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these features with either:
a) never be in 2.0
b) only be in #ifdef MP_DEPRECATED
c) be a form that was nothing like 1.xx (e.g. Apache::Leak)
d) split off into something standalone on cpan
- MaxModPerlRequestsPerChild
- $r->seqno, $r->sent_header,
$r->query_string, $r->basic_http_header, $r->new_read,
$r->write_client, $r->read_client_block, $r->translate_name
- $r->content, $r->args in-a-list-context (exist in Apache::compat)
- $Apache::Server::Starting, $Apache::Server::ReStarting
- modules:
+ Apache::SIG: dead
+ Apache::Symbol: unknown
+ Apache::Leak: could be made useful
+ Apache::RedirectLogFix: dead
+ Apache::Include: was just an example
+ Apache::Debug: could be make useful
+ Apache::FakeRequest: should be built in
+ Apache::httpd_conf: dead (to be replaced by new test framework)
+ Apache::Symdump: unknown
+ Apache::Opcode: was experimental, needs much attention to be