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J2EE Server Module provides support for development of J2EE modules and
framework for J2EE server management and for J2EE deployment in IDE.
There are two separate api/spi sets in j2eeserver. The devmodules
api/spi is for j2ee development modules (web, j2ee app, etc). The
plugins api/spi is for server plugins.
<h2> devmodules
The spi classes are to be subclassed by dev modules and to be provided
as cookies on the development nodes. The api classes are to be used to
add actions/properties/additional cookies to those nodes.
<h2> plugins
A jsr88 plugin needs to be wrapped in a module with an entry in the
/J2EE/DeploymentPlugins folder in the default filesystem, so the server
registry can pick it up. In addition to that plugin is also
required to provide a J2EE Platform. In order to do it, plugin must implement the
{@link org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.deployment.plugins.spi.J2eePlatformImpl}
interface and register it via the
{@link org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.deployment.plugins.spi.J2eePlatformFactory}
whose instance must be registered in the module
<a href="org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/deployment/plugins/api/doc-files/plugin-layer-file.html">layer file</a>.
Plugin may also provide some additional functionality outside the
deployment spec through use of the
api/spi classes.&nbsp; These additional functionality neeed to be
declared through the plugin module
<a href="org/netbeans/modules/j2ee/deployment/plugins/api/doc-files/plugin-layer-file.html">layer file</a>.
<h2> test plugin
The j2eeserver/test directory contains the source to a sample plugin
containing both jsr88 classes and the wrapper to install this into the
<h2> user view and design
<p>Documents are available <a href="">online</a>.
<p>Additional Information:
<li><a href="architecture-summary.html">Architecture Summary</a></li>
<li><a href="apichanges.html">API Changes</a></li>