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1. Upgrade Elasticsearch dependency in src/plugin/indexer-elastic/ivy.xml
2. Upgrade the Elasticsearch specific dependencies in src/plugin/indexer-elastic/plugin.xml
To get the list of dependencies and their versions execute:
$ cd src/plugin/indexer-elastic/
$ ant -f ./build-ivy.xml
$ ls lib | sed 's/^/ <library name="/g' | sed 's/$/"\/>/g'
In the plugin.xml replace all lines between
<!-- Elastic Rest Client dependencies -->
<!-- end of Elastic Rest Client dependencies -->
with the output of the command above.
4. (Optionally) remove overlapping dependencies between indexer-elastic and Nutch core dependencies:
- check for libs present both in
(eventually with different versions)
- duplicated libs can be added to the exclusions of transitive dependencies in
- but it should be made sure that the library versions in ivy/ivy.xml correspend to
those required by Tika
5. Remove the locally "installed" dependencies in src/plugin/indexer-elastic/lib/:
$ rm -rf lib/
6. Build Nutch and run all unit tests:
$ cd ../../../
$ ant clean runtime test