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Creating a Simple Project
25 Feb 2009
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Creating a Simple Project
Before you start this procedure, you must have all {{{../installation/index.html} Pre-requisites}} in place and have
successfully completed all steps in the previous section entitled Installing and Verifying NPanday .NET Build Tool.
We will use the Maven Archetype Plugin to generate a skeleton project. It will be created as a subdirectory of the
current working directory in the command shell.
Execute the following command to create a C# project:
~~TODO: how can we get the archetypes into a catalog so they can be easily viewed?
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-dotnet-simple -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.npanday \
When prompted, select the co-ordinates for the project that you wish to use, eg:
* group ID = <<<com.example>>>
* artifact ID = <<<Example.Project>>>
* version = <<<1.0-SNAPSHOT>>>
The command creates the project in the Example.Project directory, which will now contain the following:
|-- src
| `-- main
| `-- csharp
| `-- Sample
| `-- MyApp.cs
| `-- resources
| `-- test
| `-- csharp
`- pom.xml
From inside the Solution directory (<<<Example.Project>>>), execute the following command to build and install the
Example.Project DLL files into your repository:
<<<mvn install>>>
The <<<mvn install>>> command typically puts artifacts (installs them) into the repository here,
The sample project contains NUnit tests. If the build fails on <<<nunit-console>>>, make sure you have NUnit 2.2+
installed and located in the PATH.
You can clean up the target directory and download dependencies by executing:
<<<mvn clean>>>
* Creating other types of projects
Other types of template projects are available. To use them instead, change the <<<archetypeArtifactId>>> option to
one of the following:
* <<<maven-archetype-dotnet-simple>>> - simple C# project with unit tests in the Maven directory layout
* <<<maven-archetype-vb-simple>>> - simple Visual Basic project with unit tests in the Maven directory layout
* <<<maven-archetype-netexecutable>>> - simple project for creating a console executable