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# Tox ( is a tool for running tests
# in multiple virtualenvs. This configuration file will run the
# test suite on all supported python versions. To use it, "pip install tox"
# and then run "tox" from this directory.
envlist = {py3,py36,py37}-{lint,test}
skipsdist = true
basepython =
py3: python3
py36: python3.6
py37: python3.7
deps =
test: coverage==4.5.1
lint: pylint==2.3.1
commands =
test: py.test {posargs:tests -vv --cov=lib --cov=bin --cov-report=term-missing}
lint: pylint --score=n --rcfile=../../../support/pylint.config {posargs:lib/cli tests}