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The hardware independent timer structure and API to configure,
initialize, and run timers.
The HAL timer structure is shown below. The user can declare as many of
these structures as required. They are enqueued on a particular HW timer
queue when the user calls the hal\_timer\_start or hal\_timer\_start\_at
API. The user must have called hal\_timer\_set\_cb before starting a
NOTE: the user should not have to modify/examine the contents of this
structure; the hal timer API should be used.
.. code:: c
struct hal_timer
void *bsp_timer; /* Internal platform specific pointer */
hal_timer_cb cb_func; /* Callback function */
void *cb_arg; /* Callback argument */
uint32_t expiry; /* Tick at which timer should expire */
TAILQ_ENTRY(hal_timer) link; /* Queue linked list structure */
.. doxygengroup:: HALTimer