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Maven Command Line Users's Guide
18 February 2010
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Advanced Users's Guide
This guide is for those that wish to run builds from the command line using Maven, and to author or alter POMs
themselves without the help of the Visual Studio Add-in. It assumes that you already have NPanday successfully
installed as shown in the {{{../installation/index.html} Installation instructions}}.
* Contents
* {{{./project-types.html} Available Maven project types}}
* {{{./application-packaging.html} Packaging .NET Applications}}
* {{{../../plugins/index.html} Available plugins}}
* {{{./releasing.html} Releasing .NET projects with Maven}}
* {{{./generate-project.html} Generating template projects}}
* {{{./dependencies.html} Adding dependencies to the project}}
* {{{./integration-tests.html} Including Integration Tests}}