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NPanday User's Guide
Brett Porter
3 Feb 2010
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NPanday User's Guide
This guide is broken into the following sections:
* {{{./installation/index.html} Installation}} - How to download and install an NPanday release
* {{{./vs/index.html} Visual Studio Add-in User's Guide}} - for Visual Studio users
* {{{./advanced/index.html} Advanced Users's Guide}} - for Maven users or Visual Studio users wishing to
run and maintain builds outside of Visual Studio,
or customize the generated POM
* {{{./devinfra/index.html} Using NPanday with your Maven Development Infrastructure}}
* Reference
* {{{/plugins/index.html} Maven Plugin Reference}} - reference for Maven users constructing POMs by hand
* {{{./reference/troubleshooting.html} Troubleshooting}} - for when it all goes wrong
* {{{./reference/supported-dir-structures.html} Supported Directory Structures}}
* {{{./advanced/project-types.html} Available Project Types}} - if you want to understand how NPanday's lifecycles work
If you are looking for a particular reference, you can skip to those sections now. If you are new to NPanday or Maven,
continue reading the introduction.