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Releasing .NET Projects with Maven
19 Feb 2010
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Releasing .NET Projects with Maven
Releasing a project with NPanday follows the same technique as for any Maven project, so the Maven documentation can
be consulted on the topic. Here we will provide a brief summary, and give notes on NPanday specific issues.
* Setting up the POM
Before preparing the release, the Maven POM must be set up appropriate for release. The version of the project should
be a SNAPSHOT, but all SNAPSHOT dependency, parent and plugin references outside the project solution should be
set to fixed releases.
The <<<\<scm\>>>> tag should be configured in the project's <<<pom.xml>>>. It should look similar to the following:
<url>[URL of the project]</url>
* Preparing References
Before starting the release, projects with GAC or COM references should run an additional preparation step:
mvn org.apache.npanday.plugins:NPanday.Plugin.SysRef.JavaBinding:prepare
The reference (DLL) will be searched from <<<C:\\WINDOWS\\assembly\\GAC_MSIL>>> directory and will be put in
<<<C:\\WINDOWS\\Temp\\NPanday>>> then renamed following the artifact filename format <<<[artifactId]-[version].[packaging]>>>.
After the reference is renamed, it will then be installed in the local repository
<<<C:\\Users\\[username]\\.m2\\repository>>> for it to be used when releasing the project.
The following are examples of references of different types which are renamed then installed in the local repository,
* <<gac_msil>> file: <<<Microsoft.JScript->>>
* <<com_reference>> file: <<<Acrobat-{E64169B3-3592-47D2-816E-602C5C13F328}-1.1-0.com_reference>>>
* Preparing and Performing the Release
Following this, the Maven release process can be used. First, it needs to be prepared:
mvn release:prepare
Following the prompts will adjust the versions and manipulate SCM to end up with a tagged release, and trunk ready
for more development.
After that (or at a point in the future), the release can be built and published using the perform command:
mvn release:perform
This will also deploy the built artifacts to an artifact repository. See
{{{../devinfra/artifact-repository.html} Setting up an Artifact Repository}} for information on how to do this and
to configure the POM's <<<distributionManagement>>> section accordingly.