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Mynewt FAQ - Newt
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Newt Commands: ``install``, ``upgrade``, ``sync``
**Q**: Whats the difference between ``newt install``, ``newt upgrade``, and ``newt sync``?
- ``newt install``: downloads repos that aren't installed yet. The downloaded version matches what ``project.yml`` specifies.
- ``newt upgrade``: performs an install, but also applies to repos that are already installed.
- ``newt sync``: fetches and pulls the latest for each repo, but does not change the branch (version).
``newt size`` Command vs. Elf File Size
**Q**: I did a test build of blinky for nrf52 and got an elf-file of size 295424 bytes. If I use the newt size command for
the application it says something like: 18764 bytes. What does this mean?
**A**: Elfs have a lot of extra information. newt size will show the are in flash that is used which better matches the
``blinky.elf.bin`` file. Try ``running newt -ldebug build -v <your-target>`` and you will see something like this:
.. code-block:: console
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -R .bss -R .bss.core -R -O binary ...