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Blinky, your "Hello World!", on a nRF52 Development Kit
This tutorial shows you how to create, build, and run the Blinky
application on a nRF52 Development Kit.
.. contents::
:depth: 2
Note that there are several versions of the nRF52 Development Kit in the
market. The boards tested with this tutorial are listed under
- Meet the prerequisites listed in :doc:`Project Blinky <blinky>`.
- Have a nRF52 Development Kit (one of the following)
- Nordic nRF52-DK Development Kit - PCA 10040
- Rigado BMD-300 Evaluation Kit - BMD-300-EVAL-ES
- Install the `Segger JLINK Software and documentation
pack <>`__.
This tutorial uses the Nordic nRF52-DK board.
Create a Project
Create a new project if you do not have an existing one. You can skip
this step and proceed to `Create the Targets`_ if you
already have a project created.
Run the following commands to create a new project:
.. code-block:: console
$ mkdir ~/dev
$ cd ~/dev
$ newt new myproj
Downloading project skeleton from apache/mynewt-blinky...
Installing skeleton in myproj...
Project myproj successfully created.
$ cd myproj
$ newt upgrade
Downloading repository mynewt-core (commit: master) ...
Downloading repository mynewt-nimble (commit: master) ...
Downloading repository mcuboot (commit: master) ...
Downloading repository mynewt-mcumgr (commit: master) ...
Making the following changes to the project:
apache-mynewt-core successfully upgraded to version 1.7.0
apache-mynewt-nimble successfully upgraded to version 1.2.0
mcuboot successfully upgraded to version 1.3.1
Create the Targets
Create two targets for the nRF52-DK board - one for the bootloader and
one for the Blinky application.
Run the following ``newt target`` commands, from your project directory,
to create a bootloader target. We name the target ``nrf52_boot``:
Note: This tutorial uses the Nordic nRF52-DK board. You must specify
the correct bsp for the board you are using.
- For the Rigado Eval Kit choose @apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/bmd300eval
instead (in the highlighted lines)
.. code-block:: console
:emphasize-lines: 3
$ newt target create nrf52_boot
$ newt target set nrf52_boot app=@mcuboot/boot/mynewt
$ newt target set nrf52_boot bsp=@apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/nrf52dk
$ newt target set nrf52_boot build_profile=optimized
Run the following ``newt target`` commands to create a target for the
Blinky application. We name the target ``nrf52_blinky``.
.. code-block:: console
:emphasize-lines: 3
$ newt target create nrf52_blinky
$ newt target set nrf52_blinky app=apps/blinky
$ newt target set nrf52_blinky bsp=@apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/nrf52dk
$ newt target set nrf52_blinky build_profile=debug
You can run the ``newt target show`` command to verify the target
.. code-block:: console
$ newt target show
Build the Target Executables
Run the ``newt build nrf52_boot`` command to build the bootloader:
.. code-block:: console
$ newt build nrf52_boot
Building target targets/nrf52_boot
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/image_ec256.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/image_ec.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/image_rsa.c
Compiling repos/apache-mynewt-core/crypto/mbedtls/src/aes.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/loader.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/image_validate.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/bootutil/src/bootutil_misc.c
Compiling repos/mcuboot/boot/mynewt/src/main.c
Archiving sys_mfg.a
Archiving sys_sysinit.a
Archiving util_mem.a
Linking ~/dev/myproj/bin/targets/nrf52_boot/app/boot/mynewt/mynewt.elf
Target successfully built: targets/nrf52_boot
Run the ``newt build nrf52_blinky`` command to build the Blinky
.. code-block:: console
$ newt build nrf52_blinky
Building target targets/nrf52_blinky
Assembling repos/apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/nrf52dk/src/arch/cortex_m4/gcc_startup_nrf52_split.s
Compiling repos/apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/nrf52dk/src/sbrk.c
Compiling repos/apache-mynewt-core/hw/cmsis-core/src/cmsis_nvic.c
Compiling repos/apache-mynewt-core/hw/drivers/uart/uart_hal/src/uart_hal.c
Assembling repos/apache-mynewt-core/hw/bsp/nrf52dk/src/arch/cortex_m4/gcc_startup_nrf52.s
Compiling apps/blinky/src/main.c
Archiving sys_mfg.a
Archiving sys_sysinit.a
Archiving util_mem.a
Linking ~/dev/myproj/bin/targets/nrf52_blinky/app/apps/blinky/blinky.elf
Target successfully built: targets/nrf52_blinky
Sign and Create the Blinky Application Image
Run the ``newt create-image nrf52_blinky 1.0.0`` command to create and
sign the application image. You may assign an arbitrary version (e.g.
1.0.0) to the image.
.. code-block:: console
$ newt create-image nrf52_blinky 1.0.0
App image succesfully generated: ~/dev/myproj/bin/targets/nrf52_blinky/app/apps/blinky/blinky.img
Connect to the Board
- Connect a micro-USB cable from your computer to the micro-USB port on
the nRF52-DK board.
- Turn the power on the board to ON. You should see the green LED light
up on the board.
Load the Bootloader and the Blinky Application Image
Run the ``newt load nrf52_boot`` command to load the bootloader onto the
.. code-block:: console
$ newt load nrf52_boot
Loading bootloader
Run the ``newt load nrf52_blinky`` command to load the Blinky
application image onto the board.
.. code-block:: console
$ newt load nrf52_blinky
Loading app image into slot 1
You should see the LED1 on the board blink!
Note: If the LED does not blink, try resetting your board.
If you want to erase the flash and load the image again, you can run
``JLinkExe`` to issue an ``erase`` command.
**Note:** On Windows: Run the ``jlink`` command with the same arguments
from a Windows Command Prompt terminal.
.. code-block:: console
$ JLinkExe -device nRF52 -speed 4000 -if SWD
SEGGER J-Link Commander V5.12c (Compiled Apr 21 2016 16:05:51)
DLL version V5.12c, compiled Apr 21 2016 16:05:45
Connecting to J-Link via USB...O.K.
Firmware: J-Link OB-SAM3U128-V2-NordicSemi compiled Mar 15 2016 18:03:17
Hardware version: V1.00
S/N: 682863966
VTref = 3.300V
Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help
Cortex-M4 identified.
Erasing device (0;?i?)...
Comparing flash [100%] Done.
Erasing flash [100%] Done.
Verifying flash [100%] Done.
J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 0.363s (Prepare: 0.093s, Compare: 0.000s, Erase: 0.262s, Program: 0.000s, Verify: 0.000s, Restore: 0.008s)
Erasing done.