Golang library for parsing, analyzing, and manipulating Mynewt files

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  1. 17f5c27 image: Try ALL enc keys when verifying hash by Christopher Collins · 3 weeks ago master v0.0.14
  2. 8aa2163 image: During parsing, account for header padding by Christopher Collins · 6 weeks ago
  3. f511d8f Fix FindProtTlv functions: were returning reg TLVs by Christopher Collins · 3 months ago v0.0.13
  4. 963b7da mfg_manifest: Add list of flash device names by Christopher Collins · 3 months ago
  5. 9320939 Add support for image encryption using ECIES-P256 by Fabio Utzig · 3 months ago v0.0.12

Mynewt Artifact

Apache Mynewt Artifact is a Go library that parses, manipulates, validates, and outputs Mynewt artifacts. Supported artifacts are:

  • Images
  • Image manifests
  • Manufacturing images (mfgimages)
  • Manufacturing manifests