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Project Slinky
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Slinky on Simulated device <project-sim-slinky>
Slinky on nRF52 <project-nrf52-slinky>
Slinky on Olimex <project-stm32-slinky>
The goal of the project is to use a sample application called "Slinky"
included in the Mynewt repository to enable remote communications with a
device running the Mynewt OS. The protocol for remote communications is
called newt manager (newtmgr).
If you have an existing project using a target that does not use the Slinky application and you wish to add newtmgr functionality to
it, check out the tutorial titled :doc:`Enable newtmgr in any app <add_newtmgr>`
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Available Tutorials
Tutorials are available for the following boards:
- :doc:`project-sim-slinky`. This is supported on Mac OS and Linux platforms.
- :doc:`project-nrf52-slinky`.
- :doc:`project-stm32-slinky`.
Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before continuing with
this tutorial:
- Have Internet connectivity to fetch remote Mynewt components.
- Have a computer to build a Mynewt application and connect to the
board over USB.
- Have a Micro-USB cable to connect the board and the computer.
- Have a :doc:`serial port setup <../../../get_started/serial_access>`.
- Install the newt tool and the toolchains (See :doc:`Basic Setup
- Install the :doc:`newtmgr tool <../../newtmgr/install/install_mac>`.
- Read the Mynewt OS :doc:`Concepts <../../../concepts>` section.
- Create a project space (directory structure) and populated it with
the core code repository (apache-mynewt-core) or know how to as
explained in :doc:`Creating Your First Project
Overview of Steps
- Install dependencies.
- Define the bootloader and Slinky application target for the target
- Build the bootloader target.
- Build the Slinky application target and create an application image.
- Set a up serial connection with the targets.
- Create a connection profile using the newtmgr tool.
- Use the newtmgr tool to communicate with the targets.