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# Make sure that we are in the right directory.
if test ! -f; then
cat >&2 <<__EOF__
You must run bootstrap from the root of the distribution.
exit 1
if [ -n "$AUTOMAKE" ] || [ -n "$ACLOCAL" ] ; then
if [ -z "$ACLOCAL" ] || [ -z "$AUTOMAKE" ] ; then
[ -n "$ACLOCAL" ] && _present="ACLOCAL" && _missing="AUTOMAKE"
cat >&2 <<__EOF__
[ERROR]: You are providing the path to ${_present}
through your environment but no reference to ${_missing}.
To fix this error please specify ${_missing} too.
As an example, if you are using automake-1.12 and have
available aclocal-1.12 you will want to do the following:
AUTOMAKE="/usr/local/bin/automake-1.12" \\
ACLOCAL="/usr/local/bin/aclocal-1.12" \\
Your current environment has:
exit 1
AUTOMAKE="$(which automake)"
# Note that we don't use '--no-recursive' because older versions of
# autoconf/autoreconf bail with that option. Unfortunately this means
# that we'll modify a lot of files in 3rdparty/libprocess, but that
# may change in the future.
autoreconf --install -Wall --verbose "${@}"