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Release Notes for NPanday 1.4.0-incubating
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Release Notes for NPanday 1.4.0-incubating
NPanday .NET Build Tool 1.4.0-incubating release is now available for
{{{./download.html} download}}.
The {{{./faqs.html} NPanday FAQs}} provides answers to common questions regarding NPanday .NET Build Tool.
* New in NPanday 1.4.0-incubating
<<Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0 Framework support>>
NPanday support for VS 2010 and Net 4.0 Framework.
<<Removal of UAC and PAB directories>>
UAC and PAB directories were removed thus making NPanday more maven-like.
* Release Notes
** Known issues in NPanday 1.4.0-incubating
* NPANDAY-234 Visual Studio Addin only works for english Visual Studio versions.
** Changes in NPanday 1.4.0-incubating
<<Date staged: 05 May 2011>>
* NPANDAY-69 NPanday needs to be more synchronized and automated
* NPANDAY-83 do not hide originating exceptions
* NPANDAY-186 Remove the uac and pab directories
* NPANDAY-123 PATH should not have to be set for both Visual Studio AddIn or mvn command-line to function
* NPANDAY-239 VS Add-In messes up settings.xml
* NPANDAY-277 NPanday.Plugin.Runner and Loader are not installed to UAC
* NPANDAY-288 Support for VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0
* NPANDAY-290 Improve console output for integration tests
* NPANDAY-314 Adding a Maven artifact from VS plugin generates NPANDAY-180-017 error
* NPANDAY-316 Trying to import WPF-project on 64-bit system (VS 2008) throws FileLoadException
* NPANDAY-325 Additional parameters for wix-maven-plugin
* NPANDAY-326 misc. improvements
* NPANDAY-328 Support for VS2010 WPF Project
* NPANDAY-329 Support for VS2010 WCF Project
* NPANDAY-330 Support for VS2010 MVC Project
* NPANDAY-333 Dependecy of type 'gac' is not resolved correclty
* NPANDAY-334 Update Integration Tests in relation with the UAC & PAB removal enhancements
* NPANDAY-335 NPanday on Visual Studio only starts on Debug Mode
* NPANDAY-336 Add Integration Tests for VS 2010 supported projects (WPF, WCF and MVC)
* NPANDAY-337 NPanday unusable under linux
* NPANDAY-339 Npanday.Plugin size 0 in repo
* NPANDAY-341 command execution fails if paths with space
* NPANDAY-342 deploy sources artifacts to npanday asset repo
* NPANDAY-343 Can't successfully build projects (VS 2005 and VS 2008) - Build Error due to Access is denied
* NPANDAY-347 compile fails on unix if sources in subfolder
* NPANDAY-348 Import Error when importing WPF projects in VS 2010 on a 64-bit system
* NPANDAY-349 NPanday not building resource files correctly
* NPANDAY-351 NPanday does not respect the configured repository in the pom
* NPANDAY-354 Addin 'resync references' feature fails if using remote repositories but there is no 'mirrors' section in Settings.xml file.
* NPANDAY-355 Addin 'resync references' feature hard-wires ''' as remote repository causing network security violations.
* NPANDAY-356 Addin 'resync references' feature fails to download latest SNAPSHOT from remote repo if older snapshot file already exists locally.
* NPANDAY-357 Add 'deploy' option to 'Current NPanday Project' menu options
* NPANDAY-360 Local Repository not displaying correct artifacts from the local repository
* NPANDAY-361 Configurable .M2 Folder and npanday-settings.xml lookup
* NPANDAY-362 npanday-settings.xml in local repository is not overwritten on a new install of npanday.
* NPANDAY-363 Service Reference is not deleted from pom when removing it in the project
* NPANDAY-366 Getting "The input line is too long" when NPanday tries to generate the npanday-settings.xml (was "cannot build a project")
* NPANDAY-367 Building a project that contains a maven artifact from a remote repository generates a new .m2groupId folder
* NPANDAY-373 Custom Lifecycle Plugin does not bind the produced artifact
* NPANDAY-376 Intermittent error caused by updating npanday-settings.xml
* NPANDAY-377 released registry-config.xml contains a hardcoded path
* NPANDAY-378 malformed npanday-settings.xml should fail the build
* NPANDAY-379 Exception not caught properly when default path for npanday-settings.xml is used
* NPANDAY-380 IndexOutOfRangeExcpetion in SettingsGeneratorMojo.GetVendorsFromMicrosoft
* NPANDAY-381 Missing SVN EOL properties
* NPANDAY-383 update groupID to org.apache.npanday
* NPANDAY-385 [regression introduced by 186] JavaBindings-Generator for .NET-Mojos is fragile (and not working for NPanday.Plugin.SettingsGenerator)
* NPANDAY-386 Support Maven 3 and enable bootstraping NPanday using itself (within the same reactor)
* NPANDAY-387 Improve the checking of the mirror repos in Reference.cs for artifact resync
* NPANDAY-394 "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" message is shown when reimporting project with references unavailable in remote repo
* NPANDAY-396 Improved Documentation
* NPANDAY-397 NPanday adds 'maven-test-plugin' configuration to pom file based on NUnit.Framework reference in project and not based on test project selected in Project Unit Tests
* NPANDAY-398 [regression introduced by 186] MojoGenerator can't generate .NET-Mojos referencing a newer NPanday.Plugin.dll
* NPANDAY-400 Mono missing system libraries references during compilation
* NPANDAY-401 Mono compiler does not support explicit frameworkVersion 3.5
* NPANDAY-407 Wrong Unit test (on Mac) for status return from "command not found"
* NPANDAY-412 Execuable path for Windows 7 SDK is not auto-detected when npanday-settings.xml is generated, resgen.exe not found
* NPANDAY-416 MVN 2.2.1: Tests in projects whose paths contains spaces fails: Reason: maven-test-plugin resolves to plexus-utils:1.1
* NPANDAY-417 Take explicit dependency to plexus-utils in a newer version to override the built-in dependency to plexus-utils 1.1 in MVN \< 3 (improves cmd-line handling)
* NPANDAY-419 Targeting .NET 3.5 does not work when Compact Framework is not installed
* NPANDAY-424 Bind concrete versions of npanday-plugins in npandays lifecycles
* New in NPanday 1.2
<<Improved type names available>>
Improved type names available (dotnet-library, etc.), and previous types are deprecated (library, etc.)
<<MSI installer>>
MSI-based installer for the Visual Studio Addin and Maven plugins
<<MVC project type support>>
The Visual Studio Addin now creates POMs for project using MVC.
<<Updated Documentation>>
Rewrite of documentation to be more complete.
* Compatibility Changes
* Most previous project packaging and dependency types have been deprecated in favour of more specific <<<dotnet-*>>> alternatives. For more information, see {{{./guide/advanced/project-types.html} Available Project Types}}.
* Release Notes
** Changes in NPanday 1.2
<<Date released: 22 June 2010>>
* #9011 - Trunk fails to compile when not having VisualStudio
* #9019 - java packages not matches with classes package declaration
* #9622 - error building npanday on linux
* #9627 - Visual Studio Addin Installer
* #10276 - Incompatibilty between NPanday and maven-flex-plugin
* #10388 - Path separator issue in ArtefactInstallerImpl of dotnet-artifact
* #10389 - Specify nunit-console binary for maven-test-plugin
* #10603 - Build with embedded resource files
* #10710 - Docs on the Automation of NPanday Startup
* #10803 - Create Addin Folder during installation if not present
* #10813 - Migrate relevant wiki content to bundled documentation
* #11453 - vsinstalller:install does not generate the AddOn when My Document is not under ${HOME}
* #11480 - NPanday should support MVC
* #11524 - Complete integration tests for wix plugin
* #11614 - refresh bundled documentation
* #11615 - migrate integration-tests to npanday-its
* #11635 - Resync Reference unable to download snapshot artifact from Archiva
* #11637 - MSBuild output is not shown and errors are ignored
* #11649 - Add Maven Artifact dialog may not appear if settings can not be read
* #11673 - GAC versions of NPanday.Model.Pom and NPanday.Plugin are not shipped in the 1.1 repository
* #11695 - MSBuild Plugin fails to resolve references in a clean environment
* #11697 - Visual Studio Add-In needs to maintain the includeSources compile plugin configuration
* #11711 - Renaming a web reference would result to adding a new <webreference> node
* #11733 - installing an artifact with a snapshot dependency causes NPE
* #11746 - show the NPanday version in console when it starts up, and/or have an about box
* #11803 - generated ID for remote repository is too long
* #11837 - VS crashes when adding a new remote repository
* #11938 - VS-Installer-Plugin only supports english environments
* #11941 - Doku on Uninstalling NPanday, mscorcfg.msc location
* #11946 - Update Documentation: Install + Build NPanday locally with VS 2008 only
* #11949 - Update Documentation: NUnit-Console must be configured or in Env Path
* #11955 - 1.2-SNAPSHOT referencing 1.1-SNAPSHOT
* #12004 - Unable to recognised GAC dependencies
* #12011 - Deploy plugin deploys artifacts with a classifier with a different snapshot build number
* #12110 - Unable to build VB WebApp projects with a .Net 3.0 Version
* #12120 - Misleading warning message when unable to resolve an SCM URL
* #12231 - Unable to build NPanday projects on Maven 3
* #12239 - NUnit doesn't work on Mono
* #12287 - Overzealous project structure check in project importer
* #12379 - WiX plugin ITs depend on .NET 3.5 SDK
* #12402 - Supporting alternative packaging types
* #12549 - WPF applications can miss including required resources
* #12686 - Remove the deploy plugin
* #12782 - Remove Requirement to use system path for Gac Dependencies
* #12901 - Visual Studio Addin should support <mirrors> in settings.xml
* #12940 - NPanday Fails to Resolve Dependencies if mixed versions of -SNAPSHOT and Released
* #12951 - Document how to add intra solution references
* #13018 - NPanday Transitive Dependency Error
* #13092 - Logger on Resync
* #13199 - compile-plugin calls different goals on deploy for ArtifactType.LIBRARY and ArtifactType.EXE/WINEXE
* #13203 - Completely enable npanday for new dotnet-* types
* #13446 - Include in Installation docs the instructions on how to install NPanday using the installer
* #13449 - vsinstaller-plugin:install fails if the npanday remote repos are not accessible even if artifacts are already in the local repository
* #13541 - unable to successfully install NPanday when running the vsinstaller command
* #13542 - "Optioninfer" compiler option is not recognized by NPanday
** Changes in NPanday 1.1
<<Date released>>: 24 January 2010
* #9272 - Creation of .msi files
* #11579 - NPE when project inherits group ID or version
* #9289 - Check/Fix the Build Process
* #9290 - Check/Fix the Release Process
* #9293 - Integration Tests for NPanday
* #11274 - Documentation for NPanday Plugins
* #10760 - Error Parsing NPanday.Plugin.Msbuild
* #10582 - Problem with Projects with Multiple folder levels in Continuum
* #10675 - In Project import the Resync References should be executed after directory structure support check
* #10654 - SCM tag is not validated correctly when prefixed with "http://"
* #10640 - Add Reference in Visual Studio should behave like Add Maven Artifact
* #11010 - missing NPanday.Plugin.SysRef dependency
* #10985 - Without POM file, double-clicking a DLL in Add Maven Artifact -> Remote tab will crash VS
* #10410 - Cannot read settings.xml using -DSettingsFile
* #10576 - Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 includes .svn directories
* #10578 - Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 does not match svn tag
* #10577 - Source distribution for NPanday 1.0.2 requires latest WinZip
* #9271 - Support for WCF project type
* #9270 - Support for WPF project type
* #9053 - Generate Solution's POM Information doesn't generate the Company Name in GroupId field
* #9038 - Problem with case of group ids in repository
* #10685 - Misleading options in popup dialog when Adding Maven Artifact without POM
* #10551 - Project Importer incorrectly capitalizes groupId
* #9389 - Configuring Remote Repository successful but artifacts aren't displayed in Remote tab
* #10570 - Fix formatting of includeSource in generated POM
* #10716 - Deleting a Web Reference does not totally updates the pom file
* #10717 - Renaming web reference is successful but the updated pom file is malformed
* #9644 - Build Error when building a newly created project in VS 2008
* #10550 - Attempting to Add Maven Artifact without configuring a remote repo crashes VS 2005
* #10372 - Adding an artifact from a file protocol repository prompts an error.
* #10411 - Adding a artifact that is already in the project prompts an unnecessary warning message "Cannot add ant not an artifact assembly."
* #10376 - NPanday Builder fails to be created if built using Maven 2.1.0
* #10643 - ASPX plugin can copy files to the Bin directory with the wrong filename
** Changes in NPanday 1.0.2
<<Date released>>: 21 August 2009
* #9673 - NPanday copies dependencies to the bin directory on Install
* #9802 - Error when doing a new importing and reference does not exist.
* #9887 - Project Importer does not respect the activeProfile when downloading for artifacts.
* #9931 - Project Importer SCM Option not working with flat projects
* #10000 - Mouse click on SCM tag input box of NPanday Import window clears the input box contents.
* #10011 - NPanday Import; Failed SCM tag add doesn't stop the import process
* #10053 - Repository change in configure repository tab adds duplicate entry to the repository list.
* #10123 - When building .Net 3.0 project duplicate references are reported during mvn install
* #10152 - Directory structure not supported error message is wrongly placed
* #10162 - Project names should be listed in Project Unit Tests window
* #10275 - Error message appears multiple times when selecting an invalid URL in the configure repository tab
* #10273 - Replace 'Select Assemblies' with 'Select Projects' in Project Unit Tests window.
* #10326 - Update NPanday docs for the repository
** Changes in NPanday 1.0.1
<<Date released>>: 12 July 2009
* #8386 - Only the DLL files gets released when releasing a Web Application project type
* #9749 - Versioning of Dll's
* #8962 - Example project for Compiling resources and other file types - Compiling resources and other file types
* #9070 - Build Error on new Project
* #9556 - Problem "Command Too Long"
* #9602 - Tests for projectimporter are failing
* #9645 - Deleting/Removing web references with VB project does not remove the deleted reference in pom file
* #9646 - Detect if there are already existing scm tag in the parent pom.
* #9660 - Build fails if Key File specified
** Changes in NPanday 1.0
<<Date released>>: 30 March 2009
Initial release.