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/* Linker script for Nordic Semiconductor nRF5 devices
* Version: Sourcery G++ 4.5-1
* Support:
* Copyright (c) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 CodeSourcery, Inc.
* The authors hereby grant permission to use, copy, modify, distribute,
* and license this software and its documentation for any purpose, provided
* that existing copyright notices are retained in all copies and that this
* notice is included verbatim in any distributions. No written agreement,
* license, or royalty fee is required for any of the authorized uses.
* Modifications to this software may be copyrighted by their authors
* and need not follow the licensing terms described here, provided that
* the new terms are clearly indicated on the first page of each file where
* they apply.
FLASH (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 0x4000
RAM (rwx) : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 0x10000
/* The bootloader does not contain an image header */
_imghdr_size = 0x0;