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Mynewt FAQ - Porting Mynewt
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Porting Mynewt to Core-M3 MCU
**Q**: I have a weird OS tick issue with a Core-M3 MCU port. The tick rate is set up identically to most ARM MCUs by
setting up a hardware interrupt to trigger SysClock / ``os_tick_per_sec``. SysClock is correct and ``os_tick_per_sec``
is set to 1000, but the tick rate seems to be significantly higher. What am I doing wrong?
**A**: Check whether the LED is actually staying on or it is flickering really fast by debugging through the loop. If
it is staying on, you may be getting into an ``assert()``. Otherwise, it is due to the fact that the OS timer wasnt
created, which is done by ``hal_bsp.c``. The OS timer needs a hardware timer to be running, so you will need to call
``hal_timer_init`` for timer 0 at one point.