manifest: Add `MfgManifestTarget.Size` field
manifest: Add `MfgManifestTarget.Size` field

This field indicates the size of the target binary (either .bin or .img
file).  This is useful for splitting an mfgimage into its constituent
parts.  Without this change, the only method of doing this is to use a
heuristic: remove all 0xff bytes from the end of each part (this is what
`imgmod mfg split` does).  However, this leads to problems if a target
or raw entry happens to contain trailing 0xff bytes.
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Mynewt Artifact

Apache Mynewt Artifact is a Go library that parses, manipulates, validates, and outputs Mynewt artifacts. Supported artifacts are:

  • Images
  • Image manifests
  • Manufacturing images (mfgimages)
  • Manufacturing manifests