard metadata property names in the ParseData
metadata (Chris A. Mattmann, jerome)
23. NUTCH-192 - Meta data support for CrawlDatum
(Stefan Groschupf via ab)
24. NUTCH-52 - Parser plugin for MS Excel files
(Rohit Kulkarni via jerome)
25. NUTCH-53 - Parser plugin for Zip files
(Rohit Kulkarni via jerome)
26. NUTCH-137 - footer is not displayed in search result page
(KuroSaka TeruHiko via siren)
27. NUTCH-118 - FAQ link points to invalid URL
(Steve Betts via siren)
28. NUTCH-184 - Serbian (sr, Cyrilic) and Serbo-Croatian (sh, Latin)
translation (Ivan Sekulovic via siren)
29. NUTCH-211 - FetchedSegments leave readers open (Stefan Groschupf
via cutting)
30. NUTCH-140 - Add alias capability in parse-plugins.xml file that
allows mimeType->extensionId mapping (Chris A. Mattmann via jerome)
31. NUTCH-214 - Added Links to web site to search mailling list
(Jake Vanderdray via jerome)
32. NUTCH-204 - Multiple field values in HitDetails
(Stefan Groschupf via jerome)
33. NUTCH-219 - file.content.limit & ftp.content.limit should be changed
to -1 to be consistent with http (jerome)
34. NUTCH-221 - Prepare nutch for upcoming lucene 2.0 (siren)
35. NUTCH-91 - Empty encoding causes exception (Michael Nebel via
36. NUTCH-228 - Clustering plugin descriptor broken (Dawid Weiss via
37. NUTCH-229 - Improved handling of plugin folder configuration
(Stefan Groschupf via ab)
38. NUTCH-206 - Search server throws InstantiationException (ab)
39. NUTCH-203 - ParseSegment throws InstantiationException (Marko Bauhardt
via ab)
40. NUTCH-3 - Multi values of header discarded (Stefan Groschupf via ab)
41. Update to lucene 1.9.1 (cutting)
42. NUTCH-235 - Duplicate Inlink values (ab)
43. NUTCH-234 - Clustering extension code cleanups and a real
JUnit test case for the current implementation (Dawid Weiss via ab)
44. NUTCH-210 - Context.xml file for Nutch web application
(Chris A. Mattmann via jerome)
45. NUTCH-231 - Invalid CSS entries (AJ Banck via jerome)
46. NUTCH-232 - Search.jsp has multiple search forms creating
invalid html / incorrect focus function (jerome)
47. NUTCH-196 - lib-xml and lib-log4j plugins (ab, jerome)
48. NUTCH-244 - Inconsistent handling of property values
boundaries / unable to set to
infinite (jerome)
49. NUTCH-245 - DTD for plugin.xml configuration files
(Chris A. Mattmann via jerome)
50. NUTCH-250 - Generate to log truncation caused by (Rod Taylor via cutting)
51. NUTCH-125 - OpenOffice Parser plugin (ab)
52. Switch from using to org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path.
53. NUTCH-240 - Scoring API: extension point, scoring filters and
an OPIC plugin (ab)
54. NUTCH-134 - Summarizer doesn't select the best snippets (jerome)
55. NUTCH-268 - Generator and lib-http use different definitions of
"unique host" (ab)
56. NUTCH-280 - Url query causes NullPointerException (Grant Glouser
via siren)
57. NUTCH-285 - LinkDb Fails rename doesn't create parent directories
(Dennis Kubes via ab)
58. NUTCH-201 - Add support for subcollections
59. NUTCH-298 - If a 404 for a robots.txt is returned a NPE is thrown
(Stefan Groschupf via jerome)
60. NUTCH-275 - Fetcher not parsing XHTML-pages at all (jerome)
61. NUTCH-301 - CommonGrams loads analysis.common.terms.file for each query
(Stefan Groschupf via jerome)
62. NUTCH-110 - OpenSearchServlet outputs illegal xml characters
( via siren)
63. NUTCH-292 - OpenSearchServlet: OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
(Stefan Neufeind via siren)
64. NUTCH-307 - Wrong configured (jerome)
65. NUTCH-303 - Logging improvements (jerome)
66. NUTCH-308 - Maximum search time limit (ab)
67. NUTCH-306 - DistributedSearch.Client liveAddresses concurrency
problem (Grant Glouser via siren)
68. Update to hadoop-0.4 (Milind Bhandarkar, cutting)
69. NUTCH-317 - Clarify what the queryLanguage argument of
Query.parse(...) means (jerome)
70. Added alternative experimental web gui in contrib containing
extensions like subcollection, keymatch, user preferences,
caching, implemented mainly using tiles and jstl (siren)
71. NUTCH-320 DmozParser does not output list of urls to stdout
but to a log file instead. Original functionality restored.
72. NUTCH-271 - Add ability to limit crawling to the set of initially
injected hosts (db.ignore.external.links) (Philippe Eugene,
Stefan Neufeind via ab)
73. NUTCH-293 - Support for Crawl-Delay (Stefan Groschupf via ab)
74. NUTCH-327 - Fixed logging directory on cygwin (siren)
Release 0.7 - 2005-08-17
1. Added support for "type:" in queries. Search results are limited/qualified
by mimetype or its primary type or sub type. For example,
(1) searching with "type:application/pdf" restricts results
to pages which were identified to be of mimetype "application/pdf".
(2) with "type:application", nutch will return pages of
primary type "application".
(3) with "type:pdf", only pages of sub type "pdf" will be listed.
(John Xing, 20050120)
2. Added support for "date:" in queries. Last-Modified is indexed.
Search results are restricted by lower and upper date (inclusive)
as date:yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd. For example, date:20040101-20041231
only returns pages with Last-Modified in year 2004.
(John Xing, 20050122)
3. Add URLFilter plugin interface and convert existing url filters into
plugins. (John Xing, 20050206)
4. Add UpdateSegmentsFromDb tool, which updates the scores and
anchors of existing segments with the current values in the web
db. This is used by CrawlTool, so that pages are now only fetched
once per crawl. (Doug Cutting, 20050221)
5. Moved code into org.apache.nutch sub-packages. Changed license to
Apache 2.0. Removed jar files whose licenses do not permit
redistribution by Apache. Disabled compilation of plugins which
require these libraries. (Doug Cutting 20050301)
6. Index host and title in separate fields. Host was indexed
previously only as a part of the URL. Title was indexed as an
anchor. Now boosts for matching these fields may be adjusted
separately from boosts for matching anchors and url. Also: move
site indexing to index-basic plugin to minimize the number of
times the URL needs to be parsed; and, stop using anchor analyzer
for anything but anchors. (Piotr Kosiorowski via Doug Cutting
7. Add servlet that serves cached Content of any mime type.
Slightly modified are web.xml and cached.jsp.
(John Xing, 20050401)
8. Add skipCompressedByteArray() to
(John Xing, 20050402)
9. Fixes to jsp and static web pages. These now use relative links,
so that the Nutch webapp file can be used in places other than at
the root. Also fixed links to the about and help pages. Bug #32.
(Jerome Charron via cutting, 20050404)
10. Added some features to DistributedSearch: new segments can be added
to searchservers without restarting the frontend, defective search
servers are not queried until tey come back online, watchdog keeps
an eye for your searchservers and writes simple statistics.
(Sami Siren, 20050407)
11. Fix for bug #4 - Unbalanced quote in query eats all resources.
(Piotr Kosiorowski, Sami Siren, 20050407)
12. Close Issue #33 - MIME content type detector (using magic char sequences).
(Jerome Charron and Hari Kodungallur via John Xing, 20050416)
13. Add a servlet that implements A9's OpenSearch RSS web service.
(cutting, 20050418)
14. Remove references to link analysis from tutorial, and enable
scoring by link count when generating fetchlists and searching.
(cutting, 20040419)
15. Make query boosts for host, title, anchor and phrase matches
configurable. (Piotr Kosiorowski via cutting, 20050419)
16. Add support for sorting search results and search-time deduping by
fields other than site.
17. Automatically convert range queries into cached range filters.
This improves the performance and scalability of, e.g., date range
18. Several methods have been renamed due to misspellings. The old
methods have been deprecated and will be removed before the 1.0
Release 0.6
1. Added clustering-carrot2 plugin, together with introduction of clustering
api and modification to search jsp. (Dawid Weiss via John Xing, 20040809)
2. Make a number of changes to NDFS (Nutch Distributed File System)
to fix bugs, add admin tools, etc.
Also, modify all command line tools so you can indicate whether to
use NDFS or the local filesystem. If you indicate nothing, then
it defaults to the local fs.
I've used this to do a 35m page crawl via NDFS, distributed over a
dozen machines. (Mike Cafarella)
3. Add support for BASE tags in HTML. Outlinks are now correctly
extracted when a BASE tag is present. (cutting)
4. Fix two bugs in result pagination. When the last hit on a page
was the last hit overall, the "next" button was sometimes shown
when the "show all" button should be shown instead. Also, in
certain cases, the "show all" button would be shown when the
"next" button should have been shown. (cutting)
5. Add config parameter "indexer.max.tokens" that determines the
maximum number of tokens indexed per field. (Andy Hedges via cutting)
6. Add parser for mp3 files. (Andy Hedges via cutting)
7. Add RegexUrlNormalizer. This is useful for things like stripping
out session IDs from URLs. To use it, add values for
urlnormalizer.class and urlnormalizer.regex.file to your
nutch-site.xml. The RegexUrlNormalizer class extends the
BasicUrlNormalizer, and does basic normalization as well.
(Luke Baker via cutting)
8. Added Swedish translation (Stefan Verzel via Sami Siren, 20040910)
9. Added Polish translation (Andrzej Bialecki, 20040911)
10. Added 3 more language profiles to language identifier (ru,hu,pl).
Other changes to language identifier: Porfiles converted to utf8,
added some test cases, changed the similarity calculation.
(Sami Siren, 20040925)
11. Added plugin parse-rtf (Andy Hedges via John Xing, 20040929)
12. Added plugin index-more and more.jsp (John Xing, 20041003)
13. Added "View as Plain Text" feature. A new op OP_PARSETEXT is introduced
in text.jsp is added. (John Xing, 20041006)
14. Fixed a bug that fails cached.jsp, explain.jsp, anchors.jsp and text.jsp
(but not search.jsp) with NullPointerException in distributed search.
It seems that this bug appears after "hits per site" stuff is added.
The fix is done in, making sure String site is never null.
Hope this fix not have bad effetct on "hits per site" code.
(John Xing, 20041006)
15. Fixed a bug that fails fullyDelete() in for This bug also exposes possible incompleteness
of, where a few methods are not supported, including
delete(). Nothing changed in though. Leave it for future
improvement (John Xing, 20041022).
16. Introduced option -noParsing to and added
A new status code CANT_PARSE is added to
Without option -noParsing , no change in fetcher behavior. With
option -noParsing, fetcher does crawls only, no parsing is carried out.
Then, should be used to parse in separate pass.
(John Xing, 20041025)
17. Added ontology plugin. Currently it is used for query refinement, as
examplified in refine-query-init.jsp and refine-query.jsp. By default,
query refinement is disabled in search.jsp. Please check
./src/plugin/ontology/README.txt for further description.
Ontology plugin certainly can be used for many other things.
(Michael J. Pan via John Xing, 20041129)
18. Changed fetcher.server.delay to be a float, so that sub-second
delays can be specified. (cutting)
19. Added plugin.includes config parameter that determines which
plugins are included. By default now only http, html and basic
indexing and search plugins are enabled, rather than all plugins.
This should make default performance more predictable and reliable
going forward. (cutting)
20. Cleaned up some filesystem code, including:
- Replaced BufferedRandomAccessFile with two simpler utilties,
NFSDataInputStream and NFSDataOutputStream.
- Fixed the bug where SequenceFiles were no longer flushed when
created, so that, when fetches crashed, segments were
unreadable. Now segments are always readable after crashes.
Only the contents of the last buffer is lost.
- Simplified the FSOutputStream API to not include seek(). We
should never need that functionality.
- Simplified LocalFileSystem's implementations of FSInputStream
and FSOutputStream and optimized
21. Fixed BasicUrlNormalizer to better handle relative urls. The file
part of a URL is normalized in the following manner:
1. "/aa/../" will be replaced by "/" This is done step by step until
the url doesn´t change anymore. So we ensure, that
"/aa/bb/../../" will be replaced by "/", too
2. leading "/../" will be replaced by "/"
(Sven Wende via cutting)
22. Fix Page constructors so that next fetch date is less likely to be
misconstrued as a float. This patches a problem in WebDBInjector,
where new pages were added to the db with nextScore set to the
intended nextFetch date. This, in turn, confused link analysis.
23. In ndfs code, replace addLocalFile(), putToLocalFile() with
copyFromLocalFile(), moveFromLocalFile(), copyToLocalFile() and
moveToLocalFile(). (John Xing, 20041217)
24. Added new config parameter This is used
by the Http protocol. When this is one behavior is as before.
When this is greater than one then multiple threads are permitted
to access a host at once. Note that fetcher.server.delay is no
longer consistently observed when this is greater than one.
(Luke Baker via Doug Cutting)
Release 0.5
1. Changed plugin directory to be a list of directories.
2. Permit Plugin to be the default plugin implementation.
3. Added pluggable interface for network protocols in new package
net.nutch.protocol. Moved http code from core into a plugin.
4. Added pluggable interface for content parsing in new package
net.nutch.parse. Moved html parsing code from core into a
5. Fixed a bug in NutchAnalysis where 16-bit characters were not
processed correctly.
6. Fixed bug #971731: random summaries on result page.
(Daniel Naber via cutting)
7. Made Nutch logo transparent. (Daniel Naber via cutting)
8. Added file protocol plugin. (John Xing via cutting)
9. Added ftp protocol plugin. (John Xing via cutting)
10. Added pdf and msword parser plugins. (John Xing via cutting)
11. Added pluggable indexing interface. By default, url, content,
anchors and title are indexed, as before, but now one can easily
alter this to, e.g., index metadata. A demonstration is provided
which extracts and indexes Creative Commons license urls. (cutting)
12. Add language identification plugin.
The process of identification is as follows:
1. html (html only, HTML 4.0 "lang" attribute)
2. meta tags (html only, http-equiv, dc.language)
3. http header (Content-Language)
4. if all above fail "statistical analysis"
1 & 2 are run during the fetching phase and 3 & 4 are run on
indexing phase.
Currently supported languages (in "statistical analysis") are
da,de,el,en,es,fi,fr,it,nl,sv and pt. The corpus used was grabbed
from and the profiles were
build with tool supplied in patch.
After indexing the language can be found from field named "lang"
It's not 100% accurate but it's a start.
(Sami Siren)
13. Added SegmentMergeTool and "mergesegs" command, to remove
duplicated or otherwise not used content from several segments and
joining them together into a single new segment. The tool also
optionally performs several other steps required for proper
operation of Nutch - such as indexing segments, deleting
duplicates, merging indices, and indexing the new single segment.
(Andrzej Bialecki)
14. Add the ability to retrieve ParseData of a search hit. ParseData
contains many valuable properties of a search hit.
This is required (among others) to properly display the cached
content because it's not possible to determine the character
encoding from the output of the getContent() method (which returns
byte[]). The symptoms are that for HTML pages using non-latin1 or
non-UTF8 encodings the cached preview will almost certainly look
broken. Using the attached patch it is possible to determine the
character encoding from the ParseData (for HTTP: Content-Type
metadata), and encode the content accordingly. (Andrzej Bialecki)
15. Add a pluggable query interface. By default, the content, anchor
and url fields are searched as before. A sample plugin indexes
the host name and adds a "site:" keyword to query parsing.
16. Added support for "lang:" in queries. For example, searching with
"lang:en" restricts results to pages which were identified to
be in English.
17. Automatically optimize field queries to use cached Lucene filters.
This makes, for example, searches restricted by languages or sites
that are very common much faster.
18. Improved charset handling in jsp pages. (jshin by cutting)
19. Permit topic filtering when injecting DMOZ pages. (jshin by cutting)
20. When parsing crawled pages, interpret charset specifications in
html meta tags. (jshin by cutting)
21. Added support for "cc:licensed" in queries, which searches for documents
released under Creative Commons licenses. Attributes of the
license may also be queried, with, e.g., "cc:by" for
attribution-required licenses, "cc:nc" for non-commercial
licenses, etc.
22. Relative paths named in plugin.folders are now searched for on the
classpath. This makes, e.g., deployment in a war file much simpler.
23. Modifications to
1. Make sure it works properly with regard to creation and initialization
of plugin instances. The problem was that multiple threads race to
startUp() or shutDown() plugin instances. It was solved by synchronizing
certain codes in and
(Stefan Groschupf via John Xing)
2. Added code to explictly shutDown() plugins. Otherwise FetcherThreads
may never return (quit) if there are still data or other structures
(e.g., persistent socket connections) associated with plugins. (John Xing)
3. Fixed one type of Fetcher "hang" problems by monitoring named
FetcherThreads. If all FetcherThreads are gone (finished), is considered done. The problem was: there could be
runaway threads started by external libs via FetcherThreads.
Those threads never return, thus keep Fetcher from exiting normally.
(John Xing)
24. Eliminate excessive hits from sites. This is done efficiently by
adding the site name to Hit instances, and, when needed,
re-querying with too-frequent sites prohibited in the query.
Release 0.4
1. Http class refactored. (Kevin Smith via Tom Pierce)
2. Add Finnish translation. (Sampo Syreeni via Doug Cutting)
3. Added Japanese translation. (Yukio Andoh via Doug Cutting)
4. Updated Dutch translation. (Ype Kingma via Doug Cutting)
5. Initial version of Distributed DB code. (Mike Cafarella)
6. Make things more tolerant of crashed fetcher output files.
(Doug Cutting)
7. New skin for website. (Frank Henze via Doug Cutting)
8. Added Spanish translation. (Diego Basch via Doug Cutting)
9. Add FTP support to fetcher. (John Xing via Doug Cutting)
10. Added Thai translation. (Pichai Ongvasith via Doug Cutting)
11. Added Robots.txt & throttling support to (Mike
12. Added nightly build. (Doug Cutting)
13. Default all link scores to 1.0. (Doug Cutting)
14. Permit one to keep internal links. (Doug Cutting)
15. Fixed dedup to select shortest URL. (Doug Cutting)
16. Changed index merger so that merged index is written to named
directory, rather than to a generated name in that directory.
(Doug Cutting)
17. Disable coordination weighting of query clauses and other minor
scoring improvements. (Doug Cutting)
18. Added a new command, crawl, that constructs a database, injects a
url file and performs a few rounds of generate/fetch/updatedb.
This simplifies use for intranet sites. Changed some defaults to
be more intranet friendly. (Doug Cutting)
19. Fixed a bug where didn't construct correct relative
links when a page was redirected. (Doug Cutting)
20. Fixed a query parser problem with lookahead over plusses and minuses.
(Doug Cutting)
21. Add support for HTTP proxy servers. (Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
22. Permit searching while fetching and/or indexing.
(Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
23. Fix a bug when throttling is disabled. (Sami Siren via Doug Cutting)
24. Updated Bahasa Malaysia translation. (Michael Lim via Doug Cutting)
25. Added Catalan translation. (Xavier Guardiola via Doug Cutting)
26. Added brazilian portuguese translation.
(A. Moreir via Doug Cutting)
27. Added a french translation. (Julien Nioche via Doug Cutting)
28. Updated to Lucene 1.4RC3. (Doug Cutting)
29. Add capability to boost by link count & use it in crawl tool.
(Doug Cutting)
30. Added plugin system. (Stefan Groschupf via Doug Cutting)
31. Add this change log file, for recording significant changes to
Nutch. Populate it with changes from the last few months.