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<project name="NPanday">
<name>Apache Software Foundation Incubator</name>
<publishDate position="right" format="d MMM yyyy" />
<version position="right" />
<item name="NPanday Home" href="" />
<item name="NPanday ${project.version}" href="/index.html" />
<menu name="General">
<item name="Overview" href="/index.html"/>
<item name="Features" href="/features.html"/>
<item name="FAQs" href="/faqs.html"/>
<item name="Download" href="/download.html"/>
<item name="Release Notes" href="/release-notes.html"/>
<menu name="Using NPanday">
<item name="Guides overview" href="./guide/index.html" />
<item name="Installation" href="./guide/installation/index.html" />
<item name="Visual Studio Add-in" href="./guide/vs/index.html" />
<item name="Advanced Use without VS Add-in" href="./guide/advanced/index.html" />
<item name="NPanday Plugin Reference" href="./plugins/index.html"/>
<menu name="Beyond Building">
<item name="Artifact Repositories and Automated Builds" href="./guide/devinfra/index.html" />
<item name="Release- and Version Management" href="./guide/advanced/releasing.html" />
<menu name="Get Involved">
<item name="Developer's Guide" href="./developers/index.html" />
<item name="Issue Tracking" href="./issue-tracking.html"/>
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="./mail-lists.html"/>
<menu ref="reports" />
<menu name="Resources">
<item name="Documentation as PDF" href="./npanday.pdf"/>
<item name="Apache Maven" href="" />