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# please insert nothing before this line: -*- mode: cperl; cperl-indent-level: 4; cperl-continued-statement-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
use strict;
use warnings FATAL => 'all';
use Apache::Test;
use Apache::TestUtil;
use Apache::TestRequest ();
my @test_strings = ('Hello Eliza',
'How are you?',
'Why do I have core dumped?',
'I feel like writing some tests today, what about you?',
'Good bye, Eliza');
plan tests => 2 + @test_strings, need_module 'Chatbot::Eliza';
my $socket = Apache::TestRequest::vhost_socket('TestProtocol::eliza');
ok $socket;
for (@test_strings) {
print $socket "$_\n";
chomp(my $reply = <$socket> || '');
t_debug "send: $_";
t_debug "recv: $reply";
ok $reply;
# at this point 'Good bye, Eliza' should abort the connection.
my $string = 'Eliza should not hear this';
print $socket "$string\n";
chomp(my $reply = <$socket> || '');
t_debug "Eliza shouldn't respond anymore";
ok !$reply;